Face Value

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Taking anything at face value, is an oddity, thought Sheila. If Marcus had only taken her for what she was and is versus turning into what… her thoughts struggled. At first she enjoyed his “honey I only want the best for you” routine. The stores… the shopping… the outfits! She was impressed how good she could look in one of those tight fitting designer gowns. She was quite uncomfortable with the low necks. He kept insisting she show off her best assets… she should have known… taking his hints. But she honestly believed that Marcus loved her. How could she have ever known he could never love, and especially not her.

She met him like you always meet a guy, when you are not looking! Sheila was spending a long wonderful weekend, alone as usual. She had driven up the coast in her old little car. She would look at it and wonder, “is today the day you are going to fall apart!” She had no desire to buy a new one. Her car was like a pair of old comfortable shoes… when do you get rid of them… when the heel starts pulling away, or when there are just two too many holes? She knew that the under cage was all rusted, because as she moved along at any speed, she felt a cold wind under her feet and seat. She had the perfect “Flinstone” car. When she needed to stop all she had to do was place her feet down and stop like Fred did!

She was relaxing near a fruit stand and enjoying the vine ripe peach she had just purchased. She reminded herself that she had to take a few with her, before she left. She looked up and saw Marcus for the first time. A smooth walker. He climbed out of his low sports car like a tiger. It was one smooth fluid movement… with such grace. Sheila wondered if maybe he was a dancer. But no… she corrected herself. He must be in some type of business. He was dressed for it. A gorgeous designer suit. One of those suits you see in the window of fine Gentleman Stores… the one’s that cost not only the leg, but an arm and a few fingers too!

Sheila turned her head away from him. Giving him no further attention. She had no desire to meet anyone, and besides, she chided herself… he would not be interested in a weeping willow such as myself! The juice from the sweet peach was running down her fingers. Instinctively she placed her fingers in her mouth and started sucking off the sweetness. She was unaware that Marcus was watching her. Actually, she was the reason he had stopped. She was one fine peach. Perfect for the picking!

He calculated her cost and her profit, all in his head; as if she was a piece of merchandise on display. He thought in numbers and figures, that is the reason he was so successful. He discovered his talents early, starting with his sisters… no remorse, just financial success. He had no time to think about what he was doing… the morals did not bother him, until night. Each night he closed his eyes, his mind reviewing each case. He would toss and turn… and wake sweating and panting. He did it for them… he kept screaming at his consciousness… for them! He had improved their miserable little lives for the better! So what he made some hard earned dough! He had expenses… That had to mean something!

But his mind would not offer him any relief… he knew deep down in his heart what he was doing is wrong… and what he was going to do with this new southern peach… would be wrong. But it did not stop him… he had a need to fill. And she would do it just perfectly.

The approach was easy, as usual. It would be easy all away up to the final sale. That’s when it usually turned ugly. He had to make sure… that this time… he did not get attached.

Sheila was shocked when the man approached her. He not only approached her, but persuaded her to leave her precious car at the side of the road, and take a ride with him. She felt some stirs of danger, but she really didn’t care. She was swept off her feet. He said she wouldn’t need any of her cloths, he would provide everything she would need. An adventure….

The adventure ended in his arms… later at night… in a faraway hotel, outside of Monte Carlo. He had stayed there before… numerous of times. The staff greeted him like an old friend, asking if the young lady was the one… The one what Sheila had no idea… and a part of her had no desire to find out. He persuaded her gently and she yielded. It had been a long time between lovers… her last had been almost 5 years prior. But like riding a bicycle, you never forget how to peddle. Her body moved with his, molding her form perfectly. She was eager Sex hikayeleri and her reserves were down. She held his mouth to her own for several long minutes, savoring her new found lust. Her thighs quivered with lust… as she moved them around his slender hips. It slid in smoothly without any effort, while her lips were still anchored to his.

He gently pushed her off him… not wanting to be dominated by this eager women. He wanted to crush her under his body and his heat… this tender flower in heat. He rolled on top of her and held her pinned. He liked the feel of her soft body under his. Her lips never left his… he kept her attention on the deep kissing. His hands found her tender flesh and spread her legs wide. She was ready… her lips wet with eager anticipation… It would be like cutting butter with a hot knife… smooth and easy. Perhaps, too easy… maybe he should pull back and have her work for it. He pulled his eyes away from hers and looked up. He saw the meter was still rolling, and wondered if he had enough erotic footage… He had caught her undressing and putting on the lacy number he had purchased her. They usually enjoyed little lacy numbers… the men that he worked for… and they always enjoyed the tapes. It was the tapes that usually sold them… settling them on a higher price for the goods being sold.

