Exploring Her Bi Side

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This is a sequel to Exploring His Bi Side. It serves as a stand-alone story, so there is no real need to read the first unless you just want to familiarize yourself with the characters.


Janine Bingham stood outside Lipstick and Lace. It was a rather cool night, but Janine wore a strapless evening gown that perfectly accentuated her body. Most of the people who passed her said nothing, but a few did speak. To them all, Janine simply smiled and nodded, offering nothing more. She checked the time. It was 7:58. She continued to stand outside the lesbian bar. She heard a voice to her right. She looked over to see a beautiful Latina walking her way, accompanied by a cute red-head and a light-skinned black woman. The Latina smiled at her a mere moment before entering the bar. Janine thought the woman was very beautiful; she resembled Salma Hayak.

8:40 and Janine was still standing outside. The door opened and out walked the Latina with her two friends. The Latina looked over at Janine, whose face was a mess of anxiety and self-doubt. Even still, she thought the woman to be very attractive. She estimated her to be mid-forties, and she still had a nice body. “Are you okay?” the Latina called out. Janine just stared at her, then quickly shook her head. “I’ll catch up with you later,” the Latina told her friends, then she made her way to Janine’s side. She said nothing at first, not for about fifteen seconds, then she asked, “Aren’t you going in?”

“I … What if someone in there knows me?” Janine asked. She seemed to just realize she was still wearing her wedding band. She clumsily made to cover it with her right hand.

“You poor dear. This is your first time, isn’t it?”

“I … I’m not ready,” Janine said as she turned her back to the woman and walked to her car. The Latina followed.

“Hey. Hey! Wait a minute,” she said as she trotted over.

Janine turned. She looked the woman in the eyes, then turned her gaze downward. “Oh, who am I kidding? I should just repress my feelings like I always have and continue to be the doting wife and mother everyone knows and loves.”

“That’s the last thing you should do,” the Latina said. She placed a reassuring hand on the stranger’s shoulder, then let it slide down to her hands. She lightly grasped them both in hers, then said, “Look, I don’t live far from here. If you’d like to go to my place and—” The woman’s eyes darted quickly onto the Latina’s face again. “No, no. I’m not coming onto you,” the Latina said. “It’s just that I see you’re conflicted. Perhaps if you had someone to talk to in a more controlled environment it would make things easier for you?”

“I … Maybe you’re right,” she said with a small smile. “My name is Janine, by the way. Janine Winthrop.” She gave her maiden name so as to protect her identity.

“And I am Rosalinda de Luna Veracruz. So, my place?”

“Yes,” Janine responded. “That would be nice.”

“You’ll have to drive since I came with the two women you saw me with earlier,” Rosalinda said. “Come on. I’ll give you directions along the way.”

The two entered Janine’s car and Rosalinda began to give instructions as she pulled her phone out. She dialed a number, then said, “Hi. You guys go on without me. Well, it’s that woman we saw when we exited the bar. What?” She looked at Janine. “No, it’s not a hook-up. She just needs a friendly ear, is all. I’ll call you tomorrow. Okay then. Bye.” She killed the connection, then said, “They think everything with me centers around sex.”

“Does it?” Janine asked.

Rosalinda laughed. “Usually, but not tonight.”

Janine looked over at her, said, “I don’t know if I should be honored or disappointed,” smiled, then returned her eyes to the road. She didn’t see the small smile playing on Rosalinda’s lips, but she could almost sense it.

“Turn left at the next light, two blocks down, then right into the first driveway,” Rosalinda said. Janine followed the directions, and a minute later she was pulling into Paytee Condominiums. Without a word, she followed Rosalinda up one flight of stairs, then into her home. “It’s not much, but it’s mine.”

“It’s beautiful,” Janine admitted.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Rosalinda said as they entered the living room. Then, “How about some wine?” Janine nodded. “Red or white?”

“Either is fine with me.”

Rosalinda disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared a few minutes later. She passed a glass to Janine, who took a sip then said, “Woo. What is this?”

“Sangria,” Rosalinda responded.

“I’ve never had Sangria like this before.”

Rosalinda laughed. “Truth be told, I added a capful of vodka to it. I prefer it that way.”

“Well, I’m not complaining,” Janine said. “It just caught me by surprise, is all.”

Silence, then Rosalinda said, “So, tell me about tonight.”

