Facesitting Cafe Ch. 01

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Preamble before the story: This is my first time posting a story here. This story was inspired by the drawings of Namio Harukawa, and is an attempt to put his artwork in story form. If you’re not familiar with his artwork, he drew large, curvy women sitting on the faces of weaker men in various contexts. This story will be centered around facesitting/human furniture/smother fetishes so be ready for that. If you aren’t into smothering this isn’t for you. All characters are 18 years old or older. Chapters will vary in length. There’s a lot of setup here but I promise future chapters will have more action. I hope you enjoy.


It had been several months since I’d been fired from my last job and I was very stressed out. My job search had been going nowhere and my savings were running low. I really didn’t want the embarrassment of having to move back in with my parents. One day, as I was stewing in my misery, I got a message on a job hunting site that would change my life. It was a message from a beautiful woman, so beautiful I was sure it was a scam at first. She was offering me a position at her coffee house in another town, one I’d never heard of. This was odd. Not only did I not know where it was, I didn’t even remember applying there. I didn’t even know how to make coffee! Still, I had kept my options open, and I wondered if maybe they needed a dishwasher or something. I replied saying I was interested and asked what I would be doing. This was her response:

“Hello, William. I’m so glad to receive such a swift reply from you. I sent you this message because I want to offer you a job. I own a café in a small town of a few thousand people called Femina. You won’t find it on any map, but I’ll give you directions. I want to be totally honest with you up front about what your job will be like. You should know that the women of Femina are a, shall we say, particularly confident bunch. They far outnumber the men, are much taller, and more athletic. They are also very dominant. When they go out, they expect the best service from the men around them. And here is where you come in. You see, my café is more than the baked goods and coffee. I have several lovely girls working for me making coffee and washing dishes, I handle the baking and the finances. I don’t need you for any of that. The men who work for me offer a different type of service. One that caters to the dominant desires of our lovely clientele. I want you to be a chair for our customers to sit on. And yes, they will be sitting on you physically. Specifically, your face. You will be locked in place with your face as a seat for the women to use. It is a tough job, but I will pay well. If you cannot handle this, I understand, but know I will never contact you again. If you accept, I will send you the directions for how to find my café. I hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Madame Kelly”

I couldn’t believe what I had just read. A café with human seats? She wanted me to let women use my face as a chair? My heart was racing, but at the same time, blood was flowing to my cock as well. I had seen quite a lot of porn involving dominant women, and facesitting had always been my guilty pleasure. I’d never been with a woman before, but the thought of being dominated and sat on like that made me extremely aroused. I had to know more about this. My searches for “Madame Kelly” and “Facesitting Café” turned up nothing useful. Nothing came up for “Femina” either. I quickly sent back an email stating in my best professional-sounding wording that I was very interested in this position, but would have some questions. The reply came almost immediately, giving me directions to the café, a time for an interview the next day, and a kind assurance that all of my questions would be answered. I lay in bed barely sleeping the entire night, wondering to myself about what I had just agreed to. Several times during the night, I had to get up and head to the bathroom to jerk off, the thought of large, round asses sitting on me was just too much.

I awoke the next morning, hoping it wasn’t all a dream. I checked my messages on the job hunting website and, sure enough, Madame Kelly’s messages were real. Still not able to fully believe it, I got in my car and followed the directions she had given me. Sure enough, even though it was only an hour’s drive outside the city, Femina was real. As I drove through the small town, I was amazed at how clean it all was. Not a speck of litter on the ground, lots of tall trees and beautiful flowers growing everywhere, and every building looked well maintained. And the women… wow. Every woman was at least six feet tall, with powerful, meaty thighs, beautiful faces, and, of course, huge asses. I nearly crashed several times as I drove to the café, distracted by the sight of so many gorgeous women. This place seemed like paradise.

I parked in a lot in the back of the café, knocking on the back door as were my instructions. I was greeted by a beautiful, curvaceous woman. Instantly, I recognized her from her profile photo on Bayan Eskort the site as Madame Kelly. I honestly couldn’t believe it, she was just as gorgeous in real life as she was in her photo. “William! So nice to see you!” she said. I extended my hand to shake hers, but instead she pulled me into a tight bear hug. “Did you have any trouble getting here?”

