Exploring Megan Ch. 4

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Big Tits

Megan hadn’t talked to Jill for a couple of days. She still felt awkward about the other day. It had been fun and all, of course it had been fun, but Megan didn’t really understand her feelings. It was okay to be a lesbian right? She tried to belief what she had always been told about gays being the same as everyone else, but it wasn’t easy in coming. But through it all, she felt the want, no, the need, to call Jill. She desperately wanted to feel those same pleasures again. And give them again. Oh, what should she do?

Finally, Megan was defeated by her thoughts and picked up the phone. “Hey, Jill? Yeah, it’s me, Megan. What’s up? Uh-huh. Of course, it’s only. . . yeah, well, you understand I’m sure. Anyway, I was wondering if you’d like to come over and um, I don’t know, do something? Cool. Why don’t you come in like, half an hour? Okay, cool. Yeah, I’ll say you then.” She hung up the phone.

It was about twenty minutes later that the doorbell rang. “Early again,” Megan thought to herself. But when she opened the door, it was not who she had expected. Suddenly, her previous uncertainties temporarily forgotten, she had a wonderful idea.

Jill made a right turn in her new jeep. Her parents were rich, and this jeep wrangler was neither the first nor the last in a long line of evidence for that fact. Jill’s mind was not on her money, though. She was thinking about Megan. Jill had always figured Megan was a lesbian; she had never seemed attracted to guys. Maybe that’s what always made her so attractive to Jill: she wanted to be the one to win her over. But Jill was worried. She hadn’t been able to help herself the other day, but now she was worried that she’d rushed into things to fast and scared Megan off. Oh god, she hoped not. She had TONS more fantasies she wanted to try with Megan. She was so sexually ready and willing if you just prodded her in the right direction. And Jill really liked her. The sex was only part of it. I mean, they’d been friends forever, long before Jill had even hoped to seduce her.

She made the left turn into Megan’s driveway and stopped her car. Putting it in park, she pulled the key out of the ignition, got out and locked the door. She checked herself out in the mirror. Her dark beyoğlu escort eyes looked good next to her deep brown hair. She adjusted her short sleeved blue t-shirt, pulling at the color to let in some air. It didn’t do much. Even in her somewhat-less-than-knee-length black skirt, the heat was thick in the air. She headed for the front door, looking forward to the air conditioning that awaited her inside. Mounting the steps, she reached for the doorbell, but something stopped her. Perhaps Megan could be tempted into another passionate evening? She reached for the knob and tried it. Locked. A thought occurred to her, and She reached up over the door frame and extracted the key. She placed it in the lock. . .

Megan watched from inside as Jill walked up. But she didn’t push the bell. She was going to sneak in, was she? Well Megan had a better idea. . .

Jill opened the door and pushed it closed behind her. She tiptoed through the living room in search of Megan. Then, she stopped walking for a moment. Jill reached up under her short black skirt and pulled her underwear down around her ankles. Stepping out of it, she held it aloft. “Megan, I have a present for you! It smells really good!”

Suddenly, she felt a hand move around her left side and pull her backwards. And then she felt something long and smooth slide into her pussy. The way it was moving, it must have been a vibrator. She gasped, then sighed and leaned back against Megan.

Megan pumped the vibrator in and out of Jill’s pussy. The instant that the package had arrived, Megan had the idea to try and surprise Jill. But she never expected Jill to play right into her hands like this. She twisted as she slowly pumped, pulling Jill back into her and pressing the blue vibrator deeper and deeper into her friends tight cunt. Jill was moaning now. “Oh god that feels good, Megan.”

Megan pulled Jill over to the couch and set her down, never removing the vibrator from her friend’s now lubricated pussy. Jill leaned back and spread her legs wide to give Megan better access to her tight, smooth-shaven cunt. Jill was finding it hard to think through the growing pleasure, but she wanted to further motivate Megan. She started cihangir escort using some of the dirty talk that seemed to have effected Megan in the days before. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away, you little slut. You couldn’t get enough of my pussy, could you? You like my pussy? Do OOHHHH!” Jill’s words were drowned out by her own moaning as Megan left the vibrating toy inside of her and began to suck on her clit. She licked and prodded it like an expert, weaving her tongue around and around, pushing on the little nub. It was amazing how much better at this girls were than guys; they knew what they liked, and provided it in turn.

