Evening in the Dunes

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This is a story told to me by a friend. He read my story about Florence and emailed me. We found we both lived in the same area of England and as he liked the way I told my story, he asked me if I would relate one of his experiences. He gave me a lot of the details but I have ’embellished’ it because he was embarrassed about some of it and I like to write really sexy stories! So this is his tale…

Living in a holiday area on the south coast of England my house is only about 300 metres from one of the public toilets on the dunes next to the beach. I often walked along the top of the beach on my way home from the local club or pub, and usually popped into the toilets to see if anything was going on and to read the stories and messages on the walls.

Several times I had given some guy a quick wank in the stalls, occasionally they had wanked me off in return. There was a small hole in the door and a gloryhole in the wall between two of the cubicles, not very large but just big enough to get my six inch cock through, and I had wanked and sucked a few guys through it, and someone had tried to suck me once, but chickened out when he heard another guy come in. I had never been fucked by or fucked another guy, although I had fucked a couple of girls.

This evening it was quite late, I had been sitting for about a quarter of an hour in the middle loo, zip undone, holding my pants down with one hand and gently wanking my semi hard cock with the other. I was getting bored, my cock getting softer rather than more excited and so I had almost decided to go when I heard someone come in.

He went to the stalls so I sat quietly to see what would happen. I didn’t hear him peeing but he coughed a couple of times, so I also cleared my throat. He coughed again so again I did the same.

After a few seconds of silence I heard him quietly come outside the cubicles. I suddenly saw the small hole in the door go dark and knew he was looking in at me, so I lowered my head and sat gently playing with my foreskin. When I looked up the hole went light so I quietly stood up and leaning forward, put my eye to it. The man was outside still, quite heavy looking, in his fifties, with quite a fat stomach. He was facing me with his flies open and the end of his cock hanging out. Although still soft I could tell it was large and fleshy and had a loose flap of foreskin. He was just standing there looking at the door.

I saw that he was going to look in again so I moved away but stayed standing, facing him and just holding down the top of my pants so that my now semi-hard shaft pointed directly towards him. Again after he had had a look at me, he moved away from the hole and I looked through.

He was now standing slightly sideways and slowly pulling on his soft foreskin, so that more of his soft shaft came out of his flies. When it was all out, he just stood there cupping it in one hand so I could see it.

This time as he stepped forward to look in I too stood sideways and showed him my now stiff cock which I slowly stroked for its full length. I went to look out and he had turned towards me and pointing his cock straight at the hole he started making thrusting, fucking movements through his fist so that his glans almost exploded each time from within his foreskin.

Again he stepped forward to look at me so I rubbed my foreskin over my glans fast with my fingers. He watched me wanking for several seconds and then in a low voice he said, “It looks as if you could do with some help with that. I’ll wank it off for you if you’ll let me in.”

He sounded OK, and I liked the thought of holding his fleshy cock between my fingers while he wanked me, so I slipped the bolt. He pushed open the door, came in and locked the door after him.

He had put his cock back inside his trousers, and I had sort of covered mine up with my hand but he came up close to me and took my hand away. He reached inside my pants and cupped my balls gently in one hand.

“What a beautiful young cock you have,” he said in a soft, gentle voice. “And such lovely cool, soft balls, I bet they’ve got a lot of spunk ready to shoot, haven’t they?”

“Yes. Probably,” I said.

“Good,” he said, putting his other hand on my cock. “So have I. You can get me out, if you like.”

His cock and balls were still inside his trousers so I put my hand into his flies and felt his soft warm cock lolling just inside, poking out from the hole in his underpants. I slid my hand down to find his balls, but they were still in his pants so I cradled them through the thin material and the feeling and heat of his large heavy ballocks nestling there was great and made my cock tingle.

He was gently stoking my shaft, so I pulled his soft prick right out and gently squeezed it. It was lovely to feel his hot spongy flesh, and as I slowly pushed back his foreskin I realised he was still not even getting hard as I sank my fingers into his softness.

We wanked each other slowly for a while, but he didn’t seem to be getting Maltepe travesti much harder and I was already feeling very randy and didn’t want the embarrassment of blowing my load in his hand quite so quickly.

