“Fantasy” Football Draft

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We all want Elaine. Elaine is a gorgeous woman; she has a stunningly sexy body, a beautiful face, and a fun, outgoing personality. Elaine also has a husband.

We are all friends with her husband. It’s a pretty open secret that we all want Elaine. It has led to some good-natured ribbing whenever we are all together like on the golf course or at the bars on guys’ night. To his credit, Elaine’s husband never seems to be bothered whenever her name comes up in conversation. To our credit, though, we never get too graphic about our thoughts about Elaine.

I have a special affinity for Elaine. First, she’s Filipino, and I love Asian women. Asian women seem to always have petite bodies and smooth, sexy skin. Second, she has the most amazing pair of legs you will ever see and a firm ass, and I am a legs and ass man. We all look forward to any party at their house when we know Elaine will be around. She always wears short shorts or skirts and strappy heels or wedges, and I never fail to sneak glances at her sexy toned legs. There have been many times where I’ve barely made it through the door before I had to take my cock out and relieve the tension caused by a night of fantasizing about her amazing legs.

The end of summer brought the beginning of football season as well as our annual fantasy football league. Every year we got together at the beginning of the season to draft teams. The draft was always a pretty good time punctuated by lots of drinking and partying. This year, we decided to have the draft at Elaine and her husband’s home. We arrived in the afternoon and had a few drinks in the backyard before heading down to the game room in the basement. We put the game on the big HDTV in the basement and had a few more drinks before we got ready to start the draft.

About half an hour into the festivities, we were getting low on beer. There was more in the fridge in the garage, so I volunteered to run upstairs and grab a case or two. Once I got upstairs, I saw Elaine relaxing on the couch in the living room. She was wearing the tiniest pair of nylon gym shorts I had ever seen and a small, tight tank top. Her long, smooth legs were glistening with sweat, and she was watching TV while sipping on a glass of wine.

“Oh hey Elaine, I thought you were out for the night,” I said.

“Hey David, no I just went out for a quick run. Are you boys having fun down there?”

“Yea, just getting started. We ran out of beer, so I was just gonna grab some.”

As I turned to walk out to the garage, Elaine asked, “What happened to the topless bartender you guys were planning on getting for your party?”

I froze in my tracks; she wasn’t supposed to know about that! We were toying with the idea of hiring a topless bartender, but once we decided we would have the draft here, we didn’t know how well that would go over with Elaine. Up until a few days before the draft, we were seriously considering it, but we had decided against it. In any event, we all had to swear that we would never tell Elaine that we had a girl for the party. I didn’t know how she could have found out.

Elaine sensed my confusion and said, “I knew the whole time. You boys are really horrible at keeping secrets. It’s OK, I’m not mad at anybody. Besides, who’s to say I wouldn’t have liked it just as much as you guys?”

That last comment peaked my interest. In all the years we have known Elaine, she has never been overly sexual. Every now and then she might catch our glances at her and smile, but she definitely caught me by surprise with that revelation.

“Speaking of poorly kept secrets,” she said with a devilish smile, “I hear you have quite a thing for my legs.”

I had no idea what to say. I must have turned bright red because she started laughing.

“Hahaha, you’re not as smooth as you think you are. I see you looking at me every time you’re over. It’s ok really; it’s actually very flattering. I love breaking out a new pair of heels or a short skirt whenever you’re coming over. I like that you look at me, really.”

I figured there was no point in denying it now. I said, “Busted. What can I say, Elaine, you have gorgeous legs. I hope that doesn’t make anything awkward.”

“Stop it,” you reassured me, “seriously, I love that you love my legs. In fact, as long as you’re here, I think I pulled something while I was jogging.” With a wink, she asked, “Can you give me a hand?”

“Uh…sure. What do you need?” I walked over to her on the couch. She raised her long, gorgeous leg in the air and looked at me.

“I think I pulled a muscle. Would you mind massaging me?” She looked like she was barely able to keep herself from giggling. I knew she was teasing me, but I didn’t mind. I figured I’d tease her back. I started at her feet and gently massaged her. “No…it hurts higher,” she stated. I rubbed her ankles and then her calves. I looked at her and asked, “Here? Does that help?”

“Hehe, higher.” I moved my way up and began to apply more pressure just above her knee. I slowly worked my way higher up her gorgeous leg. As I caressed her smooth, firm inner thighs, she ran her hands over her tight toned stomach. Finally my hands reached the edge zonguldak escort of her gym shorts. “MMMMM, right there,” she moaned. As I massaged closer to her pussy, she began to moan and run her fingers over her body. She then closed her eyes and started rubbing her pussy through her gym shorts.