Janine sighed, took a sip of bursa yabancı escort her wine, then began. “That wasn’t the first time I have stood outside that bar. More like my fifth or sixth. I can never take that final step of entering, though.”

“You spoke of repressing your feelings,” Rosalinda reminded her. “How long have you had homosexual desires?”

“I first became aware of them when I hit puberty,” Janine answered. She paused, as if to choose her next words carefully. “I have always thought the female body was beautiful, but we were raised in the church, and we were told that homosexuality was a sin. I tried to not dwell on my desires, but they were always at the forefront. I did what most women do, though. I got married, began a family, and tried to move past it, but it’s always there, even after twenty-one years of marriage.”

“Does your husband know of your desires?”

“No. I’ve never discussed them with him. I want to, but I just don’t know how he’d react. He is a prominent man with a reputation to uphold. If word of this were to get out, well, I don’t know what would happen, but I can’t take the chance.”

“Maybe you just invite another woman into your bedroom?” Rosalinda suggested. “If he is like most men, he wouldn’t mind a threesome, especially if it meant seeing his wife have sex with another woman.”

“I’ve thought about that as well,” Janine responded, “but I don’t want it to be a clumsy affair. I’d want there to be some comfort between me and the other woman, some familiarity, before doing anything like that.” She laughed. “Oh, hell. Who am I kidding? I’d really just like to be with a woman a few times one-on-one with no guarantee that my husband would ever be involved.” She drained her glass and held it out to Rosalinda, who drained hers before returning to the kitchen. She brought the bottles of Sangria and vodka and poured two more drinks.

After Rosalinda settled herself in her chair, she said, “So, what are you expecting from a lesbian encounter? I mean, I’m sure you’ve fantasized about it.”

“I don’t know,” Janine said. She laughed. “In all honesty, I just really want to eat some pussy.”

Rosalinda laughed at that. “Seriously, that’s it?”

“Not entirely, no,” Janine answered. “I want the intimacy, not that my love life lacks it. My husband is very affectionate.” She got a more serious look on her face. “I just need to explore this. I need to know if what I have been feeling all these years is a true part of myself or just some fixation I have created.”

“So, what? You thought to go to the bar and make a hook-up?”

“No, not a hook-up,” Janine said in correcting her hostess. “More like a connection. I don’t want to just have random sex. I’d like it to be with someone with whom I could easily say, ‘I like her

enough to allow her to be the woman who accompanies me on this journey.’ You know, someone like you.”

“Me?” Rosalinda asked, surprised. “Why me?”

“Why not?” Janine asked. “You are smart, genuinely caring, and extremely beautiful.”

“I think that’s the alcohol talking,” Rosalinda offered.

“And if it is?” Janine shot back. She drained her glass and set it on the coffee table. “All I know is that I’m ready for this, Rosalinda. I have lived a life of constantly wondering, repressing. We found each other tonight. I have to believe there was a reason for that, and I’d like you to be the person who allows me to explore my bisexuality or homosexuality or whatever it is.”

Silence, then, “Are you sure?”

“I really want this,” Janine answered, “and I really want it with you.”

Rosalinda smiled, drained her glass, then stood and made her way to the sofa where Janine sat. She sat next to her, then said, “How do you want this to play out?”

“I don’t think I can be assertive right off the bat,” Janine told her. “Would you mind leading?”

Rosalinda gave a warm smile, then she reached up and moved some hair from Janine’s face. “We don’t have to be in a rush. Just take your time. Your comfort level matters.” With that, Rosalinda slowly moved in and kissed Janine on the lips. It was a soft, tender kiss, gentle and easy in every way. Janine kissed her back. Their mouths were gracefully working in tandem even as the passion built between them.

Janine placed a hand against Rosalinda’s cheek as they continued, and moments later she wrapped her arms around the Latina’s neck and torso, pulling her closer as she inserted her tongue into her mouth. Rosalinda wrapped her arms around Janine as well, and soon both were running their hands over one another’s bodies. “I’m so wet right now,” Janine confessed.

Rosalinda stood and offered a hand to Janine, who took it. She led her to her bedroom. Once there, they began kissing once more as they slowly undressed each other. Both were in their bra and panties. Janine took bursa sınırsız escort one of Rosalinda’s hands and placed it on her right breast. “Look what you do to me,” she said, and Rosalinda could feel Janine’s rigid nipple poking through the bra. She reached behind Janine and unfastened the bra, then removed it and threw it to the wayside as she placed her mouth on one nipple while lightly pinching the other. “Oh, God yes!” Janine moaned. Her legs buckled the tiniest of bits. “I think we should lay down.” As she did, Rosalinda removed her own bra, then joined her new lover on the bed.

