Family Fuckery 08

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Big Tits

Family Fuckery 08

By: DickThePimp

Fake… Fantasy… Fiction… Incest Based Shenanigans And Fuckery

“Oh… that was fun.”

“Yeah, the fat fuck can really sling that dick. That’s why I married him.”

“Oh yeah. Hahahaha.” Mom laughs. Thinking back to their recent group sex party.

My mom Kelly (Porn Queen Kelly Madison) and my aunt Beth are having some coffee at our kitchen table, looking over some pictures of their kinky tryst with aunt Ronda Rousey and uncle Art. Billie filmed some of it. I also heard they got really drunk and Billie eventually joined in. She told me everything. She was scared I would get mad, but I didn’t. I’m just not the jealous type. Plus, I fuck around a lot on her, so it wouldn’t be fair for me to hassle her about it.

My wife always feels bad when she admits to fooling around, and I hate her feeling like that. I want my woman to be happy. Billie always tells me everything… eventually… and she always gets really nervous and feels bad about it too. I assure her every time that I love her and that I’m not upset at her, but, she still feels bad about it and worries about how I feel about her. Hey… I’m an easy-going guy. And, I’m all about fucking. And, I love my wife very-much. I’ll just leave it at that.

I heard Beth wasn’t gonna upload it though. Billie asked her not to. Beth usually uploads most of her flings with uncle Art. It’s kinda their thing. They’re swingers. And mom and Ronda are wild too, so I figured they would put it online. But hey… there’s plenty more of their wild-ass sexcapades to watch on your favorite premium porn site. Including me banging my favorite aunt quite a few times… in every way imaginable. One of my favorite things… and people… to do. Ha.

“That’s one with Billie.” Mom hands aunt Beth a picture.

“Hot pic. Hot, horny slut too. She looks like she was having a helluva good time.” Beth chuckles, smirking away at the pic.

“Yeah… but, that could just be from all of the whiskey and beer though. Not just from that huge, sexy dick in her.” Mom smirks playfully at Beth, who smirks back. Both of them sipping their coffee. “Besides, she feels bad about it. So… toss that one out.” Mom makes a “outta here” motion and winks at Beth. Beth just laughs and tears up the picture.

“Don’t worry. I love Billie. And, James is my favorite dick… and nephew. I would never do anything to hurt my handsome, horny nephew… or his sexy-ass wife.” Beth blows mom a hot and horny kiss, then takes a big sip of coffee as she slips her shoe off and raises her foot up, under the table, and puts it square on mom’s crotch. Tickling her pussy through her skin-tight white jeans.

“Ooooooooh.” Mom coos. Smiling and blowing a hot kiss back to her fellow, 55 year-old, busty-blonde goddess girlfriend.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Where is your stud, anyway?” Mom asks Beth about uncle Art. The world’s fattest playboy. Ha.

“He’s over at the diner, making sure it’s ready for the grand reopening. Want me to get him to bring his fat dick over and bang your holes silly again? That’s what he’s good for.” Beth smirks again as she rubs her foot on my mom’s jeans-covered pussy, tapping her toes on it as she rubs. It all makes mom smile so happy. Closing her eyes and purring so fucking sexy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm. Well… I do enjoy a big fat dick banging my holes silly. You do know that. Hahaha. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” Mom’s grinning and sipping her coffee, loving Beth’s footwork on her pussy.

“Say no more, you horny slut.” Beth smirks once again, grabbing her phone and texting uncle Art at the diner. All while rubbing her foot slowly up and down mom’s quivering snatch, tip-tapping her toes up and down it as well.

“God, yes. That feels soooooooo good, baby. Mmmmmmmmmmm.” Mom’s happy grin gets even happier the more Beth works her pussy with her foot.

Over at the brand new Hollywood Diner…

Beth and Art bought the place. She and Art are gonna run it, so she’s got her husband making sure everything is ready on time. It’s reopening tomorrow. A new look and vibe. Classic rock and slutty. Ha. New uniforms for the waitresses… pink and white now, Beth’s favorite colors, and even skimpier too. They’re designed to really accentuate each individual waitress’ tits, so that’s a big thumbs up… times two. Ha.

They hired Art’s old friend Boris… a cool, British gent… to be the manager. He’s got a lot of experience running pubs, and he needed a job, so they gave him a call.

“Wow! You two look absolutely delicious.” Art grins at my wife Billie (Pop Superstar Billie Eilish) and Max (2 Broke Girls/Kat Dennings).

Max shakes her head and smirks. Playfully jiggling her 34DDs at the new boss, who’s gives her a happy thumbs up for her efforts.

Max’s amazing tits are almost totally busting out of her almost painted-on pink and white minidress uniform that barely… barely… covers her thick, curvy booty. God, she’s gonna get so many fucking tips in that get-up. Ha.

