Finding Travis Ch. 08

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Travis urinated again. The tug around his waist grew as another cup or two of fluid moved from his bladder into the make-shift diaper. He thought he’d been sequestered for at least a day before he finally heard something. When the unmistakable sound of hands gripping his head-covering reverberated in his ears he perked. His pulse quickened at the excitement of being set free.


She didn’t answer.

“Mistress? He called again. He felt her body press against his as she fiddled with the clasp that kept the head cylinder anchored to the closet wall.

A few seconds later it came off. It was still blacker than black. He wondered why she hadn’t turned on the light. Travis was about to ask when a heavy canvas bag was pulled over his head. Realizing she was tying it in place the cloth grew tight under his chin. His spirit sank. He didn’t know why she was doing this or why she was playing with his mind by not speaking. A moment later the belt around his stomach was released. The momentary hope was then ripped away when Travis felt the cold steel of cuffs pass first around one wrist and then the other. When Mistress released his legs she did the same thing. Travis half-expected this and didn’t bother resisting. When she wrapped a chain around his neck he spoke, telling her to do whatever she wanted. He even lifted his head making it easier for her to clasp it around his neck.

With a trash bag still hanging uncouthly between his thighs he was pulled by the leash around his neck. Bumbling across the basement and almost falling he reached the stairs. His vision was completely obstructed. Travis felt just as lost here as he did in the confines of the closet. Thankfully his cuffed hands weren’t behind him. At least he could protect himself from falling on his face but the shackles around his ankles made him to shuffle like a prisoner.

Walking was difficult. When he reached the top of the stairs Mistress pulled him through the house and out through another door. The sudden heat of the oppressive summer day hit his naked skin. For a moment he figured he was outside but the surface beneath was smooth and somewhat cool. They had moved to the garage. Travis was led a few feet before being turned and pushed. Feeling hands against his butt he understood what she wanted. Travis allowed her to push him into the trunk of a vehicle.

He was driven for maybe a half hour. When they stopped Mistress forcefully pulled him from the trunk and removed the ankle shackles and cuffs. Pulling him by the leash she led him inside. They ascended three steps. Once more he felt the coolness of the air conditioned interior. The ordeal was unnerving, not because Mistress was moving him to another location but because she refused to speak. He had tried numerous times to get her to talk but every plea fell on deaf ears. She simply refused to answer. Her silence was painful in the worse sense of the word.

“Rejection!” It hit him like a ton of bricks. “I hate to be rejected,” he said to himself as she led him up a flight of stairs and into what he believed to be a carpeted bedroom.

When Mistress had mocked him yesterday because he refused to view himself a slave he broke down in tears. Partly those tears came because she had rejected him. Her mockery was more than a sarcastic way to underscore his status. He interpreted her words and attitude as a demeaning rebuke that made him feel stupid and worthless. That’s why he felt such endearment with Mrs. Kennedy and Rachel. They had never chastised him. Neither had Mrs. Johnson or Tianna prior to that moment. Even when they used him for their own pleasure they did so with an attitude that still permitted him to appear wanted and needed.

“Was that what he craved?” When his mom died and his father retreated into his cocoons of work and drink and his older sisters no longer played with him, did they unknowingly feed his need for attention by their rejection? Were they the cause for what he now felt? Is that why he emailed Chevonne that fateful evening? Is that why he craved powerful women? Would he run to any woman as long as they reached out and accepted him? He knew if they did he’d give his all to make sure they were pleased with his behavior. It’s why he obeyed Rachel and Tianna wanted. More than anything else he wanted them to accept him.

When Travis felt her push him against the wall he gasped. Even though it was a shove, she had finally touched him. When she pressed her body pressing against he felt even more energized. That physical contact brought about a spontaneous stir in his groin. That’s when he realized he hadn’t been hard for hours. He couldn’t remember how long it had been since his last erection. Travis sensed her face nuzzling close against the canvas cover. His engorged organ pressed into her. He craved her attention. He held no animosity because she had treated him as she had. His erection confirmed this. He was hers and she knew his arousal pleased her.

