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“Do I really have to go through with this?” I asked, feigning disinterest. In reality, my cock was growing steadily more erect by the minute.

“I told you, just give me 50 bucks and I’ll call the whole thing off.” Not a chance. I had him right where I wanted him.

For weeks, I’d daydreamed about the moment when I’d be able to peel off his briefs and devour his cock, to lovingly thrust it into my mouth until his hot, delicious liquid was deposited in my throat.

“I told you bro, I’m broke.”

“Well.. I guess you better put up or shut up.”

Without another word, I dropped to my knees. We were lucky, his parents weren’t there for the weekend. They had March Madness tickets, so he invited me over for a couple days to watch the games.

“Just don’t tell anyone. It’s not gay, but we don’t want anyone getting any ideas.” It’s not gay, who is he kidding? I lost a bet and now I had to suck his cock, what else could it be?

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” He took off his shirt and I saw his perfectly chiseled torso and my dick almost shot out of my shorts. He had a beautiful six pack, and cute flat pink nipples. The contours of his chest lead down to the rest of his body, and I wasted no time in trying to explore more. I slowly lowered his sweatpants to reveal more of his magnificant body, and a pair of dark blue briefs, slightly tented by an interested cock. Here it was, the moment of truth. I grabbed his wasteband and slid the briefs down. My hands passed by his ass which I pinched ever so slightly, causing him to jump and to nearly hit me in the face with his abs. His faced turned Travesti pink, I smiled and continued the descent of his briefs.

His dick seemed to peer up at me with mild interest. He had a light dusting of pube above his penis and on his balls, with a thin trail leading up to his sculpted stomach. I was stunned, and could do nothing but stare at it for what felt like minutes.

“Hey, you’ve got a cock to suck,” he said forcefully, breaking me out of my gaze. He grabbed my hair and thrusted my mouth down onto his cock. So much for starting slow. His dick was forced down my throat and began to grow, as did the activity of my gag-reflex. I glanced up to see him looking up out of pleasure, and tore my head away from the barrage of genitalia.

“Hey hey hey, give me a minute, this is my first time. Let me do this,” I urged him. Before he could respond, I licked his entire cock up and down several times. Fully erect, it appeared to be around 7 inches, a perfect length. I had practiced on several phallic objects in advance, as cliche as that sounds and found that I had quite a high threshold of deepthroating, provided I worked up to it. I continued to slather his erection with long licks up and down his shaft, occasionally working in a couple flicks of the tongue on his sensitive pink head. After a couple minutes, I lifted his shaft up and began licking his balls.

A moan escaped his lips as his testicles were licked and sucked by one of his best friends. Licking and sucking, again continuing on for several minutes until I decided it was time to actually suck his dick. I gave one more lick İstanbul Travesti up the shaft for good measure, and took him into my mouth.

It felt satisfying to have his head in my mouth, a satisfaction I didn’t have when it being thrust into my tonsils. I worked all of it over with my tongue, while adding support of my thick lips sucking up and down. I moved swiftly up and down, getting into my rhythm, bobbing my head deeper and deeper, all while his moans grew. Eventually, my lips were kissing his pubic hair and testicles. At that point, I glanced up again and made eye contact, giving him a wink to let him know that I was ready.

He grabbed my hair again and pushed and pulled my head up and down the pole. My nose digged into his pubes, stinging my nose with the smell of sweat saliva, and my chin was buried in his nut sack, then coming back up and going back down. He was no stranger to oral sex, although I doubt he would admit it if it involved other men.

He continued fucking my face, drool pouring from either sides of my mouth when he decided to take things further. He let go of my hair to allow me to breath for a second, and flipped me up on the couch with my head hanging off.

“I had no idea you were so domineering, Nathan,” I said, wiping the precum and drool from my thick lips. “It’s a good thing I’m so submiss-.” He cut off my final word by lowering his cock to my mouth and jamming it forcefully down my neck. The roles were slightly reversed now, my chin felt the hair above his cock, my nose having to sniff his balls. He humped my face, thrusting his dick what seemed Ankara Travesti like even further into my oriface. Drool continued to fall from my mouth and slid down my face. It was degrading, having someone use my mouth as something to simply get off on while having my own spit slide down and begin to glaze my face while my hands were trapped at my side useless to defend myself.

Yet, I was harder than I’d ever been. I managed to reach my hands over to at least pull my shorts down to expose my dick poking through my boxers, practically hard enough to shoot off at any slight touch.

My face was fucked in that position until he decided to switch it up one more time. My head still lay hanging off the couch, but he switched his postition. He took off my shirt and sat on my also athletic torso, though not quite as chiseled as Nathan’s. He cupped my head in his hands, and again began to facefuck me.

More drool than ever was pouring out of me, and started to drip down not only my face, but also my chin and down my sides. Some pooled onto my chest where he sat, and as he thrusted up and down, I could hear the sloshing of his tight, shapely ass in my drool.

After what felt like hours, he pulled out his cock yet again and thrust his balls in my face and began to masturbate furiously. I sucked and licked his nuts trying to make him cum. All at once, he yelled and jammed his dick in my mouth again and came so hard, I choked. It was an enourmous load, and half way through, he pulled out and shot the rest on my face.

When he was finished, he collapsed on the couch next to me as I pulled myself over to the side where I still choked on the cum that he exploded into my throat and up my nose, and felt my face covered in tears, snot, drool, and semen. All while lazily stroking my erection, trying to catch a look at Nathan to see if he was in a reciprocating mood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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