Evening Out

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Jenny looked so sexy as she dried herself after her shower, I went over to her and kissed her neck and caressed her sexy boobs.

“I love you” I whisper into her ear.

Jenny smiles and turns and kisses me, we flop onto the bed and kiss and cuddle no more than that just holding each other close and kiss each other gently.

We stayed like that for about 10 minutes until we had to finish getting ready to go out.

Jenny was picking out her clothes and I said “Babe why don’t you wear that button up dress you brought last week?”

Jenny smiled and said “Yeah good idea babe hun”

“Oh and no underwear with it babe!” I winked at her and walked out the room.

Jenny slipped on the dress and buttoned it up but left a lot unbuttoned so it would open up when she walked and could be very reliving at times!

We went out and caught the bus and I made Jenny go upstairs with me and when we came back down people below could see up her skirt and see she had no knickers on, I looked down as we went downstairs and told her to stop for a second as two young lads were having a good look at her pussy. There attention has also made a old man look up as well and smile as he was pleased with what he saw. The bus pulled up at our stop we went the rest of the way downstairs and run off the bus giggling and walked on to the Mall.

We has a look around and ümraniye escort Jen tried on a few things and we decide to find a restaurant. We ordered our meal and had a drink as we waited for it I got Jenny to unbutton another button to show more of her wonderful boobs after all we where tucked away in the corner so not that many people would even notice.

Our food came severed by a good looking young waiter. I notice Jenny lean over as he placed her food down giving him a good look down her top. Jenny giggled as he walked away smiling.

We finished our meal but stayed and ordered more drinks and it wasn’t long before it was nearing closing time.

Jenny slipped her foot between my legs and felt my hard cock mmmm nice she said and undone another button she only had 3 buttons left done up god I was turned on and she knew it.

The young waiter brought the bill over and we paid but still remained chatting. We were the only ones left now apart from a few of the waiters setting up for the next day and Jenny slipped open another button!

I couldn’t take any more and unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock as there was no one about Jenny opened the last two buttons and her dress fell open leaving her naked in front of me. I dropped to my knees and spread her legs I kissed my way up her legs until I flicked my tongue across her clit bring a moan pendik escort from her she looked up and the waiter and a few of the bars staff there watching us she looking round again and the big cue waiting to go in the night club were also watching.

Jenny rubbed her tits and moaned again as I worked my finger inside her, it wasn’t long before Jenny came as she watched the faces of the people watching everyone grinning enjoying the show.

Jenny said “lie on the table” and I did as she said not even thinking to look about I was enjoying my sexy girlfriend to much.

Jenny climbed on making sure everybody could see her sucking on my cock. She looked about and noticed a few girls had there hands under there short skirts and playing with there pussy’s as some of the guys had there cocks out. Jenny took off my trousers and sucked my cock as she played with my balls then she slipped her finger in my bum,

“oh god yes that felt good” i moaned as she worked it and sucked me at the same time, then she beckoned the waiter over and he got his cock out and Jenny sucked on it before guiding into my unsuspecting arse.

I stopping licking suddenly as the cock entered me!

Jenny just carried on sucking my cock and I just returning lick her as I enjoyed her pussy then someone else appeared waving his cock towards Jenny’s pussy well as there was bostancı escort a cock in me I only thought it would be fair to have this one in her.

I took the cock in my mouth to cheers, then I realised we were being watched! Not only that, we were being show on the big screen on CCTV!

After sucking this strangers cock I let him enter my girlfriend’s pussy. Jenny stopped sucking my cock as he entered her but still kept it in her mouth.

With now these cock’s fucking us and with us also being shown live to the whole of Mall I shot my loads straight over Jenny’s face as she was watching the screen at the time then the waiter also came in my arse but also pulled out again some more cum landed on Jenny’s face also.

She was now ready to cum herself and as I rubbed her clit and sucked on this blokes balls Jenny squirted over his cock and she covered my face, as this also took him over the edge and he filled Jenny’s pussy as I licked his cum covered cock as he took it out before lapping up his cum running out of Jenny’s pussy.

The crowd started cheering so we thought we had better quickly get dressed and leave, as we made our way out Jenny still had cum running down her face and a couple of girl’s stopped her and kissed her and licked off some cum, fuck that looked sexy and Jenny looked like she enjoyed it too as they also slipped there hands in her dress touching her silky skin.

We made it out and got home and made love to each other for the first time tonight then held each other close and fell as sleep with big smiles on our faces and very much looking forward to our next adventure out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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