Fantasy in the Dark

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It’s dark.

The stillness of night is heavy on me and I lay alone in bed, the only thing keeping me company is thoughts of you.

The beautiful girl that brightens my day.

The beautiful girl that lightens my night.

As I lay alone this night I wish for you next to me.

Holding me. Kissing me. Touching me.

Far away you lay in your own bed.

I wonder if you think of me, in the depths of night, laying alone.

I wonder if you wonder if I’m thinking of you.

The anxiety grips my chest like a vice.

I wish for you. Long for you. Crave for you.

I think of your face. Your beautiful face.

Your mouth.

I think of the way it moves and the words it forms.

I dream of words coming out. The fluid movements of speech.

I think of what you would say, could say. I think of what I want you to say.

Snapping back to reality, I glance at the empty side of my bed.

The sheets are crisp, blankets smooth.

I’m alone. Cold. Naked. Alone.

I close my eyes and imagine you here.

Feeling your hand reach out for me in the darkness.

Sliding over my hip as I lay on my side facing where you would be.

Moving closer, your hand sliding over my bare back.

I too, would move my arm over your body.

Holding each other close in this cold Autumn night.

Keeping each other company. Keeping each other warm.

Pulling you closer, your breasts touch mine.

I wind my legs around you, feeling like knots. Not letting you go.

Keeping you with me. Never wanting to let go.

My imagination takes hold. I’m not asleep, but dream all the same.

You lips find mine. Kissing me. Caressing my lips with your tongue.

I invite you in.

So gentle. So sensual.

I pull back slightly, lightly sucking your bottom lip.

Letting go I trail my tongue over it.

Your breath tickles. It pleasures. It excites.

My senses go wild. I want you. I need you.

You are with me. In my thoughts. My dreams. My fantasies.

Turning you over, I roll on top of you.

Holding myself up, our kiss gets deeper.

My hands stroke your body. Smooth and bare.

Pulling away I find your neck.

Kissing you softly, I feel your breath quicken.

The skin on your neck is smooth and even my lips feel rough

Trailing my tongue down your neck, stopping often to kiss you.

The reactions of your breathing. The movements you make.

It starts bursa evi olan escort fires within me.

Pulling away I look you in the eyes.

Tracing my finger down your nose I marvel in your beauty.

Sliding across your lips I replace my finger with a soft kiss.

Continuing the trail, my finger slides down your throat.

Down your neck. Across your collar bone. Over your breast.

I rest my fingertip on your left nipple.

Swirling around your nipple, I draw circles upon your skin.

Swirling around and around.

Circles getting bigger and bigger until they encompass your whole breast.

Closing in, decreasing the size of the circles I hone back in.

Once upon your nipple again, I once again replace my finger with my mouth.

Closing over it, I feel it tightening in my mouth.

The tip of my tongue finds it. Encircles it. Then flicks it.

Your chest rises. My breathing quickens.

Kissing across your breast I make my way to the other.

Licking firmly over your nipple I hear you moan.

A wave of pleasure goes through my body.

Sucking softly, we both breath deeper and deeper.

I take my weight on my knees. Both hands clutching yours.

My tongue trails down your stomach.

Down. Across. Up. Down.

Tasting your skin.

Sporadically kissing you. Nibbling on you.

My tongue follows the contours under your ribs.

My lips touch your stomach.

My teeth find your sides.

My tongue outlines your navel.

My lips brush your lower belly.

My teeth nibble your hip bones.

My tongue licks down the crease of the top of your thigh.

You moan. I sigh.

I sweep my tongue over your most sacred place.

Up the crease over your other thigh.

Your hips rise.

I slide between your legs and my hands reach under your bum.

Licking you gently from bottom to top, you curse under your breath.

I restrain from sinking my tongue inside of you.

I stay gentle. Soft. Delicate.

You press against me. Wanting more. Needing more.

I feel in control.

Pulling back almost altogether I slightly touch you.

The most sensitive spot.

Having to use a mildly firmer touch, I flick quickly over it.

Your reactions are instantaneous.

My reactions to yours are just as so.

Tongue sliding up, I press in.

The taste of you fills my senses.