“Thanks.” Billie Çeşme Escort plays it more cool and laid-back. She’s got on the exact same uniform as Max… and, she’s got the exact same size tits as Max does as well. 34DDs, and all natural, just like Max’s. And, they’re popping out of her top just like Max’s are too.

Art can’t stop gawking back and forth at both beauty’s eye-popping cleavage. There’s certainly plenty to gawk at. He knows this is gonna be a big help for business too.

“You gals are gonna be a big help to Beth and I. You’re both hard workers, and your both absolutely gorgeous. I’m gonna make sure your well-paid and happy. I promise. I give you my word.”

Art plays the cool boss role very well. He’s a cool dude. People like him… and like to fuck him too.

“I sure do like being well-paid… and happy as well, of course.” Max smirks. Blowing a big bubble with her gum and popping it as she leans back against the soft drink machine. Making sure to push her awesome rack out so her new boss will really appreciate her hard work. And Art, notices. He grins away as he very-closely watches that mesmerizing cleavage jiggle so seductively. Licking his lips. His glasses starting to get a little foggy.

Billie giggles at Max. Max mischievously grins over at her as she chomps down on her bubblegum, knowing full well that her plan is working perfectly already.

“When’s the new manager getting here? I hear he’s a pretty cool bloke, as they say.” Max asks. Playfully grinning as she juggles her jugs a little more for the new boss.

“Later this evening. I’ll make sure he gets here before you leave so you both can meet him.” Art looks at his phone. “Oh… sorry, ladies. Gotta go. The wife needs me. You gals are doing a great job. Keep it up.” Art hugs Billie and Max. “Let me know if anything goes wrong here. I’ll be back later.” Art heads out.


“Will do, boss man.” Max smirks again. She playfully wiggles her eyebrows at Billie. “He definitely digs me. I’m getting a raise real soon.” Max blows another bubble and pops it. Still smirking.

“We’re already getting a raise, Max.”

“So.” Max gives Billie a wicked grin. “Another raise ain’t gonna hurt. Nope… it definitely ain’t gonna hurt.” Max’s wicked grin widens. She chomps on her gum, and pushes her big boobs up and jiggles them, super-confident in her absolutely-gorgeous money makers.

Billie giggles again and shakes her head, always entertained by her fellow buxom beauty best-friend.

Where am I? I’m in Malibu with my aunt Alia (Pornstar turned comedienne Alia Janine). We came up here to check on our weed at the new stash house.

I put Penny (The Big Bang Theory/Kaley Cuoco) up here to run it. I hear she’s been turning tricks outta the place too. I don’t mind. We get a cut of that. Plus, I dig her.

Her husband the physicist doesn’t know a damn thing about it. He knows about her selling weed for us, but not about the turning tricks stuff. He gets a little jealous about that kind of stuff. Especially since he’s down in Pasadena when Penny’s up in Malibu doing her thing. He tries to drop in and hang with her, but she doesn’t want him up here when she’s working, so she makes him leave. He gets upset about it, but Penny’s the boss in that relationship, so want she wants… she gets.

“Yeahhhh. Fuck my tits, baby. Mmmmmmmm, Hmmmmmmmmm.” Aunt Alia sucks on my spongy crown as I drive my fourteen-inch bulging cock up her huge, super-soft tit valley.

We’re chillin’ on the stash house sofa. Smoking some weed, and waiting for Penny to get back from a delivery.

I puff deep, then pass to my gorgeous, dark-haired, tattooed aunt. She puffs deep, then softly blows the smoke all over my cock head everytime it pops out of her smashed-together boobs. God, I love that.

I get my phone, and start filming. Smiling at my ridiculously-sexy aunt as she keeps smoking, and blowing smoke all over my sensitive crown as I steadily fuck her incredible jugs. All natural 34Gs. Such perfect tits. Insanely-perfect. Hangers. Long, and a little droopy, but so fucking perfect. And, they taste every bit as good as they look.

Especially when she’s got milk dribbling out of her nipples… like now. She found out recently that I knocked her up again. The third time so far. She’s already got the milk flowing, and I’m loving every freaking drop of it.

Alia pumps my thumping-hard dick while I fuck her tits. The double titty fuck action makes my dick smile real damn happy. Throbbing away. Loving life. The smoke blowing on it makes my dick tingle so fucking good, and it makes it throb really-hard too. I’m in titty fuck heaven, dude. Smack dab in the middle of it. Glory hallelujah. Ha.

Alia’s huge jugs pump me so perfectly. They’re so big and soft and jiggly and, they feel AMAZING pumping on my meat. My dick won’t stop jumping.

A minute later, aunt Alia drinks my load. Cooing so blissfully as she gulps down several big blasts of sex goo. Çeşme Escort Bayan Smiling the whole way. Loving my gooey, sticky cum shooting into her slutty mouth so fucking much. God, I love my aunt… and those amazing fucking tits.

