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Finally… A weekend alone with my wife. It’s amazing that after more than 15 years of marriage we still have the hots for each other. Of course we have our ups and downs, but make-up sex is better than just a quickie while the kids are busy.

As luck would have it, my parents wanted the kids for the weekend, so that left me and my wife to figure out what we were going to do for a couple of days. Being your typical male, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and it didn’t involve dinner or a movie.

However, being the sometimes-wonderful husband that I am, we treated ourselves to just that, and had a very enjoyable evening. Arriving home, my wife suggested that “quality time” was in order. Needless to say, I readily agreed. On to the story…

After a nice dinner and our very enjoyable evening afterwards, I was informed that it was now “playtime.” A grin painted my face. I liked the sound of that.

So, there I was, lying on our bed in my silk boxer shorts trying to be sexy for my wife, hands behind my head, relaxing while she “got ready.”

She appeared wearing a silk robe. I couldn’t wait to see what was underneath it. After lighting a few scented candles and turning on some soft jazz music, she finally opened her robe, revealing her surprise.

She was a vision in white silk and lace, from the lace teddy, to the lace garter belt, to the silk panties and stockings, capped off with the four inch heels that she calls her CFMPs (Come Fuck Me Pumps).

When I saw this ensemble, I began to rise from the bed, intending to take her in my arms; but, I was told to stay put. “Not yet,” I was told.

What a beautiful woman: all five feet tall and 110 pounds of her. Shoulder length chestnut hair and eyes with more than a hint of her Asian descent. Legs to die for… made to be admired, especially when she left a room. Let’s just say that this woman in stockings standing before me would make a very successful lingerie model.

So as I lay there, the effects of just seeing her began to tent my silk boxers. She made a slow cat-like crawl up from the foot of the bed, telling me not to move. Did that register in my testosterone-infested mind? Of course it didn’t; I was just enjoying the show.

Almost leisurely, bit by bit, she crawled up my body, planting kisses along the way. By the time she got to my neck, I’m sure I would have been able to drive a nail into a concrete wall with my dick.

She straddled me, pulling down part of her teddy to offer me a breast. I accepted it eagerly and began to lathe it with my tongue, nipping and tugging, nibbling and sucking. Then she pulled down the other side of her teddy and I took her other nipple into my mouth, this time sucking it deeper as I consumed her breast, taking her nipple as far into my mouth as I ccould and using my tongue to lick the underside of her breast as I pushed the nipple against the top of my mouth.

I am so engrossed with suckling at her breasts that I hardly hear the click of the handcuffs that she has placed on the headboard and fastened around my wrists.

With a wry smile, she sits up and says, “NOW it’s playtime.”

I am as hard as a missile and her womanhood is warm and wet and I can feel it getting wetter against my groin. She is beautiful, suddenly at odds with her heavenly visage, but definitely in control and having a good time making me want her even more than I already do. She will be in charge for the rest of the night and there is no doubt I will not Maraş Escort be freed until she has been satisfied. To emphasize this, she kisses me lightly and tugs on the handcuffs binding me as she breathes into my ear, “You WILL be a good boy, won’t you?” The smirk on her face is priceless. It says, “You’re not going anywhere.”

She begins a slow, erotically excruciating journey down my body. She nips and nibbles on my nipples. I’m dying to touch her, but all I can do is flail about.

She reaches the waistband of my boxers. There is a large spot of precum on my boxers that shows exactly what effect she has had on me and she purrs, “Oh…Did I do that?” Without waiting for an answer, she draws my boxers down bit by bit, exposing my cock to the cool night air. She grips her hand around my shaft, slowly stroking up and down, as I moan at her touch.

With my hands still bound above my head, she decides that it is time to slow down, and releases me from her grasp. Sitting up and straddling my legs, she begins to play with her very erect nipples, pulling and twisting them. Now that I am fully under her control, all I can do is watch as she snakes a hand into her silk panties and begins to rub her pussy.

