Eye Candy Ch. 02

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From the first time that I walked into the store and you stood their behind the counter you had my hormones twisted. When I see you I become very nervous, I’m not to sure why tho. Other then the fact that you turn me on. What a combination, nervous and horny.

I could close my eyes and see you laying in my bed waiting for me. You’d be laying their naked and at the sight of me you’d reach down slowly touching yourself. Of course I’d smile. I’d walk up leaning down to kiss your full sexy lips. I’d stand there watching you touch yourself for me. I’d ask, “Is that all for me?” and you’d smile. I like to watch a man touch himself. But at the same time it would be so hard just to stand there and just watch you. But for a few minutes that’s what I’d do. I’m sure by watching me you’d see its killing me to just watch.

When I saw that your cock had leaked out pre cum, that was my signal that I was being called by your cock. I’d smile to you as I walked closer, leaning down I’d lick the cum off the tip. You’d rub the head across my lips, coating them.

I’d look up at you and tell you I wanted you to stand. As you did I’d kneel on the floor waiting for you to tell me what you wanted. When I heard you speak the words to me, telling me you wanted me to lick and suck on your cock I’d smile up at you, holding your gaze. I’d let the head touch my lips, my tongue would come out licking the under side. I’d let my tongue lick around the head, while I was still looking into your eyes. I wanted to see your reaction to what I was doing.

I’d hold your eyes while I let the head slip between my lips, sucking gently. Letting it slide between my lips and slowly I’d suck it back into my warm mouth. I’d grab your nice round ass while letting inch by inch of your hard cock slip between my lips further into my mouth. I’d want to smile but that would be hard with mouthful.

My tongue would lick just under the head while savoring your cock before taking you all the way in my mouth. I have a feeling that you have a very nice size cock on you, usually I’m very right about these things.

I’d look up at you telling you I want you to tell me what to do. You’d look down into my eyes and tell me you want me to suck your cock. I’d lick the underside of your dick again making it come up to my lips, taking you in inch by inch. Your cock would feel the back of my throat, then I’d let you slip from my lips almost all the way out. But, before the head reaches my lips I’d suck you all the way back in. I can only imagine the sounds that would escape your mouth when I did this.

I could feel you wanting to work your cock in and out of my mouth and I’d let you. I knew you were watching my mouth around your dick as you slowly worked it between my lips. The more I sucked on your nice hard cock the more I wanted it. The more I wanted to taste you on my lips, my tongue. I wanted to suck your cock till I tasted you, or you might want to cum all over my face or even maybe my tits. That would be up to you. But, my guess would be you’d want to feel yourself cumin in my mouth, to feel your hot cum run down my throat. To watch me swallow every drop you gave.

Afterwards you’d return the favor. Having me lay on my bed, you’d climb on the bed next to me. You’d start at my neck licking and sucking working your way to my tits. Watching my face you’d see how good it felt, you touching me. Licking on my nipples, sucking each one into your mouth, making them harder. Pulling on each one with your lips.

Your hand would go to my pussy. Gliding your fingers over my pussy lips, my legs would part for you, granting you access. Lightly you’d smack my lips making me giggle a little. At the same time you would bite softly on my nipples, pulling with your teeth making me wince. Making me feel pleasure and pain at the same time.

Parting my pussy lips you dip your fingers in my wetness. I’d have no choice but to say to you, “See how wet you make me!” Rubbing the tips of your fingers across my clit making me more horny, making me want you more. I’m magarsus izle sure a few small moans would escape from my lips. Your fingers would rub my swollen clit, then rubbing the length of my wet pussy. Taking your fingers sliding them slowly into my pussy and watching my face at the same time. I’d tell you,”Baby I love my pussy fingered.”

You lower your lips to mine. My mouth is so hungry for you, not just your cock but all of you. Your lips, neck your chest and yes your very nice hard cock. The kissing is more intense then before, deeper and harder. You make my kitty feel so good the way you touch me, not so light that I cant feel it but where you make me feel pleasure and pain together, and yes I like that during sex. But, when you start fingering me etc, I like it slow. Especially when it come to being fingered while your licking on my pussy.

You make my pussy so hot, so wet that I’m sure in your mind your thinking or wondering if I’ve already came. You slide down on the bed and work your way between my thighs. I spread my legs wider as you position yourself. You keep playing with my pussy as you watch me. I’m sure you can feel my anticipation, the wanting to feel your mouth their.

Slowly, you lower your head between my thighs. Your tongue licks across my clit slowly letting me feel all of your fat tongue. A low mmmm escapes from my lips and I smile to myself. You suck my clit in between your full sexy lips, sucking and licking, while you still finger my pussy. Your tongue laps at my clit showing me just how talented you are. I can feel myself becoming wetter with each lick of your tongue.

