Feeding Desire

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It was dark out but she had to get to him. The urge inside her was taking over her every thought and she knew he could fix that. With every step she took towards the room he was being held at her heart sped up and her pussy moistened a bit more. He was the captain of a rival ship but his anger of being caught would help with the need of feeling a man take over her.

She had seen the huge mass between his legs as he was ordered to strip down earlier that day and since then she couldn’t shake the thought of seeing how big he was once erect. She licked her lips thinking about riding him. She needed to feel him inside her.

Once she reached the door she felt her desire for him get stronger. She walked inside the room and locked the door behind her. She stood before him and he looked up, he thought it would be another group there to torture him but instead he saw a woman. He had seen her before she was dressed like a man but he could swear there was a plump ass under those loose pants and a set of well-formed tits under the heavy jacket. She looked young, around 19.

She walked toward him. He was strapped up from his wrists, they were tied together with a chain that hung from the ceiling. He was shirtless wearing only the prisoner trousers provided to him. She grew closer to him and caressed his arms then her hands fell down to his abdomen and she looked at his face for the first time.

“You’re tired of these chains aren’t you?” She whispered into his ear. Her voice was sweet but there was a hint of teasing in her tone. Her body was very close and her smell was driving his manly instincts insane. “What are you doing here?” He asked with a growl. “Isn’t it obvious?” She whimpered as she eagerly proceeded to kiss his lips. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and tasted her sweetness, nothing had ever tasted this innocent to him and it made him crave for her even more.

“Just wait a while more and I will get you off of those chains ok?” She murmured and he nodded in confusion. That nod was all she needed to get down on her Escort Bayan Gaziantep knees and rip his trousers off. She saw his cock growing steadily as his desire for her grew with each passing second. She took his engorged member with one hand as she licked its underside and played with his balls she then slowly sucked on each one tenderly. She made her way back up and kissed the head of his penis and slowly kissed and licked his entire shaft until he was groaning.

He wanted more but she was going to make him wait. She giggled and rose to her feet to kiss his neck. She then placed her hands on his chest once more and trailed them down his chest and abdomen as she placed kisses all over his steaming body. Once she reached his dick she began to suck on the head as she slowly pumped its shaft with her right hand and held onto his ass with the left hand. He screamed in frustration, he couldn’t force her head to take his whole dick into her mouth and he couldn’t make her hand move any faster, he couldn’t do anything to get more pleasure out of her. He was chained and she was taking advantage of it. She took her time feeling his dick getting harder and harder inside her mouth. Tasting his sweet pre cum made her mouth water and crave for more. She finally took more of his dick inside her mouth and placed her smooth lips around it and started sucking and twirling her tongue around his cock. He was feeling the inside of her mouth, soft hot and wet. His grunts and moans encouraged her to continue pleasing him.

He was blinded by lust, he wanted nothing more than to be inside her and take her at the speed he wanted.

She rose after planting a firm kiss on his dicks head and took out the key that set him free of the bounding chains. He was on her like a dog preying on a hare. His arms lunged out and grabbed her “it’s your turn babe” he growled into her neck as he kissed and nibbled on it.

He looked down at her clothes and decided to work from top to bottom he shook her jacket off and tore her pirate blouse. He hadn’t been wrong, her breasts were more than just well-formed and her nipples popped straight up. He sucked on one as he massaged the other between his thumb and index finger. She started arching her back and moaning, he was making her wetter with each passing second.

He gave each of her nipples a quick lick and then kissed her all the way down to her hips, where her pants began, he unzipped them and in one swift move they were off of her. He turned her around to take a look at her ass and it looked huge on her small frame he grabbed her wrists and pushed her against the wall, and held her hands up over her head as he moved her panties to the side. “Let’s see how you like it” he moaned into her ear. She whimpered and moved her pussy towards his hand in response.

He stroked her pussy lips until he felt her dripping with desire. He smacked her butt and squeezed it, then he stuck a finger into her soaked pussy and slid slowly up and down making sure to rub her clit. Her knees buckled and he pressed her into the wall harder. Her moaning was now loud and insistent. She wanted him inside and he wanted to give in but he was going to make her pay for teasing him first. He turned her back around and ordered her to lie on the floor, she obeyed without question.

She was in a daze her desire to feel his thick member in her wet cunt made it hard to resist him and caused her to do his every bidding. He kissed her lips then went directly down to her thighs. He spread her legs and kissed the inner part of her thigh, slowly making his way to her pussy. He nibbled and sucked on her thighs feeling the heat of her pussy increase as he neared her puffed up pussy lips.

His tongue lingered close to her clit and he pulled away just as his hot breath reached her wanting pussy. He laughed as she screamed for him to make her his own. He rubbed her pussy once more and finally sank down on her. His lips and tongue were hot. He rapidly flicked his tongue on her clit then he sucked on it. He pushed one finger inside of her while his tongue lapped up hungrily at her juices. He felt her body start to tense up, he knew she was about to have an orgasm but he stopped, he wanted her to orgasm with him inside her first.

He ordered her to get on her knees as he stood up and then stuffed his dick into her pretty mouth. Her eyes widened as she felt the pressure of his penis against her cheek then against her throat. He thrust in and out as he held her head in place finally fucking her sweet mouth at the speed he had desired. He then picked her up and walked her to the wall pushing her back against it and lifting her from her ass. She wrapped her legs around him. He moved one hand to his dick and took hold of it to rub it against her clit. She moaned and bit her lip “please!” she begged and at that exact moment she felt a searing pain through her body.

His penis was stretching her pussy. His thick head slowly made its way inside her. As the ship rocked with every passing wave his dick ascended into her. He groaned and she screamed as he pumped in the last couple of inches of his cock into her. He matched the rhythm of his thrusts to those of the rocking ship. Her wet pussy made it easy to rub his cock against her tight walls. She pushed her body against him and he knelt to the floor. She broke away from a kiss and asked him to lie down on the floor. He laid down being careful to stay inside of her, then he placed his hands on her hips. She was riding him rocking her hips back and forth. Her back arched away from him and her hands were over her breasts caressing them and pinching at the nipples. She bounced her body on his dick moaning loudly. He released her hips just to pull her body down toward him, he wanted those nipples in his mouth once more. He took her tit into his mouth and sucked feverishly. He pushed her down causing his dick to fully slam into her again. She moaned and breathed heavily into his neck as he pushed her up and down with his arms and hands. Her pussy tightened around his cock, her body began to shake and she let out a loud long moan followed by several small screams of pleasure. He came at that moment his dick erupting into her. She felt the hot liquid fill her as she came once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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