Ex Marks the Spot

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I looked at his contact again. Last seen at 10:32 am, nine hours ago. I slumped back in my bed utterly infuriated. I hated when Chance did this to me. With his past I never knew if he had another woman on his arm or if he was fucking her because I wouldn’t give myself to him.

My phone vibrated on my bed and my heart sped up. It dropped twenty feet when I realized the message was from my ex.

BennyBoo: You still want to watch the episode together?

I hadn’t changed his contact name even if we had broken up a little over a month ago and I had no plans on changing it anytime soon. We were still close friends. He was talking about the new episode of a series we were watching. Maybe having him over would be a good thing to get my mind of Chance.

Me: Yeah, sure

BennyBoo: I’ll be over in five

Benjamin was my neighbor. We had been dating for two years and five months when he decided to suddenly stop our relationship. Chance knew about Ben. he even knew that we had a so called friends with benefits kind of relationship during the last two weeks but we stopped it in aims of us moving on from each other. We were still friends as we had been close even before we started our relationship two and a half years ago.

True to his word Ben arrived at my door in exactly five minutes with his laptop in hand. I invited him in and he immediately took a spot on my couch. I rolled my eyes. Old habits die hard.

“How’ve you been?” I asked sitting next to him while he typed away on his laptop.”

“Tired,” he groaned. “Dad had me working for the entire day today.”

I felt sorry for him. His dad was strict and had Ben working hard at the family construction business, starting as a labourer. I watched as he searched site after site but the new episode had not come out yet. Damn, I was so excited to see what happens next.

“I guess we could hang out still,” I told him.

He nodded.

I looked at him. He had ripened a lot in a month. His pecks seemed more defined through his T-shirt and his shoulders broader from lifting bricks and cement for many weekends in row. I inhaled his scent. That’s the perfume I gave him for Christmas in our first year of being together. He’s wearing it, still.

I looked at his eyes. They were looking down at me, undressing me. My body wasn’t a stranger lockwood co izle to his eyes nor his touch. His touch…I missed it.

Before I knew what was happening our lips were pressed up together. I didn’t know who started it but I didn’t care. I missed him. Chance’s face flashed through my mind and I immediately pulled away.

“Is something wrong?”

Chance wasn’t my boyfriend but we were dating, sort of. It wouldn’t be fair to him if I was still hung up on my ex. I looked up at Ben. He didn’t know about Chance and I wouldn’t tell him. I didn’t want him to leave.

“I’m- we’re not together,” I brought up. “We’re not supposed to be kissing.”

“Oh, I’m sor-“

I definitely knew this time I caused it. I pulled Ben towards me, drawing our lips together. He was reluctant to hold me at first but when I felt his hand on my lower back I let out a moan.

This only encouraged him to touch me more. He squeezed around my breast but never did touch my nipple. I groaned. He knew what that did to me. I let him trail kisses down my neck and he sucked gently on my collar bone knowing it was my sweet spot, or at least one of them, and that it would make me moan.

“Oh Benny…”

He connected our lips again and I pushed my tongue into his mouth. He fought for dominance but I didn’t let him win. We separated panting for breath. Ben ran his fingers on the side of my neck and down my shoulders taking the thin strips of my top with him. He left kisses where the strap had been and ventured lower towards my breasts.

Please suck them.

He didn’t however. He didn’t even expose my nipple.

“Why are you teasing me like this Ben?”

He smirked at me.

“Ask for what you want and I’ll give it to you,” he said.

I didn’t want to submit to him. I was not that kind of girl. I was competitive and I would win making him cave. He leaned in and kissed me again squeezing my ass knowing I loved how that felt.

“Benny..” I moaned.

“Yes baby girl,” he whispered kissing my neck.

“Please,” I begged.

“Please what?” He asked squeezing my ass more.

I was not going to let him win.

He went up to ear and nibbled on my earlobe.

“Ask for what you want,” he whispered in my ear.

