Farmers Market

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This story involves fetish and wife swapping. If this is not for you, please consider finding another story. Thank you.


It’s Saturday morning in August in Concord, New Hampshire. The temperature is in the 80’s and the dew point is about 55. There is no possibility of rain. It will be warm and dry.

My wife, Pam, has convinced me that we should go to the Concord Farmers Market on Capitol Street. She did so by enticing me with the prospect of me being able to enjoy the sight of many women in revealing footwear. She is well aware of my love of women’s legs, feet, and toes. When we first met, she quickly became aware of the effect bare or lightly covered women’s feet had on me. She listened to my explanation of how I thoroughly enjoyed the entirety of the female anatomy but could get in deep trouble by asking a woman to show me her tits or her ass or her pussy. But, having been blessed with the kink of getting aroused by women’s feet, I could easily enjoy this pleasure because, when the weather was warm, women would bring out their summer shoes – mules, slingback heels, sandals of all kinds – that put their alluring (at least to me) feet and toes on display! And they did so without me having to ask them to do so!

So we were awake and dressed and ready to head down to Capitol Street. I’m in a teeshirt, shorts, ankle socks, and sneakers. Pam is wearing a light blouse (And, damn, a bra!), a very short skirt that (Oh, yes!) shows off her long sexy legs, no stockings, and slingback heels with 3″ heels and just a thin strap across her instep and one around her ankle.

I so want to be staying home and having those feet and shoes to play with. I know this because of the twitch in my groin. She sees me staring at her feet and says, “Not now, Tiger! We need some fresh veggies. Let’s go.”

Oops! I’m getting ahead of myself! I’m Dan. I’m in my early 70’s. I’m balding, almost 6 feet tall, weigh around 200 lbs., and have some extra fat around my middle (love handles). Pam is in her 40’s, slim and trim and very attractive – 5’6″ tall, 125 lbs., with a nice set of B-cup tits on her sexy frame with a killer pair of legs, feet and toes. We both love sex and have an open relationship. We enjoy individual affairs and telling the other the details of a singular tryst. We also engage in group activities and seeing the other with others of the same or the opposite sex. We love our life!

We jump into my 2009 Prius. I back out of the driveway, head to the north end of the street, turn left onto Conant and down to South Street near the elementary school. North on South Street, across Pleasant, and park behind the Legislative Office Building across the street from City Hall and the library. We get out of the car and walk over to the Farmers Market.

There are several vendors with all kinds of fresh vegetables. Pam is looking at what’s for sale. I’m perving at all the beautiful female feet in all kinds of revealing footwear. I’m particularly taken by a very attractive woman about the same size in all respects to Pam. The lady has on a pair of mules with her beautifully painted toes on display; and, when she stops, she’s kind of on tiptoes with the heel of her foot hovering over the heel of the shoe. I’m picturing rubbing my erect cock under her foot and over the shoe.

Pam catches me leering. She elbows in the ribs and says, “We’re here for vegetables! İstanbul Escort Go over there and buy some of those tomatoes. Four should be good. And get some of his summer squash and zucchini but nothing too large in the squash. I have an idea how to use that.”

My attention is drawn away from the lovely lady’s feet because of the smirk I saw on Pam’s face as she spoke of “using the squash”. In the past she has used such vegetables in some very interesting ways. I’m glad I’m over 70 because I can get the hint of what she seems so innocently to say while I’m not pitching an obvious tent in my shorts. I turn away and get in line to make Pam’s requested purchase.

I’m surprised it takes me so long to finally reach the vendor to make my purchase. It seemed as if everybody ahead of me had to ask several questions before either buying or just walking away. I must have spent at least 15 minutes buying the tomatoes and squash.

When I’ve got my bag of vegetables and put my change in my pocket, I turn around to look for Pam. I spot her head and back through the crowd. She’s about 75 feet away and appears to be talking to someone, but I can’t see to whom. As I get closer to her I see it is a man and a woman. The man appears to be about my age. To my surprise, the woman is the lady with the mules that I had been leering at.

