Experience Takes Time

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My story begins at the age of eighteen. Like many of my contemporaries I was a virgin. We all liked to pretend that we had reached the ultimate with a girl but that was rarely the case. In retrospect I believe that my sex life was enhanced because my first experience was with a woman in her 40’s. My recollections are older women, in those early years. Women who were all much older than I. They were experienced, most of them married, or had been and were either separated, or widowed. There were very few divorcees as that was not really the done thing and in any case took years.

I was 18 in 1949, and like most of my contemporaries I was awaiting to be Called Up, to be drafted. Hoping that as my father was a member of the regular RAF having joined in 1929 and I was a former Air Training Corps cadet I would do my National Service in the Royal Air Force. My father, at that time was stationed in Rhodesia, as it then was, and mother and I lived in Borehamwood quite close to the ELSTREE FILM STUDIOS.

My friends and I would frequently see film stars in the street and we used to tell each other what we would like to do to some of these attractive women but mostly having no idea how we would manage. We knew nothing other than what we had learnt in the human biology class at school and what we gleaned from ‘mucky’ books

We had a ‘den’ in the nearby woods and we would meet there and each say who he fancied and what he would do. It seems that we always ‘had a hard on’ and we would masturbate, or ‘jack off’ as we called it then. ‘Wanking’ was a relatively new word which we had just started to use. We did not touch each other but we vied to see who could ‘shoot’ the furthest and who had the biggest ‘tool.’

A couple of us had quite big dicks, I measured mine and it was just over 7 inches long and was thick. I also had a good growth of hair surrounding my knob and balls. Mike, my best pal was quite put out, his cock was not quite 6 inches love never lies poland izle long and quite thin. Also his hair was quite sparse but maybe this was because his hair was blonde whilst mine was quite dark. However, he was not too despondent because from the four we two had the biggest tools the other lad were around 5 inches only but as we could all ‘spunk’ we felt quite grown up.

By today’s standards, of course, we were very immature at 17 and 18, watching each other jacking off, shooting our ‘cum’ on the ground and we had been doing this since we were about 14 when we found that we were able to ‘come off.’

I found out quite by accident. I was reading a book by an author called Hank Janson and although he would be innocuous today, his stories were quite horny. I was, I recall, lying on my stomach in bed reading. I had a great feeling in my dick which was hard as I read about Janson’s ‘heroine’ the feeling got better and better as I rubbed myself in what I know to be a fucking motion my dick trapped between my stomach and the bed. I cannot remember the actually feeling but I suddenly realised that I was wet, a white sticky solution had soaked my pyjama trousers and the sheet of my bed. After a moments panic I realised what it was. I recall that I tried to wipe it up with a couple of handkerchiefs. The next morning my pyjamas were rather stiff and there was a stain on the sheet. I expected mum to chastise me later when she made the bed but I do remember that there was a clean sheet when I went to bed that night and nothing was said. After that experience I tried to make sure that on future occasions I had my ‘cum’ in my handkerchief but sometimes accidents happened but nothing was ever said. Not then……!!!! – and not for a few years.

Then came my first experience of sex with a female, which followed a very worrying three or four days!

One love off the grid izle of our number had managed to get his hands on some black and white, postcards. They had views that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Full frontal of women, women holding or even sucking mens cocks and of couples fucking. We were sworn to secrecy and for the princely sum of five shillings, a lot of money to us then (25p today) we were allowed to take them home. Well, Mike and I had been forced to put in half a crown each to make the five shillings but as I already owed Mike sixpence he reckoned that he should take charge of the photos and he would let me off the sixpence owed. Obviously he wanted to ‘jack off’ over the pics every night. One evening we were both in his room looking at the pics, trousers down dicks out and hard and his mother walked in to his bedroom. Mrs. Newton took the photos off us, saying “Filth, both of you get dressed and you get yourself home Bobby.”

I was in an agony of suspense. Mike’s dad had been killed in the war so neither of us would get chastised by an irate father and when I asked Mike what had happened after I left he said that nothing really his mother had not mentioned anything else.

A couple of days later I came home and saw Mrs. Newton’s bike leaning against our fence. I dreaded entering the house and knowing that Mrs. Newton and my mother would be in the front room I quietly entered by the kitchen.

I was surprised to hear laughing from the front room and heard my mother say. “Goodness me Gladys, where on earth did they get these from, just look at those dicks, my God they are massive. Fancy being fucked by one of those.” Not only was I disconcerted by hearing my mother using such a word Mrs. Newton’s reply was even more surprising.

“You know Dora, it was all I could do not to just stand and watch those two little buggers, sitting there madoff the monster of wall street izle tossing off. My lad Mike has quite a big cock but golly your Bobby has one just like in the photos. I would mind it fucking me.”

“Gladys Newton, what a thing to say I know we dont get it much, when was the last time, when we went to that dance at Watford. Dear me love, surely you can’t think of letting Mike fuck you, that’s wrong, what’s it called now?” that was my mother speaking.

“Oh no no, Dora, you are thinking about incest, oh no, to be honest I was thinking as those two are 18 and the next thing you know they will be trying to fuck some of the girls and you know what the girls at the factory are like. No, Dora, to be honest I was thinking if those two are so hot for it, why dont you fuck my Mike and let me fuck Bobby.”

I felt my face go red and my cock get hard at the same time waiting for my mother to go through the roof and tell Mrs. Newton not to be disgusting. Instead I heard her ask Dora Newton how they should manage it.

“Well, they are eighteen but I don’t think we should ask them if they would like to fuck us and I cant see us appearing in front of them like the tarts in the pictures flashing our quims. What we could do is this. As you know I am 40 next week. The boys aren’t old enough to go to a pub but we can have some beer and if we can get it some whisky and gin and have a party at my house. I have that gramophone and some old dance music records and we can have a party. We make sure they dont drink too much and I guarantee we can get them hot enough to fuck us.”

I crept out of the kitchen door again. I should have loved to go up to my room for a wank but then mum would realise I was home. I crossed the field to a little copse and standing behind a tree had a wonderful wank spraying my load over the tree trunk. I did not know how I would contain myself but knowing that Mike liked to meet up with the other two on Saturdays I would tell him that I had been promised something better than Hank Janson but it was to be kept secret to ourselves and we would get the book on Saturday.

In the event he wanted to know what it was and because I had already had a dog eared copy I told him that I had a dirty book called “The Autobiography of a Flea”

I then awaited Saturday with bated breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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