I had sucked off a few men in here before, through the hole in the wall, and liked the feeling when they started to twitch and shoot. I would savour the taste of hot thick spunk as it filled my mouth, and then the sensations as I swallowed it all.

This guy’s cock was far larger than any I had had in my mouth before and the thought of having it still soft and growing in my mouth really turned me on, so I bend down and with one hand wrapped round his soft spongy shaft pulled his long foreskin right forward so that it flapped over the front of his cock. I was still feeling his ballocks inside his underpants, and leaning forward I put the tip of his foreskin to my lips.

I started to lick and suck on his foreskin, and then very slowly I peeled it back, and gradually took his softish helmet into my mouth. I sucked on it and he gradually pushed the spongy shaft past my lips, until it fairly filled my mouth, like a big Cumberland sausage.

I was rubbing his shaft regularly and sucking and licking what I could get into my mouth. He had had to let go of my cock when I bent over, so now he reached over my back and felt my buttocks and squeezed them through my trousers.

I felt his knob gradually expanding and his shaft got a bit stiffer. I thought that he might just let me suck him off, but after a few minutes of regular shafting, licking and hard sucking he withdrew from my mouth, pulled me up and again reached for my cock.

As he fondled it in one hand with the other he undid my belt and trousers and dropped them to the floor, and then he slipped my pants down as well. He indicated for me to step out of them but I couldn’t so he sat me on the seat and took my shoes and socks off and pulled me pants and trousers off. Then he stood me up and lifting my tee shirt also took this off so I was now naked, with my iron hard cock pointing at him twitching wildly.

He stood back admiring me and said, “You have a lovely young soft body, almost like a girl’s. The only difference is that twitching horn in your cock. I’d love to see you all soft, so let’s see if we can get rid of it for you, shall we?.

“Why don’t you stand on the seat? We’ll wank a wad of spunk out of your balls and see what happens to your dick after you’ve shot your load of cum.”

I got up on the loo seat as he said and now my hard cock was twitching right in front of his face. Without touching it with his hands he put out his tongue and licked the tip and then opening his mouth he slowly engulfed almost all my small hard cock. It was a lovely hot, tingling, sexy feeling and although I had had my cock sucked before through the hole, this was the first time I could see it disappear into someone’s mouth.

I started getting high almost as soon as his lips closed round my shaft, and his tongue started working on my glans. He took a firm hold of my little tight balls in one hand and slid his other hand round my bum and let it wander into the slit. I didn’t stop him so he started lightly fingering my anus.

As he steadily worked his mouth up and down on my prick, sucking gently on my glans, his finger started pushing regularly at my anus, and I tried to relax as I felt the very tip start to work its way through my tight ring.

I was by now thrusting into his mouth and he must have sensed that I was getting near my climax because he suddenly took my prick out.

“OK, I can feel you are nearly ready to shoot your cum,” he whispered. “So let me watch you wank yourself off as fast as you can. Show me how much sexy hot spunk you have in those little balls of yours and how far you can shoot it!”

I gripped my shaft and started wanking fast. He stood to the right side of me and pushed the edge of his hand firmly into my slit, holding it open and working his fingers against my bum-hole. With his other hand he alternated gently squeezing my ballocks with firmly shafting his own cock which every time he stopped seemed to have grown more and more.

Very quickly I felt I was going to come.

“Are you coming?” he asked. “Shout out when you do”

My fingers were rubbing my foreskin furiously over the rim of my glans and as I quickly felt the spunk rising from my balls.

I cried out, “Aaaah, I’m going to shoot, I’m cumming!”

Suddenly I was almost paralysed as the burning sensation shot up from my balls to the tip of my dick and out sprayed the first jet of my milky juice. Simultaneously with this he stuck his hand hard up my slit, his finger pushing past my tight rim and entering my rectum.

With his other hand he squeezed my buttock really hard and again I cried out, partly with pain and with a lot of pleasure as I was almost lifted off the seat on his thrusting kneading hands, and a thick glob of spunk came flying out and Ümraniye travesti splattered on the floor.

