Family Awakenings Ch.4

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I considered taking the day off of work but Stacey told me to go since she had to take the girls to get on the pill. As I got downstairs I saw Danny awake on the couch. I saw movement and thought he might be masturbating but when I looked over the couch I saw Steph with her big brothers cock in her mouth while he was furiously finger fucking her pussy. I walked up behind her and began licking her asshole. She was surprised since she didn’t see me come in the room but never stopped sucking her brother. Danny started cumming in his sisters mouth which triggered Stephs own orgasm. I continued licking her ass until her orgasm passed.

“Wow! What a great way to start the day.” Steph said as she was scooping up her brothers cum and swallowing it down.

“We need to try and start every day like this.” Danny said while he was rubbing his sisters tits.

Steph began reaching for my belt. “Daddy, you’re the only one who hasn’t cum yet.”

“I know sweetie but we can’t right now or I’ll be late for work. You can make it up to me when I get home.” I gave her a kiss and pinched her right nipple as I turned to leave. When I got to the front door I turned to Danny, “take care of our girls son,” I winked at him and then was out the door.

It felt like the work day took forever. All I could think about was getting back home and being naked with my family.

As I pulled into the driveway I was already getting hard. I opened the front door and was greeted by the sight of Satah’s naked ass in the air and her face buried in her moms pussy. Stacey was pulling her nipples while Steph rode her face. Danny was sitting on the couch slowly stroking his big cock to the show. I’m guessing he had already cum and was trying for another round.

I quickly stripped down and began eating Sarah’s pussy from behind. She moaned into her moms pussy and began pushing back against my face. I slid a finger in her little asshole and she began cumming. I got up and slowly pushed my raging hard cock inside her dripping pussy. Her orgasm hit her again and she started eating her moms pussy with more vigor. Stacey began cumming in her daughters mouth and I could feel my orgasm climbing.

Steph jumped off her moms face and came around to watch me fuck her little sister.

“You’d better not cum yet daddy. I promised that I would make you cum this morning remember?” Steph slid my cock out of Sarah and began licking her sisters juices off me.

She lay down on her back and spread her legs for me. “Will you fuck my ass daddy? After this morning I’ve wanted you in there so bad.” She was fingering her ass, pumping two fingers in and out as she rubbed her clit.

I lined my cock you with her tight opening and slowly eased my way in.

She winced a little in pain but never tried to stop me. She continued rubbing her clit while I pushed myself all the way in. Once I was in I stayed still for a few to let her ass stretch enough to be able to fuck her. I began pulling out slowly and started fucking her ass slowly.

By now Danny was rock hard again and he was licking Sarah’s little pussy while his mom sucked his cock.

“You can fuck me harder daddy. I can take it. Fuck my ass hard until I cum.” I began fucking harder and faster.

“Oh shit! Uuhhh uuhhh god yes!” Stephs moans just spurred me on even more and I was now fucking her ass hard and steady making her big tits bounce with every thrust.

“Damn that looks hot! Danny I need you in my ass too!” Stacey said as she got on all fours, her head right above Stephs.

Sarah spread her moms ass cheeks apart and began licking her asshole, trying to get it ready for her big brother. Sarah grabbed Danny’s big cock and guided it into their moms waiting ass.

“Oh fuck ya! Fuck me Danny. Fuck my tight ass with that big cock!” And Danny began fucking his moms ass with hard long strokes.

Stacey lowered her face to Stephs and began kissing her, their tongues wrestled as Stacey reached out to rub Stephs bouncing tits.

Sarah got under her mom and was fingering Stacey’s pussy while sucking her nipples and playing with her own pussy.

I felt Stephs body start to tense up and I knew she was getting close to cumming. I picked up the pace knowing I wasn’t far behind.

“Oh god daddy yes! Just like that! Uuhhh don’t stop! Uuhhh yes yes! Fuck I’m gonna cum Erzincan Escort I’m gonna aahhhhh!” Stephs body went stiff but she was also shaking on my cock. I began filling her ass full of cum which only intensified her orgasm.

I pulled my cock out of my daughters ass and let her recover. Sarah quickly took Stephs place by their mom and Stacey began eating her youngest daughters pussy while Danny continued to fuck her ass as hard as he could.

I brought my cock to Sarah’s lips and she began licking my cum and her sisters ass from my cock. It didn’t take long before Sarah was cumming in her moms mouth.

Stacey was now breathing heavily. I knelt down in front of her and began roughly massaging her big tits. I pinched and pulled her nipples hard and occasionally slapped her tits leaving them red. It only took a few minutes of this before she started cumming loudly, her body convulsing on her sons cock. Danny kept fucking his moms ass until he too finally announced he was gonna cum. Suddenly Sarah jumped up and sat by Danny and began rubbing his balls. Danny pulled out of his moms ass and Sarah took as much of his big cock down her throat as she could. Danny held her head on his cock and he filled his little sisters mouth. Cum was flowing back out and onto Sarah’s chin and perky tits.

We all sat on the couch and watched some tv while we recovered. Sarah and Steph were rubbing their pussies while we watched tv and I knew they wanted more. Poor Danny has probably been drained dry by these three. He’s only one cock and there’s been 4 and then 3 insatiable women to keep up with. Not that he was complaining.

