Explorers Ch. 03

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Lana’s birthday party was going pretty good when I got there. I met her relatives – an aunt and uncle. Gayle was there along with a fair number of other girls. I recognized some of them from school. The others were probably from church or daughters of her parent’s friends. Looking around, I realized that there was a lot of nice looking teenage pussy in the room. And Lana and Gayle were among the best.

I said ‘hello’ to Lana and Gayle then went to say ‘hello’ to her folks. Lana’s Dad and Uncle and I were the only men there. Her Uncle was busy with his camera so I talked with her Dad. He asked how my leg was doing. Lana had told him about the collision on the ball court. I told him that it was getting better. We strolled into the kitchen. Then he asked what kind of construction job I had worked at during the summer.

“Kenny and I worked for a homebuilder.”

“Were you laborers or apprentices?”

“We were hired as general laborers, but there was so much construction going on and so few apprentices and trainees working that we ended up helping with almost anything.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, I did a lot of go-fer work for the electricians, plumbers and dry wallers. And I worked a little with the painters and tile and carpet layers.”

“Sounds like there were some opportunities there.”

“ Yes Sir, at the end of the summer we worked with the landscapers and we helped move and install tons of appliances.”

“Sounds interesting. What are your plans for the Christmas break?”

“I suppose I’ll try to find part time job, at least.”

“The reason, I’m asking, Gary, is that I’ll probably need some help. As you know, we built on to our house last year. We added a family room with a fireplace and a sunroom out back.”

“Yes, I remember Lana talking about the noise and mess.”

“Yes, it was noisy and rather an inconvenience at the time. Anyway, the economy went sour about then so most of the family room and part of the sunroom isn’t finished. The heat, electricity and plumbing are all in to code, but we just bought a spa and sauna for the sunroom and the family room is basically unfinished construction. I’m taking my vacation around Christmas and I was wondering if you might like a job helping me. I’ll pay you, of course.”

“That’d be great, Sir. Having some work lined up is load off my mind. There are so few Christmas vacation jobs out there and most of them end long before the break is over.”

“Gary does eight dollars an hour sound o.k. to you?”

The summer job started at ten dollars an hour and I was making fourteen when I had to go back to school, but I could get in tight with Lana’s folks and probably spend a lot a of time with her too. “Jeez, that’d be great, Sir.”

“Then it’s settled. And call me Dan.”

“Yes Sir, err, Dan”

About that time there was a big burst of giggling and laughter from the dining room and the living room. Lana’s Mom came into the kitchen. “There you are. I thought I’d find you hiding out somewhere.”

Dan laughed, “You know I can only take giggly girls one at a time.”

“Well, come into the living room. Lana’s getting ready to open her gifts.”

“Good news, Laura. Gary’s going to help with finishing the family room and sunroom over Christmas break.”

Lana’s Mom turned and put her hand on my arm. “That is good news. Of course, Lana and I will help too. Now come along.” Dan and I followed her into the living room.

Lana was in the center of a group of girls. Her Uncle moved around the room shooting pictures and her Aunt and Mom moved near her and the pile of colorfully wrapped gifts. Laura had a pad and pen. Each time Lana opened a gift there oohs and ahhs and laughter and clapping.

I watched her and her Mom. Lana’s mother, Laura, was a good-looking woman in her late forties. They looked quite a lot alike. Both were tall and slim. Lana could be described as willowy. Their hair was the same color, sort of a chestnut color. And they both had fair complexions. I looked at Dan. Lana’s father had black hair and a darker complexion. He also had a rather sturdy build although he was taller than either his wife or daughter.

Lana opened a large package and there was a burst of applause. She held up a digital camera outfit including a tripod, equipment bag and everything else you could think of to make picture taking complex. She hugged her Mom and Aunt and then pushed through to hug her Dad and Uncle.

I gave her two gifts. A serious one and a gag gift. She smiled at me when she opened the serious one. It was a book about digital photography. One of those ‘everything you ever wanted to know’ type books. I had gone to a second hand store where I found a old beat up fedora like the ones worn by reporters in the old movies and TV shows. I cleaned up the sweatband and brushed all the dust off of it and I’d used my computer to make an “official” press pass that was stuck in the hatband.

She looked surprised when she opened the box. She took the hat out of the box and, accompanied by laughter and clapping, she put it on Bayrampaşa Escort at a cocky angle. She ran over to me and hugged me and whispered in my ear, “You’re sweet, Gary.” Then she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth. Everyone laughed and clapped and cheered and her Uncle caught it all with his camera.