My cock started to pump out the thick stream of creamy sperm and he grabbed the bottom of my shaft with my balls and milked me really hard with both hands. The last of the thick syrupy globs oozed out of the tip of my glans and ran down my twitching shaft onto his fingers before joining the rest of my semen in sticky puddles on the floor.

I was panting and whimpering a bit and my orgasm was over and it seemed as thought every drip of spunk had been squeezed out of me, but he continued milking me.

I tried to take my cock out of his hands but he wouldn’t let me.

“I want to be sure every drop of your spunk is spent,” he said. “And see your little prick shrivel right into your balls.”

My cock was so sensitive it felt red raw but sure enough it soon got very soft and small, and he managed to push it up into my body so it almost disappeared. Then he let me go and just looked at me for a few seconds, saying I had a beautiful sexy body, and now without an erection it looked just like a submissive young girl’s.

Suddenly he said, “Good! Now get down, turn round and bend over with your hands on the seat, so I can have a look at the lovely soft arse I just fingered.”

I could hardly believe he was actually asking me to do this because I could see his big hard throbbing prick sticking out of his flies and knew that if I did what he asked he would probably try to force it into me.

I tried to refuse but he took hold of my balls and gave than a little tweak.

Very quietly and slowly he whispered, “Now that I’ve wanked you, sucked you and then watched and encouraged you to have the pleasure and relief of shooting your hot spunk over the floor, you don’t think I’m going to let you get away without even seeing and having a little play with that lovely juicy soft bum-hole of yours, do you? So do as I ask and show me it!”

I got down slowly and now saw his big rampant cock close to. Its knob had grown really huge, and the veins all down the shaft were purple and bulging! I just knew he was going to try to fuck me, and if he did he would split me for sure!

“You’re not going to try to put your cock in my bum, are you?” I cried. “You’re much too big. It’ll hurt me. Can’t I just suck it off for you?”

But he just said quietly, “Who said anything about that? Now you should do as I say because your little ballocks could get crushed in my big hands if I get annoyed.”

I realised they would if I refused and as we were very isolated there was not much I could do except submit to being looked at and played with and the ultimate possibility of that huge knob trying to get in to fuck my bum.

I was just about to do what he had told me when he said, “Before you bend over, drop my trousers and pants. Then if I do get too excited and find that just looking at and feeling your arse doesn’t satisfy me, I can lay my cock in the slit between your soft buttocks. I’ll be able to feel my ballocks stroking against the inside of your soft young thighs, as I shoot my spunk, instead of creaming inside my trousers.”

I undid his waist band and dropped his trousers to the floor and he stepped out of them, and then pulled down his large pants. His ballocks were huge and hairy, hanging heavily between his legs, and flopping about as he moved. I had never seen a set of genitals like them and I knew by the excitement in his eyes that he was definitely going to try to deflower my soft virgin arse with them, and I was quite excited that the might want to shoot his sperm up me!

He said, “Feel the weight of my balls.”

So I reached under his stiff cock and cupped my palm under his huge ballocks, which were really heavy as I lifted them in their soft hairy sack.

“You see how full up they are?” he said. “Full of thick creamy spunk which has got to shoot out soon.”

I held his shaft with my other hand and slowly wanked its length, feeling it grow and twitch under my grasp. For a moment I thought he might just let me wank him off but soon he said, “OK, that’s fine, now show me what that lovely young bottom of yours has got to offer.”

Reluctantly I turned round, and he got me to open my legs and bend over holding onto the rim of the pan.

He did nothing for a little while, and then started stroking my buttocks, quite gently at first with his finger tips just dipping occasionally into my slit, but gradually more definitely and the fingers flicking and prodding my anus.

All of a sudden he said, “So that’s what is on offer is it? Well you look and feel good enough to eat, but I’m intrigued to see how soft I can make you feel, so stay still for a second.”

Looking over my shoulder I saw him take a small jar of oily cream out of his trousers and put a large glob of it on the first two fingers of his left hand.

“I’m sure you’ll love the feeling as I spread this into your bum”, he muttered. Tuzla travesti

It was cool and soft as he spread it and gently massaged it the whole length of my slit. But did I imagine it or was he building up more of the soft grease near my rose-bud?

