Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 10 Re-Issued_(1)

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Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 10. Reissued by xnxx gregorthegrant
True Story, Anal, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Black, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Extreme, Gay, Group Sex, Humiliation, Interracial, Male Domination, Males / Female, massage, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Wife
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Sandra and I on our Honeymoon continues Am I Dreaming?
Previously from Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 9. Reissued
by [email protected] continued adventures or dreams?

I felt my eye lids closing and I tried to force them open. I looked as Tony held Sandra’s hips and pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. Sweat was dripping from his hair, face and chest down and all over Sandra’s back. Sandra’s pussy lips were puffy and her huge breasts were swinging side to side sweeping across the hotel carpet. In front of her Rodger was holding her head between his huge hands and pumping his huge cock in her mouth and down her throat. Every time Rodger’s thick mushroom shaped cock entered her throat, her neck expanded like a balloon taking on the look of his big cock head and thick cock.

Tony and Rodger, were moaning as each of them, plowed Sandra’s slippery body. All three were now soaking wet with sweat. I felt my eye lids closing again. Then everything went black. That’s all I remembered until I opened my eyes and looked around the dark room and saw Sandra sound asleep beside me wearing her pink, transparent night gown. It wasn’t even ripped. I felt my eye lids closing again and everything went black again.

Now Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 10. Reissued

I don’t know how long I was in deep, dreamless sleep before I felt myself waking up. I couldn’t open my eye lids completely but through the small slits I could see a shadow beside me, over me and below me. That’s when I realized my legs were pushed up against my chest and I felt something in my ass.

My eyes started to focus and I looked down. Rodger was pushing my legs against my chest. “Fuck he’s got a tight ass even after five guys already fucked him.” Rodger said.

I felt frozen to the bed and found I couldn’t move my mouth to speak. That’s when I realized I had a cock in my mouth, and down my throat holding my head with his two large hands. “You guys sure opened his mouth and throat.” Someone moaned from behind me. “I could fuck this throat all day.”

“Fuck the guy’s slutty wife but good. Look at the way she is swallowing your cock to your big balls Sam.” Someone groaned lying on top of my wife. “Damn she’s got a tight pussy, even after a half dozen guys have screwed her. Don’t worry there are plenty of us big, muscular, black Ghana’s to fuck you and your hubby with our big cocks.”

“Hurry the fuck up guys. I need a good fuck. I don’t give a shit if it’s his ass or mouth or her mouth, ass or pussy. Just fuck the shit out of both of them.” Someone had yelled.

I felt a big pair of balls slapping my ass as the big cock rammed in and out of my ass. I then realized my cock was as hard and my balls felt like they would explode. Damn this was embarrassing getting my ass fucked hard and ready to shoot my load.

“Fuck his ass is nice. Wait until all the guys fuck him. Cum is already dripping out of his cunt like crazy. His cock is hard as well as leaking pre-cum like it’s going out of style. Damn he is sound asleep and enjoying me fucking him. You married yourself a real fag Sandra.”

“Fuck gaziantep escort kızlar I’m shooting my load in the bitch’s cunt. Take my cum slut take it all. Are you ready to cum also Sam?” Some big black muscular stud groaned pulling his entire cock out of Sandra’s cum dripping pussy. His cock was at least ten or eleven inches and huge around. “I’d love to fuck this slut again but I’ll let the next stud fuck her. Get over here Matt.”

“Yes, I’m ready to shoot my load down this sluts throat Matt.” Sam groaned.
I felt his big cock expanding in my throat. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and another load splashed on my face and lips. I licked my lips and tasted the salty and musky tasting black stud cum.

“Fuck he really is a homo he’s licking his lips in his sleep. Shit he was born for fucking.” Sam groaned as yet another spurt landed on my forehead.

“You had your turn Sam, get out of the way so I can try the guy’s mouth and throat.” I heard someone saying. I gathered it must have been Matt. “Shit his face looks like an iced doughnut with all that thick white cum on it.”

“Get over here Ted. I’m finished with him for now. His fag pussy is ready for more cock. Look at that hole vibrating.” Rodger groaned.