When she broke the kiss all I could say was ‘Wow!’ Her face was flushed and my ears were burning. Her Dad was laughing, “Now there’s a proper ‘Thank You’!”

Once the presents were all opened everyone went into the dining room for a buffet lunch. Lana’s aunt said grace and her uncle proposed a toast. Lana wore the fedora for the rest of the party.

The school year was moving into late fall and everyone was beginning to anticipate the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. I was looking forward to making some money helping Lana’s parent’s – and spending time with her.

My three buddies, Kenny, Chuck and Gene, were all as busy as I was. Kenny and I, of course, had basketball. The wrestling season had begun so Gene was busy. Many of the tournaments were out of town, and on weekends, so we didn’t see him much except in school. Chuck probably had more spare time than any of us, but even when the weather was bad he was out running.

Coach invited me to his place every couple of weeks. We did a lot of things other than suck each other off. I helped him shave his body. He wanted to shave my cock and balls, but he wanted to do it after basketball season, otherwise someone might notice while I was showering. He was teaching me how to do deep throat. I really liked sucking his fat cock but I still couldn’t swallow it completely. He liked to have me shoot my cum into his mouth and he liked to paint my face. He had a lot of toys, mostly big double dongs, dildos and butt plugs, that we played with. We watched porn flicks of all sorts, not just gay ones. We didn’t fuck each other’s ass every time we got together, but I never left his home until I had cum at least three times.

And Lana and I were doing some things that we had never done before. I guess since I was going to be helping her Dad with the finishing of the family and sunrooms, they were more comfortable about the two of us being together. We got into some pretty heavy petting sessions. We’d finally gotten our hands into each other’s pants. Lana knew what my cock felt like and I’d fingered her pussy. She really got turned on one time after I had finger fucked her and then licked my finger clean. I couldn’t wait to eat her pussy. I hoped it would be as much fun as sucking cock.

The weekend before the Thanksgiving break Kenny, Chuck and I were hanging out at Chuck’s place. His folks were out of town for the day. Kenny had brought over a couple of his porn flicks. We were watching a big titted blonde giving a guy a blowjob when Chuck asked no one in particular, “What’s it like to give a guy a blowjob?”

Kenny laughed, “The best way to find out is to do it.”

“Nah, I don’t think I could.”

“Come on. I think you could.”

“No, I couldn’t.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know how.”

“It’s easy. The guy sticks his dick in your mouth and then you start sucking. Right, Gary?”

“There’s more to it than that, but that’s how to get started in becoming a cocksucker.

“I still don’t think I could.”

“Let’s show him, Kenny.”

“That’s a good idea, Gary.”

I pulled my t-shirt over my head. “Let’s get undressed and then I’ll show Chuck how I suck your cock.”

Chuck just shook his head, but he undressed with us. When we were all naked, I told Kenny to stand so both of us could kneel in front of him. After we got into position, I licked and ran my tongue around Kenny’s cockhead.

I pointed his cock at Chuck, “Start with licking it like I just did.” Chuck was a little hesitant, but he gave Kenny’s cockhead a couple of little licks. He had a weird grin as he sat back.

I put about three inches of Kenny’s cock into my mouth and gave it several hard sucks. “Your turn.” Chuck put his open mouth over Kenny’s cock then he backed off. “Just suck the cockhead.” He closed his lips over the cockhead and sucked lightly. “Now slide a little more into your mouth. You don’t need to put it all in your mouth. Just what’s comfortable for you.”

Chuck slid another inch of cock into his cherry mouth. He sucked a little harder. I took the cock from him. “You can lick and suck his balls and cockshaft.” I lifted Kenny’s cock and licked and sucked one of his nuts into my mouth then I licked the length of his shaft up to the head. I swirled my tongue over the head. “Try that.”

Chuck held Kenny’s cock upright as he leaned in and licked his balls. He licked up the shaft and around the head. “Another thing you can do is to slide the cock in and out of your mouth as you suck. Try it.”

I moved out of the way so he could kneel right in front of Kenny. Chuck put Kenny’s cock back into his mouth and began to slowly move his head back and forth. “Slide you lips down his cock then suck and use suction Bayrampaşa Escort when you slide them back up.” I watched as Chuck followed my suggestions. “Put the sucking and sliding and licking and tongue swirls all together.”

I looked up at Kenny’s face. he was grinning, “That’s good, Chuck. Very good.” Chuck stopped blowing Kenny and looked up at him. He was grinning too. A saliva string ran from his lip to Kenny’s cockhead.

“Let’s make a daisy chain.”

Chuck looked at me, “What’s that?”

