Female Mounted Troopers

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The young trooper proudly led her squad of female mounted troopers into battle, their enemy were male soldiers who had earlier that day managed to overpower another squad of female mounted troopers, twelve brave women were outnumbered three to one, each one pulled from her horse and brutally slaughtered by male soldiers who’s uniforms consisted of sheer nylon tights, with nothing underneath, knee length boots and red tunics, the leader of these men, a powerful wealthy dominatrix, liked to see her soldiers erect manhoods through their tights.

She thought that if the female mounted troopers saw her tights clad soldiers erect penises and cum filled testicles held firmly in skintight nylon that it would be too much of a distraction for the young women to bear and then her oversexed men could easily defeat them, this was not the case the female troopers thought the soldiers tights made them look weak and the erect penises were an easy target for the female troopers razor sharp swords, given their high vantage point the mounted females looked down on the tights clad males slicing into their erect manhoods and easily castrating them.

However, that morning the dominatrix changed her tactics, she had lost so many men in recent battles and was horrified to see the castrated corpses of her soldiers lying on the forest floor their blood staining the ground that she decided to outnumber the female mounted troopers, she knew a squad of twelve women would be on patrol and she knew their route so she sent a squad of forty of her tights clad men to ambush them.

The tights clad soldiers took cover either side of the forest trail, hidden by the dense foliage, as the female troopers rode passed on their horses the men attacked, each mounted trooper was attacked by at least three soldiers, each woman was violently pulled from her saddle and slammed onto the wet ground, screaming in terror and shock the doomed mounted troopers were taken completely by surprise.

One young trooper had an erect penis forced into her mouth she could feel her skintight jodhpurs being pulled down, these brave women troopers wear nothing under their jodhpurs, she was aware of a wet hard cock being forced into her tight vagina however she wasn’t giving up so easily, she bit down hard on the stinking cock in her mouth biting it clean off the screaming male, she spat the penis out of her mouth and watched as the male soldier fell to the ground in agony clutching his groin, it didn’t help her once the other men attacking her had seen what she had done they slit her throat.

The rest of the female troopers suffered similar fates all of them bravely defending themselves as best they could against the onslaught, some male soldiers were seriously wounded the women targeting their tights covered testicles and erections, one trooper was held by two male soldiers as another pulled her jodhpurs off, it was obvious these men wanted to fill her with semen but she had two pairs of testicles and two penises in her face, the thin nylon tights offered no protection as she quickly bit into both pairs of balls partially castrating both men.

Sadly the female mounted troopers were slaughtered by a cowardly attack of tights clad soldiers the dominatrix who planned this attack had been watching from a safe distance on top of her impressive white stallion, she was dressed in a shiny skintight red spandex catsuit and black riding boots, she deliberately dressed like this as she knew it kept her soldiers erect when they saw her.

Once the screaming Anadolu Yakası Escort had stopped she rode to the battlefield to survey the scene. Some of her men had clearly been raping the female troopers before killing them, they stood with their now flaccid cocks hanging out of their tights some still had cum dripping from their bell ends, some of her men were groaning in pain clutching their groins, she noticed several severed penises on the ground, she had told her men not to put their erections into the female troopers mouths but obviously some hadn’t listened!

She dismounted and went over to one of her men who was injured, she pulled his hands away from his crotch, his penis had been bitten off and his testicles were split open, she pulled her dagger from its holster and slit his throat she watched as he gasped for breath before dying in front of her.

She slowly went round each of her injured men, if their genitalia had been bitten off she slit their throats and watched them die. “Let this be a lesson to all of you, I told you not to put your penises into these bitches mouths this is what happens if you disobey me!” She pointed at the corpses of her soldiers she had executed.

She walked over to a soldier who’s cock was hanging out of his tights, she grabbed his wet flaccid penis and pulled it towards her, she started wanking his extremely sensitive manhood very much aware that this would be quite painful she pulled his foreskin back and forth over his bell end. “Does this hurt?” The soldier nodded that it did.

“Good I don’t care” with that she took her dagger and sliced his testicles and penis off, she held his genitals up to his face and slowly slit his throat, the dying soldier slumped to the floor the angry woman threw his cock and balls into the forest.

“The rest of you put your penises back into your tights unless you want to suffer the same treatment, in future if you decide to rape these bitches I would prefer you to have your flaccid cocks back in your skintight pantyhose before I show up, the only time I want to see your cocks outside your tights is if I want to fuck you, now throw the bodies of my dead soldiers deep into the forest and don’t forget to pick up those severed cocks I don’t want any evidence left, leave the corpses of the mounted troopers as a warning to their comrades.”

She mounted her stallion and galloped back to her fortress thinking where was she going to find more men to replenish her depleted tights clad soldiers, men often come from far off lands, she buys them from slave traders but they are expensive and getting harder to find.

Back to our heroine, the young, pretty female mounted trooper was out for revenge, she was the one who found the defeated squad of female troopers and was horrified by their injuries, she could see they had been raped, all of them had their jodhpurs pulled down and she could see traces of semen on their vaginas, clearly some of these pathetic pantyhose clad men had cum before penetrating the troopers vagina, all the female troopers had been stabbed to death, two had been decapitated but their heads were no where to be seen, this trooper was out for blood!

She knew where a squad of male soldiers would be that afternoon, they regularly visited a local inn where impoverished women would offer sex for money, these women were impressed by the males erections on show under their skintight nylon tights and happily gave them hand jobs, blow jobs, vaginal and anal sex, this was perfect the young Kadıköy Escort trooper would lead her squad of smartly turned out female mounted troopers and teach these tights clad males a lesson they won’t forget.

