Exploring the West Pt. 01

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I’d been driving around the western United States for about three weeks, with plans to keep it up till I ran out of money for food and gas. I would run out eventually, but the severance from my previous employer was a big chunk of cash for someone my age. I had no desire to return to the working world, or the east coast, if I could help it. The old Dodge was picked up from my cousin, who didn’t need it with his brand new Bronco. He sold it to me at “family discount” and threw in the camper top he never used with my agreement to never bring it back to him. Turns out the camper was a godsend. I threw my old futon mattress in there as I was junking the cheap furniture from my apartment, and in the west this time of year I could sleep in the pickup bed with a comforter or a light blanket. I bought a sleeping bag too, but most nights I didn’t need it.

I caught Route 66 in St. Louis, swung down through Oklahoma City, then blew west as hard as I could till I got to Santa Fe. Then I started camping on the side of the road, or just outside of town, in the parts where there weren’t enough people to hassle you too much about being pulled over for the night. I had learned that lesson the hard way. Don’t attract the ire of the local Karen’s; they’ll call cops on you. This lifestyle was working well once I got the hang of it, and kept me from wasting funds on hotels or even campsites. So food and gas were my main concerns, and coffee, lots of coffee. At some point I headed south, off the Route, and rolled into Scottsdale, which is a kind of suburb of Phoenix. I got in before noon, had been driving through the night, so I pulled over at the first decent looking coffee shop I spotted. This was where I would meet Jane.

I walked in, looked around to see a few people already seated, always a good sign. I ordered a cortado from the top knot behind the counter, who handed the cup to a serious looking barista to begin making. As I stepped back to wait, a dishwater blonde in a tan, open knit sweater sidled up to the counter and said, “I’ll have one of the same.” She sort of jostled her shoulders back and forth as she said it, causing the sweater to slip further off her left shoulder. There were words there. Starting at her shoulder blade, written in the blue that outlines tattoos was: “An old s…”

I was not sure quite why, but this got me very interested. My cock engorged just a bit, and I tried to make out the words in the next line I could see: “To liv…”

Just then she finished paying and bounced over to stand at the end of the counter. She raised both hands and started swaying to the music playing in the background. The girl just looked joyous! The music was… uh… it took me a moment because this was an elevator version of the song without lyrics. Bobby McGee! Yeah! She continued to move, eyes closed, and almost imperceptibly mouthing words as she swayed to the sound. She had slightly olive skin, all over from what I could tell through that porous sweater. Her linen pants didn’t reveal as much, they were loose at the crotch and thigh but caught in at the ankle and with a tie holding them up at the waist. Her face was smooth, drawn in by high cheekbones and with a slight uptilt to her nose. That light brown/blonde hair ran just to her shoulders. Just then she stooped as part of the slow dance she was doing. She stood before a window through which the sun was pouring in. For just a moment as she was bent over I caught a glimpse of the full form of her breast through that incredible sweater, highlighted by the sun behind it. It was tipped with a comparatively long nipple, certainly more than I expected given the size of her breast. Then it was gone as she raised back up, and I could feel saliva building in the corners of my mouth.

Her eyes blinked open as the song ended. Looking directly at me she whispered, “Following me.”

I reared back a little, realizing that I had pursued her over to the window. We were the only people standing there.

“Uh, no… I mean… um–“

“It wasn’t a question, just an observation.”

“I’m sorry to stare… I uh–“

“So you were following, and staring.”

“No… I mean… “

I decided that I better stop stammering and be direct. Then I hit on a brilliant counterpoint.

“Well you did just follow me and order my exact drink, so I guess I followed you over to the window.”

At this, one corner of her mouth upturned, so I decided to follow up on my directness.

“And frankly it would be very hard not to stare, with you doing a little dance to Janis like that!”

Now the other corner upturned, and I was saved by, “Cortado for Jane!”

She moved to the counter, and I uttered, “Hey, I had one of those too?!”

She turned back to me, one cortado in each hand. They were on a tray, with a shot of sparkling water next to the espresso. She gestured to a table and started gliding to it. I recovered myself and managed to beat her there just in time to draw back her chair, seeing as how I wasn’t carrying anything.

“Thanks,” she said, sitting and sliding both trays Anadolu Yakası Escort onto the table.

I sat opposite. After a moment, I felt like something needed to be said.

