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For those of you that have read some of my other stories, I’ll just say that this a little different. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

We were in the middle of long drive, going south on 257. Harry had been driving for over an hour, and we had more than an hour to go. Grace was riding shotgun, I had the back seat. Grace always rode shotgun. So either Harry or I drove and the other occupied the back. That’s what husbands do–sacrifice a little to the preferences of their wife. We were in our early thirties; at the age when time spent in a car is easy time, no matter how long.

Harry and I were dressed the same: gym shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops, Harry in black and white and me in gray and gray. Grace wore a light blue sundress that extended to just above her knees when she was standing.

We did not expect to see any hitchhikers. The weather was good for it–mid-seventies with a thin overcast. But we were many miles away from anything, and traffic was light on a Monday morning.

But there she was, trekking along with a light step and shoulder bag, dressed in a subdued yellow one-piece, shorts and shirt. Also, a soft wide-brimmed hat of the same color.

She gave us a cheerful thumb as we slowed, and Harry pulled onto the shoulder about twenty yards past. I looked out the back window. She had her phone in hand, texting, probably. She jogged up to the front door and looked in the open window. Grace gave her that irresistible smile, and our hitchhiker returned it with one of her own. She climbed into the back seat with a grateful smile and said hi. She took off the hat and set it by the door.

I responded, “Hi back. That’s Harry and Grace. I’m Frank.”

“Call me Evie.”

Grace turned in her seat and asked, “Isn’t it risky for a single cutie to be out hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere?”

“Probably. But I try to reduce the risk. I texted this.” She showed us her phone. It showed the text: “slvr suv, mmf, lp WE3 R 1”

“I texted that to a state trooper I know. If you folks had suddenly turned bad, I’d show you that.

“I’ve used that once already.”

“Smart girl. And pretty, too. Where you headed?”


“Great. We’re going even farther. Sit back and enjoy the ride.”

You’d expect a pretty young woman in those circumstances to put her shoulder bag between us and sit by the door. Nope.

She was pretty. Short black hair, Maltepe Escort round face with a slightly upturned nose and a small mouth with full lips that seemed to be in a constant half-smile.

She put her bag by the door and scooted across the seat right next to me, shoulder to shoulder and thigh to thigh.

She put her hand on my thigh, her fingers flirting with the growing bulge in my shorts.

She smelled like sunshine and cinnamon.

“Do you mind?” she asked, softly, lips close to my ear.

I had to grin. “Not one bit.”

“Will they?”

“Same answer.”

She kissed me, hard and passionate, offering her tongue to mine while she squeezed and rubbed my dick. We continued to kiss, lips to lips, lips to ears, lips to neck; she slipped her hand into the leg of my shorts and squeezed my dick, this time skin to skin. I took some initiative and started unsnapping her top.

No bra. Just inviting perfect wide cones with nipples already hard in the middle of mid-sized areolae. I kissed and suckled on them, one after the other. She arched her back and pushed her breasts into my mouth.

She undid the thin belt around her waist and unsnapped the snaps so that the shorts were opened. She grabbed my left hand and guided it to her soft and moist labia.

“Me first, please?”


I slipped my ring finger between her lips, found the soft moist entrance to her love canal, and caressed the velvet of her inside. I added my middle finger and the two found her G-spot.

I glanced to the front. Grace was turned in her seat and watching with all her attention. I took another glance at the rear-view mirror. Harry was grinning like a goof. I spared Grace a wink and then followed my left hand with my lips and tongue.

Those three things found Evie’s clit and treated as it was meant to be treated while the two fingers thrust and pulled and coaxed, finally, a beautiful shivery orgasm from this exciting young woman.

She slumped, relaxed and offered a tired smile. “Wow. Thanks. That was as good a no-dick orgasm as I’ve ever had, and even better than some dick-assisted ones, too.”

After a minute or two of rest (I didn’t check my watch. I wasn’t wearing one.) she reached over and tugged on my shorts.

“These need to come off.”

I granted her wish.

“Shirt, too.”

I pulled it off and put it next to me, İstanbul Escort by the door, with my shorts.

I noticed Grace was still watching. She gave me a quick thumbs-up.

Evie admired my growing dick with words and fingers.

