Finally Lovers…. Ch. 03

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The room is dark, as I open my eyes. The bed seems empty without you. I pull the covers closer to me. The whole room is filled with the smell of sex. I have no idea how long I have been asleep or where you are. I leave the bed and wander downstairs. A small light is on in the living room, but otherwise all is dark. I also notice that the pup is missing and take it that you have taken her for a walk.

I use this as my chance to shower in quite. I go back upstairs and turn the water on. I drop the covers in front of the shower and step under the hot water. It feels so good on my body. I stand there for minutes, only letting the water rain down on me. Then I start washing my hair and getting cleaned up. After stepping out of the shower, I dry myself off and start going through my bags for my body cream. After finding it, I sit on the edge of your bed and cream my whole body. Then I wrap the towel back around me and go back to the kitchen to get something to drink. On the way there I turn the TV on so I don’t feel too alone.

I open the fridge and take a look at what you have in there. It is full to the top. I roam through it. Grabbing a strawberry here and a piece of cut turkey from a shelf lower. I notice how hungry I pendik escort am. I start thinking about making something to eat for us. Suddenly I feel you pinning me to the fridge from behind. I can feel your hot breath in my neck.

“Time for revenge“ you say. You remove my towel and leave me naked in the light of the open fridge. “You enjoy teasing me???“ you ask. “I can play that game too!!!”

As you are fully dressed I feel even more naked. You hold my hands together behind my back and start licking along my jaw line. Down my neck. I shudder. From the feeling of your tongue and the coolness behind me. You reach behind me with your free hand and grab a strawberry. You let me bite a bit off and then rub the juices along my neckline. Letting them drip down. You offer me the rest of it and then start licking the juices of me. Again you reach behind me and come up with some cream. You let it drip on my breasts. My nipples turn hard. You let your tongue run from the bottom upwards. Lapping the cream up. I moan lightly. You come up with a devilish grin.

“I am not quite as bad as you”, you say. “I will be so nice and allow you to lie down on the couch”. As my knees are starting to give way I am very pendik escort happy about this. You lead me to the couch.

“Don’t you dare move“ you tell me. You leave me and return with a black scarf, which you use to tie over my eyes. Leaving me blind. I can hear you moving away from me again. After what I take as hours you return to me, sitting down on the side of the couch. I jump slightly as I feel something cold running down my neck. Along my tummy. My legs are closed and the cold bubbly liquid collects between my legs. I hear you sipping it away. Licking it up, all the way to my neck.

I start to reach out to you, but you tell me not to move. I grab hold of the couch. Trying to breath normally. You tell me to open my mouth and I do so. Slowly something thick trickles into my mouth. Onto my lips. You come down to kiss me. Your lips close over mine and I get to taste the stickiness. It is honey. The rich taste sticking to our lips. You leave my lips again and I feel something cold being run over my breasts. I arch up. Whatever it is, you keep circling my nipples with it, till they are hard and hurting and very cold. Your hot mouth on them is a relive. I moan again.

Then I feel the bubbly pendik escort liquid going down my tummy again. You lick it up slowly. I have to claw into the couch, so I don’t touch you. Your tongue goes lower. Across my kitty. Then you stop and lick through my slit. I moan out, even though I feel like screaming. Your fingers going up to join your tongue. You let the tip of your tongue enter my soft wetness and then you pour more liquid down my tummy. It flows over my tummy. Down to my kitty and into your mouth. I can hear you sipping it. Feel it bubbling on my clit. Feel your tongue in me.

I am going nuts. I want to touch you. Feel you. Have you. You lick deeper. Entering your tongue into me. I arch my kitty up to your mouth. You start sucking on my clit and I am ready to hit the ceiling. Your finger brushes my clit as your tongue goes back into me. You circle it. Play with it. I can hear you lapping my juices up. Licking me. Teasing me.

You push a finger into my center and carry on licking through the slit. Then you start fingering me with two fingers. I arch up more. My body telling you what I want. Your tongue moves up and you suck my clit in again. I explode without warning. Screaming out. Shaking. You pull your fingers out and lick up my juices. Lapping like a kitten over a bowl of milk. Slowly I come down again. You lick up to my neck and then undo the blindfold. Then you gently whisper in my ear.

“Don’t ever tease me again, if you aren’t willing to pay the price!”…

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