I reach down spreading my pussy lips wider, wanting you to suck my clit harder, maybe shaking your head a little. After awhile of you licking and sucking on my clit while you finger me I can feel myself getting closer to cumin. I tell you, ” Mark, please… don’t… stop.” And you don’t, you eat my pussy wanting me to cum for you. The more you lap at my pussy teasing, sucking and licking I can feel myself becoming tighter around your fingers. The explosion is coming closer.

I wrap my legs tighter around you, wanting you closer. You start fingering me deeper the closer I get. I reach up grabbing the head board to my bed as the orgasm starts. Be lucky your ears aren’t near my mouth, I do get loud. My back arches as the orgasm takes over, your fingers are drowned in my creamy juices. I yell out in pure pleasure rubbing my pussy into your face. I rock my hips into your face wanting to feel all of you until my cum has coated your fingers and you lean down further to lick it up, tasting me.

You look up at me and I’m breathing very heavy. You come up to me smiling and I whisper to you that, that was fucking great. You look deep into my eyes asking me what do I want next. I place my hand on your hairy chest running my fingers through it, but slightly pushing you back on the bed. I straddled over one of your legs. Watching your face I lowered my mouth to just over your hard dick. My lips went to the spot between your balls and the base of your cock. First I licked,then taking that spot between my lips lightly sucking. I kissed my way up inch by inch, until reaching just under the head.

I knew you wanted to feel your cock deep in my mouth, but not yet, not so fast. I wanted to savor every inch that your blessed with. I licked your shaft from base to the tip. When my tongue reached just under the head,your cock raised up meeting my lips. I smiled but didn’t take you in yet. Flicking my tongue, while looking up at you. I wanted to see your expression to see how I was making you feel. The look on your face was price less, almost like pleasure and torture at the same time. And, that was my mission, to physically to make you experience that, not just read then feel like your being tortured.

My tongue twirled around the head, sucking it side ways between my lips. I let your cock fall from my lips. You look at me like, you can’t possible be fucking stopping. I sit just manifest izle looking deep into your eyes. I’m usually a pretty dam good judge of how a man is sexually, with out ever having had sex with them. And with you I’m getting a deep seeded feeling your a nasty lil boy. Makes me wish I had really been prepared for this.

I’m sure I have this funky little smile on my face. I keep looking into your eyes as I lower my head. I lick the length of your nice long thick cock, licking right up to the head. Your cock raises up to meet my lips once again. I lick you into my mouth, but this time not taking the time to savor. I suck you deep into my mouth and start sucking on your cock hard and fast. The first time I take you in all the way, letting you hit the back of my throat. Licking at the base, flicking my tongue back up to just under the head.

I slow my pace, letting your cock almost slip from my lips to fall back on your body. But, just as the head is about to pass my lips, I suck you back in, going down on you hard. I can tell your mumbling something but I don’t hear your words. But, some how I know what your saying. In short I’m blowing your fucking mind. I want to smile but it’s hard with a big cock in your mouth. I reach down taking your balls in my hand, slowly and gently milking them.

I can tell your body wants to meet my rhythm, you want to rock your hips to fuck my mouth. I slow up my pace a bit, letting you have some of the control, just not much. You try to pump your nice hard dick in and out of my warm mouth. But I’m already licking, sucking and slurping on your cock, but you still want to just thrust yourself deeper.

Your not going to like this but I let go of your balls, I abruptly stop sucking your dick. It falls with an almost thud on your stomach. I lick my way up your body slowly, reaching your nipples. I twirl my tongue as light as a feather around one of them. I lick across the top, then suck it between my lips. I flick my tongue then bit down. You wince at the pain and I smile. As I go to the other nipple, I reach down taking your cock in my hand slowly stroking. I stroke just the head with one hand and with my mouth I suck on your nipple then biting that one too. Once again you wince. I stop but can’t hide the pleasure and my smile of doing that to you.

I whisper in your ear, ” Get behind me, now!” I back up so that I’m on the edge of my bed. You climb off and take your place standing behind me. Slowly you slide your hand over my ass, then you smack it making me giggle. Probably not the response you expected. You do the same on the other ass cheek and again I giggle. Yes, I like my ass spanked.

Taking your cock in hand you rub the head up and down my pussy lips. I know you can feel the moisture. You crack my ass again, which makes my body back up just a slight bit. The tip of your cock gets pushed between my lips, putting you right in the middle of my pure hot juices. I wish I could put into words exactly how that would feel, other then like heaven.