In a whisper she commanded. “Undress me slave.”

Travis heard the soft sensual şahinbey escort moan coming from just beyond his ear. He sighed although his was more out of excitement than sensuality. “Yes Mistress.”

Taking hold of her top he pulled it up and over her head. Travis wanted to touch. God he wanted to squeeze her tits more than anything else. Her playfulness reminded him of the woman he first met online. He loved it when she acted this way. He almost groped her but instead, made a decision to control his urges. He didn’t want to spoil the moment.

“Turn around Mistress. I want to unclasp your bra.” She did and when she turned and faced him he gently pulled it off and let it fall to the ground.

She whispered again. “My shorts; take them off”

Travis bent and slipped her feet out of her sandals and then pulled her shorts and panties off in one motion.

“You like?” she cooed softly.

When her arms rested on his shoulders and he realized she was inches in front of him he dared to touch her hips.

“Mmmm, touch your mistress my slave.”

Travis moved his hands up her slender body and then back down to her waist and hips. They felt narrower now that he was blindfolded but they always remained shapely and wonderful. He smiled and caressed her warm and immaculately soft skin. When he dared to move his hands upward he finally came to her breasts. Travis moaned and then paused.

“Touch me,” she purred. “I love it.”

Travis felt around her tits awkwardly and then pulled his hands away.

“Who is this?” He said. His body stiffened.

“What do you mean?” she answered still keeping her voice in a quiet hush.

“You’re not my Mistress.”

“Ahh, but I am slave. I absolutely am.”

He shook his head and pawed at her tits again just to be sure. “You’re not!”

Travis felt her working the tie around his neck loose and when it came off, he stood face to face with a woman he had never before seen. Indeed she wasn’t Mistress. Travis and the woman stood staring at one another. She had the most beautiful dark eyes and when she smiled her face brightened even more. She appeared both beautiful and forbidding. Like Tianna, she was black and Travis recognized the resemblance to Mistress Monique although she had a taller and slimmer build. Her breasts were smaller but no less sexy. Overall she was equally if not more stunning than Mistress Tianna.

“Kneel slave and taste your mistress.”

“Who are you?”

He was answered by a slap across the face with a force he did not expect. The blow stunned him and it hurt! Her smile was gone in an instant and replaced by a stern and foreboding glare.

“Lick – your – mistress!” she hissed, enunciating every word.

Even before recovering from the sting on his cheek, he dropped to a crouched kneel and arched his head. The woman stepped forward and thrust her hips toward him. Travis pressed his nose against the skin of her hard pubis and for the first time inhaled her musky scent. His tongue ached to delve into her wet slot but he held back, remembering the criticism he drew from Mistress Monique.

Instead he flattened it and lapped gently at her labia without entering. He ministered to her for what seemed like an eternity. The woman’s grip on his hair remained painfully tight. Her grasp never relented and Travis thought for sure she had pulled free hundreds of strands. Travis sensed she enjoyed inflicting pain. Whenever she tightened her ironclad grip even more he groaned in pain. He heard quiet moans in response to his anguishing complaints. Travis knew she was thoroughly enjoying his oral service but her pleasure seemed to hinge on the degree of pain she inflicted. When he gave in and cried in anguish when she did pull hair from his skull she came with a shudder. The woman raked his face hard against her sex until her climax withered and then pushed him away with so much force he fell fully on the floor.

When Travis looked up she stood over him. “Chevonne?” he asked.

She grinned. “Travis?”

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing is going on. I brought you here. Nothing more should matter.”

“Why did you take me away?”

“Slave’s don’t question me. Go! Go downstairs and clean the kitchen. It’s a mess.”

He looked at her for a few seconds more. They had only met. Scrunching up his nose he made a face as if to say ‘really?” before leaving. When he found the kitchen he stopped. It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in weeks. Food scraps, dishes and pots were everywhere. The chaos of it all reminded him of home.

Travis worked for nearly two hours. Chevonne popped in only once informing him she expected the floors to be hand scrubbed. After telling him where the detergent, bucket and brush were she left. When he was through it was almost midnight. He still wore the obnoxious plastic diaper. Walking around the first floor he checked every room but couldn’t find her. He ventured upstairs and stopped when he saw a note on one of the steps.