“I’m. . .gonna. . .cum. . .ugh!” Jill gasped as cum oozed out from around the vibrator in her slit. “Oh god that was good, Megan.” As Jill relaxed, Megan pulled the blue vibrator out and turned off. It was glistening with Jill’s cum. Jill glanced at the vibrator package on the floor. “Was I the first one to use that?”

“Uh-huh,” Megan nodded. Jill finally got a good look at her nude body. God, she was sexy. Her body was so tight Jill wanted to scream.

“Why don’t you clean that off?” Jill said. Or ordered.

Megan took the blue rod and pushed it slowly into her mouth, then pulled it slowly out, sucking all of the cum off of the outside. She licked her lips. Jill was getting horny again just looking at her. Jill pulled off her shirt and bra, followed by her skirt and her shoes. She kept her socks on; she thought that had a kinky, school girl look to it. “C’mon up here.”

Megan scrambled up on to the couch to kiss Jill. Jill’s was surprised by the taste that greeted her. . .Megan hadn’t swallowed, and proceeded to mix Jill’s cum in their two mouths. Tasting herself in her friend’s mouth made her even hornier; she had to get her hands, and mouth, on Megan’s tight little twat.

Megan was straddling Jill and kissing her. Jill pushed her away to the side so that Megan’s back was against the couch and she could have full access to her tight body. Megan’s tits looked delicious. Her chest was almost flat, but those nipples were just begging to be played with. Jill kissed her way down the back of Megan’s neck and around to okmeydanı escort her chest.

She reached for the vibrator in Megan’s hand, but she caught sight of another box out of the corner of her eye. Sitting on the coffee table was the string of large, vibrating beads that Megan had ordered. “You tryin’ to hide those from me, dear?” She ripped the box open, and put in the batteries that Megan had ordered with the toys. She had Megan lie down on the couch, and then climbed up so she was straddling her stomach.

Turning on the beads, Jill took them and began to work on Megan’s nipple. Megan gasped. Her eyes pulled shut and her nipples got hard. She started to squirm a little. “Are your nipples sensitive,” Jill asked seductively. Megan managed a nod “Would you like me to play with them?”

“Oh god yes,” Megan mumbled as she squirmed.

Making little circles around Megan’s nipples with the vibrating balls, Jill bent down and began to tease them with her tongue, sucking at nibbling at them. Megan continued to squirm and her breathing quickened.

Jill stopped working on Megan’s nipples and trailed her tongue over her smooth stomach down to her nearly dripping cunt, stopping along the way to play with her belly-button ring. She then began to insert her tongue into Megan’s pussy and flick at her clit. Megan groaned, then moved her legs apart to give Jill some better access. That was all the prompting Jill needed. She took the first ball and pushed it in to Megan’s slit. Megan gasped, her muscles tightened for a second, and then she relaxed a little. Jill pushed another ball in, then another, each time getting an even stronger reaction. With all fives balls in, she began to suck on Megan’s clit. She was soaking, and her clit was incredibly hard. Looking up, Jill saw that Megan was pinching her nipples and twisting them. The ball’s were having quite an effect. Jill could feel that Megan was about to cum. As she came, Jill popped the balls out in quick succession. Megan screamed, “Aaahhh!” Her breathing was coming in gasps. “More! I need more!” she practically shouted as she writhed. Jill didn’t need to be told twice. Grabbing the vibrator, she turned it on and pushed it in, diving back onto Megan’s clit. When she seemed near coming, she pulled out and help it to Megan’s clit. She held it there as Megan’s hips bucked. She came three times before she fell silently onto the couch.

“You want to come to bed with me?” Jill asked.

Megan could only nod, and together, they hobbled up to an early sleep for the night.

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