The head bounces against my clit and a small moan escapes from my mouth. I rock my hips so to rub against you. But, you take your dick away, not letting me feel it, teasing me. All I can respond to say is, ” No, don’t do that.” ” You like it do you?” you ask me. “Mmmm, yes.” is all I can say. “How about this?” you ask me as you rub your wet cock against my ass. All I could do was push my body back on you. But, again you back away. I can tell you think your cute. I like teasing and all but right now I just couldn’t take it.

I waited for the head to be by pussy opening and I pushed back on you, forcing your dick to enter me. You grab me by the hips and slowly slide your big cock into me. My face wants to dive into the bed to muffle the sounds that want so badly to be heard. But instead I wrap my feet around your legs and meet your body.

Slowly your getting to know me better as sounds, moans, groans and sounds of gasping for air come from my mouth. I hope you remember what manifesto of a serial killer izle you said to me one time about me being quite, its one thing I’m not. I rock my hips to meet yours as you slowly fuck your cock in and out of me. Slowly you pull back and then thrust deep and hard into me. Making my body stop to feel you grind into me.

I ask you,”Baby is your cock all nice and wet?” ” Very much.” you say. I lean forward letting your dick with drawl from my pussy. And Back up so that I’m rubbing my ass against your cock. “Baby, I want to feel you deep inside my ass, to feel you take me.” You begin to grind as you rub your hard cock against my ass. Reaching up you grab a hold of my hair, pulling my head back towards you, asking “Is that what you want, to feel me inside your tight ass?” “Uh huh” is all I can manage to say. Letting go of my hair you smack my ass again and I mumble “harder”. You smack it again making it tingle.

You thrust your cock deep inside my pussy again, coating it with my creaming juices. Pulling out you place the head of your cock against my ass and I push my tight ass back on you. I gasp as I feel the head enter me, a moan is heard louder this time coming from the throat. Inch by inch you fuck that cock into my ass

I reach down between my legs and start rubbing my wet pussy, you got me so sloppy wet for you. I can feel your balls slapping against me. You then can tell what I’m doing. “Are you rubbing that pussy for me?” you ask. And again all I can say is “Uh huh.” You slap my ass, forcing me to grind back against you. God, it feels so good, having you deep in me, feeling me, feeling my desire, the hunger. “Your such a naughty little girl, Sheree.” I don’t answer, I just smile to myself thinking, yeah and you like it.

I lean down putting my ass higher in the air for you to fuck as I rub my pussy harder. I want to cum with you in my ass. I want to feel you cum inside me, deep inside my ass. I want to feel your hot cum run, leak down my inner thighs.

All I can seem to do now it tell you,” Mark, fuck me harder, deeper, make me feel every inch of your big hard cock.” You reach down slapping my ass making my pussy tighten up. “Yes, that feels so good, harder, fuck me baby. God, yes, fuck me.” Again you slap my ass.

Slowly you pull out then thrust deeper back into my ass. “You want me to cum for you, to cum in your tight ass. You want to feel my hot cum?” you ask me. “Yes…I do…cum for me baby, let me feel it.” I could feel that already thick cock becoming fatter, hotter inside me. I knew it was building deep inside your balls, wanting to be released within me.

You griped tighter on my hips, pounding my ass. My body goes still, letting you fuck me. I grab onto the sheets on my bed, clinching my fingers around the material, this was a man who could fuck the hell out of me and leave me wanting more that was for sure.

All you could hear besides our noises is flesh pounding flesh. With each thrust you’d grind your fat cock in my ass. I rubbed my clit harder and faster. There’s nothing like cumin while having some hot ass sex. My body went stiffer the more you fucked me. Harder and faster you slammed into me. “Cum for me baby” I moaned.

“Now, now” I said. My pussy began to spasm out wildly. I’m sure you could tell. The air filled with loud sounds my orgasm, moaning, almost screaming it felt so fucking good. You pounded me harder, filling my ass with my nice big fat cock. The sounds that escaped from your mouth as you came made my orgasm that much better. I could feel you filling me with your hot cum, feeling it being shot deep in my hot tight ass. Feeling a little run out as you pumped your cock forcing my ass to take it all.

With each last thrust of your dick you’d grind inside of me. Letting me have the last drops of your cum. You slapped my ass one last time, making me grind back on you. I knew you were smiling or at least to yourself. I didn’t want to move, it felt to dam good to move. But you did, you slowly pulled from my ass, my body wanting to follow your cock. As you did I could feel the hot liquid start to seep from my ass, running down on to my pussy lips, down my inner thighs. What a picture that would make.

I was right, you are a nasty lil boy, and you do like hot dirty nasty sex. Now, the nervousness would leave, now that I’ve had my eye candy.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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