“So… Jane. I guess I know your name then.”

“Assuming I gave them my real name, but Jane’s fine for now.”

I sipped my shot. Her eyes narrowed into a suspicious expression. She tilted her head and asked, “Your name wouldn’t be Richard, by chance?”

“I guess I wasn’t the only one not paying attention when they called out my order!”

She looked at me blankly, then I caught on.

“Oh, hah hah, I get it. See Dick go into the coffee shop. See Jane follow Dick and steal his drink idea.”

“See Jane order her own goddamned drink, that she has ordered countless times without Dick around! See Jane innocently dance in the window. See Dick go over and stare at Jane so hard his eyes bulge out of his head!”

“See Dick… I mean, hey! It was impossible not to stare… at somebody who… looks like you.”

She raised her left brow.

“I mean, have you ever seen what you look like with the sun behind you?”

“I can’t say that I have. I mean I see this body every day in the mirror, but…” she looked over at the window and the sun streaming through it.

“It was spectacular,” I stated.

“I guess I can see… wait, why did you follow me over there in the first place?”

“Maybe to stand and wait for my drink? Wait, OK, If I’m being honest, it was because I was trying to read your tattoo. I… I noticed it when you first walked up. I caught the ‘An old’ part. I got intrigued and I was just trying to read the rest.”

“Well at least that’s not creepy at all!”

Before I could try to defend myself, I noticed her chin draw up. Taking this as a queue I said, “Yeah, totally not creepy to want to read a girl’s tattoo that is hidden under her sweater.”

“You should at least see if you can get her out of her sweater first.”

“It’s the polite thing to do.”

We both snickered, then we both started to laugh, really laugh. It lasted for some time during which numerous patrons started to stare at us.

Once we both recovered, Jane said, “You know, tattoos are very serious things to the people who have them.”

“I’m sure they are. I’ve never gotten one, but if I was going to, it would be a very serious thing for me. It’ll be there forever.”

“At least for the rest of your current life. So do you really want to read the rest of it?”

She looked deadly serious, but also happy, as if she was in a good mood. Nonetheless, I decided to tread carefully.

“I’d really like to.”

She thought for a moment, then said, “Alright then. I need you to answer this totally honestly, and if I feel like you have, I’ll show you the rest.”

Hot damn, I thought to myself. I felt my cock tighten up a little again, good thing we’re seated.

“I’m game.”

“Once you followed me over to that window, I had my back to it, so you couldn’t read shit. What were you staring at the whole time so intently?”

I paused, trying to think of the right way to put it. Fuck it, I thought.

“OK, at first I just thought you looked really joyful and energetic, like you were full of life and just enjoying the moment.”

“And then?”

“Ah… then I noticed I could see through your sweater pretty well.”

She looked down, “Yeah I get that. No bra. I do that a lot.”

“Yeah, I noticed no bra. Then I was trying to see your skin, noticing that it matched your neck. I mean, I didn’t think you had tan lines.”

My mouth was beginning to water in that thick saliva you get when you’re getting aroused, so I swallowed. Her eyes were hazel, and they were burning into me, so I continued.

“Once you became silhouetted in the sunlight, I could make out your… form under the sweater.”

She licked her lips. I hoped that meant she was salivating like I was.

“OK look, I got a little hard when you first stepped in front of me in line. I noticed the tatt and I started trying to read it. I only got so far and you walked off. So I followed and then you started swaying to the music, and looking so free. I couldn’t stop looking at you. Then, when you bent over, and the sun was directly behind you… I could make out… make out your tit under that fantastic hole filled sweater.”

“Go on,” she suggested. I thought I could detect a change in her posture.

“I saw your nipple, against the sun. It looked long, and kinda stiff. It was all I could think of in the world for those moments.”

Jane sipped her cortado with her left hand and extended her right toward me.

“Sniff my finger.”

“Is this the start of a joke?” I asked, squinting one eye.

“Seriously,” she said.

I took a whiff, then leaned in and smelled it close. There was a slight musk. It was deep, and wet, and animal.

“God damn,” I muttered. “Is that–“

“Me. I’ve been touching myself while you’ve been talking. It would have been hard not to,” she smiled as she said this.

I was Kadıköy Escort breathing harder. She touched her fingers to my lips. I inhaled deeply, then closed my lips over her thin fingers. I ran my tongue over them, and then sucked them into my mouth a little harder.