She was already hot and wet; the power of having me confined more of a turn-on than she originally thought it would be. I can only watch as she dips one finger, then two, into where I yearn to be. She brings her fingers to her mouth but then thinks better of it and presents them to me. I take them eagerly, savoring in the sweet taste of her nectar.

“Do you want some of this?” she asks as she pulls aside her panties to show me her beautiful pussy.

“Oh, God, yes,” I groan. I anxiously moisten my lips, eager to stroke her display with my impatient tongue. She spreads her labia, showing me just how glistening wet she is from all the teasing. She knows what’s in store for her when placed at the mercy of my talented mouth and her teasing is heightening the anticipation for both of us. When I work my magic on her clean-shaven mound, getting her to orgasm enhances our love-making. Watching her body’s reaction to my ministrations only intensifies my own pleasure and eagerness for more of her lovely body. Still confined with my hands above my head, she scoots forward over my body and presents me with her smooth pussy. I yearn to grab her and bring her to me, but she only lets me get a taste before backing away. She is in charge. My tongue flicks out, just nipping her bud, which elicits a moan. She is very wet and her nectar is flowing. She enjoys being in charge.

After a few more licks at her nub, she suddenly thrusts forward and I am engulfed in the sweetest flow of juices known to mankind. As she grinds her hips into my face, I continue to lick, lap and tongue furiously until her body stops shaking. I am surprised at myself for not coming yet.

Think about it… I have a beautiful woman in white lace, garters and stockings who has handcuffed me to a bed and made me service her. Wouldn’t you be ready to blow a load?

As she calms down, she lets out a low growl, one that I take as approval. I am still lapping up her juices slowly, rubbing just enough to elicit a soft hum. She reaches back and her fingers wrap around my very ready, very willing member.

“Hmm… seems like someone is enjoying this,” she taunts.

I can only grunt, “Uh-huh,” as my mouth is still busy swirling in her juices.

Slowly, she gets up off Maraş Escort Bayan my face and stands next to the bed, still glowing from her orgasm, but clearly not ready to give me my release yet. She languishes there for a moment before announcing that she needs a glass of wine; and then she is gone.

I lay there, rock hard, hands still handcuffed to the headboard and wait for her to come back. After a few minutes, she reappears, offering me a sip of her drink.

Crawling atop me again, she straddles my legs and brushes her fingernails lightly on my slightly wilting member as if testing its strength. In response, I am fully erect again, yearning to feel her warmth wrapped around me. She giggles, knowing the exquisite torture she is putting me through and once more wraps her delicate fingers around my shaft.

“Would you like me to suck your cock?” she asks seductively. Rarely does she use this language, but she is obviously as turned on as I am.

The answer to her question is a no-brainer, but all I can do is moan, “Yes… please.”

Looking into my eyes with pure and simple lust, she snakes out her tongue and licks just the tip of my cock. My eyes roll back into my head with the mind-blowing sensation and my back arches in response. With a slight “Hmmm,” she takes the head of my cock into her mouth and begins swirling her tongue around it, flicking under the helmet and driving me insane.

I am near the point of no return when she stops, squeezing me at the base, saying, “No, not yet.” I groan in disappointment, anxious for relief. Still holding me in her hand, she twirls around. I realize that she has relieved herself of her panties as she passes a leg over my head, presenting me with a very wet, very juicy-looking pussy. Oh, the things my tongue will do!

I lap at her lips, spreading them and delving as deep into her folds as I am able, licking and sucking at her clitoris, all the while hoping that she will engulf me as I am engulfing her sweetness. She squeezes me tightly and thrusts her body down as another orgasm rolls through her body. As she floods my face, I feel her take me into her mouth, slowly, down to the root and then back up again. The pressure in my balls builds again, but she lingers only for a moment before releasing me from her mouth.

Again I groan in frustration, but with my face being covered by her pussy, the vibrations of my moans only cause another small orgasm as she shakes and shudders above me.