“Dan, I’d like to introduce George and Claudia. They’re here on vacation, and I invited them to come have lunch with us.”

I shake hands with George, but Claudia pulls me in for a hug and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I extend my greeting to both of them. I find out they are from the Germantown area of Philadelphia, are staying at the Holiday Inn, and had just walked over to the Farmers Market. They tell me they will be here for a couple of more days. The four of us walk back to my Prius, get in, and drive back to our little ranch house in the South End of Concord.

On the way back to our home, we determine that for lunch I will grill some burgers, and Pam will whip something up with the tomatoes and squash. It’s a short trip; and, because the windows are open in the car, there is not much chance for me to talk with our guests.

Once home, we move to the deck with the clear glass table and the four chairs. We’ll eat lunch on the deck. Pam arranges to supply them with drinks and some nibbles as I drag out the grill, load it with charcoal and starter fluid and ignite it. Pam then returns inside to prepare the tomato and squash dish.

While the grill is getting ready, I sit at the table with our guests. George is sitting across from me, and Claudia to my right. As we idly chitchat about nothing in particular, I’m enjoying the opportunity to (I think.) nonchalantly and not too obviously watch Claudia with her left leg crossed over her right and dangling her mule off the end of her left foot. I’m loving the show she is putting on for me. Her shoe is precariously balanced on her toes and the side and arch of her foot exposed to my perving eyes. The sight of the curve and arch of her foot is affecting me, and I have to cross my legs to try to hide what the view is doing to me. A couple of times the shoe does fall completely off exposing her entire foot and her pained toes to my gaze. Oh, how perfect! But, much to my disappointment, she quickly recovers it; and I must be content with seeing only part of Kadıköy Escort her gorgeous foot.

All too soon, Pam reappears with more beverages, the table settings and forks and knives, the vegetable dish, and the burgers for me to grill and the buns and the condiments for the grilled meat. So I’m up from the table and away from Claudia’s entrancing foot while I perform the task of cooking the meal.

In what seems like only 5 minutes but must have been close to an hour, the meal has been prepared and consumed along with more adult beverages, the table has been cleared, and I am sitting next to Claudia again. However, now both shoes have fallen onto the deck and her long legs and bare feet are having their affect on me.

George said something about our landscaping including our blueberry bushes to Pam, and she and he have moved off into the yard leaving Claudia and me alone sitting at the table on the deck. Her legs and feet and painted toes are consuming my attention. She says something to me, but I don’t hear it. She tries again.

She repeated, “I said you’ve been staring at my feet all the time you’ve been sitting there. Don’t try to deny it! And don’t be embarrassed, I like it. Do you think they’re pretty?”

I replied, “I’m sorry! I have a thing for beautiful women’s feet, and yours are gorgeous!”

“No need to apologize. Pam told me about your kink back at the Farmers Market. I’ve been intentionally teasing you all afternoon. Would you like to see them closer? Let’s go inside. I wouldn’t want to expose you to your neighbors. There’s not a lot of privacy back here.”

Who was I to argue? We stood up. I made no attempt to conceal my arousal, and we proceeded to the living room sofa. We sat down, and she shifted her body until her feet were resting in my lap atop my tented shorts.

“Please rub them.” she said. I did so. I took them in my hands and started stroking her arches with my thumbs. Although it was not a particularly hot day, her feet had taken on an aroma. It wafted up to my nose. I had to get more of it. I bent over slightly while simultaneously lifting her feet to my nose and inhaled deeply. My already hard cock lurched in my pants. I lifted her feet to my mouth. I could not be content with the scent. I had to taste them. I extended my tongue and commenced licking her arches. The taste was exquisite.

Suddenly I realized Claudia and I were not alone. Pam and George were watching me. I stopped.