I decided to go online and order some stuff to help keep everyone satisfied. Stacey looked at my phone and saw the vibrators and strap ons that I bought, she just smiled at me. She leaned in and whispered in my ear.

“Ash and I were talking before she left this morning. What do you think about her moving in with us? We can easily make the guest room into a bedroom and she could help us with the kids.”

I thought about it for a second and before I could say anything my cock answered for me. Stacey saw it begin to grow, she reached down and stroked me. “I figured you’d be on board, I’ll text her and let her know.”

A couple hours later the doorbell rang. I got up to get it and Ash was waiting on the front porch. She had on a short thin dress and it was obvious that’s all she was wearing. All she had with her was a small overnight bag. She smiled and caressed my cock as she walked in.

“I have more stuff in the car but I can get it later.” She said as she pulled her dress up over her head, joining the rest of us in nudity. Steph and Sarah ran to their aunt, each girl giving her a long tongue kiss hello.

“Now that’s a hell of a greeting.” Ash said clearly becoming turned on. “Let me put my stuff down and then maybe we can have some fun.”

“Why don’t you put your stuff in the guest room and then take the girls upstairs? They still have some steam to blow off and it looks like you do too.” I told Ash.

She walked over to Danny and grabbed his soft cock and gave him a deep kiss. “Are you going to join us?” She asked seductively.

“I’m definitely going to watch but I’ve cum so many times today I don’t know if I’ll be any good the rest of the night.” Danny was indeed exhausted.

“We’ll come up and we’ll see if we can get you going again.” Ash turned around and bent over right in front of Danny, spreading her pussy and asshole for him. Then she grabbed the girls and went upstairs. Danny was quick to follow.

I sat back down next to Stacey, “we’re going to need at least one more cock here or poor Danny isn’t going to make it through the summer.”

“Is that why you bought strap ons? So the girls could fuck each other and give Danny a brake?” Stacey asked.

“Ya but I know that’s only going to go so far before they start wanting a real cock.” I answered back trying to think of another guy we could bring in.

“What about my dad?” Stacey asked

“Your dad? What makes you think he’d even be ok with it?” I didn’t think for a second her dad would be ok with any of this.

“He’s been so lonely since my mom passed, and I know he hasn’t had sex in a few years. He’s still too young to not be living his life. Plus he’s a good looking man and I Erzincan Escort Bayan bet he’d love to have some fun with his daughters and grandkids.” Stacey was right, he was still too young to be alone. He was only in his mid fifties and he was still in remarkable shape.

“Alright babe if you think it’ll work, I’ll leave it on you and Ash. I don’t need him trying to kill me over this.” I half joked with her.

We could hear the kids and Ash fucking away upstairs. They got Danny hard again and by her screams I could tell he was fucking his aunts ass with that monster cock of his.

The next few days went along the same. I went to work, my wife, her sister and the kids fucked most of the day. And when I’d get home we’d all fuck some more.

My package finally arrived on Friday and I couldn’t wait to have some fun. I unpacked the box and sorted everything out. There was a variety of vibrators and dildos. The dildos ranged from relatively small to a huge double ended one. I had bought 4 strap ons as well, one for each of the girls to wear.

Late Saturday morning I called everyone into the master bedroom.

“I got some fun stuff for us to play with, and we’re gonna start right now.” I walked over to Sarah and scooped her up in my arms. I threw her on the bed and began devouring her little pussy. I alternated between her wet pussy and tight asshole, bringing her to a quick orgasm. Up until now I’ve been the only cock inside her and it’s only been in her pussy. But it was time for her brother to have some fun with her and I wanted her tight little ass around my cock.

Danny was laying on the other side of the bed with his mom and aunt sucking his cock while Steph rode his face.

I lubed up one of the smaller dildos and began inserting it into Sarah’s ass. It slid in easily, I guess all the finger fucking she’s taken in her ass loosened her up more than I thought. I grabbed a bigger dildo, but still smaller than my cock, and began working it in her. This time her tight ass gave some resistance. I continued to fuck her ass slowly as she got used to the size. I started eating her pussy again and within a couple minutes she was cumming a second time.

“Daddy I want your cock in my ass not that toy. Please I know I can take it.” She looked way too sexy to say no to.

I pulled the dildo out and slowly eased my cock into her virgin ass. She squealed and moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Oh shit daddy, fuck you’re really filling me up. Aahhhh oww! Don’t stop daddy. Oh fuck, it hurts aahhh! Keep going daddy fuck my ass, stretch me out.” She was starting to get into it as her pussy was soaking wet and dripping onto my cock.

I looked up and saw that Ash was now riding Danny as Stacey was licking her asshole. Steph came to me and her sister and began playing with Sarah’s tits.

I was slowly fucking Sarah’s ass when Steph started rubbing her sisters clit.

“Oh fuck Steph that feels so good. Oh daddy fuck me a little harder. You feel so good in my ass.” Sarah was in heaven right now.

