Expecting , Expectations Ch. 02

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Expecting & Expectations

Forward: Any character portrayed engaging in sexual activity is 18 years of age or older. There are very strong fetish themes in this story about pregnancy. Do not read it if this isn’t your thing and don’t bother rating if you can’t be objective because pregnancy isn’t your thing. This story is a request from someone with a personal fantasy and I hope it comes true for them somehow.


Chapter 2- Not Alone

Kelsey woke slowly, letting out a sighing moan and stretching a little. She was lying on her side, as was normal for her these days, acutely aware of the warmth beneath the heavy comforter.

She could also feel her sister Jane’s butt cheeks pressed to her own.

“Nnnnn, morning…” Jane murmured as she woke, stretching her arms and pressing her ass back into her sister’s. “Y’sleep well?”

“Until you tried to shove me out of bed with your ass.” Kelsey replied, frowning and bracing herself to keep from being put on the floor. Jane stopped pushing but began moving her cheeks in circles, squirming them against Kelsey’s. The older sister frowned for a moment, trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

“Enjoying yourself back there?” she groused, making the ordeal sound far worse that it actually was for her.

“Maybe a little.” Jane giggled, but showed no signs of stopping. Kelsey sighed loudly and stayed still, waiting to see if her sibling intended to finish any time soon.

“Oh, c’mon, it’s not as bad as all that,” Jane chided, reaching back and caressing her sister’s hip while she continued to rub her butt cheeks into Kelsey’s. “I mean, yeah, it’s not gonna make me cum, but it’s a great-feeling way to start the day, y’know?”

Kelsey said nothing.

“Give it a shot, it’ll put you in a good mood.” Jane pressed.

Kelsey shook her head but acquiesed, beginning to squirm her behind into her sister’s. It did indeed feel quite nice, bringing a warmth and secret tingle to her, one that complimented the delicious feeling of waking up rather than competing with it or banishing it.

The sisters lay on their sides, facing away from one another, ass cheeks moving against one another. Jane let out a sigh and Kelsey bit her lip, not wanting to make it too obvious that Jane was right. Their hands found one another and they knotted their fingers while they gently pleasured each other.

After several silent minutes, they both turned around and snuggled into each other, bellies pressing gently and caressing one another’s faces as they smiled.

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to wake up to your face in the morning, sis,” Jane said softly.

“Feeling’s mutual, babe,” Kelsey replied, meaning it completely. They both leaned their heads in and shared a loving kiss, expressing a quiet contentment in one another’s company. Jane finally broke the kiss and nodded her head downward, at Kelsey’s pronounced belly.

“Mind if I go and say hello to my nephew?” she asked.

“Only if I can say hello to my darling niece.” Kelsey said. Jane grinned and kissed her sister’s nose before flinging back the heavy comforter they’d slept under and then moved herself around, lying on her side next to Kelsey, facing down her body. Her face was in front of her sister’s stomach and Kelsey’s face was now next to hers. She marvelled at how beautiful the large belly was. It enthralled her, knowing her newphew was in there.

“Hey,” she cooed softly, her lips gently touching the swell of Kelsey’s skin. “It’s me, your Aunt Janie. I just wanted to come and tell you how much I love you and look forward to being with you.”

“Hi, Kaylee,” Kelsey whispered, resting a hand on Jane’s belly. “I love you. Life is gonna be so wonderful when you get here. I can’t wait to be your aunt…”

The sister’s kept whispering to the babies but also began caressing and kissing one another’s stomachs almost worshipfully. A blissful, tingling warmth stole through Kelsey at the touch of her sister’s lips and she felt Jane tremble as she did the same.

Jane was planting kisses all over the front of Kelsey’s abdomen, her eyes closed, fingers caressing lightly. “We’re all gonna be so in love with you when you get out here. All three of us…”

“Benny, your mom and I…” Kelsey said gently. “We’ll all love you so much. No little girl will be more loved than you…”

Kelsey sighed as she felt Jane open her mouth and with a feather’s weight press her teeth against her skin. She didn’t bite, of course, just the wide-open mouth and the gentle sensation of her teeth. It thrilled her in ways she couldn’t describe. She in turn sucked slightly on Jane’s skin through her kisses, all over the soft but taut surface.

Both sisters let their hands wander back and come to rest on each other’s behind, holding them in place while they kissed one another’s bellies, cooing and whispering to the babies within. They both pressed into one another’s kisses, loving the intimacy alanya escort of this unusual but blessed act, secretly hoping it would become a ritual.