Rosalinda picked up right where she had left off. She would suck one nipple while pinching the other, moving from one to the other at two-minute intervals until finally, “Oh shit! I’m coming!” Janine’s body writhed in pleasure as her orgasm washed over her body. As she began to calm down, she pulled Rosalinda’s mouth up to hers again while simultaneously moving one of the Latina’s hands between her legs.”

“Damn,” Rosalinda said immediately. “You really are wet, aren’t you?”

“Go down there and make me wetter,” Janine replied. Rosalinda began kissing her way down. She gave Janine’s nipples one more obligatory sucking before continuing, then it was to her belly, her waist, and finally Rosalinda’s tongue was moving all over the pussy imprint on Janine’s panties. “Oh-h-h-h,” Janine said, her breath catching as she experienced for the first time another woman’s sexual touch.

Rosalinda quickly found Janine’s bulging clit and pressed her lips against it, then she began making alternating clockwise-counterclockwise motions on it. “Oh, yes!” Janine growled. Rosalinda continued, and a few minutes later Janine screamed out as another orgasm rocked her body. Between gulps of air, Janine said, “Eat that motherfucker good for me!”

Rosalinda ripped Janine’s panties from her and forcefully embedded her tongue inside Janine’s hot, wet pussy. Janine thrust her hips forward as she threw a hand behind Rosalinda’s head, holding her in place. Rosalinda’s tongue seemed to take on a life of its own, flicking and swirling inside of Janine. Janine reached down with her other hand, pulled Rosalinda’s mouth as far into her as she could, then raised her hips off the bed once again as she cried, “I’m gonna cum in your fucking mouth!” Rosalinda continued, and soon she was rewarded with a mouthful of Janine’s sweet, thick cum. Janine held her there for several seconds, then she loosened her grip and melted back onto the bed.

Rosalinda licked her for a few more seconds, then came off her and asked, “How was that?”

Janine, in one motion, sat up and pushed Rosalinda backwards. As she fell, Janine pulled her panties from her and began eating the Latina’s pussy, which she surmised to be every bit as wet as her own. “Oh, fuck this tastes good,” she said before immediately plastering her mouth on it once again.

“That’s it,” Rosalinda said to her. “Savor it, Janine. Feast on it.” The only response Janine gave was the loud sucking noises a frenzied beast might give along with a mewling of ecstasy over having finally tasted pussy for the first time in her life. She sucked Rosalinda’s clit into her mouth and pushed down with great pressure while flicking her tongue on it as fast as she could. This, coupled with two fingers in Rosalinda’s pussy, massaging her G-spot, sent the Latina over the edge. “Don’t stop,” Rosalinda told her. “Don’t stop. Oh. Oh, shit. Move your fingers and eat my fucking cum you fucking bitch!”

Janine obeyed her instructor and soon her mouth was filling with Rosalinda’s cum. She swallowed it, then licked inside her pussy to retrieve as much as she possibly could. Rosalinda just lay there. She began to laugh. “Wow, I can’t remember the last time I came that hard.”

Janine said nothing. She repositioned her body, placing the two in a sixty-nine. “Oh, you want to—” but before Rosalinda could finish her sentence, Janine forced her pussy onto the woman’s mouth as she began eating Rosalinda’s pussy once more. They got each other off a few more times, then Rosalinda repositioned Janine’s hips so she could lick the woman’s anus. Janine followed suit and lifted Rosalinda’s legs, then her tongue found Rosalinda’s virgin bunghole. They lovingly tongued one another for about ten minutes, then Rosalinda called Janine to her side. Janine lay next to her, then the two began softly kissing. Rosalinda finally pulled back and said, “So, was it everything you thought it’d be?”

“Oh, my. Even more so,” Janine said as she offered another kiss.

“So, where does this leave you?” Rosalinda asked. “Are you lesbian, or bi?”

“Maybe I need a few more sessions like this with you to help me figure it out,” Janine said as she kissed one of Rosalinda’s nipples. “Maybe a lot more sessions.” Rosalinda said nothing. “What?” Janine asked. görükle escort

“Are you sure you want to cheat on your husband? I mean, that’s what you’re doing, you know.”

