Family Garden Ch. 09-10

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Big Tits

Chapter 09 – The Hazing

The Summit, Kitchen – 9:45 am

Heather could smell the coffee wafting from the kitchen and it drew her like a moth to flame.

“Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…,” She chimed as she entered the kitchen to find Mildred hovering over the coffee pot in hopeful anticipation.

Mildred looked up at the sound of Heather’s approach. She smiled as Mildred obviously ogled her, staring blatantly at her belly where all the muted chiming came from, and asked with a naughty grin, “You realize your chiming?”

“Like a full Christmas Bell Orchestra and vibrating with every step,” She answered with her own naughty smile.

“Really,” Mildred asked with a little laugh, “Ben-wa balls?”

“And anal ben-wa balls,” She answered with a smile then asked, “Do you wanna try?”

Mildred looked hesitant for only a second then her naughty side was more curious. With a naughty grin she purred, “Sure!”

Heather grinned in return before squatting and quickly sweeping her sarong to the side. Pushing the crotch of her bathing suit aside, she used a finger to widen her vaginal mouth as one and then the second ben-wa ball plopped into her hand. Chiming as she stood up, she still had her anal beads in her. She was about to wash the ben-wa balls in the sink when Mildred put her hand on her arm to stop her.

“If you don’t mind,” Mildred purred with a naughty smile promising more than just a free exchange of toys, “I’ll take those just the way they are.”

She wanted to object but then smiled and handed the ben-wa balls over. Each one was slathered in her vaginal juices and her daddy’s sperm, but if Mildred didn’t care neither did she. Mildred untied her silk robe, baring her petite body to Heather and squatted before pushing the cum covered spheres inside her vagina.

She enjoyed the sight of Mildred’s nudity, the woman looked like she was twenty-eight maybe thirty. She also looked like a little girl which she found strangely fascinating. Mildred’s chin length platinum hair fell down over her face, but it didn’t keep Heather from seeing and admiring her petite shoulders, her surprisingly large teardrop shaped B-cup breasts that ski-sloped out perkily from her chest. Motherhood and age had added slight padding to her belly and waist, but it only served to further feminize her, otherwise Mildred would have been far too rakish. Then there was the thick flame shaped patch of long platinum pubic hair decorating her pubic mound just above a camel-toe pussy slit while all the rest of her pussy was completely and permanently denuded of hair.

“Do you shave?” She asked suddenly as she watched her ben-wa balls disappear inside Mildred, “Or, do you wax?”

Mildred looked up when she was finished, smiled as she stood, and then asked, “Which do you do?”

“Shave,” She answered, then asked with a gesture indicating the ben-wa balls, “How do they feel?”

Mildred shifted her weight from one leg to the other then walked around the kitchen and out to the balcony and back, “Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…”

Heather watched Mildred leave, and in the meantime, poured herself a cup of coffee.

“Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing,” Mildred chimed as she walked back into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee.

“So?” She asked.

“Interesting,” Mildred answered, “Not as consistent as a vibrator, but they constantly zing me as I move!”

“Yeah, and you don’t even need batteries,” She agreed as she brought her cup up and sipped her coffee.

“I didn’t answer your first question,” Mildred said over her own cup of coffee, “When I was young I shaved and plucked, but having money does have its privileges so later after Jean and Shannon were born I went and had a permanent hair removal done.”

“That must have been painful,” She mused.

“Not as painful as repeated waxing,” Mildred quipped.

“Would you recommend it,” She asked before she heard the sounds of Jean, Shannon, Dean and Julia coming out of their room for breakfast.

“Absolutely,” Mildred answered quickly as she put her cup of coffee down and quickly wrapped her robe around her naked body and tied the sash just before her children came around the corner, “I’ll give you the name and number of the people I used later. They did fantastic work!”

“What’s for breakfast, mom,” Dean asked in a typical teenage boy manner.

“I don’t know,” Mildred retorted sarcastically, “I guess whatever you can find in the cupboards!”

“Ah,” Dean complained.

Jean and Shannon came into the kitchen and began pulling out eggs, bacon, ham, cheese and a variety of vegetables. They shooed Mildred and Heather out of the kitchen, and they all stared at Mildred and Heather when they chimed all the way to the kitchen table, “Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing,” No one said a thing, they just turned back to their chores as if they didn’t hear anything…

Omelets were made in quick order, accompanied by hash-browns, orange juice, and more coffee. Beşiktaş Escort By the time breakfast was ready Jason and Charlene joined them, as well as a sleepy eyed Donald drawn out by the enticing aroma of food. Of course everyone heard Charlene well before she arrived and grinned as her belly verily reverberated, “Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…Bauding Bing…”

“So what is the itinerary for today,” Charlene asked as she ate her way through her plate of food and went back for seconds and then thirds while Heather did the same, almost as if they were in a competition, and Jason quietly ate and observed everyone.