“We’ll lie down in sort of a circle. I’ll suck your cock. You suck Kenny’s like your doing and Kenny will suck mine. Then we’ll change after while so I’ll suck Kenny, he sucks you and you suck me.”

We all lay down on the carpet. “And no one cums because I think Chuck should fuck at least one of us in the ass.”

Chuck groaned, “I really don’t know about that.”

“Think of it as your girlfriend’s pussy or ass, rather than mine or Gary’s,” Kenny laughed.

We arranged ourselves and I held Chuck’s cock as I began to feed it into my mouth. His cock was thicker than Kenny’s and not as fat as Coach’s. It was just right. I couldn’t get into position to suck Chuck’s nuts but I licked and fondled them as I blew him. I thought about playing with his ass, but I decided that might be too much for him at one time.

Kenny had at least one finger worked into my ass and he was devouring my cock like he hadn’t eaten in a week. I’d rest and gently lick and suck Chuck while I enjoyed Kenny’s mouth and tongue action on my cock. Kenny pulled his finger out and sat up, “Let’s switch.”

We rearranged ourselves. I made myself comfortable as I swallowed about half of Kenny’s nine inch cock. The pre-cum was flowing. Chuck had done some good work. Chuck licked and played with my balls a little bit before he gobbled my cock. I worked a finger up Kenny’s ass as I leisurely licked and sucked him. Chuck was really practicing everything that I’d shown him. And he was giving me a really good blowjob.

Chuck rolled onto his back, “I’ve got to rest. My jaw is so tired it aches.”

I disengaged my finger from Kenny’s ass and my mouth from his cock. I rested a minute then sat up and moved closer to Chuck. I wrapped my hand around his spit slick cock and began to jack him. “Are you ready to take your first piece of man ass?”

Chuck groaned, “I suppose so.”

Kenny grinned, “Who’s it gonna’ be?”

“Let’s flip a coin.” I got a quarter out of my jeans and handed it to Chuck. “You flip it and, Kenny, you call it in the air.”

Chuck got up on his knees and tossed the quarter. “Tails,” Kenny called.

The coin landed on the carpet. Chuck leaned over and looked at it, “Heads.” Then he looked at both of us.

I looked at Kenny. “I get the pleasure of Chuck’s cock up my ass.” I looked at Chuck, “Do you have any hand lotion handy?” He got up and walked down the hall. He returned with a bottle of hand lotion. “Give the bottle to Kenny so he can lube us up.”

I got on my hands and knees. Kenny got down beside me. He poured lotion in my as crack. He used two fingers to work it into my asshole. When he was satisfied that I was lubed, he turned to Chuck. Chuck had that weird grin again. Kenny put the bottle down and began to suck Chuck’s cock.

“Hey, you’re supposed to be getting him ready to fuck my ass, not fucking your face with him.”

Kenny stopped blowing Chuck. He laughed as he rubbed lotion on Chuck’s cock, “I was just fluffing him up.”

He guided Chuck over behind me. “Get down on your knees. Put your hands on Gary’s hips. I’ll guide your dick.”

Chuck sort of gulped, “I don’t know about this, guys.”

I looked over my shoulder, “Try it, Chuck. I’ll like it.”

Chuck got into position Kenny rubbed Chuck’s cock up and down my ass crack before pressing the cockhead against my waiting pucker. “Put your hands on Gary’s hips and push slowly and steadily.”

As Chuck pushed forward, I pushed back. Kenny’s finger fucking my ass earlier helped. And I guess being fucked pretty regularly by Coach and taking his big dongs, dildos and plugs up my ass helped too because Chuck was balls deep into me in one push.

Chucked gulped, “This is weird.”

“Imagine your dick is in your girlfriend’s pussy instead of Gary’s asshole and screw away. What‘s it feel like Gary?”

“It feels good, but it’d feel better if Chuck would quit fucking around and fuck me. Come on, Chuck, wiggle your ass.”

Chuck began to move and pretty soon his cock was sliding and slipping in and out of my ass in a steady rhythm. Kenny reach under me and rubbed my cock. “Hey, Kenny, get up here where I can suck your cock.”

I stopped Chuck, while Kenny got in front of me, by putting my hand back and squeezing our balls together. “Put your hands on my shoulders, Kenny. Chuck, you push when Kenny pulls. Rock me back and forth and Kenny can fuck my face while you fuck my ass.”

Kenny was on his knees in front of me. I looked at him, “Feed me your big cock.” I opened up and he Escort Bayrampaşa laid his cock on my tongue.