Watching her rub her pussy sent me over the edge; I started kissing and licking her gorgeous inner thighs. She started moaning more and breathing heavily.

“Oh My God! Your tongue feels so good on my thighs,” she exhaled. “Please don’t stop.”

I slowly licked and nibbled up her leg as she continued rubbing her pussy. I wasn’t sure how far she would let me get, but I certainly wasn’t going to stop until she told me to. I hooked my fingers into her shorts and panties, pulled them to the side, and got so close to her pussy I could smell her arousal. Her body tensed, and just as I was about to lick her moist lips, a voice rang out from the basement.

“Hey, where the fuck is the beer? What happened, did you get lost up there?”

I looked up at Elaine and smiled. “You better get going,” she said. She smiled, held back a laugh, and said, “we don’t want anyone to get suspicious!”

“Yea, I better head back down there,” I said reluctantly. I ran to the garage, grabbed a case of beer, and went back downstairs.

Our draft was going well; we were all drinking, watching the game, and generally having a great time. After an hour and a half or so, we ran out of beer again. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to pick up where I left off with Elaine, so I volunteered to run upstairs and grab some more.

“Hurry up this time; we’re not gonna wait for you like we did last time,” one of the guys shouted out.

As I started walking up the stairs, the basement door opened. I looked up and saw Elaine standing in the doorway. She was wearing a black lace bra with pink trim and matching panties. She had 6-inch stiletto heels on her sexy feet, and she had a big smile on her face. I slowly backed away and she took two steps down the stairs. She seemed to stumble a bit and I wondered how many glasses of wine she had since we had out encounter.

“What are you doing? Are you gonna grab beer or not?” one of the guys said.

I looked back at him, smiled, and shook my head “no.” I pointed up the stairs and walked back towards my seat. Elaine came down to the bottom of the stairs and everyone’s jaw hit the floor.

“Babe, what are you doing?” her amused husband asked. “Are you drunk??”

“I had a few glasses of wine,” she giggled. “I heard you guys decided not to have a topless waitress…maybe I can provide some entertainment?”

We all looked at each other, then at her husband. We were waiting for him to say something, but he just sat there with a smile on his face and a look in his eyes as if this was something they had always fantasized about. Elaine was dripping with sex appeal; certainly none of us were going to stop her if he didn’t say anything.

Elaine smiled and winked at her husband, and he gave her a small nod of approval. Two of us pulled the table in front of all of our seats, and her husband helped her up. Elaine climbed up on the table and told us to put some music on so she could dance for us.

We turned the music on and she began to writhe and dance erotically for us. Slowly, we started hooting and hollering at her. Someone had run upstairs quickly to grab the rest of the beer and passed them around. We all cracked them open and began to cheers each other. Nobody could believe she was dancing on the table for us; we had all fantasized about Elaine since we met her. Now she was right in front of us wearing sexy lingerie and gyrating her tantalizing hips for our enjoyment. The firm muscles of her sinewy legs flexed every time she moved. Her hips and smooth, flat stomach writhed and wiggled as she moved to the music. As she ran her hands over her perfect body, the group of guys were getting very aroused. Large bulges began to form in each of our jeans. Some of us, myself included, started to rub our cocks through our pants.

As Elaine teased us more with her body, one of the guys pulled his cock out of his pants and started stroking it slowly but steadily. We weren’t quite sure how Elaine or her husband would react, but as soon as Elaine turned around and saw it, she said, “Oooo, what a nice cock. I see all these bulges in your jeans; are those for lil’ ole me? Don’t be shy guys, show me what you’ve got!”