Slowly, gently, they began kissing their way up one another’s torsos, with Jane squirming up toward the top of the bed but also moving over her sister so she was almost on top of her. They kissed each other’s skin lovingly. Finally their breasts met, squashing together and they both giggled.

“Jesus, we’re both leaking like century-old faucets.” Kelsey remarked, watching as her boobs got squashed by Jane’s and feeling the weirdly delightful tickle of their milk trickling, wetting their skin. She gently rubbed her breasts into her sister’s, biting her lip as she realized how turned on she was getting.

“In need of a plumber, ma’am?” Jane quipped, moving her breasts further up until they were in Kelsey’s face and her sister’s were right below her mouth. She kissed the glistening nipples, not quite sucking on them but opening her lips just enough for the little buds to sit between them. The older sister sighed and returned the favour, gently holding Jane’s breasts while kissing them reverently. Jane’s milk passed her lips, traces of it in her mouth.

“Oh, God, is this what it tastes like? I’m getting so wet…”

Jane didn’t bite again, but her teeth gently grazed the nipples and aureolas. Kelsey did likewise and they both moaned in pleasure. The younger girl moved farther up now, her face finally over her sister’s and she smiled down at her.

“I love you too, you know…” she whispered, her lips barely touching Ashley’s.

“Good to hear it’s not one-sided.” Kelsey replied, enjoying their almost kiss. “Your milk is sweet.”

“I love yours too.” Jane murmured, pressing her lips to Ashley’s kissing her. Kelsey reached up and held Jane’s cheeks while they kissed, realizing she had never been kissed so gently or lovingly in her whole life. Their mouths opened very slightly and Jane’s tongue caressed her sister’s lips and then danced over her white teeth. Kelsey responded in kind and their tongues met, moving around one another for a moment before Jane sat up on her knees, exhaling and fanning herself.

“Had to stop,” she said, looking flushed. “Was getting really horny there.”

“Yeah, I was getting pretty worked up too.” Kelsey agreed, sitting up and drawing a hand over her face. “At least you’ve got toys to fight off your demons with.”

“Hey, I told you I’d let you borrow one if necessary.” Jane pointed out. “You shouldn’t have to suffer, silly. What’s a little latex polymer between sisters?”

Kelsey raised her eyebrow while she stared at her sister. “So, we should both just… grab a dildo and get ourselves off? Here and now?”

“Why not?” Jane reasoned, shrugging. “Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve gotten off side-by-side.”

“We were experimenting teens back then.”

“Besides,” Jane continued, ignoring her sister’s killjoy logic. “Maybe it… maybe it wouldn’t be so lonely, you know… if we did it together. I hated feeling alone.”

Kelsey thought about what her sister was saying- she’d heard Jane crying after she had masturbated last night, because it had reminded her of how alone she was. Masturbation was supposed to be empowering, but in this case it had been her only option. Because no one wanted her. And that’s why Kelsey had slept in Jane’s room last night, so that neither of them would feel alone, no matter what.

How could masturbating together be any different? They had done it together before, albeit many years ago, and she would often masturbate beside her husband as one of their sex rituals. But where was he now?

“Y’know what? That sounds great, Janie,” she announced, nodding her head. “Get your toys and let’s make ourselves cum to start our day.”

Jane’s eyes almost lit up when she heard her sister agree. She rolled off the bed and went over to a corner where she had dropped her bags and retrieved one of the smaller ones. She brought it over to the bed, unzipped it and turned it over, emptying the contents onto the comforter. Kelsey’s eyes went wide.

There must have been over a dozen individual toys, with just about every concept she personally knew of represented.

“Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the donkey…” she breathed in disbelief before looking up at her sister. “Your bedroom must sound like a construction site.”

Jane giggled. “I like to be prepared, my pussy is notoriously fickle and changes her moods often.”

“We’re not talking about men here, are we?” Kelsey asked dryly, causing Jane to pout and swat her shoulder petulantly. The older sister preused the selection, shaking her head slowly. There were ticklers, rabbits, massive bangers, knobbed monstrosities…

“The fuck’s that?” she asked in bemusement, holding up some vaguely alien-looking phallus tinted in weird colours and having a swollen shaft and pronounced opening.