The female troopers dismounted away from the inn and proceeded on foot so to stay as quiet as possible, there were only six of them as this attack was going to be swift and deadly, as they approached the inn one of the serving girls spotted them, the leading trooper spoke to her and told her why they were there, the serving girl revealed there were twenty male soldiers inside, five were drinking wine with some local women all of them had a females hand in their tights massaging their cocks to keep them erect until one of the sex rooms upstairs was available. Fifteen male soldiers were already in the sex rooms fucking local girls who were desperate for money.

The serving girl hated the tights clad soldiers and offered to help telling the female trooper she had been raped a few months ago and wanted revenge of her own, nothing would give her more pleasure than castrating a soldier through his tights, the female trooper said “OK stick with me you’ll get your revenge and maybe a trophy.” With that the serving girl kissed the pretty trooper on her cheek, “thank you but I am a little scared.”

“Don’t be I have a plan, it’s going to be bloody and you will see things you may not want to see again personally I get a sexual thrill slaughtering these tights clad soldiers.” She gestured to her squad of female troopers to approach the inn there she told them her plan.

“OK this is simple, there are fifteen soldiers in the sex rooms upstairs they will no doubt have their cocks inside some unfortunate girl so they will be preoccupied you know how these soldiers in tights are sex starved, we will each take a room, disable the soldier but don’t hurt the girl he’s fucking, we need to be quick there’s only six of us plus my new friend here, the tights clad soldiers will no doubt start screaming when we attack which will alert the other stinking males the important thing is get their cocks out of these poor women and leave them in a state where they cannot fight back.”

She led her brave girls into the inn they silently went upstairs, they could hear the sounds of sex, moans and groans and also more worryingly the sound of women sobbing, each female trooper stood outside a different door to a sex room, six female troopers, six rooms, six tights clad soldiers to deal with, the leading trooper gave the signal to enter the rooms which her brave girls dutifully did.

Our fearless heroine carefully opened the door to the room she was standing in front of and went inside, the room stank of sex, sweaty vagina and sweaty arse, the serving girl followed her in, the sight that greeted them both was disturbing a tights clad soldier with his tights pulled down to the tops of his riding boots was violently fucking a poor woman she was on her back he was on top of her thrusting in and out of her vagina, his swollen testicles slapping against the woman’s body, his sweaty anus was on full display.

The female trooper desperately wanted to thrust her sword into his testicles but she didn’t want to hurt the woman underneath him, then she had another idea, she drew her sword from its scabbard and poked the razor sharp tip into the soldiers anus, he screamed in pain the trooper pulled him off and out of the poor woman and threw him to the floor, the female trooper looked at the woman on the bed and İstanbul Escort was shocked to see she was only a teenager 18 or 19 years old, the poor girl looked terrified and disgusted by what this soldier had done to her.

The male was lying on the floor writhing in agony blood pouring from his anus, his penis was still erect and his testicles swollen with semen, the female trooper turned to the serving girl who by now could not believe what she was seeing and said, “look how erect his cock is he must like anal play!”

The trooper then skilfully put the tip of her sword onto the tip of his erection and sliced down the shaft cutting his penis in two, she then castrated him thrusting her sword where his testicles joined his groin, one final devastating slice with her sword between his legs left him utterly humiliated.

In other sex rooms the female troopers were administering their own justice, doing what they could to get these tights clad soldiers off these poor women, it only took a few seconds to pull a soldiers penis out of a vagina and slice into his manhood this was enough to render him helpless, then each trooper could find another male to humiliate.

Meanwhile the agonised screams of these castrated tights clad soldiers had alerted their comrades, the rest of the men appeared in the doorways of the sex rooms their erect penises on full display hanging out of their tights, this was easy for the female troopers their swords dripping with blood they swiftly plunged the cold razor sharp blades into the soldiers swollen testicles, then there were the tights clad soldiers downstairs, when they heard the screaming they came rushing up the stairs to help only to have their path blocked by two very determined female troopers.

In a flurry of sharp steel the male soldiers were cut to pieces the female troopers had the upper ground in this fight easily slicing into the tights clad male soldiers bodies, one male was decapitated, one had his arms severed, one had a sword thrust into his throat, another received a devastating blow to his head splitting his skull in two, the last one had a sword forced into his mouth the female trooper ensuring her blade went all the way through until it burst out the back of his head, the dead and dying tights clad soldiers fell back down the stairs to the ground floor landing in a tangled heap of bloodied bodies, severed limbs and a decapitated head.

The two female troopers looked down on the carnage they had caused their once pristine skintight jodhpurs splattered with the blood of their enemy, one of the troopers commented, “how come their cocks are still erect?”

There were screams of agony coming from all the tights clad male soldiers that were still alive, the six strong squad of female mounted troopers had defeated twenty tights clad male soldiers, but they were not finished yet, the female troopers gathered all the local girls and women who were being used as sex toys by these filthy soldiers to reveal the final stage of this humiliating defeat.

The lead trooper spoke, “what we are going to do and hopefully you will help us, is go around each of these soldiers strip them of their riding boots and tights make sure they are all castrated and slice their penises off, they will slowly bleed to death, I suggest you each target the soldier that was fucking you then you can exact your revenge on him,” all the women nodded in agreement and helped the female troopers complete their mission removing the boots and tights was easy, none of the soldiers could offer any resistance, but castrating a male and slicing of his penis while he was still alive was a little harder but with the village woman restraining the male soldiers the female troopers skilfully and gleefully used their daggers to relieve the men of their genitals.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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