“Not really,” I said. “It’s a long drive, though. And you can call me Will, by the way.” I couldn’t believe my own words. Here I was actually making small talk with a woman who wanted me to allow potentially hundreds of women to sit on my face. And yet, in secret, I wanted it. I was craving the sensation of being smothered. I needed this to go well.

“As you wish, Will. Have a seat,” she said. Once we were seated, she looked me in the eyes, licking her lips. “Would you like some coffee?”

“Sure,” I said. Madame Kelly stood, left the room, and came back with a pot of coffee, two cups, and a plate with several pastries on it, telling me to help myself. I sipped the steaming mug she put in front of me, my eyes widening as I drank.

“That’s delicious!” I said. I downed the entire mug in a single gulp. It was the perfect temperature, strong but not bitter, and perfectly flavorful. My whole body felt warm after drinking it. I bit into a cinnamon roll next. It was warm, soft, and very rich. The icing was sweet and the cinnamon and sugar were perfectly balanced. “These are perfect. Thank you.”

“My pleasure!” She said, a kind, soft tone in her voice. “One of the many perks of the job. I do most of the baking here, and I love seeing people enjoy my creations.” All of a sudden, her voice became much more strict and aggressive. “Now that all that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the fine details. I’m not going to mince words here. Yes, I really do want you to work as a seat for the women who come into my café. And yes, your face must be the seat. Are you interested?”

“Y-yes,” I stammered, taken aback by her frankness. “I think I can handle that. I just have… a few questions.”

“Of course! I know this must all seem so odd to an outsider, but it’s real. What would you like to know?” There was her soft, gentle, sweet voice again.

“Okay, first of all, can you tell me what the job will be like? How will I be used as a chair? What are the hours, pay, how will they sit on me? Will they be naked? Will I have to give oral?” I hoped I hadn’t sounded pathetic.

She put her hand on mine, and gave me a smile. “I can tell you’re nervous, young man,” she said. “I’m guessing you’ve never had a woman sit on your face before?”

“Never, Ma’am,” I said, looking at the floor.

“You will call me Madame Kelly and nothing else. As your boss, I decide what you call me. Understood?” Her reply was swift, using that same strict, aggressive tone yet again.

“Yes, Madame Kelly,” I said. “I… I’m sorry. I should go.”

“No, please, I insist,” she said, grabbing my hand again as I stood up. She was back to being friendly again. “You should definitely work here! We’re always looking for new faces.” She giggled slightly at her own joke. “Now that we understand each other, I’ll explain the rules. It’s perfectly fine that you have no experience with facesitting. As many of our customers can attest, the feeling of smothering, dominating, and breaking in a new chair is just as fulfilling as sitting on a well-trained face.”

“Okay. Thank you. Please continue, I’m very interested in this job,” I said, trying to hide the nervousness in my voice.

“Good. Before we get to your questions I have a few to ask you. First, are you willing to work weekends?”

“Yes. I need this job and I promise I’ll take shifts anytime you need me to fill in.”

“Good boy! Question Two. Are you okay with being called derogatory terms including “slave,” “seat,” “chair,” “servant,” and the like?”

“Yes, Madame Kelly,” I said, getting slightly aroused at the thought of it.

She smiled, seeing I was getting nervous. “That’s exactly what I like to hear. Third, are you comfortable with orally pleasuring a woman while she sits on you? An important part of this job is providing oral sex, servicing both a woman’s pussy and asshole. If you aren’t okay with that, I can’t hire you.”

“I’m fine with it,” I said. “In fact, I like it. I’ve never done it, but I’d want to give oral.”

“Excellent. Finally, this is less of a question and more of a statement. I want you to know that if you take this job, you will be subjected to the most intense smothering imaginable. As you spend hours buried between the asses of hundreds of women, you will find yourself learning to embrace your submission. You will crave the sensation of being dominated and sat on. Embrace this feeling, and you will love every moment of the job. This is all a part of learning your true place as a man, and that is serving a woman as her seat. I would like to remind you that this blessing also comes with another side. You may see it as a good or bad thing, but during Anadolu Yakası Escort your shift you will not be considered human by some of your clients. Some of them will talk to you and sexually toy with you, but others will merely see you as a seat cushion. All of these women have lived here so long that men being their seats is second nature to them, and some will get off on using you as a chair. Some will not. The point is that some of these women will not care if you live or suffocate beneath them. Many will allow you to breathe when you need it, but others will not get up until a certain amount of time has passed, and your survival is up to you. With that in mind, do you still want to be a facesitting chair in my café?”