Kenny put his hand on my shoulders, “Push, Chuck.” Chuck pushed. His cock came out of my ass and Kenny’s went deep in my mouth. It took them a couple of minutes to get all their motions coordinated, but soon I was rocking and sucking and fucking and getting double dicked by two of my best buddies.

There was lots of slurping and slupping and panting, grunting and groaning going on. “Damn, this is fun. Isn’t it, Chuck?”

I heard Chuck mumble something. I wished I could swallow all of Kenny’s cock so his balls would rap against my chin like Chuck’s balls were rapping against mine each time he bottomed his cock deep inside. I tightened my sphincter around his cockshaft and clamped my lips tight around Kenny’s. I wondered who would cum first.

Chuck’s movements became more urgent. He stopped pushing and began to pound my ass with fast, deep strokes. I let Kenny’s cock drop out of my mouth. Chuck pulled my ass tight against his pelvis, “Oh, shit! Here it comes! I’m gonna’ cum! Ahhh!” I reached under me and squeezed our balls together as his cock twitched and Chuck blew his big load of cum into my guts.

Chuck leaned on my back then he pulled his cock out and rolled over on his side, “Gawd, that was good! I haven’t cum hard like that in a long time.”

I lay down and rolled onto my back. I looked up at Kenny. He had a big grin and he was furiously beating his meat. I pulled my knees up to my chest, “Want some sloppy seconds?”

He didn’t bother to lube his cock. Kenny moved around from my head to my ass and punched his nine inches straight into my stretched and cum lubed asshole. My hard cock bounced and bobbed and his balls banged against my ass as Kenny gave me a fast and furious fuck.

All of a sudden he rolled me up onto my shoulders, drove his cock into the hilt and unloaded a stream of hot cum into me. Kenny didn’t say anything. He just hissed through clenched teeth. My guess was that he liked fucking me.

He sat back on his heels and lowered me back onto my back. I lowered my legs so they were around his waist. Kenny began jacking my achingly hard cock. Chuck moved next to me and got up on his knees. He jerked his cock stroke for stroke as Kenny jerked mine. It didn’t take long. I arched my back and shot my load of cum onto my stomach and chest.

Chuck dumped a second load on my cock and balls. Kenny pulled his cock out my ass and wrung the last few drops of cum out of it so they joined Chuck’s cum on my sticky cock. We just grinned at each other.

I got up on my knees and faced them. I took each of their cocks in a hand. “Chuck, you and I are now suck buddies and I’m your asshole buddy. Just like Kenny and I are suck and asshole buddies. You can fuck my ass anytime and I’ll suck your cock whenever you want.”

Kenny put a hand on each of our shoulders, “Same here, Chuck.”

Chuck put a hand on my shoulder then he leaned forward and gave me a nice French kiss. I watched as he did the same with Kenny. I moved my hands from their cocks to their shoulders. Our faces were close together so we all kissed and touched each other’s tongues.

Chuck sat back and looked at us. “How soon before I can be you guy’s asshole buddy too?”

Christmas break finally arrived. I contacted Dan and we went right to work on finishing the two rooms. We’d start each day around nine. I’d have lunch with them and we’d work until four-thirty or so. The spa and sauna installations were the first two job we tackled. All the plumbing, wiring, etc. was in so it was just a matter of making the connections for the spa.

The sauna came it a kit form. We assembled it in one day. Dan hired an electrician to finish hooking it up. The building inspector passed both installations. We then started on the big job – drywalling.

Laura and Lana worked alongside us. Laura usually wore skin tight pants – either blue jeans or Capri’s. Usually, by the end of the day, her midriff was bare and her blouse would be tied in a knot below her breasts. A couple of days she wore a tube top. Lana would look at her Mom and just shake her head.

Dan normally wore shorts and he usually would take his t-shirt off after lunch. I got the feeling something was going on, but I didn’t dwell on it. I figured it was their home and they were comfortable with themselves and the clothes they chose to work in. Lana, by the way, usually wore blue jeans and a baggy oversized shirt.

The work went fairly quickly once the drywalling with the joint taping, etc. was finished. We painted and installed switches and light fixtures. Carpet layers did the family room. We laid a slate hearth for the fireplace before the carpet went down and we laid a heavy vinyl tile in the sunroom. Laura said she planned to spend a lot of time in the spa and she wanted a floor that water didn’t bother.

Through all of this, Lana and I had lots of opportunities to make out on the sly. She used the birthday gift camera to record our progress each day.

Coach was out of town visiting friends and family and Gene, Kenny and Chuck were busy with their families Christmas traditions. My family had a quiet Christmas. Marcia went on some day trips with her friends to ski. Both Mom and Dad worked so we just celebrated Christmas Eve and Day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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