George said, “No need to stop. When we got back to the deck and you were not there, Pam told me we’d find you as we have. Pam explained your lifestyle, and that is the same as ours. I intend to enjoy your beautiful wife’s favors and hope you will enjoy those of my wife.” He then took Pam into his arms and kissed her long and hard as his hands caressed her back and then her ass bringing forth a moan of arousal from her.

Things then moved along quickly. Pam and George rapidly shed their garments and were soon locking lips as before except they were both naked. His erect cock pressed into her belly. When they separated, Pam took him by the hand and announced, “We’ll be in the bedroom.”

Claudia and I watched as two bare asses walked down the short hallway to the master bedroom. Soon Pam’s moans and sighs were echoing down the hall.

Not wanting Pam and George to be the only ones having Ataşehir Escort fun, Claudia and I soon were as naked as they were. Our garments were strewn all over the floor of the living room. I don’t know if I had ever stripped faster in my life. My cock was erect and leaking precut profusely. And for a good reason. Claudia was a goddess. Nice full breasts – C-cups I’d say – with taut lengthy nipples. A slim body, a delightfully handful ass, a shaved pussy, and a very long and sexy pair of legs that ended in two of the most delightful feet and ten of the most tasty toes I’ve ever been blessed to access!

Claudia and I embraced and kissed and swapped spit as our tongues dueled while her hands were all over my back and ass as mine were doing the same to her back and ass! But then I just couldn’t wait any longer. I sat her back on the sofa and started to worship those wonderfully pungent and tasty feet and toes.

My tongue licked up and savored the arch of her left foot. Then I did the same to her right. Up and down tasting each foot for several minutes. Also taking her heels into my mouth and kissing, licking, and sucking them. Her feet were in my hands as I worshiped them and saw the wetness increase and then drip from her cunt. I kissed, licked and sucked her toes – one by one – savoring their flavor. Sucking her big toes had her moaning and sighing! What delicious pedal digits! Then I was sitting and enjoying one foot as the other rubbed and caressed my balls and cock. Then her foot reached out, and she rubbed her foot on my very sensitive nipples. My cock jerked and throbbed as first one foot and then both teased my erect man nipples!

I was staring at her open dripping cunt! I had to taste that. I moved her on the sofa so I could kiss up her legs until my head was between her thighs, her scent invading my nostrils. I took several really deep breaths of her aroma of arousal. Then my tongue extended to lick and get the first taste of her juices. I kissed and licked those lips. I sucked each thigh. I sucked her pussy lips. I tongued her slit. I pushed her legs back and tasted her taint and the her anus. I lapped her back door and reveled in the moans and sighs that elicited. I slid one, then two, then three fingers into her vagina. I caressed her g-spot as I kissed, licked, and sucked her clit. She grabbed my head and pulled it to her. I tongue fucked her. I then finger fucked her while attacking her clit. Her legs crushed my ears and she screamed as she shook and shivered and twitched through her orgasm. I continued and she continued to cum. Lost count of how many orgasms she had.

Finally she pushed my head away and said, “I need cock! Give me that fat hard beast! Fuck me! Fuck me!” And I did! I mounted her and slid all the way into her very well lubricated cunt! It only took a few strokes, and my arousal overtook me as I tributed her allure with my semen!

Then we rested. We cuddled and recovered. Eventually we made it down to the bedroom and joined Pam and George on the bed. We then played together with our Pennsylvania guests until we gave them a ride back to the Holiday Inn where they checked out and came to spend the next few days extending their vacation beyond its original limits. We spent most of our time fucking and sucking with our guests. The ladies enjoyed each other as they wore out us old guys. We eventually masturbated over them, and both George and I got sucked back to hardness several times. Sometimes we ejaculated into one or the other of the two cunts, and sometimes just coated their throats with our semen. And I enjoyed twenty luscious toes many times.

It was a vacation and occasion to remember!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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