Talk about being at the boiling point! At this point I am so hard it is almost painful. I want to come so badly and she knows it. All I need is a few short strokes or a moment in her mouth and I’ll have my release.

Unfortunately for me, she knows this, and keeps up her death-grip on the base of my cock. She untangles herself from me, never once releasing the pressure, and reaches for what I think is her wine. WRONG! She has more in store for me as she produces an ice pack, which is suddenly, painfully, laid across my groin. Needless to say, the effect is like a cold shower and I begin to deflate immediately.

At this point the only thought running through my head is, “She’s having way too much fun with this,” but I am in no position to argue and I must admit I’m not too unhappy with the way things are progressing.

She looks at me for a moment, takes a sip of her wine, smiling as if she is the cat that just ate the canary and says, “Relax, I’ll be right back.” Removing the Escort Maraş ice pack to reveal a much-deflated member, she places a towel over my eyes and leaves the room.

After what seems like hours, she comes back into the room, saying, “You bad boy, you got me sooooooo horny.” She whips the towel from my eyes, allowing me to see that she has changed her outfit.

No longer a vision in white lace, she is now wearing a black leather bustier with black stockings and heels. To add to the ensemble, she has black lace gloves that come up to her elbows. Slowly she peels the cups off the bustier, revealing her beautiful breasts.

Snaking up the bed again, my balls begin to tingle as she works her way up my thighs and takes my half-staff member into her mouth.

“Mmm… I love the way I can feel it get hard in my mouth,” she says between licking and sucking. Then she begins in earnest, taking me deep and sucking me to full hardness. All I can do is moan as she says, “Are you ready to fuck me?”

She straddles my hips, her pussy glistening, rubbing against my hardness and spreading her wetness over my cock. Her breasts in my face, I lick, suck and nibble while she coos and continues to taunt me with her pussy.

Suddenly, she rears back, a guttural groan coming from the back of her throat. Holding my stiff cock in her hand, she points it at her opening and impales herself on me.

We both cry out: me from finally getting to feel her silky warmness and she from being filled with my cock. She settles down on me and begins to rock slowly, back and forth, stimulating her clitoris with my groin as she pushes me deeper into her heavenly depths.

I strain at my bonds, wanting to take her and knead her swaying breasts, pushing my hips up as she begins to saw herself onto me in long, slow strokes.

Her hands are on my chest as she begins to ride me like there is no tomorrow. The look in her eyes is that of pure lust as she flails on top of me, swirling her hair and crying out, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

When her orgasm hits, it is monumental, her body shaking and trembling like I have never seen before. She collapses on top of me, her breathing heavy, but with a satisfied hum to it. I am still rock hard within her folds.

Finally, she raises her head, kisses me deeply and purrs, “Hmm… I kinda like this ‘being in charge’ thing. I think you deserve a reward for all your hard work.”

With that, she dismounts me and slides down between my legs, immediately taking me into her mouth, cleaning her juices off of me. She sucks deeply, drawing more of me into her mouth and begins to bob her head up and down, bringing me closer and closer to the brink. Once again she wraps her fingers around my shaft, pumping me with both her hand and mouth, working me to heights I never thought possible.

As she feels me swell, she lets go and mounts me. The sensation of entering her is nothing short of incredible. I am so close. She leans in, gives me a kiss, and commands, “Fuck me! Fuck me now!”

That’s all I can take. I thrust up into her once, twice, three times and I am coming like I have never come before. My body tenses as every nerve is concentrated on the sensations running through my cock, and she convulses as well, squeezing me with her vaginal walls and milking me dry.

I must have passed out. When my eyes opened, my hands were freed and I was covered by a sheet. As I blinked back to reality, she approached, walking into the room with a cold drink for each of us.

“Are you okay?” she asks with a hint of concern as I sit up and take a sip.

I can only exhale, “Ahhmm…Never better. That was amazing! I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the weekend.”

She just grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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