We kiss for a minute, then get back to some serious smoking. Alia knows her weed shit. She’s the best grower out there. Her shit tastes so smooth and chill. The perfect blend for a happy, laid-back smoke.

Alia gets up to go to the bathroom while I chill on the sofa. I watch that booty wiggle away in those tight, black leather shorts and smile. Alia can sense it. She looks back over her shoulder and blows me a huge, sexy kiss. Smoking her blunt. Shaking her awesome tits for me, smoking, and waving as she walks nice and sexy to the bathroom.

I lay back and close my eyes, still waiting for Penny to show up.

Meanwhile… back at the new Hollywood Diner…

“Excuse me, doll… Is Art here?” A handsome, older British gent walks in the front door of the diner and stops by the front counter.

“Who’s asking?”

“An old friend. I’m Boris. I’m the new manager here.”

“Oh shit. Sorry, dude. We weren’t expecting you til later.”

“It’s fine. Yeah, I got here early, so I decided to stop by on the way from the airport and see how things are going. I haven’t been to Art and Beth’s home yet.” Salt and pepper haired… softly salt… 70 year-old Boris checks out Max in that new, very-skimpy, pink and white uniform. Her huge, heaving cleavage catches his eye super-quick.

Max gives him a once-over while she chews her gum. She grins approvingly.

“I gotta say, new guy, you’re cute. I hope flattery gets me places.” Max mischievously winks at Boris. Making sure to jiggle her money-makers a little for him too. He laughs.

“It sure will, my dear. It sure will. And, might I say, your absolutely stunning. You’re such a beautiful young lass.” Boris’ accent gets Max going. She loves a guy with a British accent. Her interest is most definitely peaked. So… more flirting… both ways.

“You sure might. Thanks. You look like you workout. Nice butt.” Max chuckles. Chomping on her gum as she walks around to the other side of the counter and turns Boris around to get a real close-up look at his toned, mature booty. “Yeah… very nice.” Max playfully shakes her eyebrows at ol’ Boris. She’s getting hotter for him by the second.

“I just may have to give this old British fart a go. And soon.” She tells herself. Mischievously grinning at Boris the whole time.

He plays it cool, but turns the charm up anyway.

“Well thank you. I try and stay in shape. I do workout a lot. If you consider shagging a work out, that is.” He playfully grins as he sits on a stool. Max sits down beside him.

“It sure is in my book. The best kind too.”

Max and Boris keep chatting… and flirting… while Billie chats it up in the kitchen with Johnny. He’s a dishwasher and stock boy. He’s 18. Max has been working him over since he started a few weeks back cause he’s a red haired pretty boy that gets a lot of attention. Max the ball-buster 24/7. Ha. The female customers are always flirting with Johnny whenever he comes out front to clean up the tables. Nice dude.

“She dumped you?”

“Well… yeah. But, it was my fault. She caught me with her mom.”

Billie laughs. Johnny does too. He’s explaining how his relationship with his girlfriend ended a couple of days ago. Seems as though our young friend is a playa. Now, your speaking my language. Ha.

“I was trying to fuck Gayle as quiet as possible, but she kept on screaming and going crazy, so Nicky walked in on us and that was it.”

“Awww. Poor baby. Hahahaha.” Billie laughs and teasingly rubs Johnny’s face with a pouty look. Laughing away. “Screaming a lot huh? You must be pretty good.” Billie teases again. She does flirt when she’s in the right mood, so Johnny better be prepared.

“I don’t know. I guess.” His shy routine makes Billie grin. Dude really is a nice guy. Real laid-back.

“Don’t worry, you’ll find another girlfriend. You’re a great guy. And, you’re really cute… and sweet. You’ll be fine.” Billie hops down off of the counter, and straightens her tight, revealing uniform. Smiling sweetly at her young, red-haired coworker.

“Thanks. Max has been busting my balls a lot lately. I was gonna ask her out, but I don’t think she likes me.”

“Oh… don’t worry about that. She busts everybody’s balls. Women and men. She likes you. Don’t worry. I better go. I think Boris is out front talking to Max.” Billie tries to look through the door when someone walks through it.

She waves at Johnny and heads out front to meet the new manager.

“Hi, I’m Billie.”

They shake hands. Max is trying to hog Boris’ attention, but my wife is way too hot for that to happen.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, my dear. I’m Boris… the new manager. My God, you’re ravishing.” Dude’s charm doesn’t rest.

“Awww. Thank you. Escort Çeşme You’re so sweet. It’s great to meet you. I love your accent.” Billie’s sweet, sexy smile makes Boris look her over a second time.

“Thank you, Billie. It’s pretty popular. I must admit.” Boris casually, but confidently grins.

“Oh yeah.” Max chimes in. Smirking away as she chews her gum.