He then sat loki izle up straight and I pouted. He was deliberately teasing me to make me cave. No way was I caving first. He loved breasts. Breast was one of his weaknesses and I knew that after being in a relationship with him for two years, especially after the many nights I had to endure the pain of sore nipples.

“You know I haven’t touched you yet right?”

“Of course I know that,” he answered pecking my lips.

“Then why are you so hard?”

He looked down at his dick between his legs and sure enough the tent in his basketball shorts was present. I ran one finger down its length through his pants. His breathing quickened.

I went up to his lips only to stop just as I was about to kiss him. It used to drive him crazy when I did that. I hope it still did. I ran my hands up his shirt and felt the ripening muscles there. Using one hand I traced his face. His defined jaw, his ears, his eyes his nose. I stopped as I reached his lips. I looked at his eyes then back at his lips. I bit my bottom lip. He liked when I did that. Again I went back and forth between his eyes and lips. Then I inched forward slowly only giving his like a subtle taste of mine. I kissed his jaw and neck then licked my way up to his ear lobe.

“You want me Benny,” I whispered in ear. “Just take me now.”

He did want me. His breathing changed a lot now.

“Ask for it.”

I groaned on the inside. He’s gotten stronger. He pulled me closer connecting our lips again. This time he pushed his tongue in my mouth. I loved when he did that. I let out a moan. That caused his to push me down on the couch.

He came over me his eyes telling me all he wanted to do to me. He lifted my shirt stopping under my breast then he lowered his head to my stomach. I moaned. He spread my legs and ran his hands on the inside of my thighs. His lips had not left my stomach though and he was venturing dangerously close to the waistband of my shorts. He started to tug my shorts down but looked up at me and winked. His lips latched onto my hip bone and I let out a moan. He knew where all my sweet spots are and he always used them to his advantage.

I wanted more. I wanted him to touch me more and I almost caved. I pushed him off me. He was smirking at me. lol chi ride e fuori izle He was playing dirty, but I hadn’t touched him yet though. It was my turn.

I unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. I loved his dick and he knew it. It had a thick head and I loved that about it. It was always smooth to touch. And I did touch it, with only my index finger though. I ran my finger around the slit and down all the way to the thick bush he had at the base.

His breathing pattern changed. He wanted me to do this. I held him around the wide width of his dick and stroked it slowly, up and down, up and down.

He didn’t have it that way. He ventured into the waist band of my shorts then pulled my panties aside. His fingers brushed over my clitoris. I moaned. In no time I would be his, begging for his fingers to enter me.

I couldn’t let that happen though. I began to stroke him faster. He took in a large breath.

“You’re not playing fair,” he voiced.

“Neither are you,” I retorted. My breathing to was fast and I was probably flushed by now. In a smooth motion I felt a finger enter my pussy and another one teasing my ass hole.

“You’re soaked,” Ben smirked.

“That’s… not… fair,” I managed to get out.

I was ready to give in until I remembered his dick in my hand. I still had the power. I leaned in, inhaling the scent of his arousal. Damn, I missed it. Taking his head in my mouth, I sucked only about an inch from his head. His fingers had stopped their teasing and I knew I was winning. I pushed his entire length down my throat and I relaxed knowing my gag reflex would kick in. Surprisingly it didn’t and I smiled victoriously. I sucked harder not only giving Ben pleasure but myself, just knowing I was satisfying him.

I suddenly stopped, very much aware he was close to his peak.

“You’re such a tease,” Ben breathed. “You win.”

He lifted my shirt taking my nipples between his fingers and pinch softly. I moaned loudly.

“You wanted this more than me,” Ben said pushing me on the couch yet again. He licked the valley between my breasts while still pinching my nipples. I arched my back and pushed my chest towards him.

“I’m not the one who caved.”

Again he climbed over me taking my nipple in his mouth…

Hours later I slumped back on my bed grabbing my phone to see if Chance had messaged me. I tossed phone across my bed, he hadn’t. Not one message. Chance didn’t care about me. He didn’t want to know about me. I doubted he even liked me. Well, at least had my ex who knew where I needed him and how I wanted him to touch me. My ex marks his spot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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