Finding my Place Ch. 03

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I never had much of a conversation with Mr. Alexander before, but when he was paying me for babysitting Melissa over New Year’s eve, he gave me a good ole male pat on the back, congratulating me and telling me what a wonderful girl Katie was, while she and Mrs. Alexander, Olivia, were in the kitchen chatting. He had a big smile on his face, welcoming me into manhood; though the whole exchange made me a little uncomfortable, I shuffled my feet, looking down at the ground, wondering if he knew that it was his wife who first seduced me and gave me the confidence to be with Katie.

Katie and I left and made plans to meet later that evening, she explained how she had to go home and work things out with Dillon. I decided it best to give her the space she needed to figure out things, I looked at her pensively, wondering what our future might be. She kissed me gently on the lips, telling me not to worry and teasingly told me to get some rest, she had plans to wear me out again later! I just laughed and told her, “we’ll see who out lasts whom!”

With that she laughed “This is one competition I’m looking forward to.”

We kissed again, this time longer and deeper, before parting and heading towards our tasks for the day — hers to sort out her relationship with her boyfriend, Dillon, and me to sleep; I was exhausted after our night-long marathon of love making. At home I found the house empty and quiet, I couldn’t ask for a more perfect afternoon. A note from my mother mentioned she took my brother to run some errands. I dragged myself down into my basement bedroom, shut the door and barely had my clothes off before I fell on the bed in a deep sleep.

I awoke groggily, discovering my mother leaning over me, shaking me, trying to tell me something. Slowly coming out of my slumber I realized she was letting me know there was a phone call for me, some girl called Katie. That was enough to wake me up immediately; jumping out of bed I grabbed the phone on my desk. We chatted briefly when Katie spoke those ominous words: “We have to talk.” I remained silent, not sure what the result of all of this was to be, if Katie and I would ever have an opportunity of actually dating.

I remained silent, not sure how to reply and again she reassured me. “Shaun, it’s Ok, it’s all going to be good. Have some confidence. Come over and let’s see if that sleep did you any good!”

My mother just watched me dumbfoundedly as I quickly got dressed, washed up and ran out of the house — I didn’t want to waste a single second of time that could be better spent with Katie. On ringing her doorbell I was a little disappointed to be welcomed by Mr. Langston, Katie’s father. I was half expecting her to be home alone, but unfortunately the images of me and Katie banging the hell out of each other were quickly dispelled by the presence of her parents.

“You must be Shaun. Katie was just telling us about you. Welcome, come on in; Katie should just be coming. Katie mentioned you were accepted to Harvard. That’s wonderful, congratulations.”

“Yes, thank you. I don’t know if I’ll be going though. It is a tough decision. I’m thinking of Wellesley or Dartmouth. College isn’t cheap.”

“Well, they are all excellent choices; you have some great options and from what I hear you’ll make the most of them.”

“Thank you, sir, I appreciate that.”

“Hey Shaun,” Katie said as she came down the stairs. “Hope dad isn’t boring you or trying to convince you to go to his alma mater, Princeton.”

“Well, I’ll let you two be and go back to harassing your mother in the kitchen.”

“Dad, we are going to head out, is it Ok? Just for a drive or something.”

“Of course, just be back by seven, you know your mother has been planning this dinner for sometime. Your two sisters will even be here, I think this will be a first in what, a month or so? Three girls and one or the other is always out. Their mother finally fixed a day we’d all actually be home.”

“No problem, sir, I’ll drop her off by seven.”

“Great, see you later, and nice meeting you Shaun. You two enjoy the afternoon.”

With that Katie grabbed her coat and out we went. She suggested we drive out to Cheery Creek, to the reservoir where we might even be able to go for a walk; though it was already beginning to get dark.

Once I pulled down the street, Katie apologized, saying we’d have to postpone our lil competition, but we might be able to have a little fun anyway. She said all this as she reached over, placing her hand on my thigh and rubbing the inside, teasing me mercilessly. On feeling her hand, my cock became instantly hard. God how I just wanted to lay with her in bed, our naked bodies pressed against each other, holding her in my arms, feeling her breasts swell against my chest as she breathed.

Thinking on about how much I wanted to hold her, I remained silent, as did Katie. Despite her reassurance, I remained unsure of where things stood with us, with her and Dillon. This was all new territory for me; new emotions, new concerns, new desires.

