Every Mom should do it!

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Author’s Note: Welcome to my latest story. I get asked a lot if my work turns me on and the answer is usually not too much, probably because since I created it, I know where it’s going and how it starts and ends so it takes some of the thrill from it. However, for what it’s worth there is something about this particular story that ‘got my attention’ not sure if it’s just the concept or how lust crazed I made the mom and her friend, but I guess I can say it’s one of my personal favs. Hopefully you will like it too. LC68


I stared out the window, looking down at my son Jon and wondered what it would be like to fuck him. He was lying on the lounge chair and as my eyes trailed across his chest and hard flat stomach my lust filled mind envisioned my tongue following that trail. Kissing and licking his nipples before sliding down his stomach to the edge of his shorts. My hand would be on his cock and he would be so hard for me!

Hard for his mother who would unzip his shorts, the kiss and lick his hard young cock. Jon would moan ‘Mom’ in a way most mothers would think a son never should, but it would cause this mother’s pussy to flow as I took that hard cock between my lips.

Jon’s large, strong hands would be on my shoulders and back, rubbing my soft skin before sliding around between us to cup my breasts, teasing my aching nipples as I took my son’s full length down into my eager mouth.

Jon’s would grab my long, brown hair and pull it to the side so he could watch as I bobbed my head, slowly and lovingly giving him the taboo thrill of receiving a hot blow job from his horny mother.

In my fevered mind Jon wouldn’t last long. He was so excited to see his mother between his legs he would cum quickly. A pull on my hair, a loud “Oh, mom!” and he would erupt in my mouth.

My hands strayed below my short black robe and I moaned as I ran them up my inner thighs; my mind lingering on the image of my son cumming in my mouth. I gasped at how wet I was when my fingers slipped through my bare pussy. I thought about how his thick hot cum would feel flowing across my tongue and down my throat and could all but taste it.

I found my swollen clit and rubbed slow, teasing circles around it while in my mind Jon had switched places with me. It was now me laying back on the chair, my legs open, draped over his broad shoulders and my soft feet on his back as he spread his mother’s pussy and buried his tongue in it.

I would be playing with my nipples and moaning his name as a lover rather than a son, but no lover would ever want to please me like my son would.

“Damn you Cynthia” I whispered, even as my fingers continued to caress my swollen button while fantasizing about my son bringing me to a screaming orgasm with his sweet tongue and thrusting fingers.

Speaking of thrusting, once my orgasm had left me a breathless quivering mess, Jon would slide up over me. His young enthusiastic cock would be hard again; hard and ready for his mother’s hot dripping pussy. He would not be gentle. Need, desire and lust for his mother would cause him to slam hard into me; burying himself balls deep into the welcoming heat of my hungry pussy.

I’d wrap my legs around his waist, drawing him deeper into my forbidden heat and cry out in his ear, urging him to fuck his mother harder and deeper, telling him how much I needed my son’s cock. As hot as the idea of him filling my mouth was, thinking about feeling his cock twitch inside me, filling my pussy with his hot load caused my fingers to move faster across my clit.

I leaned back, sitting on the edge of the chair next to the window and lifting my leg, placed it on the edge of the sill. Staring down at Jon, who was laying there unaware of the fact his mother was masturbating to the thought of fucking him, I brought my other hand into play, shoving my fingers inside my yearning pussy.

“Oh, yeah.” I moaned, my fingers making wet sucking sounds as they thrust inside, “That’s it, baby, give it to me! Fuck mommy’s pussy! Show me how much you want me! Oh…”

The sound of my voice uttering those nasty words sent me over the edge. I let my head fall back and released a loud moan as I came to the thought of my son on top of me, moaning in my ear as he spurted inside me.

My hips thrust upwards, envisioning my fingers as Jon’s cock and shoving them deeper inside me. I slumped back against the chair, panting for breath and removing my fingers, held them up in front of my face, marveling at how wet they were. I couldn’t recall the last time I had been so wet or cum so hard.

I sucked my fingers into my mouth, enjoying the taste and wishing I was sucking my sticky sweet juices from Jon’s glistening and dripping cock once he was done fucking me. I remained leaning against the chair and glanced over at my lap top on the night stand.