Donald tried to not be obvious in his ogling of Charlene and Heather, but he was a complete failure to Jason and Mildred.

Charlene wore her black three-quarters French-cut one-piece bathing suit with a sapphire blue sarong, and she only looked at Donald when she was talking to him, but Jason could see her visibly preen when she knew she was being ogled. Mildred was small but very beautiful, and Jason could see the clear outline of her small nipples and colorless milk white areolas through her sheer silk robe. Where Donald was obviously ogling Charlene and Heather, Mildred and Jason’s eyes met many times as she blatantly ogled him with a small promising smile. Observing Jean, Shannon, and even Julia resulted in the same return ogling, and very obvious…very lustful gazes as they smile at him in a silent promise of very willing sexual partners if he was bold enough to make a move.

Dean was so obvious it was almost laughable. He may be a pretty boy, and Jason didn’t doubt for a second that he was propositioned for sex as often as he made proposals. No doubt every girl within his sphere of influence threw themselves at him, possibly even a few teachers as well. Either way, Dean was hot and horny for both Charlene and Heather as he ogled them both hungrily. However, they weren’t his only prey, Jason saw how he smiled wolfishly and blatantly ogled his sisters and mother, and he knew the incestuous lust when he saw it.

Donald, for a lawyer and supposedly so smart, was patently obtuse or in denial, and didn’t pick up at all on his son’s obvious desire for Mildred, Jean, Shannon and Julia. Not that Jason was judging, his own daughter was pregnant with his child, or, was it his grandchild?

Packing everything he saw away, he started listening to the plans for the day, and it was pretty basic. They would go out to the beach for the morning, followed by walking over to Spinnakers for lunch, then they would come back and sunbathe for the rest of the day until five. They would shower and change and then go out to eat dinner, and after dinner they would come back and change again and go hot tubbing…


The Summit, the Beach- 1:00 pm

It was quiet for the first couple of hours after they arrived, but as the sun climbed toward noon more and more college kids were waking up from their drunken commas and made their way back to the beaches to bake the alcohol out of their bodies. By twelve o’clock the beaches were swarming with people when Donald and Mildred took them all to lunch at Spinnakers. They got to see girls getting sprayed down during the daily wet t-shirt contest, and Dean did his best to convince Heather, Jean and Shannon to participate but he was soundly rejected.

After lunch, the beaches swarmed with people for as far as Heather could see in every direction. There was beach volleyball for all the active beach goers, Sea-Doos and Jet-Skis. There were teenagers and college kids everywhere, from walking the shore line to swimming. and now available to rent, and massive stages were set up offering free concerts. There were large crowds dancing around stereos, and hundreds of guys and girls of all ages, high school to out of college making out and even having sex right on the beach!

There wasn’t a parent to be seen for as far as the eye could see…

Even Charlene and Jason accompanied by Donald and Mildred had collectively retreated to the pool deck as the beach filled with partying kids. Heather was on her own unless she stayed close to Jean and Shannon, Dean and Julia. She wished she had worn her tiny micro G-string bikini, especially after seeing Jean in her semi-transparent micro-thong bikini bottoms and Band-Aids for nipple pasties on her perky little B’s. Of course, that wasn’t what she had worn out of the condo. That had been a small blue full back bikini with a small string tied top that she quickly peeled off as soon as the parents left.

“Oh hells yeah!” Dean chortled over his oldest sister’s nudity, “Even better than a wet t-shirt contest!”

“So you like looking at your sister’s naked breasts,” Heather asked scornfully, seeing if he would get embarrassed.

“Every chance I get,” He answered unabashedly, “And more… if you know what I mean… every chance I get!”

Jean flashed a glare at Dean and he made an ‘oops’ face and pretended to zip his lips, as he retorted, “Oops, I guess we’re not supposed to talk about that…”

Shannon Beylikdüzü Escort was wearing a modest forest green one-piece until the parents left, and as it turns out, wasn’t any more conservative than her older sister when she shucked it like a second skin as soon as the parents disappeared. Like a snake molting it’s skin, she stood naked in front of two-dozen guys as their collective jaws fell open. Pulling a small macro-mesh G-string out and started tying it on followed by a macro-mesh triangle bikini-top that only covered her nipples and nothing else.