After a few minutes, Katie broke the silence. “Shaun, as I said, don’t gaziantep bayan escort worry. In fact, it was easier than I even imagined. You won’t believe what happened last night. I think you overheard me tell Dillon to go hangout with Beth. Well, he did. Beth felt so guilty until we talked and I told her I couldn’t be happier that she and Dillon hooked up. It’s like, perfect!”

“You mean you and Dillon broke-up?”

“Of course, how could I stay with such a scumbag that slept with my best friend?” Katie said, laughing joyously.

“Are you sure you have no regrets? I mean, he is the most popular guy around and everyone says how you make a perfect couple.”

“You dofus,” she said as she ran her hand over my stiff cock. She leaned over and whispered into my ear, “I only want you. I want your cock again. I want to make you cum again.” All the while she was rubbing my cock, nearly making me cum in my jeans.

Soon we were driving towards the reservoir and Katie directed me to a parking area somewhat secluded from the main park. As soon as I pulled in to a parking spot, she leaned over and we began kissing. Her hand went straight for my cock while mine went for ass, exposed as she leaned over.

Katie deftly undid my jeans and pulled my cock out into the cool evening air.

“Oh, the poor thing looks cold,” Katie said in a mocking voice. “Let me see if I can warm it up a bit.” Laughing, she took my cock into her mouth. I reached under her and massaged one of her tits as she bobbed up and down on my cock. It was heavenly. Katie sucked me with gusto, encouraging me on as she licked my shaft and the tip of my cock. Her efforts paid off and within minutes I was ready to cum. Sensing my impending orgasm, she clamped her mouth over the head of my cock and sucked as I erupted into her. She swallowed it all, not missing a drop.

Katie then laid down with her head in my lap. I caressed her face then ran my hand down her neck, towards her breasts. She undid her blouse and pulled her bra down, giving me free access to rub her tits and tease her nipples. She then reached down and undid her own pants, pulling them down slightly. I shifted as best I could; leaning over her I slid my hand under her panties and over her wet pussy. I easily slipped two fingers into her as she moaned. While I fingered her with one hand and ran my fingers through her hair with the other, she squeezed her own tits, pinching her nipples. She looked so hot, so utterly beautiful in the throes of passion; I couldn’t imagine how lucky I was to be with her. She humped against my hand, begging me to finger fuck her harder and harder, faster and faster. Katie started panting, grunting, and moaning louder, soon coming; her hot juices flowing over my hand.

Katie laid there panting, her eyes closed for several minutes. I leaned back, a deep sense of contentment washing over me. Katie opened her eyes, they were sparkling, a big smile on her face.

“I could get used to this,” she said, breaking the silence. “Only hopefully next time it is your cock and not your fingers bringing me so much pleasure. Shaun, thank you for being you, for being so uncomplicated, so giving.”

“Katie…” I couldn’t quite complete my sentence, I wasn’t even sure what it was I wanted to say. “Katie, I can’t think of anything I would want to do more than pleasure you. God, you are beautiful.”

We remained there for sometime eventually just chit-chatting about this and that.

“Katie, I have a question, if you don’t mind. Please don’t think I’m prying or anything. I know you can do whatever you want. I’m not judging you, I’m just curious.”

“You can ask me anything, Shaun. I have no secrets from you. I feel totally comfortable with you. But I think I know what you are going to ask!” With that she started to laugh.

“What? What am I going to ask?”

“Just ask it, don’t be afraid or shy.”

“Ok. I’m just curious… well, it’s… I don’t… I mean, Ok, this is my question, earlier Olivia mentioned she had seen both of us naked before. You know she and I were having an affair, but when did she see you naked?” I said it, I got it out.

“Yeah, Olivia told me about you finding her pictures, you perv!” Katie was laughing.

“You are beautiful when you laugh.”

“Thank you. As for your question, I know you won’t judge me or hold it against me, particularly as you know the Alexanders. They are good people. I trust them with everything, more than even my own parents. Shaun, you know what a mess I was in last spring after Hank raped me. None of my friends were willing to talk about it, my parents were in denial. Only Olivia saw it and sat me down one afternoon. She made sure William was out with Melissa one afternoon and invited me over. I told her everything. I cried, she cried. She made me talk through it, all the anger, the fear. It was such a relief.”

“You don’t have to tell me all of this if you don’t want to, Katie. It is your personal life.”