The sounds of you altıparmak escort fill my ears.

I take my time. Enjoying you. You enjoying me.

Bringing my hand up, I trace the path my tongue made with my finger.

Then, moving my finger downwards, I slide it inside of you.

Gasping, you sit up slightly.

I keep my finger still and continuing the flicking of my tongue on you.

Pushing my tongue firmly down on you I feel the pulsating within.


Sliding my finger slowly out, I replace it with two.

Sliding back in I push upwards towards the spot of pleasure.

Your moan fills the stillness of the night.

Hearing my name come from your mouth excites me in a way you will never know.

The wetness inside of you excites my mind.

Tantalises my taste buds.

Holding back is getting harder and harder.

I want you more than you could ever want me.

I want to take you, take you there.

Take you to a place you have never been before.

Pushing both fingers in again, I rub that spot, slowly.

In. Out. In. Out.

Flicking you with my tongue. Fast.

Your breathing speeds up. Faster.

You moaning is getting louder. Filling my ears.

Cursing aloud. Saying my name aloud.

Working you. Showing you. Loving you.

You beg me to speed up my fingers.

I refuse.

I slow down.

Increase the pressure on your g spot.

Increase the speed on your clit.

Tracing circles inside of you with my fingers.

Slowly, strong and purposefully.

Tracing circles outside of you with my tongue.

Fast, light and teasing.

My head is spinning. My breathing ragged.

Your body is moving. Your moaning is getting louder.

Pausing my tongue, I stop to suck gently on your clit.

Running my tongue around it.

Your hips push towards my face with every suck.

Moaning and cursing. Saying my name.

I want to tell you how good you taste

But I cant tear myself away from you.

Giving you pleasure is all I can do

All I can think about.

I want to do it now.

And again.

And again.

Licking and flicking again I listen to you.

Hear the things I know you want me to do.

Listen to you.

Read you.

My tongue and my fingers are becoming one with you.

As you move with me.

I move with you.

Pushing you. Finding the ledge.

The gemlik escort step is there and I want to take you to it.

The consistency for now is all that you need from me.

I feel you tighten around my fingers and feel a rush between my legs.

I strive to continue although its getting harder.

Harder to move my fingers within you as you grab me.

Harder to trace my tongue over you as you move up and down.

Suddenly your moaning stops. The breathing stops.

All is quiet.

Raising up. Your body moves slowly off the bed.

Then comes crashing down.

Your screams pierce the silence.

Resting my tongue on you, I feel your clit throb.


And again.

The waves of pleasure you feel.

I feel too.

In my fingers the clenching is stronger

And stronger.

I continue to slide my fingers in and out.

Pushing harder on your G Spot.

Faster and faster.

The cursing doesn’t stop.

It follows the moaning.

Over and over.

To make you come again is my paramount concern.

Feeling that power again is imperative to my being at the time.

Experiencing you. Experiencing this.

I start to feel more aggression.

Pushing you further.

Fucking you with the last of my being.

Fucking you for its all that I want.

Fucking you is what I am living for.

Pulling my mouth up I look at you.

Seeing the look on your face.

It gives me what I needed to go on.

Making you cum I moan with you.

Over and over.

I feel it within me.

As well as within you.

Begging me to stop but holding me to you.

Your leg finds its way over my shoulder.

I push deeper, deeper this time.

Feeling your wetness down my fingers.

Using it to use you.

Taking what I want.

Giving what I can.

Silence prevails once again.

Its the one I’ve waited for.

The one you have longed for.

As you tighten around me I have no choice.

No choice but to not move.

I push my fingers up.

Move my finger tips.

All I can do as the sound explodes from you.

Crashes around me.

You release me for but a second

I move again.

You take me again.

We fight over and over.

I move, you hold.

Cumming for me you collapse.

I know there will be no more.

Scanning your body as it moves.

Your breathing is wild.

Wetness encompasses you whole.

Sweat shines in the moonlight.

I look out the window at the moon.

It look cold and empty.

Just like my bed as I roll over.

The sheets are still crisp, blankets smooth.

I’m alone. Cold. Naked. Alone.

And throbbing inside.

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