Fiery Heat Ch. 05

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Comments, critiques and tips are welcome. Damon Reid vs. Tristan Thomas


“T.T. we’re in here.” Tristan’s mother shouted from the dining room immediately he entered the house.

Great! He had hoped lunch would be over by now so he could quietly sneak into his room to relax in bed. Now he had to face the ‘mob’ as he affectionately called his family.

“Hi Doll” Adriana beamed when she saw Tristan, “you look…different.” She observed.

“How different?” Tristan asked with a frown, pulling out a chair to sit at the table.

“I can’t put my finger on it but…there’s something about you.” Adriana said looking closely at her brother.

“Well shut up then if you don’t even know why you think that.”

“Ain’t you going to eat?” His mother asked taking in his flushed cheeks. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m good. Just not hungry. Had a late breakfast.”

“Got wasted huh? Damon said you passed out. Son you have to take it easy with alcohol.” His dad admonished.

Tristan didn’t think it was necessary to let them know he hadn’t taken in a drop of alcohol the night before. Let them think whatever they wanted to. It was better than knowing the truth. Now that’s some truth.

“If you guys will excuse me, I want to go and lie down.” Tristan said standing up.

“Sure you’re alright Honey?” His mother asked, sounding worried. She had intentionally delayed lunch so that Tristan would join them.

“I’m great mum.”

And with that, Tristan went up to his room, stood in front of the mirror and stared at himself. Did he look any different? He did feel different. For one, he had an odd feeling inside his chest. He didn’t know how to describe it, but he knew it had to do with Damon. Is it that he was missing him already? He just dropped him off for fuck’s sake.

‘Get a grip Tristan.’ Tristan said to himself aloud.

“Talking to ourselves now are we?”

“Jesus Addie, ever heard of knocking?” Tristan gushed, startled.

Adriana jumped onto Tristan’s bed and looked up at him expectantly.


“What do you mean ‘what’? Tell me how you spent your evening yesterday.”

“You already know I’m sure. I went to the pub, then to Damon’s.”

“Hmmm. It’s rather surprising that you of all people agreed to go to Damon’s house. And actually spent the night. Thought you hated him.”

“I never said I hated him Addie.”

“Yes you did. In fact you’ve said that quite a number of times.”

“Well that’s because of how Dad always makes me feel he’s a better person than I am. He’s not so bad.” Tristan muttered going to lie beside his sister.

“Hmmm. So what did you guys do besides talk business?”

“Addie I did pass out.” At least that was a truth. “Woke up late this morning, ate breakfast, and here I am.”

“Okay, I’m off to Paul’s.” Adriana said getting out of the bed.

“Didn’t know he was back.” Paul was Adriana’s boyfriend who had travelled to Germany on business.

“He got in last night.”

But before she got to the door, she turned and asked, “What is wrong with your leg? You were walking funny downstairs.”

Tristan felt all the blood drain from his face. Then his heart began to pound so hard he thought it was going to fall out.

“N-nothing.” He stuttered. Then decided to add when Adriana still stood there watching him. “Actually I have a slight pain in my right ankle. But it’s nothing to worry about.” He lied.

“If you say so. See you bursa escort later.” And with that Adriana went out, closing the door behind her and leaving Tristan with a pounding heart.

‘Shit!’ Tristan muttered. Damon-fucking-Reid’s dick was even creating problems for him. Who the fuck had such a monster dick anyway? He only saw such dicks in porn videos. Damon sure was in the wrong profession. And that piercing definitely took it to another level. Damn! He was getting hard just picturing that weapon. Surprisingly the man attached to it could be such a sweet person. Tristan remembered how Damon had sat behind him in the big Jacuzzi in his bathroom and caressed him sweetly as the warm water soothed his sore behind. He had wanted it to never end. Eventually they had to get out so he could bring him home.

Damon had received a text from a friend who wanted to propose to his girlfriend in the presence of Damon and some other friends. So he said he was going to head over there after dropping him off. Tristan was missing him so much already. He needed his touch, his desire. His craving for those things was a gnawing hunger, making him restless and edgy. He had no idea how he was supposed to fall asleep when all he could think about was being in Damon’s arms.