Now that I had taken the edge off, at least for the moment because I had been horny as hell for most of the last two days, I was back to thinking how terrible what I antalya escort had just done was.

I had gotten off to the thought of my son. Sucking and fucking my own son. Two days ago I would have shook my head in disgust at the idea of a mother committing incest. In fact I was disgusted and had expressed those feelings.

Yet even as I had told Cynthia how sick I thought she was there had been something within me that had been turned on. But I could have dismissed those thoughts as strange reactions to the shocking discovery that my long time best friend was having sex with her son.

Then Cynthia had talked about it with me and sent me a video of them and told me to watch it. My first reaction was to delete it and I should have. If I had I would not have spent the last couple of days telling myself I was sick, then the next minute staring at my son like I was Kay Parker from that movie Taboo from years ago.

I’d had the mouse hovering over delete, but hadn’t done it. The look on Cynthia’s face when I’d spied on her with Tommy, then the way she had told me about how good it felt, how hot it was…I’d watched it once, then again and the second time got off to it, then again and again.

I’d told myself it was sick and I was just getting off to Cynthia’s sickness, to watching her and her son crossing the ultimate line. But once I’d shut that damned video off and went to sleep it was dreams of Jon that came to me.

My son coming into my bed and telling me how much he wanted me. Tossing the sheet from me and crawling onto the bed. Kissing me, pulling my top down and sucking on my breasts, sliding lower and kissing his mother where a son had no right kissing her and me loving every minute of it.

In the dream I rolled him over, sucked his hard cock, then climbed on top and rode him hard and fast. Took him the way an experienced woman would take a young man. Fucked him so hard he was whimpering beneath me, then cried out as he came for me.

I’d awoken with my heart pounding and my pussy dripping. I tried to brush it off as a reaction to the movie and was relieved that when I went back to sleep I was not revisited by those images.

But the next morning when Jon had come up from after working out in the basement. Shirtless, sweat dripping down his well muscled body and wearing those skimpy little shorts. Had those shorts always been so tight?

Had they always showed off that impressive bulge between his legs and his damn fine ass? I must have been looking at him oddly because he had asked if I was okay and I’d made some joke about a senior moment.

I watched him run upstairs to take a shower, my eyes locked onto his tanned muscular back and had been surprised to find my nipples had stiffened and there was a heat between my legs I had been ashamed of. Since that moment any time I saw my son I was now seeing him as a good looking young man who according to Cynthia would want to please me like no other man.

Cynthia had insisted all sons had a repressed desire for their mothers and the rules of society kept it that way, but when something happened that made them see their mother as a true woman; a sexy, desirable woman who loved them the way no other girl ever could?

I blinked and focused on the here and now and not the straight out of penthouse letters conversation I’d had. I shifted my gaze from the laptop before I was tempted to watch Cynthia getting her face covered in her son’s cum for the tenth time in two days.

A glance down into the yard showed Jon had sat up and was playing with his phone. I watched his long thick fingers moving as he sent a text to someone and thought about them working my nipples and pussy.

If things got really heavy maybe even one of those fingers could find their way in my ass, after all I’d never been adverse to some occasional back door action if the guy was a good lover and earned it and something told me Jon would be very attentive to his mother.

Now that he was sitting up I recalled why I was in the window in the skimpy robe to begin with. Cynthia had stressed how things had started between her and Tommy by him seeing her as a sexual woman and swore that Jon would be attracted to me if I gave him a reason to be.

I told her that was bullshit, that a son wouldn’t desire his mother just from seeing some skin. But then again I had also told her she was disgusting and needed help and had since proceeded to become obsessed with not only her incestuous relationship, but investigating one of my own.

I didn’t dress frumpy, but didn’t make it a habit to dress provocatively around Jon. In fact on nights I would go out to a club or bar looking to meet someone I would usually leave when he was in his room or working so he wouldn’t see his mother in a short, revealing dress.

Jon senior had left, or more accurately been thrown out, four years ago and although I’d been with a few guys when I’d gotten to the point I needed to get laid, I hadn’t been serious with artvin escort anyone and never brought a man back home.