When I finally released her fingers, I said, “I love the taste of you.”

“Tell me more.”

“My cock was weeping inside my pants as I watched you dance, and flex, and bend. You were revealing yourself through the sunlight shining through your sweater. My cock is weeping right now after tasting you.”

“I wonder if there’s somewhere we can go?”

“I’ve got someplace.”

“It’s my truck,” I said as we walked from the shop. I wanted to prepare her or find out right now if she was going to have a fit over my little camper.

“This one?”


“At least the windows are tinted,” she stated, but she looked suspicious again.

“Wait,” said I, opening the gate at the back and gesturing.

“The finest accommodations. I’ve been living back here as I drive around the southwest. I plan to drive all around this part of the country.”

Jane simply smiled and climbed into the camper shell. As she settled in she propped herself on her elbows and lay on her stomach. I scrambled in after, closed the liftgate and the shell door, and sat cross legged next to her. I didn’t want to be accused of creepy again, despite the fact that I already knew what her cunt smelled like.

“Well I guess it’s time to make good on my part of the bargain, Richard!” she said the name with emphasis.

Still I waited. This prompted her to continue, “Move my sweater around. You can read me. You’ve earned it.”

I got to my knees, and used my hands to manipulate the sweater. I slid my fingers under the wool neckline, and moved it from left to right, grazing her skin as I went. I read the first line then reset my fingers back to the left and glided them right to read the second as well:

“An old soul condemned

To live again and again”

At this I stopped, wondering where this was going. Pretty morose thus far. It was also getting difficult to move the sweater without stretching it.

Jane saved me, saying, “Don’t worry about this old thing, I got it from the thrift store, and I stretch it out all the time.”

“Alright, I might need a little better leverage.”


So I shifted one leg over Jane, slowly, and kind of sat down on the small of her back. She wiggled a bit to get comfortable. I resumed, more aggressively pulling the sweater down to facilitate my reading. I could also feel my cock swelling again as I looked over her, read her back, and smelled her skin.

“An old soul condemned

To live again and again

Joyously seizing each life

While trying to recall before

Was I a doctor or teacher

Or singer or whore”

To read the last lines I had shifted my hands down to her waist and used my thumbs to push up the sweater. I pressed in firmly as I did this, and Jane squirmed and let out a long sigh.

“So you believe in past lives,” I said while continuing to slide my hands up to her shoulders, bearing the entirety of that beautiful back.

“Intensely,” she said, while shifting her arms up over her head.

This allowed me to slide the sweater up completely over her head. I pushed it up to her wrists and left it there. Then I glided my hands back down her arms to her armpits. They were warm and smooth. I was growing fully erect at doing this, and she pressed herself up against me. I shifted back a little and slid my hands to her breasts. I cupped them from underneath and eventually wrapped my fingers and thumbs around those nipples I had seen earlier in the sunlight. I squeezed a bit, and she drew in a long breath.

“I am an old soul,” said Jane, her voice growing husky.

I took the opportunity to graze my teeth over her neck, then I responded, “I can see that. It’s why you move to Janis when you hear her, even though they blew away the lyrics and hid it in an elevator tune for a coffee shop.”

I shifted down further, my cock was in between her butt cheeks now, and she was beginning to grind into me.

“The rhythm always remains the same, you can’t hide it. That’s what I move to. Speaking of moving, this would get easier if you took off my pants.”

I obliged by sitting up and tugging at her waistband. She raised her hips, and I slid my hands around her belly. I tugged at the strings on her waistline. She circled her hips and I worked the strings loose, and using my thumbs I pulled her pants down. As I did this I caught the now familiar smell of her, wafting up from her pussy in the heat of the Arizona day. All I wanted to do was bury my tongue in that, but I had work to do with these pants. The ankles were tight, and I had to shift away from that wonderful smell to peel them off.

“What do they call these pants?”

“Harem pants, they are super comfortable in the summer here.”

“Are you part of a Harem Jane?” I said as I worked the first İstanbul Escort ankle free.

“Not yet, Richard,” said again with the emphasis on the name.

“Do you want to be?” I asked as I slipped the other ankle free, at last.