I felt my hole opening and closing as if it was saying. “Feed me some big black cock.” Was this really me on the bed my legs pushed against my chest and my mouth wide open while Sam pushed his big cock head into my mouth? It had to be me unless I was dreaming all this.

I heard Sandra moaning. “Ram that big black cock in me you muscular young stud. Fuck me hard stud. Someone get over here and fuck my mouth and throat as well. I need cock rammed down my throat.” Then I heard her moaning and heard slurping sounds. I looked over with my eyes and saw a big, muscular, teenage black man pushing his long thick black cock into her mouth. I was surprised to see the black man holding my wife’s head and ram his entire cock down her throat. Sandra’s neck expanded to the shape of his big cock and his big, black balls slapped against her cute nose hard.

Sam had a good grip of my head between his large hands and I looked up to see a purple colored, mushroom shaped cock head as big as a soft ball about to enter my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and the big cock head entered my mouth.

“I thought you said this slut was asleep. His eyes are wide open and I had no trouble pushing my big cock head into his mouth. I bet he’ll love it down his throat. He’s getting it shoved down his throat whether he likes it or not.” Sam groaned in obvious lust and he pushed his big cock further into my mouth. With another shove his big black balls slapped my nose. I found myself managing to lift my arm and I placed it against my neck. I felt just above my rib cage and felt a huge lump. The lump felt like the shape of the baseball size cock head that was just pushed down my throat. I felt myself getting light headed and trying to breathe. I was expecting to black out like I had the night before but thank goodness Sam pulled his cock out of throat and into my mouth. I managed to take a deep breath through my nose just in time before Sam rammed his cock down my throat once again. Once more I felt his huge cock head expanding my neck to fit the shape and length of his huge cock.

“Fuck her ass Tara. Pull that big thick cock out of the slut’s pussy and ram it up her ass stud.” I heard my the guy pushing his big, thick, black cock down her throat.

“Shit this bitch really is a bitch in heat. Wow, her ass hole feels great around my cock. Thanks Pete for suggesting I fuck the slut’s ass hole.” Tara groaned. “The only thing is she is covered in is our thick cum and it’s difficult to hold on to her hips so I can get to plow her fucking ass.”

“Mmmm. I want some of that ass and pussy before morning.” Tara moaned. “Her throat is the best but I want to try every hole, after all she is a bitch dog in heat.”

“I’m Cumming, CUMMING big time.” I heard someone plowing my ass groan and then I felt a loud and painful slap on my ass cheeks. “Shit this is ass is great.” I felt the guy pulling his big cock out of my ass with a loud plop and then a big spurt of cum all over my muscular chest and washboard stomach.

“I’m getting ready to blow my load down the faggot’s throat.” I heard behind me. The guy held my head in his big hands and suddenly he thrust his entire cock down my throat. He must have been shooting his big load. He held his cock down my throat and I felt light headed. Everything went black and I knew I was in deep sleep again.

I don’t know how long I was out cold but the next thing I heard was the bed bashing against the wall and practically bouncing off the floor. I then realized I wasn’t lying on my back but was on my stomach with pillows under my chest and stomach. A big black, muscular teenager was kneeling in front of me with his big hands on each side of my head. I also felt a slap on my ass cheek and realized someone was ramming their big cock in my ass. I felt gobs of cum dripping from my hair, cheeks, nose, lips and dripping off my chin. I also felt cum dripping from each side of my back, ass cheeks, down my legs and even from my soft cock and low hanging balls. I could barely open my eyes because they seemed to be glued shut from all the dripping cum. My stomach felt full and it was extended. I must have swallowed a gallon of thick cum.

I managed to look beside me and saw my wife on her hands’ and knees’ a big black, muscular teenager plowing her from behind and one plowing my wife’s open mouth. I saw as her neck ballooned and taking on the cock shape of the one now plowing down her throat. She was also covered in cum. Thick white goo dripped from her hair, ears, forehead, nose, cheeks, lips and dripped also from her chin. Her back was dripping with cum as well as her ass cheeks and legs. Actually what I made out was one big slimy blob of thick cum beside me. The bed room was crammed full of nude, muscular black teenagers.