She squirmed underneath him, demanding attention… he looked back down at her and removed his lips. He moved his lean body off her and moved her onto her side. He had decided a frontal view would be better received… He pulled her backside close to him, sliding his hardness between her firm cheeks. His hands moved under her arms, as his fingers played with her large areolas. He penetrated her tightness and her body arched… first with pain… it crossed her face like a million of angry ants… and then, slowly… the pain turned into insatiable pleasure… a pleasure so deep, that her body trembled with the first spasms of pleasure… He held her in hard… pumping without mercy. He wanted the video to be all her… her fingers moved between her own legs, fingering her swollen wet lips. He encouraged her to spread her legs wider, exposing to the camera her very pink wet lips. As he moved inside her, her natural globes of soft flesh jiggled with pleasure. He pulled her head back and found her lips. He crushed her lips with his own… his tongue discovering her mouth. He let out a scream of pleasure… as he pumped his white seed deep into her willing vessel. He held her a moment, allowing his beating heart to relax. Then he was off the bed, heading toward the bathroom. She looked stunned and slightly hurt. He refused to look at her… or comfort her… He had promised himself that he was not going to get attached… though it would be quite easy. She was his first… his first redhead that is… natural redhead… with a thick red bush guarding her garden of pleasure.

Of course, Sheila had no idea that at that exact moment, her brothers had found her car with her suitcase at the side of the road. The police had tracked down the fruit stand owners who had an interesting story to tell…. it was about a dangerous looking man… and Sheila. Her brothers became worried. The police, armed with a detailed description of the man, went into the FBI files… discovering a horrifying secret!

Marcus slipped the tape out of the machine and slipped it into in lap top. He would start the bidding… 1 million. The bidding and numbers flashed across the screen as Sheila slept with exhaustion. She was so happy beyond belief… she had no idea what would soon be bestowed upon her….

The FBI tried to reassure her brothers… the girl would be safe, until the sale. And then… she would try to contact them… if that was successful, perhaps they would have a lead. Until then… the were told to just wait! Her brothers were shocked… they should have been there for her… if they had not wanted to spend time with their own families, perhaps invited her more often… would she still be lost….

Marcus slowly packed his things… the bidding was done. The money was transferred to his account and the new owner would soon take possession. His part was almost done. He looked down at Sheila one last time, thanking her for the new 60 million that blessed his bank account. He thought she would be very happy… a Prince had purchased her and he would soon arrive to take possession. Her new home would be the world. Actually, Sheila owned him… He had changed her life in one day… giving her opportunities Sikiş hikayeleri that she would not normally have been able to accomplish on her own. “Yes… yes… Marcus thought… “you, sweet darling… owe me…”

Sheila awoke and was first shocked. She did not recognize where she was. She was no longer inside the plush hotel room… but, was it possible… she was on a ship. A big ship. She wondered what happened. She found a exquisite silk robe and adorned it on her naked form. She found her way up to the main deck of the ship. She looked around herself and saw just deep blue black water… She was someplace in the Mediterranean… Where exactly she had no idea. She wondered how did she get there. The last thing she knew was making love to Marcus… ooh what a mistake. She was still sore. She found it hard to walk and she didn’t think she would ever be able to sit down.

She noticed him immediately… long dark lashes covering big black eyes. He was very good looking and spoke with an English Accent? He did not look English… He asked her not to be scared. At that point, she had no reason to be scared. But when he said it, her heart started beating hard in her chest… What was going on. He asked her to sit… please sit… She tried and stood up ashen and in pain. “Yes… yes, I forgot… I am so sorry. Please try again, on this cushion.” She sat down on the cushion provided, and sighed in pleasure… ahh no pain!

“There is a lot I must tell you… love. And you are not going to be happy with most of it. But I must say it is for your best, that you are now with me…”

“Where is Marcus….??? And… where am I”, Sheila asked. “All in good time, darling… I will answer all your questions. But for right now… are you hungry? Yes, yes… you must be…” He poured her some tea and offered her several sandwiches.

“Please eat… you need your strength and your curage! You see darling… you were kidnapped by one of the most unscurpulous men. He finds beautiful young women, such as yourself and then sells you. You were purchased by my company last night for a tiddy sum of 60 million.” “What… no no that can not be true… Marcus…” , all the color from Sheila’s face drained. She looked terrified and her hand started to shake. She had lost control… the tears in her eyes started falling down her cheeks. The main pulled closer to her and took out his hankerchief. “Now… none of that… you are safe, my dear. I am not going to hurt you… you are safe. Actually, your brothers are currently looking for you, in conjuction with the FBI. I work with the English counterpart of your CIA.” His hands reached out and with a tenderness, she had never since known… wiped the tears from her face. “Please, drink your tea… it will make you feel a lot better.” She looked up at the man… deep in his eyes, searching… wanting to believe what he was saying was the truth. Wanting to feel it and understand… how something like this could happen!