“Leave it off! Leave it off! Leave it off!” All the surrounding guys chanted as she tied her top in place over her massive G’s.

Honestly, she should have just stayed naked, the macro-mesh covered nothing! The triangle on her hairless pubic mound was only two by two by two inches and served as a decoration while only a string ran through her camel-toe pussy-lips!

Dean wore white board-shorts, and Julia wore a small white one-piece with a sky blue beach skirt. When the parents left, the beach skirt and the one-piece came off revealing a tiny white micro-mesh G-string bottoms and two nickels taped to her nipples!

“Do you wanna change too, Heather,” Jean asked when she noticed Heather was still in her black one-piece.

She really really did, but she had nothing on underneath and said as much, “I do, but I don’t have another bathing suit under this!”

“So?” Dean growled with a naughty smile, “Flaunt what your mama gave you!”

“What about cops,” She hissed in objection, “I don’t want to get arrested, or ticketed!”

“Pfff,” Dean answered, denying the possibility, “Don’t worry so much! This area doesn’t have police, only the County Sheriffs, and they are so overworked they don’t even patrol the beach!”

Julia and Shannon smiled and nodded agreeing when Heather looked at them for confirmation, “Okay,” she said hesitantly and untied her sarong.

Whistling and cheers broke out as she pulled one shoulder strap down, and then another before she let her huge L-cup breasts burst out and swing pendulously as she peeled her bathing suit the rest of the way off. She tossed it in Jean’s bag and then tied her transparent emerald silk sarong around her hips once again.

“Woo-Hoo,” Cheered all the guys throughout the crowd surrounding them.

The overwhelming positive feedback boosted her ego sky high while her low self-esteem had her blushing until her taupe-brown complexion was rosy.

“Let’s walk down to the concert at La Vela,” Shannon suggested.

So, Shannon took her right hand while Jean took her left and they led her down the beach. They walked through and around large groups of parties, and to say they got a lot of attention was an understatement. They could scarcely take a step without a drunk guy stumbling up to them whipping out his dick and telling them how great they would feel with it in them. Eventually, they made it to the middle of the dancing, gyrating crowd in front of a concert stage.

With the sun overhead, and the press of bodies was all around Heather as she quickly became damp with a glistening sheen of sweat. Hands were all over her. Strange unknown hands grabbed her ass and breasts as people jostled into her. She even felt other girls’ breasts smashing against her as someone tore her sarong away from her hips. As the crowd became more aggressive Jean and Shannon began dancing right against her. Shannon’s breasts were slipping and sliding against her right breast while Jean’s sleek perky breasts rubbed against her left breast. Dean and Julia were dancing at her back and she could feel their hands all over her.

With all the noise no one could hear her ben-wa balls and anal beads chiming like a mad symphony, but she could feel their vibrations all through her whole body. She was humming. She was constantly being stimulated, making her womb a hot, wet, furnace. Someone gave her a drink and she drank it thirstily. She was beginning to feel light headed from all the stimulation. Her head and body were buzzing with electricity, and when Dean’s slipped his hands around her waist and caressed her belly she moaned wantonly for more. Shannon leaned in and kissed her as Dean’s hand cupped her breast while another hand strafed down between her thighs just before two fingers slipped inside her pussy.

“Mmm no,” She moaned as she felt those fingers push inside her vagina.

She couldn’t be sure whose fingers they were, and when they left more quickly took their place, this time from behind while still more fingers massaged slow circles around her clitoris. Hands appeared and cupped her breasts and caressed her belly. Hand squeezed her ass cheeks before pulling them apart exposing the shiny steel ben-wa anal plug. Fingers caressed the smooth steel stud in her ass while still other fingers explored the depths of her vagina.

“Oh fuck me,” She howled as the many fingers turned into just one long finger that pushed the ben-wa anal stud deep inside her rectum and all ten balls up inside her intestines.

“Oh…Fuuuucccckkkkk!” Beyoğlu Escort She gasped in objection!

She wanted to stop, but as soon as she gasped Jean’s mouth was pressing against hers… There was a shuffling, and suddenly rough hands were pulling her hips back as her ass cheeks were pulled apart and a large bulbous head pushed against her anus and slipped inside her rectum…

“Haaa!” She exhaled a strangled wail into Jean’s mouth as a fucking huge dick push inside her ass!

It was so massive!

