Evening Snow

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Ramsay could feel her heart pounding as she waited for Seth to pick up. By the third ring, her mouth had gone dry. “Hello?” Seth’s voice sounded a bit hoarse.

“Um, hi, Seth. It’s–it’s Ramsay.”

“Yeah, I figured that,” he said dryly. “Shouldn’t you be almost here by now?”

Ramsay swallowed hard and silently cursed herself for having agreed to visit Seth at his apartment. Why was she so eager to go back to the lions’ den? Her body was still sore from the previous night’s lovemaking–if one could call it “lovemaking.” Seth had all but devoured her, spitting misogynous epithets of ancient provenance at her all the while. She was dying to know whether he had treated her 22-year-old sister Gaby the same way when he was dating her. But Gaby was visiting friends in Chicago as a means of coping with the end of her relationship with Seth, and in any case, Ramsay could hardly have asked her. She was 18 years old, too young to be dating a sexually voracious, 25-year-old man–if one could call it “dating.” And if her either Gaby or her mother, who had never liked Seth to begin with, ever learned that she had just spent an entire night being devoured by the man who had jilted her sister, there would be hell to pay.

“You there?” Seth’s voice was laced with impatience.

“Yeah, yeah.” She closed her eyes and gripped the phone. “Listen, I, uh,…I don’t think I’m going to be able to see you tonight.”

There was a long pause. “That’s not acceptable.”

His autocratic tone irked her. “Well, that’s…how it is.” Another long pause. She half expected him to hang up on her.

“I’m coming over there.”

“No, you’re not,” she hissed, reluctant to raise her voice. The apartment she shared with her mother had thin walls.

“See you in about fifteen minutes.”

“Seth, listen to me!” She locked her bedroom door and sat on the bed. “My mother is home, and the last thing I need right now is another showdown. You should have heard her when I got in this morning looking…the way I did.”

“You mean freshly fucked?” He chuckled softly to himself.

“It’s not funny,” she muttered, recalling the hard words she and her mother had exchanged just hours before. The upshot of their endless arguments was that Ramsay now had an eleven o’clock curfew.

“Come on, baby,” he wheedled. “You enjoyed yourself didn’t you?”

Ramsay recalled the previous night and felt a flutter in her stomach. Seth had been rough with her, had made sure she felt thoroughly objectified every time he shoved her against the wall or ordered her to spread her legs. But he had also indefatigably worked her into states of arousal she had never before experienced. He had practically kept score of their orgasms, making sure that she came at least as often as he did. And he had spent a good half hour coddling and teasing her clit with his tongue, pausing only to urge her–in characteristically explicit terms–to come for him. He may have reduced her to his plaything, but as his plaything she was apparently entitled to hours of pleasure.

“Well, I could maybe see you tomorrow,” she said tentatively, fully aware that Seth would not be content to wait.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Seth, I need to hang up now.”

“The hell you do,” he growled. “Listen, tell that fucking cow that you’re taking a walk. I’ll park a block north of your place. See you in fifteen minutes.”

“Seth, I–“

He had hung up.

Ramsay threw her cell phone pettishly on the bed. She resented Seth for never taking “no” for an answer. But she resented herself even more for being so inexplicably eager to see him. He was, as her mother had told Gaby countless times, “bad news.” But his heavy-lidded brown eyes–“bedroom eyes,” as her grandmother would have called them–and his almost artfully disheveled hair were irresistible. And if Ramsay allowed herself to linger over the thought of his broad, smooth back, which she had covered with small scratches the night before, and of the way he groaned with lust every time she tentatively touched his cock, she became embarrassingly wet.

She wanted to see Seth, that much was certain. But she would under no circumstances allow him to drive her back to his apartment. Wasn’t that one of the cardinal safety rules for women confronted with an attacker? Never let yourself be taken to a second location.


Ramsay looked warily back at the apartment building before walking toward Seth’s coupe. At least her mother wasn’t watching her from the window. Maybe she couldn’t believe that her daughter would be audacious–or just downright stupid–enough to try something just hours after having been threatened with all manner of punishments if she ever broke curfew again. But here she was, watching her breath rise and condense in the chilly let the right one in izle evening air as she walked willingly toward the man who seemed determined to make a royal mess of her life. He climbed out of the car as she approached. God, he looked desirable, thought Ramsay as she gathered her scarf more closely around her neck.