“You see… darling… the man you met… Marcus, is not who he said he is… he is actually named Saul. A young Jewish boy from a poor family. We know very little about Saul and his childhood. What we do know is when he was 19 he sold both of his beautiful sisters as sex slaves. That was the start of his career. He has been selling women for the last 10 years. We have had a hard time trying to track him. But with you… well it has been easy. You see, Sheila… may I call you Sheila?” Sheila nodded her head… in agreement. She reached out and picked up her tea cup again. She took a long sip. The man was right, the tea was helping. It was soothing her nerves. The beating of her heart quieted. She was feeling more calm… accepting her plight. “Sheila… you see because you are a rarity… red hair and deep turquoise eyes… you were easy to trace. Try finding the origins of a blonde hair blue eye beauty. It is difficult because there are thousands of such girls missing. But you, were easy… I was told yesterday of the sale, and my government was able to purchase you with ease. Saul believes 60 million was transferred to his account and that is were he is heading… and we will catch him this time. Until then… we will be calling your brothers and then you get to relax with me… out of harms way. Once we have him, we will turn into port and get you back home. How does that sound???”

Sheila looked into her rescuer’s eyes and whispered, but who are you? “Oh, I am sorry dear… my name is Sir Richards, but you can Erotik hikaye call be Hess…”

Sheila enjoyed the days she spent with Hess. He was very kind and let her sleep alone. She yearned to have him hold her… in his quite way. But he did not touch her. They spent the long days in the sun, talking little of the case. He asked her numerous questions about herself. She was eager to explain… Marcus/Saul had actually changed her for the best. He had paid for a total make-over… the mouse like women was gone… the old film stripped away to expose the beautiful painting that had laid dormant all her life.

The call to her brother was unbelievable… clear as if she was next door… not thousands of miles away… across the world. Her brothers were angry with themselves and at her, for being so stupid… trusting. They had her precious old car and her luggage in their possession. They promised to get even with Marcus… they gave her their word. But she didn’t want harm to come to Marcus… he had actually done her a favor with his greed. She was not the girl she was just a few days before… and nor would she be that again. She was a newly sprung butterfly… with so much promise and hope.

They caught Marcus/Saul as he was trying to withdraw funds that weren’t there. The case was held in England, where most of his illicit dealings were made. The list of girls were endless… their families worrying had but been silenced. Most of the girls wanted to stay in their new lives… having fallen in love with the man who had paid for their possessions. There were a few girls, who had not been treated well… who were eager to return to their homes… and their families. As Saul stood in the courtroom, facing the admonishment of his own parents… he looked into the eyes of the girl that was his down fall… somehow he had known… she would be the one…. the one that would send his stack of cards falling into the winds of reparation. But he would have the memory of their lovemaking to warm his heart… that is if he would spend any time in jail… He rather doubted he would leave the room alive… his own father had that look… his hand deep into a pocket. He wondered if his father had a gun… actually, he wondered how many of the fathers, brothers and boyfriends that were scattered around the room… had guns. How many of these strong angry men would be gunning for him.

He looked up, his attention back on the dealings that were around him. “Would anyone wish to speak on this man’s behalf?” He was surprised to see her rise… she looked down at Hess, who had been holding her hand. “I must do this darling… you know that. If it hadn’t been for Saul… I would have never met you. We would not be getting married… I wouldn’t be the person I am today.” “Yes, darling… I understand… but somehow… it just seems wrong.”

Sheila stood and walked to the front of the room. The judges looked down at her. The were turning over the facts in their mind… and wondering what this beautiful women was about to say. Sheila was wearing one of the fine suits Saul had purchased for her. It held her hips and accented her assets, including its color. It complimented the color of her eyes and brought out the beauty of her creamy complexion. She looked like a model, instead of the mouse she had once been.

She stood a moment looking out at the angry faces and then… her eyes, met and held Saul’s. She knew looking deep inside them, that he had experienced feelings for her… and still had them. He knew what he had done was wrong… and yet, he held no sympathy for his torment for others.

She told her story to the court… her voice strong. She wouldn’t be who she is today, without Saul’s intervention. And yes, most of the women he had touched were changed for the better… that should count for something… a lighter sentence perhaps.

It was later that night… when Hess held her tight in his arms that Sheila reflected on Saul’s sentence. He was never going to see that jail cell… He was announced DOA with 67 bullets hitting him as he tried to walk out of the room. The court was not going to punished those who had pulled the trigger… too many and too much confusion. Sheila had shed a few tears for the man who had changed her… and then she made love to her fiancé again. Hess held her tight and they wound their bodies together… sharing the heat of desire and frustration. Each was frustrated without having succeeded in their goal… Hess wanted Saul to live a life of regret in a 4 x 4 cell… Sheila had dreamed of his escape… perhaps meeting for another sexual encounter on the high seas of her erotic dreams…

She had taken Marcus for face value… and learned to love herself instead.

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