What the fuck was happening to him? It could be a result of that sweet kiss Damon had given him before he had gotten out of his car. Now that was some kiss.

When Damon stopped the car in front of his gate, they had both remained silent for a while. Then Damon had reached over and taken Tristan’s hand in his, interlacing their fingers. Tristan had stared down at their hands, taking in Damon’s large long fingers curled around his.

“What are you going to do this afternoon?” Damon asked quietly.

“Nothing. I’m just going to have a well-deserved sleep.”

That got a soft laugh out of Damon. “Are you that tired?”

“Dude, let’s just say I need to get off my feet.” Tristan retorted with a pout.

“You’re so cute.”

“Fuck off.” Tristan laughed, blushing slightly.

Then Damon leaned over and captured his lips in a kiss so sweet it turned his insides into mush. Damn the man could kiss! His big, warm hands framed Tristan’s face as he bent his head and kissed him. Slowly. Carefully. Too carefully. Tristan could sense Damon’s reluctance…trying to keep the kiss light, to deny his need to stroke the heated depths of Tristan’s mouth as he obviously wanted to.

Tristan couldn’t have that. He touched Damon’s lips with the tip of his tongue. And then Damon went wild, thrusting his tongue into his mouth, his tongue spearing between Tristan’s lips, kissing with a starving greed that sent Tristan tumbling into such erotic sensations he wondered if he would survive them. He moaned helplessly when Damon’s mouth took his, plundering its depths with his seeking tongue. That kiss was hot, hungry, and oh so good.

Damon ended the kiss with a tiny little bite at Tristan’s full bottom lip. He pressed his forehead to Tristan’s, sharing air and space, relishing in the magnetic scent of aroused male.

“You are too hot for your own good. How are you feeling now?” Damon whispered.

“Horny,” Tristan breathed roughly. “Very horny, Damon. You kiss really good.”

Damon’s lips kicked up at the corner and his eyes filled with a weary sort of humour. Then he was kissing Tristan again, drawing his tongue into his mouth, possessing him, making the heat in his body rise, his cock bursa escort bayan hard between his thighs.

Tristan admitted he was in a hell of a mess now. Somehow, someway Damon had made him crazed for his touch, his kiss. He knew for sure Damon did not have any feelings for him. To Damon, what had taken place between them was just sex. For the first time in his life Tristan knew how all those girls must have felt. Dumping their arses whenever they expected commitment from him or developed any feelings for him. Karma indeed was a bitch all right. Fuck!

For the next two hours, all Tristan could do was think about Damon. For someone who had planned on sleeping, this was rather distracting.

Before he realized what he was doing, he was reaching for his phone.


“I say fuck school, knock her up.” Dean screamed and everyone roared with laughter. “You can always continue after the baby Briana Darling.” He ended with a wink making an amused Briana blush.

“I say you guys enjoy the world before bringing in babies.” Damon said to Cole. “From what I hear, they steal your wife right from under your nose man. Don’t do it. At least not now.”

“And who the fuck are you to talk?” Matt asked Damon, “Let the experienced folks talk. Hey Michael, did Melissa take Mary away from you?”

Michael took his eyes off a pregnant Mary and stared blankly at his friends. “What?” He asked making it obvious he was not following their conversation. He had eyes only for his sweet wife who had forgiven him for cheating on her.

All the guys groaned when Dean started going over what had been said. Damon felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and pulled it out to see he had a message from Tristan. He couldn’t help the smile that stretched his lips.

Tristan: I miss u

Damon: Still up? Thought u said u were going to sleep

Tristan: I know. Still feelin sleepy…but missing u

Getting up, Damon started dialling Tristan’s number whiles walking from Cole’s living room to the den or what they called, the ‘boyz ghetto’. Tristan picked up on the first ring.


“Hey.” Damon responded noting how sleepy Tristan sounded. The drowsy cadence of his voice started a delicious melting in Damon’s lower belly. “Can’t sleep?”