“I told you, I need to figure this out,” Janine reminded her, “and once I do, regardless of how I continue to live my life, he’s just going to have to come to terms with it.” More silence, which prompted Janine to say, “You will be here for me, won’t you? I mean, I want this with you, not a conga line of one-night stands.”

“Yes, I’ll be here for you,” Rosalinda said, then quickly amended that to, “with you. We have a connection, and I’d like to see where this takes us.”

“Me, too,” Janine responded. “One thing, though? What was that outburst all about?”

Rosalinda laughed. “I guess I should have warned you, but in all honesty I wasn’t expecting you to make me cum like you did.”

“So, I did a good job for you?” Janine asked proudly.

“Baby, I was beginning to wonder if you had lied to me about this being your first time, it was so good,” Rosalinda responded.

“Well, it was,” Janine said, “and I can’t wait until next time. Speaking of which, how are we going to do this? Scheduling, I mean?”

“I teach at the university,” Rosalinda told her, “so my nights and weekends are generally free. Give me your number before you leave, and I’ll give you a call Monday or Tuesday.”

“That seems like an eternity away,” Janine opined, “but it gives me something to look forward to. If it helps, I’m generally free any time after eight p.m.”

“Gotcha,” Rosalinda said. They just lay there, then, enjoying each other’s warmth as they tenderly kissed. As the time neared eleven …

“I guess it’s time I head back.” They kissed a few more minutes, then both dressed. Well, Janine had on her bra and dress. Her panties were nothing more than a ripped trophy for Rosalinda’s keeping. They exchanged numbers, kissed once more, then Janine was on her way home.

She entered her house and made her way upstairs. She looked in on her two children, then she made her way to the bedroom she shared with her husband, Terry, who was in the middle of grading papers from his Psychology class. He looked up, smiled, and asked, “So, how did it go?”

“Rosalinda was there at eight on the nose, just like you said she’d be,” Janine answered, and why wouldn’t she be? Rosalinda worked in the Psychology department at the university, of which Terry was the department head, so it was as nothing for the two to discuss week-end plans as they had numerous times in the past.

Ever since Janine allowed Terry to explore his bi side with their gay neighbors Neal and Bob, Janine had developed a bi itch of her own, and Terry knowing that Rosalinda was a lesbian … Well, it seemed like the perfect opportunity of which Janine could take advantage. “You didn’t tell her your real name, did you?” he asked.

“I used my maiden,” she informed him. “Best to keep you out of it for the moment, don’t you think?” She removed her dress.

“Where are your panties?”

Janine told him as she removed her bra, plus everything else that had transpired during her time at Rosalinda’s. By the time she was finished, Terry had a boner that wouldn’t rest. “Shall I take care of that for you?”

He pulled his underwear off and Janine crawled on top of him, allowing his cock to gain full penetration. “Go nice and slow as you tell me all about eating her pussy,” Terry told her.

“I could barely make it out from the night-light in the bathroom,” Janine began, “but she has a cute little triangle just above her clit, just like me.” From there, she would tell Terry everything as she stopped intermittently to kiss him, asking if he could taste Rosalinda’s pussy on her mouth. To his credit, Terry lasted ten minutes before filling Janine’s pussy with a huge load of cum. Their kisses were reminiscent of those she had shared with Rosalinda.

“When do you see her again?” Terry asked.

“She’s going to call me early next week.”

“I want you to enjoy yourself,” Terry told her. “Make the best of it while it lasts.”

“Hopefully when she finds out who I really am, she won’t be too pissed at you,” Janine offered as a response. “I mean, I’d really like for us to do a threesome with her.”

“We’ll play it by ear,” Terry said. Just don’t be too quick to make that happen. Remember how long it too us to convince Neal and Bob to run that train on you?”

“Mmmmm,” Janine said as she thought back. “One in each hole. That was heaven.”

“Well, Rosalinda might not feel the same way,” Terry said. “Like I said, play it by ear.”

Janine finally removed herself from her husband’s cock. It was still hard, and she was still cheesing over Rosalinda’s sweet pussy, so she did the only thing she knew to do: She began sucking Terry’s dick. Her cum intermingled with his was a tasty treat for her taste buds. She sucked him for all of twenty minutes until he erupted in her mouth, then she dutifully swallowed it before kissing him. She nestled herself into his shoulder and the two drifted off to sleep, both silently wondering just how far this thing with Rosalinda would go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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