He was bending down and looking closely at me when he began this but I gradually felt him stand up and move closer until I suddenly felt the hot tip of his big dick slide between my slippery buttocks. He pulled my cheeks apart and sliding his shaft along the whole length of my slit he closed them around it, and for a few seconds just held it there, hot and pulsing.

Then the movement began as he slowly slid his fat iron hard cock up and down between my cheeks; and sure enough I started to feel his heavy ballocks gently swaying against the back of my my thighs.

“Nice?” he asked.

“Yes, It’s OK,” I replied.

“Your bottom is lovely and slippery now isn’t it?”


“But you know my cock just sliding up and down between your buttocks is not enough, don’t you?”

“Yes, I suppose so,” I muttered.

He was still rubbing his big hard dick up and down my slippery slit, but putting one arm around my chest and holding my nipple and the other hand around my small soft genitals he stood me up and holding me very close, he started whispering in my ear, just as if he were telling me a story.

“All day long my balls have been getting bigger and bigger, producing millions of little sperm which are now wriggling around in lots of thick sticky juice which has been heating up deep in my tubes. All this hot spunk wants to get free and needs very careful sowing in a warm dark place where it can have a nice time swimming around and exploring before it dies.

“Now, whereas your seeds have ended up dying in those cold little puddles on the floor, I think the best place to sow my seed tonight is as deep as I can get it inside this lovely soft hot bottom of yours, where the juice can fill you up and give you lovely sexy feelings as the sperm wriggle right up your soft tube into your bowels.

“I would love to see if I can open up your tight little rosebud so that I can slide my nice big cock gently into that lovely slippery botty of yours without a lot of fuss. I’ll be very gentle, only penetrating a little at first, relubing us both and gradually opening you up until your tube will take all my cock and you feel my big balls rubbing against yours.

“Then when I’ve given you a good long deep fucking and got us both really hot and randy, you’ll see how happily my hot sperm will shoot out and how far into your bowels they will swim taking their thick scalding cream with them. So, you’ll feel really full and satisfied. Now, are you going to let me show you how good it can feel to have your bum fucked?”

I was nervous but very excited and said, “OK, you can try.”

“Good boy,” he said. “Let’s get your bum ready then. I’ll finger some of this cream into your hole to loosen you up a bit, and you try to relax and open your arse to me.”

He still held me close to him, but slipped one hand between my buttocks and started to prod a finger into my anus. He took it out, squeezed some cream on it and putting it back, sliding it now quite easily in to its full length. Then I felt him put another finger alongside and push this in too, but it felt OK and I let his two fingers frig me with the cool cream until I was very slippery. When he added a third it really stretched my rim, but I concentrated on relaxing and after a few seconds of gentle frigging I seemed to open up even more.

“That’s lovely,” he said, sliding them out. “Now I’ll just get some grease on my dick and we’ll see how much pleasure it can give us both.”

I looked round and watched him spread some of the cream on his big, hard, red cock and rub it all over. He pulled his foreskin forward and spread more cream on the loose skin.

Then he said, “OK, so now try to relax your bum to let me in.”

He was holding me hard against him with his hot cock burning against my thigh. I tried to let all the muscles in my bottom go slack as I felt him put his hot slimy cock into my slit and position its loose skin against my little rose bud. He pushed a bit and I started to open up as the end of his glans started to emerge from his foreskin and started to try to burrow into me. However, there was no way he could stretch my rim open so he pulled out of my slit, applying more slime and tried again.

I opened a bit more, whereupon he said, “That’s better. I can feel your tube wants me to fill it; it’s so hot and inviting. So lets try a bit more.”

He pushed harder but as it stretched me wider I cried out a bit with the sharp pain.

He took his cock out and putting on more cream and fingering it into me, he cajoled, “Come on, Lad! Open your bum up for me, or I might have to force it into you and that might split your tight little arse for good.”

I really tried, but the glans still couldn’t pass my rim although he was pressing quite hard and making me almost cry with the steady pain.

I felt the pressure go off a bit and he said, “OK, there’s only one thing for it, I’m going to have to stretch your rim just a bit more, so grip the seat and hold steady.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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