At her urging, we all started to pull our cocks out and stroke them for her. As soon as our cocks were out, she began to get far more into her dance. She unclasped her bra, took it off, and threw it at her husband. Elaine turned her back to me and started sensually writhing and dancing. She ran her hands up and down the sides of her trim, firm body. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her legs; her flexing calves, smooth thighs, and firm ass were mesmerizing. Elaine hooked her fingers in her panties and looked back at me over her shoulder. She winked and began to slowly slide her panties down her long, tanned legs. When her panties pooled around her ankles, fethiye escort she slowly stepped one foot out of them and in one smooth motion kicked them towards her husband. Once her legs were free, Elaine slowly spread them out as far as she could on the table. All of the guys sitting in front of Elaine quickly got up and ran to the other side of the table to enjoy the show. Elaine then slowly bent over; she grabbed her ankles and started to run her long fingers up her legs. Once she got all the way up her legs, she began caressing her inner thighs and running her fingers around her bare pussy. She ran her palms around her smooth ass cheeks, looked back at all of us, and smiled. “I know what you guys wanna see,” she said. “I won’t keep you waiting any longer.” She gave her ass a quick slap and laughed. Elaine and I locked eyes; she brought her index finger to her lips, slowly licked it and took it into her mouth, and winked at me. Finally, Elaine bent over, dug her nails into her perfect ass cheeks, and spread them apart to the sound of all of the guys hooting and hollering. Her pussy lips were glistening with arousal; everyone around the table had always dreamed of tasting her pussy. Elaine ran her fingers over her wet pussy lips and even her tight hole and laughed at our reaction. “Now that I have your attention, boys, let’s have some fun.”

She then laid back on the table, spread her legs, and ran her hands up and down her thighs while arching her back. At this point, we had all moved our chairs closer to the “stage.” I was lucky enough to be situated right between her legs; she began to thrust her hips in the air and spread her legs wide open. There on the table, right in front of me, was her delicious pussy that I had been so close to earlier in the night. I could still taste the soft, hot flesh of her delicate inner thighs and pelvic area on my lips and tongue. Her pussy was absolutely drenched by now; evidently she was just as aroused by her performance (and our cocks) as we were. She then slid two fingers deep into her pussy.

Suddenly her husband stood up, stepped out of his jeans, and positioned his cock close to her mouth. She reached back, wrapped her slender fingers around his cock, and began to lick his shaft. Once her tongue got to the head, she took it slowly into her mouth and began to suck on it. She looked into his eyes as she slowly flicked her tongue over his cock head. She ran her tongue over his shaft; once she got it nice and wet, she rubbed it all over her face. Trails of saliva coated her gorgeous face. She locked eyes with her husband as she worked his cock with her amazingly talented mouth. She started to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy even faster; everyone in the room could hear the sound of her fingers penetrating her dripping cunt. I couldn’t hold back any longer; I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her tiny panties and slid them off of her luscious legs.

When she felt her panties being taken off, she looked at me, winked, and put her slick fingers to my lips. I eagerly sucked and licked them clean of her pussy juice. She took her fingers out of my mouth and gestured for me to come closer. She ran her index finger through her wet lips, put it once again to my mouth, and made me lick it clean. As soon as I licked and sucked her finger, she ran her hand through my hair, grabbed hold, and forced my head down to her hot cunt.

I stuck my tongue out and slowly licked around her delicate pussy lips. I made sure to take my time and tease her as I gently licked her engorged lips. She felt my warm breath on her clit and tried to hold my head still, but I continued licking all around her pussy and teasing her. I could hear her moaning and whimpering around her husband’s cock. Finally I ended her suffering and forced my tongue into her dripping pussy. I savored the flavor of her juices straight from the source as I fucked her pussy with my tongue. She groaned and rotated her hips so that my tongue slid farther into her delicious cunt. Suddenly she removed her hand from my head; I looked up and saw her wrap her hands around two throbbing, stiff cocks.

Her husband started gently thrusting his hips as she sucked his cock. She would moan every time his cock bottomed out in her warm mouth, and he would groan as her tongue swirled around his sensitive cock head.. She vigorously stroked the two hard cocks in her hands as she used her mouth and throat on her husband’s cock. I continued licking deep insider her core until she began to moan and writhe on the table. I looked up in time to see the cock in her left hand shooting long strands of hot cum all over her perky tits and neck. After a few more strokes, she let go of the spent cock which was then quickly replaced by another one. There was now a line of guys stroking while waiting to either enjoy her mouth or feel her hands wrapped around their cocks.

I slid my tongue out of her pussy and just as soon as she began to whimper in protest, I began rimming her tight ass. I liked her delicate hole and she groaning loudly. She arched her back and began writhing uncontrollably. Once her husband saw me licking her ass alanya escort (and her body’s reaction to my tongue), he couldn’t hold out any longer; he unloaded a massive amount of cum in her mouth.