I didn’t need Jon hearing me or seeing a strange man coming out of my room. In general I considered myself a proper mother and proper moms didn’t strut their stuff around the house.

Yesterday after a night that consisted of masturbating several times to that damn video and a wet dream about fucking my son, I decided to put her theory to the test. I told myself it was to disprove it; to show a little skin and see that Jon would pay no attention to me.

Then I could tell Cynthia she and her son needed some help. That’s what I told myself. The reality, whether I wanted to admit it or not, was that part of me was looking for him to react to his mother’s body.

When Jon came home from work I’d called downstairs that we would be eating soon and I would be right down so wait in the kitchen. I’d slipped off the jeans and t-shirt I had been wearing and changed into a pair of skin tight cut off shorts I only wore to the beach and a tiny little black tank top that could barely contain my breasts. As I was sliding the top on, I paused and feeling both ashamed and turned on at the same time stripped off my bra.

I slipped the top on and moaned as the material rubbed my already hard nipples. I’d checked myself out in the mirror before going downstairs. I’d waitressed for years to put myself through school and had done it again recently as a second job when I’d first tossed Jon’s father out and needed some extra money and had to admit my long legs looked as good as ever.

Those legs led up to a firm little ass that in addition to my legs had earned me plenty of tips at work and quite a few stares everywhere else as well. My breasts were more than ample and at the moment looked as if they were threatening to burst from the tiny top.

I’d gone downstairs and when Jon looked up he started to look down at his phone, but did a double take. I tried to watch his face without being obvious and saw his eyes lock onto my tits. I knew my hard nipples were poking through the thin shirt and unable to help it I asked what he was looking at.

He stammered something about he thought I had something on my shirt, but the way he blushed told me what he was really staring at. Turning away from him a wave of disbelief had come over me. Cynthia was right. I was showing and he was looking. I tried to spin it another way, that he might have just been surprised; after all, I did not make a habit of advertising my assets so to speak.

I decided to give him a look at my backside and after turning around went to open the fridge and knocked one of the small magnets off of it on purpose. When it hit the floor I ‘accidently’ kicked it under the fridge. I sighed and got down on my hands and knees on the floor. I lowered my head to peer under the fridge which put my ass higher in the air.

The fridge was stainless steel and staring into it I could see Jon behind me and he was staring! There was no doubt about it! His eyes were glued to my ass and he had a look on his face that was nervous, but turned on at the same time. Right there on the floor I could feel my body responding as I watched my son take in my ass. I wiggled back and forth and saw him shake his head as if saying “Oh, man”

When I grabbed the magnet I turned around, but remained on my knees for a moment before standing and walking over to him. I leaned over to kiss his cheek giving him a view down my shirt. I’d sat there in a puddle during dinner, so wet I was squirming as I watched Jon trying to watch me; then spent the night wondering how to show him more.

I looked down at the sound of Jon laughing and saw him talking on the phone. He glanced up towards the window, but I was off to the side and he didn’t appear to really be looking. I moved over so I was in front of the window and grabbing the tie to the robe slipped it from its knot. My plan was when I saw him glance up to let the robe fall open and look away, giving him a view of my bare tits.

Jon was looking to the right as he spoke on the phone and nodding his head. My heart pounded and I let the robe open slightly. A voice in my head told me I was sick and to walk away from the window, but despite having just cum, my nipples were aching and I was wetter than I was while masturbating. Jon was still looking away and I knocked over one of the small knick knacks I had on the windowsill.

Jon looked up and turning my head away from him I let the robe fall open. I felt the warm breeze on my sensitive nipples and even as my face flushed at the idea I was exposing myself to my son, it was everything I had not to turn to see if he were looking.

I looked down and fumbled around below the window as if I were doing something and then quickly turned my head. Jon was looking away, but I swore I had seen his head move as mine turned.

I stood there with the robe wide open waiting to see if he looked again. Jon kept beylikdüzü escort his head down and when I heard voices from the next yard, I quickly stepped away from the window. It was one thing to show my son my tits, but not the neighbors.

“Jeez Becky, you hear yourself?” I muttered.