Back at the stash house in Malibu…

“What the….. Spence… what the fuck are you doing up here… in the damn tub?!”

Aunt Alia is shocked to see my half-brother passed out naked in the tub. She came in the bathroom to pee, but she ended up finding Spence stretched-out and sleeping in the tub for some reason.

She nudges Spence, but he just groans. “Get up, jackass.” She nudges him again. Still… just groaning.

“Ok, let’s try this then.” Alia puts her blunt in her mouth, then unzips her tight leather shorts. Pulling them down over her butt… with a little effort. She puts one leg up on the side of the tub and smirks. Smoking away. And, she starts pissing right in Spence’s passed-out, goofy-groaning face.

Dude’s grinning so pervertedly-happy as all of that warm piss splashes his chubby, pasty-white punim.

Alia laughs. Still smoking… and still pissing away. Aiming her stream perfectly at Spence’s goofy-grinning mug.

Spence finally half wakes up and starts spitting the piss out of his mouth. Coughing and wildly shaking his head. His groaning intensifies.

And… he reaches over and grabs aunt Alia, and pulls her into the tub… right on top of him. She’s surprised, but doesn’t drop the blunt from her mouth. A real pro. Ha. She smacks at Spence, laughing at how ridiculous this is.

Next thing you know… Spence’s fat dick is pounding up into Alia’s juice-pouring snatch. She may think this is ridiculous, but… she still loves to fuck. And, Spence still has a huge fucking dick. So… she goes with the piss-smelling, freaky flow. Taking that huge dick up her twat. Smoking, and screaming in ecstasy. Her gorgeous, shaved, and over 40 pussy eating that massive, uncut meat up. Showering it with her sweet juice. Pumping it violently and oh so happily too.

“You better be glad I’m still horny, and you’ve got such a nice fucking dick. Fuck me asshole! Fuck me!!! YEAH! You pasty fucking freak!!!” Alia’s beautiful eyes bounce around in her head as Spence grins his chubby ass off, and pounds up into our newly-pregnant aunt’s palpitating snatch non-fucking-stop in the tub. Piss everywhere. Smoke everywhere. And hardcore Incest sex everywhere too. Ha.

Back at aunt Beth and uncle Art’s house…

“You peed in my hair, fat ass!”

Aunt Beth crawls out for under mom and shakes her long, wavy blonde hair around. It’s half-drenched with Art’s piss. She flips off her obese husband and heads to the bathroom to wash the piss outta her sexy hair.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. It was an accident.” Art tries to fix the situation.

“Fuck you.” It didn’t work.

“I’m sorry, beautiful. I really am.” Beth huffs and puffs as she heads to the bathroom.

Art, on the other hand, doesn’t miss a kinky beat. He shoves his enormous, 60 year-old dick right back up his sister-in-law’s butt and starts back fucking it again. He just finished pissing in it… and in aunt Beth’s hair when he pulled out… now, it’s time for more fucking on their big, white bearskin rug in their living room. They have a camera set up by the fireplace, capturing all the anal and pissing action in beautiful 5K.

He laughs, and slaps mom’s gorgeous, supple ass as he bangs it nice and deep. His dick’s so fat… just like him… it’s almost gaping out mom’s excitedly-winking booty hole. His powerful thrusts up her rectum are loud since his enormous thighs are slapping viciously into mom’s butt cheeks and thighs every single thrust into her butt.

“GOD DAMN!!! FUCK MY ASS!!! WOO!!! YEAH!!! FUCK THAT ASS, STUD!!! FUCK IT!!! HELL YEAH!!!” Mom’s having a blast. Art’s having a blast. And aunt Beth’s… washing her hair. Oh well… on with the show! Ha.

Art smirks extra-cocky. He reaches up and grabs his sister-in-law’s long blonde hair and wraps it tight around his big fist. He yanks hard on it, making mom groan nice and loud… and slutty and happy. His enormous belly is jiggling like crazy, resting on mom’s lower back and butt as he pounds her booty hole deeper and more intense. His huge cock throbbing incessantly inside mom’s tight booty. Art’s grunting and growling like a horny-ass grizzly bear.

Mom’s 34FFs flop around furiously as she gets booty banged for another fifteen minutes. Non-stop. Art has very-good stamina… especially for a 450 pound 60 year-old.

Mom cums twice. Hard. Soaking Art… and the beautiful white rug… with her milky seed. One powerful cum pump out tha coochie hole after the other. Mom screaming and squirting and smiling, and begging for more.

Art can’t stop smirking. And can’t stop fucking. Well… at least for another minute or so. He finally lets loose with a massive cum dump into the most beautiful mom booty ever.

Mom smiles back at him and blows him a big kiss. Laughing away. Wiggling her ass and pumping that obese dick with it to get every drop out. Mom’s ass is a cum whore… just like her. Ha.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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