I heard slapping and loud groaning beside me from my wife. I also heard the room full of black, muscular teenagers yelling, moaning and groaning. “Fuck the two bitches. Ram your cocks down their throats and their pussies. Fuck them good guys. We want seconds and thirds. The German team gets to fuck the slut tomorrow so we want to get as much of her we can manage before morning. I hated to admit to myself but I was feeling excited and felt popular as I heard the room full of black, muscular teenagers moaning, yelling and groaning what a great fuck I was. I felt the long thick black cock slide easily down my throat. The big muscular teenager was holding my head, his big balls pressed tight against my bottom lip. I could smell his sweaty body and kinky crotch hair. I needed oxygen in the worse way. I felt myself getting light headed again and everything went black.

I have no idea how long I was out this time. I opened my eyes without any problem. The bed sheets felt fresh and clean. I could breathe without any trouble. I just had that strange salty, musky taste in my mouth. I turned over on my side and saw Sandra lightly snoring beside me. She looked so fresh and peaceful in deep sleep. I had to have dreamt everything again. The room was fresh and clean. I suddenly had to take a shit like no body’s business. I grabbed my boxers that were still on the floor and put them on. I got to the toilet, closed the door, pushed my boxers down and sat down just in time. Without even grunting I felt a big load of shit plop into the toilet. Once I started shitting I couldn’t stop. I just kept shitting and shitting without even grunting. I am sure the toilet was full so I managed to stop pooping and stood up to look in the toilet. It was full with big globs of white shit. I flushed the toilet.

Then I suddenly had to burp. The burp turned into a gag and with my head leaning over the toilet I began throwing up. I looked in the toilet to see thick white slimy goo. My stomach felt crammed full and I held my stomach as I threw up again as more white goo filled the toilet. Slimy goo dripping from my lips and chin as I threw up again. I flushed the toilet again and managed to sit down just in time to shit again. I reached under to try to wipe my ass hole and pushed hard as my fingers slipped into my ass hole. My ass was wide open for some strange reason. I went to the shower and turned it on and stepped inside. It was good to feel the cool water splash against my aching body. I saw bruises on my hips and chest. I wondered how they got there. I farted and more shit came out of my ass. I looked down to see a big blob of white shit on the shower floor.

More and more white shit plopped from my ass and I burped again and threw up thick white phlegm. I must have been in the shower a good half hour burping up thick white stuff and pooping out thick white shit. At long last I stopped pooping. The water from the shower washed down the thick white puddles of goo. I washed myself slowly again and caught myself pushing a finger into my loose asshole, then pushed a second finger into my ass followed by a third finger. All together I managed to push four fingers into my ass. I found myself pushing my fingers in and out of my ass faster and faster. My cock became rock hard as I pumped my fingers in and out of my asshole. Suddenly without even touching my cock I shot a big load all over the shower floor.

I washed my entire body again and rinsed my mouth out. My mouth was still slimy with thick white goo. I started to sneeze and couldn’t stop once I started sneezing. I sneezed and thick white goo dripped out. I shaved like I usually do when I shower, rinsed my body off and got out of the shower. I dried myself, put my boxers on and just as I was finishing brushing my teeth I heard a knock at the door.

“Are you finished in there Greg?” I heard Sandra yelling through the bathroom door.

“Yes I am. The bathroom’s all yours Sandra. “I answered opening the bathroom door at the same time Sandra went into the washroom. Sandra came out of the washroom wearing her short skirt and low cut transparent light blue blouse. She had only buttoned up four out of the eight buttons of her blouse. The only thing the blouse really covered was her nipples. She dropped her comb and bent forward to pick it up. I was surprised how the back of her skirt rose up in the back as she bent over forward. I was even more surprised to see she didn’t have any panties on. I’ll end this part of my adventure here. I’ll be working on what happened after we left our room to start off our second day touring Vancouver. I will be working on Part 11. of continued adventures or dreams by [email protected].

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