I walked over to the bed and looked down at part two of today’s plan to see if Jon would really be interested in me. I figured if he caught a good look at my tits it would be all I would need to know, but it hadn’t dawned on me I would have had to see him looking and that would have stopped him.

Unsure of whether or not he had seen me I could either try the ridiculous porn cliché of walking out of the bathroom naked pretending I didn’t know he was home or go strut my stuff by the pool.

Cynthia and Tommy had left early this morning and weren’t coming back until Monday. They were due to stay at least another month so this was the only chance I would have this much time alone with Jon.

The thought of Cynthia and Tommy spending the weekend at a hotel out of town and what they would be doing spurred me to action. If there was something to this, and I was still torn between wanting it to be true and thinking I was crazy, I wasn’t going to waste anymore time.

Slipping the robe off I picked up the obscenely skimpy orange bikini I had bought on my way home last night just for today.

Before I put it on, I looked into the full length mirror and took in my naked body. I had to say I looked pretty good for my forty two years. I definitely didn’t look as if I had a twenty year old son.

Then again I had once over heard Tommy telling Jon I was the hottest Milf he’d seen. Of course I now knew he was pretty fond of his own mother, but it was still flattering. In addition to my long legs and still firm ass, my full breasts might be a little lower than they were a few years ago, but still stood up pretty well without a bra.

My large rose colored nipples were hard and lifting my breasts, I stroke my swollen nubs with my red finger nails and moaned softly, “Jon, were you looking at Mommy’s tits? You want them? Come over here, honey, come suck mommy’s titties.”

The words sounded so wrong, but so fucking hot! I released my tits and sliding my hand down my soft, but still flat stomach, I reached the neatly trimmed light brown hair just over the cleft of my pussy and sighed at how damp the hair was.

Goddamn I was horny! My fingers slipped over my hard clit and briefly teased my wet lips before I forced myself to leave my pussy alone. If everything worked right it would be getting a lot of loving attention from my devoted son.

I released a long breath and slipped into the racy bikini bottom. It was little more than a thong with two strings on each side one over the other just under my hips. The two strings met in the back and formed one thin strip of material that left the cheeks of my ass bare.

There wasn’t much more than that in the front and it dawned on me it wouldn’t take much movement for it to slip to the side and reveal my pussy.

I picked up the top and after I tied it behind my back took in the way the entire inner half of my breasts were exposed. The swimsuit seemed more like lingerie and it was nothing I would ever wear in public, but to cock tease my son? Why not?

With an obscene giggle I padded across the soft carpet and as I left took one last look at the lap top. Maybe by this time tomorrow I might have my own hot video and damn straight I would share it with Cynthia, show her how good my son could be to me.

As I ran down the stairs, enjoying how my breasts bounced and threatened to fall out of the top, I began to put my long brown hair up, but decided to do it later when Jon was watching. I passed through the kitchen and when I went out onto the patio saw Jon had slipped into the pool and was leaning against the corner of it, his arms draped over the ledge.

“Hey sweetie, it’s beautiful out here, no?” I called out to him as I approached the pool.

“Yeah, it’s hot, but not…” Jon turned to look at me and trailed off, his mouth remaining open as his eyes widened.

“You okay honey?” I squatted down on the edge of the pool.

“I…uh…” His gaze was fixed between my legs and I could feel the edge of the bikini creeping towards my moist lips as my legs were spread open.

I resisted the urge to look down to see the view he was getting and instead watched him, reveling in the fact he was gawking at my barely concealed pussy. I smiled as I took in my handsome son. Jon Sr was an asshole, but he was a good looking one and Jon looked just like him.

His short black hair was wet and tousled and his ocean blue eyes were intent on the spot between his mother’s thighs. I let my own eyes wander, taking in his tanned body and the way the water glistened on his chest.

“Mom, w…what the hell are you wearing?”

“It’s my new bikini, you like it?”

“Its…damn, mom, there isn’t much to it is there?”

“Does it look bad?” I made a show of frowning and looked down, noticing the bikini was barely covering the right side of my pussy, “I…I thought it would look okay.” I sighed dramatically, “I knew I shouldn’t have bought it, I probably look terrible.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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