In answer Jane rose and, without looking back, leaned against me and began working with my snap and zipper. She fumbled around, quite deliberately I realized, grazing my cock over and over. Finally she worked the zipper free and tugged my pants down smoothly with both hands. She stopped at my knees, and circled my cock with one hand. She ran her fingers gingerly up and down the length, and found my weeping precum at the tip. She worked her thumb, spreading the glistening precum around the head of my cock. Then she leaned forward, arduously slow and glided her hand over the entire length of me as she flopped forward, releasing her grip. I worked furiously to free my legs from my pants, and stripped my shirt. I wanted to be in contact with this woman!

“Lay on top of me, Richard. Cover me.”

I knee walked up her legs, sat on her thighs and rolled forward, catching myself with my arms and gripping her back. Then I slowly slid my hands up her sides, rolling my cock back to its previous location between her butt cheeks, and pressing my chest into her back. She pressed her ass into me, and we lay there. I was beginning to perspire heavily, and I could smell her perspiration as well. It was spicy, and I was conscious of our wetness as I began to devour her neck. Then I noticed she was licking her fingertips. My glistening precum was being cleaned from them with her tongue. I began to slide my cock back and forth against her ass. I was a bar of steel now, and she circled her hips again.

“Are you a butthole surfer, Richard?” she asked again with the disdainful lift on my name, or at least what we had both come to accept as my name.

“Why don’t you just call me Dick?”

“I will when you deserve it.”

I pulled back a bit, gliding my cockhead over her asshole. As I did so I felt a drop of my precum fall onto her. I paused for a moment, then swirled my tip around her asshole. I felt her stretch forward at this, so I repeated the motion, then I denied her any more. I slid my cock further back, tilted, and then slipped my cockhead between her legs. I did not enter her, I just slowly pressed my cock through her lips, coming out on the other side. She was wet! Juicy wet. Jane began moving, pressing herself up and against me, swizzling my cock about in that wet channel made by her pussy lips around the edges of my shaft.

“Flip, I want you on your back,” said Jane.

I continued moving for a bit, just to show resistance, but then I complied, rolling off to her side. She repositioned quickly, centering me on the futon and straddling my chest. How can I even describe her. She was slightly muscular, with definition on her arms but not her chest. That gorgeous olive skin I had seen under the sweater was glorious when capped by two round breasts. The nipples were slightly upturned, but long and erect, and seemingly large for her breasts. God I wanted to get my mouth around those, but she was already sliding back and forth on my chest. I could feel the inside of those velvet smooth cunt lips against me. I grabbed her waist and just let her ride. Jane had a full bush of hair down there, and the carpet did match the drapes. I could feel the texture of her pubes when she leaned forward, putting pressure on her clitoris and my… nipple. I looked down to realize my nipples were hard too.

“Are you actually getting yourself off on my nipple?”

“Aaaahhhh,” was the reply.

On and on she ground, wetting me with the delicious juice from her cunt, rubbing it across my chest and nipples, then positioning, and rolling her clit down onto my nipple, pressing it into my rib cage. Jane was sweating profusely now, the Arizona day amplified by the camper shell we were in. Drops of perspiration fell from her face and splashed onto my neck and face. I ran my hands up her torso, feeling slick rivulets of sweat as I went. She raised her arms as my hands pressed up into her armpits, where she was soaking wet. I brought one hand to my mouth and licked it, to get the flavor of her. Salty and spiced, and tinged with musk. Despite her paying no attention to my cock I was still rock hard. I was gyrating and moving my hips in time with her grind, as if I was fucking the air.

“God damn!” cried Jane as she shuddered at last, then she collapsed forward and ended up with her cunt just above my face. The smell was overwhelming, and I immediately raised my mouth and slid my tongue into her slot. It was the same animal scent, but now I could taste it fully. I suckled and licked away, pulling as much flavor from her as I could get, and she rolled her hips a bit, giving me the deepest angle. I forced my tongue into her as far as it would go, and mouthed her clit. I slid my hands to her hips and pulled her in, that beautiful wet cunt slathering me.

At last I pushed her away from my mouth, saying, “I need you on me Jane, I need you on me!”

She began sliding down me, bringing her breasts to my mouth, and I wasn’t going to miss a chance to suck those nips. I grabbed one in my mouth and it was as thick and meaty as promised. I pulled at it, and lightly pressed in with my teeth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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