“Did you miss me?” he said jovially as he opened the passenger door for her.

“I’m not getting in.”

Seth cocked his head to the side and smirked at her. “It’s a little chilly to fuck up against the car, don’t you think?” He consulted an imaginary watch on his left arm. “Not to mention a bit early.”

“Look, I need to talk to you.” She jammed her hands into her coat pockets and peered up at him.

“Come here,” said Seth, encircling her in his arms before she could extricate her gloved hands from her pockets and push him away. He smelled of tobacco and fresh wood shavings. A comforting smell, she thought, closing her eyes and inhaling. An arousing smell, too, she mused. Seth, it seemed to her, had single-handedly turned carpentry into the world’s sexiest vocation. She leaned in and, against her better judgment, closed her eyes. Almost immediately she felt his tongue pry its way past her lips, which were still a bit swollen from his many assaults the previous night. Ramsay moaned quietly as she felt the familiar tickle–the tickle that Seth could conjure with unsettling speed–between her thighs. He was nibbling at her bottom lip, tasting her mouth and running his fingers along her neck. Her hands slid up to embrace his shoulders, and he seized the opportunity to unbutton her tweed coat. Her desperation to feel his hands on her breasts again alarmed her.

He broke off the kiss at last. “Get in the car,” he rasped. His hands had found their way to her breasts, which looked, Ramsay had to admit, rather inviting under the snug-fitting softness of her pink V-neck sweater.

Ramsay closed her eyes for a moment, content for the moment just to savor the heat of Seth’s hands as he cupped and squeezed her breasts through her sweater. She dared not look at him. She didn’t need to anyway. She knew what she would find if she opened her eyes: his gaze, dark and inscrutable with lust, and his full lips, slightly parted. It was the thought of his mouth that always did her in.

“Get in the car,” he repeated, this time more peremptorily.

Her eyes snapped open. “Don’t take me anywhere,” she murmured, quickly locking her gaze on the zipper of his leather jacket.

Seth chuckled and ran a hand through his perpetually rumpled hair. “Whatever you say.” He leaned down and pushed the back of the passenger seat down to make room for her to climb into the back seat. Then he cocked his head to the side again and gestured for her to get in.

Ramsay paused. She could just imagine Seth ushering her into the back seat of the coupe, then coolly taking the wheel and driving off, deaf to her protests. “You first,” she said. “And give me your keys.”

He chuckled again. “Nope.”

“Then I don’t get in.”

“You gonna fight me on this?”

She drew herself up to her full height of five feet eight inches. “Yes.”

He smiled and shook his head as if she were a child and he found her misguided stubbornness amusing. “I’m not giving you my keys,” he said, his smile now gone. “But if getting in the car first will get me out of this fucking cold, then so be it.”

She followed him into the back seat and leaned over to close the car door. Then she turned to face him.

“Smart girl,” he said, a sardonic grin curling his lips.

“Not that smart,” she replied. “I got in the car with you.”

Ramsay inhaled Seth’s woodsy, masculine scent–a scent that always struck her as the olfactory version of smooth jazz–and studied his face in the moonlight. God, he was handsome. She recalled nights when she had lain in bed and touched herself while thinking about him, imagining how it would feel to lie beneath him, to feel his hard body and his hot breath on her neck as he entered her. At the time, he was dating Gaby, and his body was forbidden. But now….

She abruptly pressed her lips to his. His response was instantaneous. The hands that had pinned her arms brutally to the bed the night before were now trailing sensually up and down her warm neck. His tongue pushed past her lips as she moaned into his mouth. Seth wasn’t the first man to kiss her, but he was the only one who had ever made her made her pussy ache so just by tasting her mouth. She shrugged out of her coat, her lips still pressed to his, and arched her back, silently inviting him to touch her breasts. Seth broke off the kiss and immediately pulled her sweater over her head and shoved her bra leyla ile mecnun izle down around her waist. The cold evening air gave her newly exposed breasts goosebumps. His hands eagerly sought their soft fullness.

