Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 10

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It was the wedding day tomorrow. That afternoon the family had gathered to meet the vicar who would marry Kim and Martin. Richard and Marjorie listened with the engaged couple as the vicar and her husband, who was also a vicar, ran through the stages of the ceremony.

The vicar, Mrs Reid, was dressed conservatively. She was around 40 but with a far larger bust size than that. Her husband was a small frail man and Richard felt the unmistakeable stirrings in his balls as he decided he would change her life forever.

As they all got up to leave Richard asked if he could stay for 15 minutes to discuss something with the vicar and her husband about the funding for the renovation of the church.

As the others left Richard turned to face the married couple.

“You two need my money for this church. I want something in return.”

Mr Reid was shocked by Richard’s sudden rudeness.

“Please, I am sure we can reach an agreement” he replied.

“I agree” said Richard. He stepped forward and cupped Mrs Reid’s huge boobs in his hands. She looked terrified and shocked, as did her husband.

Richard stepped back and unzipped his trousers. His dick sprung out and bobbed lewdly in front of them.

“I can’t remember the last day I didn’t fuck my son’s gorgeous fiancée with this monster” he said. “Now it is your wife’s turn.”

“No” said her husband calmly. “You may be an evil man who cheats on his wife and betrays his son but we love each other and we put our faith in God and we are not interested in arrogant men like you who ogle my wife’s body and think that because you have a freakish cock that you can break our marriage bond. Others have lusted after my wife but she has chosen me”

“Big words from a little man. I have faith in my cock. Let us see who wins. Interesting that you wife is silent. She is thinking about what it would feel like to have this inside her instead of yours.”

Richard ataköy escort started stroking his huge dick and mouthing “God they are huge” at Mrs Reid and staring at her tits as she stood motionless.

Mr Reid stepped forward to say something. He was frightened but determined to protect his wife. Richard smiled and the head of his cock expanded and flared open. He shot one burst of thick cum hard into the man’s eyes. He stumbled and fell back onto the sofa in panic.

When Mr Reid had wiped his eyes clear and recovered from the shock he saw a sickening site. His busty wife was kneeling topless on the floor with 9 inches of rock hard cock down her throat and the remainder wrapped in her huge melons and Richard’s fleshy balls were being worshipped by her hands. Her face and tits were covered, plastered with cum.

Richard said whilst laughing “Don’t waste my offering to you Mr Reid, your wife will happily come and lick it off you. She worshipped God, now she worships this. She never worshipped you though. I better get going but the church is safe as long as your wife doesn’t wash my cum off her tits before the ceremony tomorrow.”

“But I need you to fuck me with it. Don’t leave yet. I have never had anything like it” said Mrs Reid.

“Mary no!!” pleaded Mr Reid.

Richard jumped up and said “I need to go.”

“Just five minutes with your hands on these and your dick spurting inside me, please” Mary said. “It would be the best 5 minutes of my life.” She pressed her huge tits into Richard’s face.

He turned to Mr Reid whose face was white as a sheet and said “Everything you valued in life you have lost just because I loved the way your wife’s tits strained against her tight tunic. She will never want you in bed again after this. God has let you down. I command you Mary never to fuck him again.”

Richard fucked her into avcılar escort multiple orgasms before jetting his load deep inside of her. Mary pleaded for an opportunity to ride it and bounce her tits in Richard’s face and so Richard fucked her yet again, driving it up into her. Mary was quickly an expert at persuading Richard he needed her again. She raced to dress herself in her robes that she would wear at tomorrow’s service and Richard drove his cock down her throat and came over her face again and flecks of sperm splattered onto her gown.

He heard Mary saying “You have had a taste of him, now eat it out of me darling, that is your job from now on” to her husband as Richard walked out of the door.


Martin had cried into Kim’s chest as he told her what a shit his father was and that it had been his father who fucked Sally when she dumped him.

Kim explained that Richard would still have to come to the wedding because he was paying for it. She told him to ignore his father and concentrate on marrying her tomorrow and then going on honeymoon. She teased Martin by showing him the lingerie she had bought for the honeymoon.

The doorbell rang and to Martin’s amazement it was his father with Sally dressed to kill and openly feeling the huge bulge in his father’s trousers. “Hi Martin” said Sally, “I was just hearing from your father that you watched him cover Linda with cum. Apparently the vicar has taken a shine to this as well” she said emphasising the thick bulge down his trouser leg with her hand.

Richard called through to Kim:

“My wife doesn’t want you staying in the same house as Martin tonight. It is bad luck. Sally said she would keep Martin company and I will run you to our home.

“Thanks Richard” called Kim, already looking forward to the ride home on Richard’s huge cock.

Martin kissed Kim and beylikdüzü escort told her he was looking forward to marrying her tomorrow but as he said it he felt uneasy as he saw her eyes were drawn to the huge bulge in Richard’s trousers which Sally had only just released. Kim said to Richard and Sally:

“Martin has been telling me that you two have been a bit naughty.” Sally patted Richard’s groin and said “Poor Martin.” Both girls giggled and Martin felt very uncomfortable. How could Kim laugh about this?

Before he knew it Richard had Kim in his Ferrari and just as he thought he saw her leaning over in the car towards Richard, Sally slammed the front door.

“So you know about your father and me. You want details?” she said laughing and crossing her long tanned legs on the kitchen table. She also had acres of firm smooth torso showing as her shirt was tied in a knot just below her tits.

“The day before I dumped you he literally fucked my pretty mouth with his 15 inch monster in your bed whilst you waited for us downstairs. He fucked me over the dining table when you left the room that evening and of course he was pounding my arse with his amazing cock when I was trying to dump you on the phone. That was his idea. He is a wicked man. The times since then have been too numerous to mention. Poor Marjorie. How is she supposed to compete with me” she said sliding her hands over her thighs.

She crossed and uncrossed her legs repeatedly and Martin found his cock throbbing at the sight of her fantastic body and her evil smile.

“Take it out and cum. I know you want me still despite loving Kim and despite the fact you really hate me. Cum for me now!”

He was trying to get his dick out but it was too late. She was right. He lusted after her and he emptied his small load into his trousers.

“Did you notice that Kim spotted your father’s mighty weapon this evening” she said smirking. “Sweet dreams” she said getting up and leaving.

Panic set in for Martin just as Richard emptied his first blast of cum up Kim’s arse as she curved her tanned body over the steering wheel of the Ferrari and begged for more. Mary and Kim both ached with the feeling of having been properly fucked that night.

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