Elaine tried to swallow it all, but his cum began to gush out of her mouth anyway. Seeing the cum overflow out of her mouth was too much for the cock in her other hand; a very large load of cum splattered all over her tits. Elaine’s husband slowly slid his cock out of her mouth and she eagerly licked it clean. She licked all of the leftover cum off of her lips and around her mouth and with a loud, lewd gulp swallowed every last drop. Her husband backed away and sat down on one of the chairs. I was still gently licking around Elaine’s pussy and ass as she was coming down from an orgasm. I raised my head up and looked at her. Her eyes looked slightly glazed over and her face was pretty flushed.

“Wow, that was great…I hope all you boys aren’t done yet,” she said as she scooped a glob of cum off of her chest and sucked it off of her finger.

As soon as she pulled her clean finger out of her mouth, one of the guys stepped up and Elaine began to lick the head. She wrapped her lips around the head and agonizingly slowly took it into her mouth inch-by-inch. Elaine slipped the cock out of her mouth long enough to look at me and say, “I need a cock in my pussy right now…why don’t you help me out with that.” She quickly winked at me and engulfed the throbbing cock back into her mouth.

Her delicious pussy was glistening in the light with my saliva and her cum. She reached down, spread her lips with one hand and ran her slim, elegant fingers across her soft thigh. She grabbed my cock, positioned it at her wet, slick opening, and pulled my cock into her cunt. Her delicate lips spread apart and seemed to pull my cock inside. I held her body just above her hips and began to thrust deeper inside of her. Her smooth skin felt warm under my hands and her abs flexed each time I thrust my cock into her. She pulled the cock out of her mouth, stroked it a few times, and it started shooting long ropes of hot, thick cum all over her face. I was powerfully thrusting into her pussy; my balls were slapping against her ass as I pounded her pussy. She was moaning and screaming uncontrollably. One of the guys said “flip her over,” and after a few more thrusts I reluctantly pulled out.

I climbed onto the table and got on my back. Elaine climbed on top of me and, as I took one of her hard nipples into my mouth, lowered her pussy onto my hard, slick cock. Immediately, Elaine grabbed another cock and bathed it with her tongue. Elaine began energetically riding my cock as she worked the other cock with her talented mouth. Suddenly another guy stepped up behind Elaine, bent over, and began licking her ass just as I had earlier. Once he felt she was ready, he stood up, grabbed her hips, and began to push his cock into her tight ass.

Elaine’s eyes opened wide and the cock slipped out of her mouth as the bulbous cockhead penetrated her tight hole. Elaine groaned as the throbbing, intruding cock slipped inch-by-inch into her impossibly tight ass. She looked down at me as I continued sucking her perky nipples while I pumped my cock in and out of her dripping pussy. I paused briefly to look up at her; her face was stuck in a look of sheer pleasure. Her mouth hung open, her luscious lips were slightly upturned in a euphoric smile, and her eyes were glazed over. She momentarily regained her composure and winked at me; immediately her pussy began to spasm and clench my cock and she screamed as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. As soon as she finished cumming, she took the cock back in her mouth and began to suck it and run her tongue along the veiny shaft.

After Elaine worked on the cock with her talented mouth for a minute or two, she pulled it out of her mouth and gave it a few quick, vigorous strokes until it added yet another hot load of cum to her already well-covered face. Seeing her take that load was too much for the guy in her ass; he tightly grabbed her hips and buried his cock to the hilt in her tight hole. He grunted as he fired jet after jet of sperm deep into her ass; she looked down at me and exclaimed, “I can’t believe he’s cumming in my ass! Please, I want your load in my pussy.”

As Elaine licked a large glob of cum from around her lips, she bore down hard and used her vaginal muscles to milk my cock. The whole scene was too much for me. I could not hold out any longer. My cock swelled, then spewed my cum deep in her unprotected pussy. The quickly softening cock slipped out of her ass with a lewd “pop.” As soon as her ass was free, another of the guys stepped up behind her and slide his cock in her now wide-open hole. Elaine continued moaning and groaning as she was taking another cock deep in her ass. As soon as that cock emptied its load insider her, another guy stepped up and slid his cock in her freshly fucked pussy. Elaine bent over on all fours on the table as we all took turns cumming in her ass and pussy. She continued to take a cock in her mouth while she took another in her pussy or ass until eventually Elaine’s loud moans turned into exhausted whimpers. Finally when Elaine’s body couldn’t take any more and all of the guys were spent, she gently collapsed on the table. Her breathing became shallow and she let out a long, content, satisfied sigh. Her eyes were completely glazed over and she just lay there, gently moaning and softly caressing her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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