“Oh, that’s an ovipositor,” Jane said simply. “Haven’t tried it, but artvin escort I read about ’em online and bought one on a whim. It stores these jelly-like eggs in the shaft and if you clench or contract hard enough when you cum, it squeezes one or more of the eggs inside you. It’s supposed to simulate alien impregnation or some shit, I dunno. Like I said, I haven’t thought to try it.”

Kelsey dropped it. “Ugh. Human impregnation is messy and horrid enough, thanks.”

She then found two dildos that looked exactly alike and held them up, one in each hand. They both had suction cups at the bottom, meaning they were to be fastened in place. Memories shot back to her.

“Why do you have two of these?” she queried. “Two that’re exactly the same?’

“Sometimes I like to get double barreled,” Jane replied, shrugging. “I have a hard enough time reaching down there recently that I can’t do it myself, so I can just stick these two bad boys on a wall and ram myself back on them until I cum my brains out.”

“You do know they make dongs that are double-barreled and have only one suction cup, right?” Kelsey pointed out. “This technology does exist, we are that advanced as a species.”

“Yeah, I had one of those and was a little too aggressive with it,” Jane said, biting her little fingernail and blushing slightly. “I might’ve killed it but good.”

It took Kelsey nearly a minute to stop laughing uncontrollably while Jane knelt next to her, sniffing and looking indignant.

“Oh my God,” Kelsey wheezed. “You broke a fucking rubber dildo, you are such a slut…”

“Well, this slut is going to get off with or without you.” Jane announced, taking one of the suction cup cocks from her sister and swatting her hip with it before getting off the bed and finding a suitable stretch of wall to attach it to.

She found a spot she liked and measured the height on the wall she would need it at. She put some saliva on the suction cup and fastened the dildo to the wall, moving it around and tugging on it firmly to make sure it would not come off. Satisfied, she came back to the bed and took a small vial of lube.

“C’mon and join me already,” she said with a beckoning motion to her sister. “Plenty of room on the wall for another cock.”

Kelsey gave her a wry look. “Y’don’t think it’s weird for the two of us to fuck the exact same dildos side by side?”

“No, it’s kinda sexy, actually,” Jane answered, shrugging. “Why’s everything about pleasure gotta be such a chore with you? You didn’t abandon your husband, what have you got to feel guilty and repressed out?”

“Holy shit, my crazy slut sister is right,” Kelsey realized. “Why am I being so difficult about sex and pleasure? It’s not like that bastard is suffering for it. So why should I or my sister?”

Kelsey stood up and strode deliberately over to her sister, holding the other suction cup dildo. She secured it on the wall kitty-corner to where Jane had put hers. They were close enough to one another to be in constant contact if they so chose. Jane handed Kelsey the lube and the older girl smeared it on the full rubber cock before moistening her pussy with a little more.

“So, what, now we just back ourselves onto them and look at one another while we enjoy the ride?” she asked.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Jane said, grinning. “Been forever since I’ve seen your orgasm face, this’ll be fun and hot.”

Kelsey nodded and assumed the position, moving around until on all fours until she felt the held of the dildo press against her pussylips. Jane had done the same with a practiced ease that she envied inwardly. The younger sister looked at her older sibling, her blue eyes sparkling with excitement.


Kelsey nodded and slowly began to wiggle her way back onto the godemiche, sucking in her breath as it pushed through her lips, penetrating her. She closed her eyes and sighed as she pushed against the dildo, sinking her tight womanhood onto it- it stretched her, opening her canal in a way she had not felt in a long time.

So much bigger than that jerk Derek.

Kelsey trembled as she felt her split lips touch the base of the dildo. She had taken it all in and it felt like heaven. Her mouth opened and she tried not to groan shamelessly.

“It’s okay, sis,” Jane whispered softly, giving her sister’s hand a squeeze. “I’m not holding back and neither should you. Cum your fucking brains out. We both deserve it after the year we’ve had.”

Kelsey couldn’t have agreed more at that moment. She began to squeeze and flex her pussy around the dildo experimentally, not moving back and forth just yet but just enjoying the sensation of clutching it inside herself, as if claiming the massive dick for her own. It was empowering, like she was dominating it somehow.

“Mmmm, how’s that feel?” Jane purred, clearly enjoying herself. “I could make myself cum in two minutes or a half hour like this, but to be honest, I kinda want to cum when you do.”

Kelsey burdur escort blinked and looked at her sister. “When I do?”

“Yeah,” Jane said, nodding. “I think it’ll be really great for us to cum together, like bonding us. Cumming with you nearby’ll be great, but cumming at the same time? How could anyone feel lonely then?”