He had almost suggested Tristan come with him to Cole’s house when he dropped him off at home, but had stopped himself when Tristan said he was going to sleep.

“Trying to.” God, Damon sounded so sexy on the phone. That deep voice slid down his spine like caressing hands.

“Why don’t you read a book? That should knock you right off.”

“I’d rather you talk to me.” Came the soft reply.

Damon’s heart missed a beat at the soft request.

“I can do that.”

And talk, Damon did. He talked about how the proposal went, how he intended to relax the following day because it was a holiday, how he would love to spend the day with Tristan and other unimportant stuff. He talked till he heard soft breathing on the other end of the phone indicating that Tristan was sleeping. He sat there for a long time listening to Tristan breath. Damon knew something was happening. And whatever it was, he didn’t have the strength to fight it.

“You’ve got it real bad dude.”

The deep voice from the corner of the room startled Damon so much, he nearly dropped his phone.

“Fuck Chris! The hell!” Damon exploded. “Ever heard of privacy?”

“Hey I was here first. It isn’t my fault escort bursa you didn’t see me.”

“And what the fuck are you doing here?” Daman demanded making Chris chuckle.

“Wanted to take a quick nap. But thanks to you, I ended up listening to a sappy phone conversation. Tell me…does the man know you’re fucking his son?”

Damon groaned rubbing his eyes with his hands in frustration.

“None of your fucking business dude.” Damon retorted with a dark scowl.

“Be careful man. This could blow up in your face. And affect your business with his dad.” Chris said quietly.

“I don’t know how to handle this Chris. I’m so confused right now. That kid is getting under my skin. No scratch that…he’s in my blood. Can’t get enough of him.”

“Wow!” Chris raised up both palms as if he was trying to fend off an attack. “Too much information dude. Just be careful okay?” Chris advised leaving the den and an even more confused Damon.

“Fuck!” Damon swore.

He was confused, unable to think of what to do. He raked his fingers through his short hair in frustration. To make matters worse, he was unbelievably horny on top of everything else. Maybe what he needed to do was to get Tristan out of his system. Damon shifted in his seat, remembering the exquisite feeling of being deep inside Tristan. He wanted to be naked and pressed against every hot inch of Tristan’s body right this moment, having raw, merciless, scorching, and amazing sex. Damon knew he had to do something…and fast.

He straightened up in his seat suddenly, as if some decision had been reached in his mind. Tristan was supposed to travel to Paris in a week’s time to see to the Albatros project. Damon and Caleb had invested massively in that business. A chain of luxury hotels and resorts in France, that Damon planned to ensure got ranked as the Best Hotel Chain in France, in the next two years. Tristan was asked to head that project because of his knowledge of the French language. He spoke fluent French. Damon smiled as he remembered a younger Tristan having a conversation with one of Caleb Thomas’ French business associates at a business dinner, about four years ago. Damon had been amazed at Tristan’s command over the French language.

Damon’s plan was to accompany Tristan on his trip to Paris. Maybe after a week of nothing but Tristan, he might be able to get him out of his system. He could only hope…right? He really hoped his plan worked because he was flooded with all these feelings that was scaring the shit out of him. Tristan called forth a violent protectiveness in him he’d never known before, and it was kind of freaking him out. These were a deep, primal need to defend something precious to him. He wanted to be with Tristan Thomas. He wanted to take care of him. He wanted to give him whatever he wanted in life and beat the shit out of anyone who ever hurt him.

The problem was whether Tristan’s family would accept a relationship between the two of them. Damon knew his own mother would be okay with anyone he picked as long as he/she made him happy. He therefore had no problem where his family was concerned. After all, all he had left was his mother. He would know the way forward, after the trip to Paris. After that, he planned on allowing the chips to fall where they may.

In the meantime, Damon planned on spending the following day, which was a national holiday, with Tristan. He couldn’t wait to have him back in his arms…where he belonged. And he couldn’t wipe the smile that spread across his face off. He stood up, slid his phone back into his pocket, and left the den with a bounce in his step.

‘You’re right Chris. I’ve got it real bad.’ He thought with a chuckle.

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