“Mmm, such a nice one. Not too big, not too small. Soft and smooth on the outside, hard on the inside.”

She bent her head down and took the head into her mouth, using her tongue to excite that small spot on the underside where the crown becomes the head. She pursed her lips and kissed the head as her tongue brought me near to ejaculation that quickly. But I held back and she withdrew, kissing her way up my belly and chest to my throat, chin, and finally my mouth, insistently tasting herself on my tongue and lips.

She kissed her way back down and took all of my erection into her mouth. I was excitingly, strainingly hard. It seemed like my dick was trying to grow to the ceiling of the car.

I put my hands on her head and just enjoyed the feel of her soft dark hair.

She gifted me with superb fellatio, slathering her saliva onto my member with her tongue and the inside of her hungry mouth.

Harry offered a brief distraction. “Minersville in about fifteen minutes.”

Evie pulled away from our mutual pleasure for a moment.

“Plenty of time.”

She went back at it, with a bit more urgency, devoting all her effort to eliciting my ejaculation.

I did not intentionally hold back, but I do not respond as quicky to a mouth, no matter how enthusiastically talented, as I do to a vagina. Don’t know why.

“C’mon, Frank,” she muttered, “I need a protein shake.”

It was obvious her goal was to have me come in her mouth before we reached her destination. Her right fingers caressed my balls. Her left hand dipped into her vagina and offered her wetness to my mouth.

That did it. As I sucked her fingers she sucked harder and quicker, bobbing her head up and down, fucking me with her mouth.

I pushed my hips up, straining to get every last millimeter into her mouth, and erupted into her, shooting spurt after spurt into her mouth and throat. I squinched my eyes shut in the ecstasy of the moment.

When I opened them I saw Evie swallowing the last remnants, a smile of satisfaction attesting to her enjoyment.

I saw Grace, eyes wide, face flushed. She spoke to Evie.

“He tastes pretty Anadolu Yakası Escort good, doesn’t he?”

“Oh, yeah. Both on the outside and what comes from the inside.”

Harry offered his own observation. “Minersville dead ahead. Clothing should be restored.”

I knew he’d been watching through the rear-view mirror as much as safe driving would allow.

It took less than a minute for me to get dressed, and about the same for Evie to pull her one-piece together in the front and get re-snapped.

Harry pulled into the gas station. We had enough gas to get where we were going, and it would be cheaper there, so he parked away from the pumps.

“Where else do you need to go?” Grace asked.

“Nowhere else. I’ll wait right here.” She turned to me and gave me an all-out kiss, with tongue. “Thank you. Thank you three times.”


“For the ride, too.”

She gathered up her shoulder pack and exited the back seat. The three of us got out and all four grouped around.

She kissed Harry, with passion, and then hesitantly approached Grace. Grace didn’t hesitate. She kissed Evie and Evie was happy to return it.

“So,” Grace asked, “wait for who?”

“My husband. The state trooper I mentioned before.”

“State trooper husband, huh? What will he think of our little interlude?”

She offered the sweetest smile I’d seen in a long time. “Oh, he’ll be fine with it. He’s probably got a similar tale to tell me.”

Grace wrapped up the conversation. “Evie, care to have my phone number?”

“Uh, sure. Why?” She keyed it in as Grace recited it.

“I was thinking that if you and your husband were ever up for a six-way party you could give me a call.”

“Six way?”

“Sure. If you don’t know a lady that would be interested, I know a few.”

Evie grinned again. “I guess I picked the right folks to get a ride from. You’ll be hearing from me.” She gave us all a quick wave and walked to the station building.

Grace looked first at me, then at Harry. “God, that was hot. It made me so horny I can’t stand it.

“Frank, you drive. Harry, you and I are going to be in the back seat. And hurry!”

She took a quick look around as she opened the back door. She lifted the sundress off and stood naked in the sun for two seconds, then climbed onto the back seat.

Harry grinned at me as he pulled off his shirt. “That’s why we love her!” He disappeared into the back seat as well.

“One reason, anyway,” I said to myself as I climbed into the driver’s seat.

I adjusted the rear view mirror. They weren’t wasting a second. The forty minute drive was boring outside the car, but very scenic inside.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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