“Fuck,” Seth whispered as Ramsay again arched her back for his delectation. He looked intently at her tits as they flushed and tightened under his touch. Ramsay moaned helplessly as his thumbs moved in small circles. She closed her eyes. God, he was driving her crazy. When he began rubbing his hot palms across her nipples, she found herself squirming. Her pussy was so aroused it hurt a little bit. She clasped her thighs together hard in a vain effort to get some relief. Then she felt Seth’s tongue begin laving her right nipple again while his thumb drew circles around her left. It was more than she could bear.

“You want me to stop?” he muttered quickly against her breast before immediately sucking her nipple back into his mouth.

“No-oo,” she answered in a broken moan.

“Mm?” His mouth was full of tit.


Seth released her nipple. His thumb took over where his mouth left off, and he looked up at her, his lips swollen and flushed. “No, you don’t want me to stop, or no, you don’t want this?”

He was toying with her now, but she didn’t care. “Don’t stop.”

“That’s my girl.” He smiled devilishly and once again took her left nipple in his mouth. Ramsay’s hips began to move of their own volition. She was quite a squirmer, she reflected to herself as Seth’s tongue drew circles around her aroused nipple. She wondered whether Seth had noticed the squirming.

“Fucking nympho,” he murmured as he shifted his attention to her right nipple. Apparently he had noticed. Ramsay felt herself grow wetter. It seemed likely that Seth would be inside her in a matter of moments, and the thought made her squirm even more.

He released her nipple with an audible “pop.” “You’re wet, aren’t you, baby?” Without waiting for an answer, he narrowed his eyes and snaked a hand under her wool skirt. She moaned more loudly than she meant to as she felt two–and then three–fingers plunge easily into her pussy. “Of course you are,” he said thickly.

Without further ado, he began finger-fucking her. With a long moan, she leaned back against the car window and watched him intently. His gaze was fixed lustfully on her tits, which jiggled lightly with every thrust of his fingers. It was safe to say, she mused silently, that Seth was a breast man.

“I want to fuck your pussy so bad,” he rasped as she squirmed against his pumping fingers. “You want it, don’t you, slut? You want me to fuck this wet pussy of yours?” He leaned in and gave her clit a long lick. Ramsay gasped and stiffened. “Tell you how much you want it.”

“I want you to fuck my pussy,” she said breathlessly. She was rewarded by another slow lick. “I want you to come hard inside me,” she improvised, wanting nothing more than another touch from his tongue.

She heard Seth groan, then felt his tongue begin stroking her clit in earnest. This was apparently her reward for indulging his taste for dirty talk–an activity that was, much to her surprise, rapidly growing on her. She closed her eyes and made small moans as his tongue worked all along her slit and repeatedly circled her painfully engorged clit. When she felt his tongue delve straight into her vagina, she nearly shrieked, her shock tempered by a jolt of pleasure. It had never occurred to her that anyone would want to stick his tongue up her hole, but that’s precisely what Seth had done, and as he returned his attentions to her clit, she found herself already eager to be tongue-fucked again. He really was turning her into a complete nymphomaniac.

Ramsay opened her eyes languidly and looked at him. His eyes were closed, his mouth was slaving patiently away between her thighs. She couldn’t figure him out–couldn’t reconcile the man who delighted in objectifying her with the man who crouched in a purgatorially uncomfortable car and licked her painstakingly, determined to give her pleasure. But then, she mused, gasping as Seth pulsed his tongue against her clit, his mysteriousness only enhanced his appeal.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered as Seth’s finger dipped into her wetness. She suspected her juices had dribbled onto the car seat.

“Beg me,” he said suddenly as he rose from the car floor.


“Beg me.” He knelt between her legs.

“Beg you…for what?” she purred, very well knowing what the answer would be.

“Take a guess.” His hand moved with lightning quickness to his fly.

Ramsay had very quickly learned what sorts of things Seth wanted to hear. She leaned up to whisper in his ear. “You want me to beg for your cock?” little women izle

The effect of her words was instantaneous: he gripped her thighs hard and lifted her butt. She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist. “Yeah, I want you to fuckin’ beg for this cock,” he spat. “I can smell how fucking wet you are.”