My heart was pounding and my erection was throbbing in my pants. I wanted it so badly. The way she described it made me long to be sat on. “Yes!” I said, perhaps a little too loudly. She smiled at me.

“Fantastic. You will have several options for how you will work here. First, you may kneel beneath the counter and be locked into one of our special seats. They resemble a common smotherbox but are designed to ensure that your face supports the weight of your client’s butt rather than the seat itself. This allows you to keep your balance without hurting your neck, while still offering your clients the fullweight facesitting experience they are looking for. If you choose this position, you may be instructed to lick the pussy or asshole of the woman sitting on top of you, and you must obey. I highly recommend this one to you since you are just starting.”

“The second option is to go without the seat itself and kneel with just your face to be sat on, with only chains to hold your arms in place, which may also be used to support the woman sitting on you if her ass is big enough.. This is much harder and requires much more strength on your part to hold up the women who sit on you. The women who choose to use you in this position will use their legs to steady themselves, meaning you won’t experience fullweight smothering the whole time, only when they decide, but you will be required to give them as much oral stimulation as they want. You will lick their pussies, assholes, and everything in between, as fast or as slow as they like. If a woman orgasms on your face, it is your job to swallow all of her juices, regardless of the position you choose. This is, by far, the hardest option, I don’t recommend starting here. If you would like to try this position once you’ve adjusted to the job, I’ll be glad to give you some after-hours training.”

“The third option is to serve as a booth seat. This is our most popular seating choice. Here, you will lie down facing up on one of our booths, and be restrained with leather straps. Women are allowed to sit on your face, your chest, and your lap in this position, and many of our clientele bring friends along to share a man-seat between them. If you take this position and find only one woman sitting on you, you may find she chooses to sit on your chest. I can also train you in chestsitting if you wish. No matter what you choose, starting pay is twenty five dollars an hour, though you’ll earn raises quickly if you can satisfy your clients. Your choice of shift, from either six in the morning until noon or four in the afternoon until ten in the evening. If you need to make extra money, you may work a double shift.”

“Wow, twenty five an hour? This sounds too good to be true!” I thought. Most of the jobs I’d had previously had paid minimum wage or just barely more than that, so any chance to make beyond that was just what I was looking for.

She continued, a smile on her face. “Women reserve seats ahead of time, for a sizable fee. That’s how I can afford to pay so many seats at once. The women who come into my cafe are often very demanding, since they are often rich enough to always get their way, so it will be on you to give them their money’s worth.”

I sat there, stunned before finally speaking. “I definitely want this job, miss… Madame Kelly. Sorry. But are you absolutely sure you wouldn’t prefer a man with, I don’t know, maybe a bit more sexual experience than me for this? I mean, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Good, you’re learning.” she said with a wink. “And don’t worry about not having experience. Lots of the ladies here like men as unprepared as possible. They enjoy the feeling of smothering an inexperienced man. But that being said, would you like a bit of training? I’ll give it to you right now, under my desk. I’m not sitting on anyone now but once this interview’s over, that’s going to change.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied, nervous but excited. She led me behind her desk, replacing her chair with an elevated smotherbox and handcuffs. I knelt down and entered this odd contraption, wondering if it would soon be familiar to me. She locked my face in the smotherbox and used the cuffs to attach my extended wrists to metal rings on the underside of the table, immobilizing me. Pendik Escort “If you don’t mind me asking, why did you choose to open a café where women sit on men’s face- mmmph?!” My last word was cut off as Madame Kelly’s gigantic ass smashed into my face. All at once, my head was now holding up her entire bodyweight. My face sank deep into her soft, round, fleshy ass, and my entire head began to be swallowed up by her ass crack. I sniffed, taking in no oxygen at all, and my nostrils filled with the scent of arousal.