“I want you to know Shaun, I want you to understand who I am. And the Alexanders gaziantep bayan escort ilanları have so much to do with it. Without them I’m sure I would have dropped out of school. I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t face my friends; I had no one to talk to, no one to go out with. They became my world and gave me the space and comfort to rediscover myself and with it they opened up new worlds to me. Olivia is an amazing woman.”

“Yes she is.”

With that Katie laughed, hitting me gently, “Yeah, you certainly would think so; you perv, messing around with an older, married woman!”

“Hey, she is the one who seduced me! I’m innocent…”

“Yeah, right! Who was looking at who’s photo album?”

I turned bright red, “You know about that?”

“Look Shaun, I hope you don’t mind, but Olivia told me everything. Olivia is like my best friend, closest older sister, mother, mentor. We share everything. Without her, I don’t know where I’d be.”

“Yeah, probably not here, in my lap with my cum in your mouth!”

“Shut up you pervert!”

“Ok, Ok, back to your story. Since you already know everything about Olivia and I, now it is only fair I hear about you two.” I said with a big shitting eating grin on my face.

“You really are a perv. I have to watch out for you. I don’t know what sleeping demons Olivia awoke within you!”

“You are beautiful when you smile. Now, back to your story.”

Katie chuckled and continued on with her tale. She spent most of her free time last summer with the Alexanders, becoming almost a live-in nanny. She even went on vacation with them to Florida. Olivia opened up to her too, telling her about the time she was raped when she was a young teen girl by one of her neighbors, a close friend of her parents. She also shared with Katie her own journey of sexual awakening, and abuse, most of it self abuse. While in college Olivia was quite the “slut”, she fucked and sucked whoever happened to be around. One night at a frat party she started dancing with one of the boys. She teased him mercilessly, rubbing her pert young body against his, even grabbing his hard cock now and then and letting him feel her up. Just as soon as he’d try to draw her in, she’d dance away, laughing. She teased him all night, but then would go dance with another guy, letting that guy have his way with her on the dance floor while she starred at the first guy.

Eventually, being quite drunk, Olivia found some guy she was going to go home with. While she was waiting for him, the first guy, the one she was teasing all night, came by. He too was quite drunk and not happy that she wasn’t going to hook up with him. He started to beg her to stay and let him fuck her, but she just laughed in his face. Then a couple of his frat buddies came along and surrounded her. They gagged her and carried her upstairs to one of the bedrooms and threw her on the bed. They ripped her clothes off of her and one-by-one raped her. She eventually passed out, but remembers being fucked by at least ten different guys. It was her punishment for teasing one of their frat brothers.

In the early morning they took her and dumped her in some alley downtown. Her clothes were completely ripped apart, exposing her tits and pussy, she was covered in cum. That is how William found her when he went to open a café he worked at while he was doing his MBA. He insisted on calling the police but she talked him out of it. He got her some clothes that were left in the storeroom of the café and brought her some coffee. William called a friend to take over his duties for the rest of the morning and then took Olivia home to his apartment.

He drew a bath for her and fed her and she never left. With William, Olivia learned to control her sexuality, directing it towards fulfillment rather than abuse. William first introduced her to other women and they would have regular threesomes then one evening Olivia returned from her night class to find a couple, friends of theirs over, having drinks with William. Eventually, she and the other woman ended up on the floor in front of the two guys, kissing and fondling each other, putting on a show. When Olivia went down on the woman, she felt a cock slid into her pussy. She looked up and saw William was having his cock sucked by the woman, it was the other man who was fucking her. It was the first time since her rape another man had touched her. William gave her a knowing smile, and Olivia let go, learning to love fucking others for and with William.

Olivia never had sex with another without William first knowing about it, and likewise with him. They had an open, swinging relationship, based on trust and communication. With William she was able to find in sex her self-fulfillment rather than demean herself in abusive relationships.

When Olivia shared all of this with Katie the first time, she was overwhelmed, and a bit uncomfortable. It was all new ideas for her and so went against her own socialized sensibilities. Olivia completely understood and told her quite frankly that such relationships gaziantep bayan escort reklamları are not for everyone, but that each of us should be honest with ourselves, our own desires and fantasies and ultimately seek out and discover our sexuality. They were sitting on the couch eating popcorn, Melissa was napping and William was at work. Olivia leaned over and gave Katie a hug, kissing her gently on the cheek. Katie remembers being so confused, but she also recognized within her a stirring, a feeling, an ache as she felt Olivia’s body press against her.