Ramsay blushed at the thought that he could smell her arousal. But she knew there was no place for modesty in the game Seth had started. She looked up at him. He was gazing at her mouth, perhaps imagining how her lips would look wrapped around his prick. “Seth, please fuck me,” she sighed.

“You want my cock?” he said, still staring at her mouth.

“Yeah, I want it. My pussy needs it so fucking bad.” She squirmed against him as she spoke.

His eyes narrowed. He gritted his teeth. Clearly she was doing something right. She felt him rub his erection against her thigh.

“Please, Seth. I need your cock inside me. I need it, Seth,” she whined, arching her back so that her tits brushed against his chest. “Fuck me hard.”

He growled, and Ramsay sighed in gratitude as he thrust himself into her. Her pussy was practically vibrating with arousal. Seth’s tongue had very nearly brought her to climax, and now his rather violent thrusts seemed likely to finish the job in record time.

“Oh God oh God oh God,” she chanted, closing her eyes as he thrust hard and ground himself against her clit. She liked it when he took her roughly. Then again, he’d never taken her any other way.

When she opened her eyes, Seth was hungrily watching her tits jiggle with every thrust. He leaned down to take one nipple in his mouth. She silently marveled at his ability to take her nipple gingerly between his lips while pushing himself so ungingerly into her. The sight of his mouth locked on her breast was absurdly arousing. She vowed to conjure that image the next time she touched herself in bed late at night.

“Come for me, Ramsay,” he grunted. It was the first time he had addressed her by name while fucking her. “Come all over my cock.”

She looked at his face, his parted lips and almost lewd gaze. She was so close, yet her orgasm eluded her. She groaned in frustration.

“Come on, you little slut. Come for me.” He kissed her with bruising force. “I’m not gonna fucking stop until you come.”

Ramsay shivered with pleasure at his words. His mouth plundered hers again. He was practically fucking her mouth with his tongue.

He broke off the kiss and attempted to catch his breath. “Come for me, baby,” he panted.

At last she felt the tickle between her legs intensify. Seth redoubled his efforts. Could he sense the approach of her orgasm? But there was no time to wonder about that. She was too busy coming, too busy clawing at Seth’s shoulders and arching her back until it almost hurt. Seth quickly covered her mouth with his, apparently determined to swallow her moans.

Ramsay’s pussy was still spasming when Seth abruptly pulled out of her. He gave his cock a few quick jerks and then groaned deeply as he watched his first spurt of cum make a long stripe across her breasts. Ramsay had once heard one of her girlfriends explain how lots of men liked to ejaculate on their partners. At the time, the thought of being come upon had rather repulsed her. But as she watched Seth coax long ropes of cum from the purple head of his cock, she suddenly understood the appeal. By the time he had finished coming, her tits and stomach were splattered with warm, sticky fluid. A stray pearl of cum clung to her chin.

“Oh, my God,” he breathed. “Baby, that–” He was struggling to catch his breath. “Oh, fuck,” he laughed, sitting back and wiping the perspiration from his forehead.

Ramsay wondered what to do about the mess on her chest. She looked questioningly up at him. He simply grabbed his black t-shirt and very gently swabbed her clean. They were both silent for a long moment.

“What time is it?” said Seth at last.

“Time for me to go back home.” She retrieved her panties from the floor of the car. “Probably past time, actually.”

Seth cast his soiled t-shirt aside and put his leather jacket back on as she smoothed her skirt and finger-combed her hopelessly tousled hair. The car, she noted, smelled unmistakably of sex.

“Okay, well, I guess I’ll, uh, see you later, then,” she said, tying her scarf in a sloppy knot.

She couldn’t read his expression in the dimness but knew he was looking at her. “Yeah, I want to see you again,” he said.

She rubbed a small porthole into the condensation on the car window and peered out. It had begun to snow. She wondered whether Seth would always be an enigma to her, wondered how long it would take him to get bored of hunting her down and making her feel such a puzzling mix of ecstasy, shame, and desire. But mostly desire.

“Seth,” she said, forcing herself to sound nonchalant, “were you attracted to me when you were with Gaby?”

He laughed joylessly. “Why do you think we broke up?”

Ramsay quickly kissed him goodbye and reached for the door handle. She had to get out before he could see how much his answer pleased her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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