I picked up my pace and was fucking her slowly still but steadily and without stopping. Sarah now had her mouth clamped to her sisters right tit and Steph continued to rub Sarah’s clit.

I started fucking faster and I could hear Sarah moaning into her sisters tits.

“Oh fuck daddy. Oowwww! Oowww! Uuhhh uuhhh uuhhh! Oh god I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum daddy! I’m cuuuummmminggg!!!” Sarah was shaking as I continued to fuck her ass while she came.

Once she calmed down I pulled out of her ass and Steph leaned in to lick me clean.

“Oh fuck! Oh my god! Aahhh aahhh!” Ash was screaming. I could tell she was in a good amount of pain but wasn’t about to stop whatever was happening. I looked up past Steph bobbing up and down on me and saw that Ash was riding my son while her sister was fucking her ass with one of the bigger dildos that she attached to her strap on. Both of Ash’s holes were being stretched pretty hard and neither her nephew or sister cared about her cries. I decided to add to the party and I shoved my cock in Ash’s mouth. I face fucked her while she sucked her nieces ass off me. I grabbed her tits and pulled hard on them while ramming my cock into the back of her throat.

Suddenly her cries became more erotic and soon she was screaming Escort Erzincan and twitching with a huge orgasm. Stacey pulled her rubber cock out of her sisters ass and Ash rolled off Danny. Stacey started sucking her sisters cum off her sons cock. Sarah had recovered and was now licking Stephs asshole while she made out with her brother.

I started fingering Sarah’s pussy to make sure it was ready for what I was about to do. I grabbed one of the biggest dildos I bought, which was about the same size as Danny, and began working it in her. She moaned with pleasure at first but the deeper I went the more she whined and cried out.

“Daddy it hurts. It hurts more than when you first did my ass.” Sarah was having a hard time taking it but I knew she’d be happy once she was stretched out enough to take her brothers cock.

“I know baby but I want you to feel this before you let your brother fuck you. Just relax and it’ll start feeling better soon.” I continued to slowly fuck her with the mammoth dildo. Eventually her breathing became more calm and she was even moaning and rubbing her clit. I figured now would be a good time for Danny to try.

I motioned Danny to where I was and I poured some lube on his cock.

“I’m ready for you big brother, just please be gentle.” Sarah spread her pussy apart as far as she could and gasped when Danny slid just the tip in.

Danny went slow but steady. Sarah was screaming into a pillow but didn’t tell him to stop.

As we went deeper in his youngest sisters pussy, she began sobbing a little. This caused him to stop. “I think that’s enough for now Sarah. I don’t want to hurt you.” As Danny started to withdraw his cock Sarah wrapped her legs around him and drew him into her with force. She let out a scream and tears began flowing from her eyes.

“Fuck that hurts. Now you’re all the way in Danny. Fuck me now!” Sarah was still screaming and sobbing but she was also moaning like a girl possessed. Danny started fucking a little harder and Sarah was starting to enjoy it a little more with every thrust.

Danny’s balls were slapping against her ass while she rubbed her clit and continued screaming. After a few minutes she had the biggest orgasm I’d ever seen her have. Her body twitched and shook so hard she flung herself off of her brothers cock. She continued to convulse on the bed while screaming in ecstasy.

Steph watched in amazement as her little sister came down from her orgasm. “I need to be stretched like that.” Steph told Danny.

“We’ve already fucked a bunch Steph, your pussy’s already used to my cock.”

“My pussy is but my ass isn’t.” Steph said as she layed back and spread her tight asshole open.

Danny didn’t need to be asked twice. His cock was still lubricated with Sarah’s cum so he began slowly entering Steph’s ass.

There wasn’t a ton of resistance since their dad has been in Stephs ass more than a few times. But it was still very tight on Danny’s big cock.

Steph squealed and grunted enjoying the pain of her brother stretching her ass out. Once he buried himself completely in her ass Steph moaned loudly and grabbed her brothers face.

“Now fuck my ass like you fuck Aunt Ash! I want to feel you stretching me out and hurting me.”

Danny began fucking his sisters ass as hard as he could.

“Fuck fuck oww owww! No! No! Fuck! Uuhhh uuhh oww! No more no more!” She was crying and begging him to stop but Danny continued to pound his sisters ass.

“You wanted to be fucked like Aunt Ash well this is how I fuck her. I don’t listen to her I just fuck!” And with that he began fucking her harder.

Suddenly without warning Steph exploded all over her brother. She squirted everywhere and was shaking violently. Danny pulled out and got on his back. He guided his still shaking sister onto his cock, burying it all the way up her ass. She was moaning now as she leaned back and he reached in front of her and began playing with her tits.

“Come on dad, just like Aunt Ash remember?” Danny winked at me and I knew what he wanted. I got in between my sons and daughters legs. I put Stephs legs on my shoulders and buried my cock inside her pussy. She gasped and as I entered her and we began pumping into both of her holes. It didn’t take long before she was cumming again. Between the feel of her tight cumming pussy and her brothers cock rubbing against mine in her ass I started blowing my seed deep inside her. This triggered Danny who began filling her ass up with his cum.

She layed down and her mom went to work cleaning both of her holes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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