Madame Kelly began to speak, loud enough that I could hear her under her entire bodyweight. “I don’t mind at all, young man. I’ll tell you the whole story. You see, Femina is a place of true female dominance. Ass worship is very common here. As you have most likely seen, the women here have very large bums, and need to have them properly pleasured. I always wanted to own my own café, and I’ve always enjoyed facesitting. I also love the feeling of a man’s face wedged deep in my ass, supporting my entire bodyweight. I wanted other women to be able to experience such a sensation.” By now, she had been sitting on me for over a minute. She eased off of my face by barely an inch, and I coughed air into my empty lungs. After I took a few deep breaths, she resumed the smothering. My nose was being crushed into her panties but I didn’t care. The feeling of supporting her full weight with her ass on my face was making me hard as a rock.

“Facesitting is a wonderful and empowering way for women to express their dominance. When I found Femina, I knew it was the perfect place. Every man here knows women rule them. A few of the men in our town serve as manual labor, keeping the streets clean of trash and other manual labor to keep our town running, but the vast majority are facesitting chairs. Women rule, but men are only as powerless as they wish to be here. Nothing happens without consent. They may leave if they wish, but they stay because they have found the truth: that women deserve to be worshiped, and a man’s purpose is to serve as a woman’s facesitting chair, or whatever else she may ask of him. Even the men who don’t get sat on for a living submit to their wives or Mistresses at home.” She shifted her weight slightly to allow me a few more breaths before the smothering continued. My face was totally consumed by her butt. She wore white panties that pressed directly against my nose and mouth. I could feel them starting to get slightly wet. Madame Kelly began to slowly grind herself back and forth on my face, wedging me in deeper. “Many of our women enjoy grinding on their seats to get off. She may even cum on you. Remember, a woman’s orgasm is to be swallowed.”

I did my best to nod in agreement, but my head and neck were completely immobilized by Madame Kelly’s ass. My vision was totally dark from the overwhelming weight. Her ass was both tough and fat, totally suffocating me as I took her entire weight on my face. Her skin was soft as silk, and felt heavenly pressed up against me. If I didn’t need to breathe I’d never want it to end. My lungs began to burn and I let out a moan as I struggled to inhale. She gently raised herself up, and I gasped for air. “Incredible…” I whispered.

“Yes, it is,” she said. “A woman’s butt deserves a man’s face to sit on. What you just went through in those sequences was one minute at a time. Take a deep breath, because we’re going to try one minute and ten seconds now.” I took the deepest breath possible as she crashed down onto me, knocking the breath out of me instantly. “That was a test. You have to be prepared for some of our rougher clients, slave. They may surprise you like that. Now start kissing my ass.” She sipped her coffee and sat back, enjoying her new seat. That’s all I was to her now, after all. I was trapped with no air in the darkness of her ass. I needed to breathe, but I also needed to prove myself. I couldn’t disappoint my new boss. Stuck in her ass crack, I kissed her panties right where her asshole was, my lips smacking against the soft fabric. I kept my lips pursed to kiss her bare flesh, unable to even budge beneath her. I did my best to satisfy her and ignore my need for air. Eventually, my instincts kicked in and I began to struggle for breath again, to no avail. My limbs thrashed against their restraints but her heavy ass kept my head pinned in place. My lungs burned once again and my heart was racing. Just as I felt myself blacking out, she got up. I gasped for air, taking long, deep breaths. “Try not to struggle unless she wants you to, slave,” Madame Kelly instructed me. “They will understand that you are new here, but eventually most of your clients will expect you to be motionless. You are a seat, don’t forget that.” I nodded. She sat down again and repeated the cycle. Each time, she slowly increased the duration. She sat on me and ground her ass into my upturned head for over an hour. By the end, I was thrashing far less than before.

“Good job! You’re getting the hang of it, I think. I’m very proud of you so far,” she said, giving me another breath. She looked down at me and smiled. “Gosh, you’re cute. I’m half tempted to just kidnap you and make you my personal slave, but my clients would be very disappointed if they couldn’t use you. So I think that’s enough training for now.”

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