Olivia then gave her a peck on the lips. Katie sat there motionless as Olivia stared into her eyes, running her hands through her hair. Katie didn’t recoil, she didn’t jump up, she was confused. Olivia leaned in again and kissed her on the lips, this time with more gusto, more passion. Olivia opened her mouth and softly licked Katie’s lips. Katie just surrendered, opening her own mouth; her body on its own volition responded to Olivia’s gestures as her mind raced in a thousand different directions, like it was disconnected from her body.

Without even realizing what she was doing, the next thing Katie was aware of was that her hand was on Olivia’s breast and she was fondling it, never breaking their kiss. At that point she knew there was no going back; besides, she didn’t want to go back. She loved Olivia and wanted to make love with her. And they did. For the first time, somebody had gone down on her; Katie had never had her pussy eaten, the few guys she was with thought it disgusting. As well, Katie tasted her first pussy, finding it almost natural to lick and tease Olivia, fingering her, nibbling her clit, licking her juices. She was in heaven. Katie enjoyed sex for the first time and she had so many orgasms she couldn’t even remember.

For the next week, whenever they could, Katie and Olivia had sex. Sometimes it was just a quick fingering of one or the other; if they had the time they would have oral sex, often ending up in a sixty-nine. That next weekend Olivia took Katie shopping at the mall and they ended up at Victoria’s Secret. They laughed, flirted, and teased one another looking at the many erotic outfits, eventually buying several different pieces for each of them.

When they returned to the Alexander’s home, William was preoccupied watching a baseball game on the TV. Olivia and Katie went out to their back patio, chatting, laughing, continuing their “girl’s day out”. They also started drinking, Olivia having made a pitcher of margaritas. After an hour William came out and started up the grill and joked how he had a bit of catching up to do. Melissa joined them as they grilled up some burgers. After dinner, Olivia put Melissa to bed and the three of them sat outside, enjoying the pleasant summer night, finishing another pitcher of margaritas.

William started to quiz them on their day’s activities, but Olivia played coy, teasing him a bit. Eventually it came out that they ended up at Victoria’s Secret and William begged to see what sexy delights they got. With a sparkling glint in her eye, Olivia dragged Katie but to their bedroom and told William to make himself comfortable on the couch inside. Olivia first gave Katie a deep and passionate kiss, saying she’d been waiting all evening for that. Being quite flushed from the margaritas, Katie was very turned on hoping that Olivia would do more. Rather, Olivia broke the kiss and took out the packages of erotic goodies and told Katie that they should give William a modeling show.

Katie was very unsure and felt uncomfortable with the idea, but Olivia talked her into it with another hot kiss. She also reassured Katie that nothing would happen she did not want. Besides, she added, William had always found her so sexy and beautiful that it would be great to tease him, then at night Olivia would know she’d be getting a good fucking as William would be all turned on. Katie agreed and started shedding her clothes, as did Olivia. Soon they were both naked and they started kissing again, Olivia’s hand finding its way to Katie’s pussy, feeling how wet it was. Katie was definitely turned on by the idea of teasing William.

Katie first put on a white teddy with garter and stockings, while Olivia put on a matching purple bra and thong panty, and covered herself with a sheer robe. She put on roll up black stockings and both of them put on a pair of heels to accentuate their bodies. Olivia kissed Katie again, giving her more confidence to show off her young nubile body to William. As they came down the stairs William sat there in stunned silence. They pranced around in front of him, showing off their amazing bodies, Olivia opening her robe and bouncing her tits in front of William’s face. She noticed the huge bulge in his pants and started to rub his cock, teasing him if that was because of her or was he getting so excited seeing the young and beautiful Katie.

Before he could answer, Olivia grabbed Katie’s hand and they ran back upstairs for round two. This time Katie kissed Olivia as they got into the room, telling her how turned on she was by wearing such erotic clothes, she felt so beautiful and sexy. Katie felt bolder now, picking out a red half-cup bra and matching thong. The bra didn’t cover her nipples, which were very hard, particularly after Olivia kissed them and gave each a teasing little nibble. Olivia didn’t wear a bra or panties, rather donning another sheer black robe with a black garter belt and stockings. Her pert breasts and glistening pussy fully exposed.

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