It was stretching her tight little asshole so…incredibly! Drooling into Jean’s mouth, the dick in her ass pushed in and collided with the steel butt plug already inside, “Fuck me! What is that?” Hollered an obviously very deep very male, and very southern black man’s voice!

“Just hurry up and fuck her Leroy,” Another obviously southern black man’s voice retorted, “So I can have my turn at that fine ass!”

Heather tried to cry out. She tried to scream, but there was always a mouth waiting to kiss her, waiting to take her breath away. She tried to fight, to wiggle, to break away, but the press of bodies wouldn’t let her move. There were so many hands touching her, caressing her. Some were soft, others rough. Her eyes crossed and rolled up into her skull as an orgasm swept over her as the dick fucking her ass hit the steel butt plug and pushed it even deeper. It reversed, pulling out only to slam in again. Jean’s mouth disappeared as Heather climaxed and her small soft hands disappeared to be replaced with large rough ones.

She felt small fingers slip inside her vagina, searching for the ben-wa balls she gave to Mildred. Not finding them, they withdrew before Jean whispered in her ear, “Since you seem to be having so much fun getting fucked by a bunch of niggers, we will be leaving you to them,” Heather tried to shake her head ‘No!’, but instead she gasped and moaned as Jean smiling sinisterly, disappeared into the mob. Shannon was gone. Julia was gone. Even Dean was nowhere to be seen.

She looked up in panic, and her mouth fell open as a huge black man, at least three-hundred pounds of rippling muscle, stepped up to her, picked her up like she weighed nothing at all as his massive hands grabbed two giant handfuls of her ass, and up she went as he lifted her only to smash her breasts into his chest before sliding down as a thick uncircumcised dick pushed between her pussy-lips and directly inside her vagina. She couldn’t hold back the sigh that escaped her as she laid her head against him and blacked out as she climaxed as an intense pressure exploded inside her as Leroy, who was fucking her ass, and the black man fucking her vagina, dicks seemed to be rubbing against each other inside her!

“Oh yea Baby,” The black man holding her purred, “You are one hot little piece of chocolate!”

“Hot nigger dick in hot nigger ass,” Leroy chortled!

“I…I’m mixed,” Heather mewled weakly.

“You’re what Baby,” The man in front of her asked.

“I’m mixed!” She wailed lustily as she orgasmed again, “My father’s Welsh, Caucasian, and my mother’s Indian!”

“Well fuck me,” Leroy laughed, “Let’s send the little coconut home with a black baby!”

“If you have a little black boy name him Charles after me,” The black man fucking her vagina whispered in her ear.

She couldn’t escape, and to her horror she realized she wasn’t even sure she wanted to. She was pregnant, these stupid guys couldn’t get her pregnant again, could they? Besides, she was enjoying this. She felt hot sperm bloom in her rectum simultaneously as Charles started coming in her pussy. She gasped as she peaked again and then sighed when Leroy pulled out of her ass and left. Her vacancy was empty as another boy stepped up behind her and shoved a slightly thinner cock inside her ass. The dick was thinner, but so much longer as it pushed the anal plug and Ben-wa balls several more inches up inside her.

Leaning back, she threw her arms around the new guy’s neck and asked, “What’s your name, big fella?”

“Jamal,” He answered.

“See ya later Baby,” Charles said as he pulled out of her vagina then held her left thigh while Leroy held her right as another black man stepped up and guided his dick to her pussy.

“What’s your name Baby,” Heather asked as she looked around in front of her drunkenly.

“Derrick,” He answered in greeting when he slammed a long thick dick all the way inside her, ramming her cervix painfully!

Pressed in between Derrick and Jamal, she relaxed and enjoyed getting soundly fucked as she laid her head against Derrick’s chest. She talked to and asked every guy his name as they fucked her; and after Derrick and Jamal came Freddy and Quintin, Jess and George, Clyde and Dwayne, Bart and Luke, Orlin and Samuel, James and Benson, John and Bryan. A beautiful ebony man named Lincoln came inside her next while ironically the guy that fucked her in the ass was Abe, short for Abraham. Following Abe and Lincoln she met and fucked Gabe, short for Gabriel, and Michael which also seemed ironic to her for some reason. She was passed around for hours, until many of them got bored and moved on to find new pussy. The sun was setting when the rest left to find something to eat or go to the bathroom leaving only Amos holding her as they swayed back and forth in a sort of dance when he asked, “Hey Baby, you wanna come up to my room? Then we can get more comfortable and party some more?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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