Kelsey was beginning to understand the true depths of how alone and frightened Jane must have been feeling and she had to admit she could identify readily. Jane wasn’t just being her normal perverted self, she was desperate to share a deep emotional need and moment with someone, someone that she could trust and love. And who except for her sister could ever fill that role?

“Well, I don’t know if I have anything like your control,” Kelsey said hesitantly. “But I like the sound of us cumming together. Can you… can you just keep up with me and cum when you sense I’m ready?”

Jane smiled gratefully and nodded. “I did it for guys all the time, I’m pretty sure I can pick up on my big sissy’s cues. Let’s go for it!”

Still holding one another’s hands, both girls began to slowly move back and forth on their dildos, bodies perpendicular to one another in the corner of the bedroom. Kelsey sighed again while Jane moaned, clearly in her element. The lovely, thrilling stretch of the big rubber cocks inside them sent scintillating waves of pleasure through the sisters, sharing the sexual bliss of masturbation for the first time in years.

“Holy shit,” Kelsey moaned, moving slowly back and forth rhythmically, her eyes closed. “So much bigger than Derek.”

Jane giggled even as she fucked her dildo. “Kinda tiny, was he?”

“It didn’t bother me that he wasn’t big,” Kelsey replied, hoping that concentrating on talking might allow her to last a little longer. “It was his fucking arrogance that I hated. He considered his dick a gift, one I should have been grateful for because it could have been any woman’s.”

“I didn’t know… he was emotionally abusive…” Jane panted as she squirmed on her dildo, flexing her pussy around it expertly.

“I didn’t either, or I couldn’t admit it…” Kelsey moaned. “He almost… had me convinced… that I was doing better than I deserved. Like I’d married up or something.”

“Piece of shit,” Jane grunted, her face flushing in both anger and pleasure. “Good fucking riddance!”

“Gnnnnn, I can’t believe I completely fell for it,” groaned the older girl, moving her ass in circles now. “Mom and dad didn’t train us to be kept wives or courtesans.”

“Got that right,” Jane grunted. “Pity I always seemed attracted to douchebags…”

She spread her knees a little wider, lowering herself slightly closer to the floor and changing the angle of penetration. She shuddered and moaned loudly, squeezing her sister’s hand again. Kelsey rested one of her forearms on the plush carpet and placed her forehead against it, her body now on an incline against her dildo.

“Face down, ass up,” Jane sighed, watching her sister work herself on the fake cock. “Gotta love it.”

Kelsey whimpered in pleasure as she squirmed herself back against the dildo, intoxicated by the sounds her pussy made as it fucked her. She could also hear Jane’s wet womanhood as she fucked, the sloppy noise sending shivers through her. She saw a damp sweat forming on her sister’s hairline, felt one on her own. Her body grew increasingly warm, heat blossoming out from her churning, moist sex.

“Dunno how much longer I can last against this thing,” she sighed. “It’s so big…”

“Don’t last then, Kels,” Jane said, caressing her sister’s long brown hair. “It’s just a tool, there to please and service you. You don’t owe it anything. Cum as quick as you fucking want as hard as you can and don’t call the goddamn thing in the morning. Cum for you.”

“And for you,” Kelsey added, rising up on her hands, spine arching as she pressed back hard against her rubber lover. “Gonna cum with you.”

“Nnnnn, yes!” Jane exclaimed, exhilarated to hear her sister say it. “God, let’s cum, Kels!”

Kelsey worked herself back against the dildo, fucking it shamelessly. She clasped her sister’s hand on the floor for support while she grabbed one of her breasts, massaging and kneading it forcefully. She didn’t care that her hand was becoming wet, she squeezed and pinched with an abandon she’d rarely allowed herself to feel in recent memory.

Jane was doing likewise, almost mauling her tits while she ground and writhed expertly on her dildo. Having Kelsey so close thrilled her and knowing they would cum together, that she wouldn’t be alone, sent her soaring to heights of pleasure she rarely reached nowadays. This orgasm she was heading toward was huge, she could feel it.

Both sisters were now panting and gasping, bodies shaking as they drew closer to a massive climax. Kelsey’s body was drenched with sweat now, a volcanic warmth in her core caused by the intense pleasure that was building up inside her. She started to yelp as she rammed herself back against the dildo, feeling it battering her tightening pussy open with each determined thrust. She felt the heat of Jane’s body right beside hers, the younger girl’s silken form shuddering as she fought for those final moments of control…

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