“I’m in bed. Your bed is in the basement. Bag stays on.”

“Wow!” he said quietly and walked down to the basement. There was nothing but a hot-water heater and a few boxes here. “And the bed is where?” he murmured.

Eventually deciding the best he could do was to sleep on a piece of cardboard he rested uncomfortably. The worst part was the bag. He felt the cold urine flowing around his groin whenever he moved. It felt disgusting. Additionally he had to poop but refused to go knowing he’d have that to deal with if he gave in to his body’s urge.

Morning came with a bang on the basement door at the top of the steps.

“Get up here! I need to pee!”

When he knelt he had a chance to study her closely for the first time. He absorbed the pleasant characteristics of her face and supple body. Chevonne really was beautiful. She wasn’t too thin. She looked quite athletic, having more of a track or volleyball physique. When the sound of urine hitting the water in the toilet bowl stopped she stood and waited while Travis did his duty.

“Now go get yourself cleaned up and get that damn thing off. The trash is in the garage. Don’t you dare dump your waste in there. Empty it in the toilet downstairs. Now get the hell out of here. I need to get dressed.”

The harshness of her voice made him think of his mom. It’s how he always remembered mom . She never seemed to have a kind word to say to Dad.

Thankful to have the bag free, he ripped the duct tape away, dumped what liquid in the toilet and hurriedly showered. He threw the trash bag in the garage container and waited at the top of the stairs for Chevonne on his hands and knees.

She appeared dressed and looking clean and fresh. He dared to look up. “Can I do anything for you?” He asked rising and stepping aside so she could pass by and go downstairs.

“Yea, make me breakfast and get some for yourself. I want something hot. There’s cereal in the closet. You can eat that.”

While he prepared scrambled eggs and bacon he filled himself a bowl of Cheerios. He was starving.

“So,” she asked while devouring a crispy strip of bacon. “Are you ready for the big day?”

Travis looked at her with a puzzled expression. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Your big day. The day you get sent to The Farm.”

“What farm? What are you talking about?” He said wondering if he had missed something.

“Didn’t my sister tell you?”

“Uh, apparently not. All I know is your mom wants me staying at her house for a while. I was hoping to get back on the trail so I could make it to Georgia before winter but now I don’t know.”

“Well I can tell you one thing: You’re not going to Georgia anytime soon; Tennessee maybe, but not Georgia.”

“What do you mean?”

She forked a mouthful of egg and then washed it down with a sip of orange juice. “How long did it take to get here?”

“Almost three months.”

“Why did you want to hike that far anyway?”

“I don’t know. I guess because I didn’t know if I could.”

“Well, now you know you can’t,” she snickered. “You made it half way though.”

“A little more actually but yea, about half way. So what’s this farm thing you mentioned?”

Chevonne looked at him with the same puzzled expression Travis was making. “Mom and Ti really didn’t tell you anything about it?”

He thought back. Maybe they did but then again, maybe not. “I don’t think so.”

She laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh nothing.” Chevonne wiped her mouth with a napkin and then looked across the table at him. “Do you know why you are here?”

“Um, because you brought me?”

“No asshole. Why are you here with mom and my sister?”

He shook his head. “I’ve been wondering that myself to be honest. I thought I was invited so I could meet your sister but now I’m not so sure.”

“Oh my God!” she gasped. “You are clueless!” Chevonne leaned forward. “It’s because they are going to send you to The Farm.”

“What farm?” he said now exasperated.

“The Farm where all the boys like you end up that come to see mom and Ti and me. They think they’re coming here so they can lick our pussies or get fucked by us but that’s not completely true.” She raised her eyebrows and lowered her voice. “Then we send them to the fucking Farm!”

“And what goes on at The Farm?”

“They take boys like you and turn them into slaves and then auction them to women that want a slave for their own.”

Travis stared back not knowing how to answer. He thought about what she was saying.

“That’s right. You heard me,” Chevonne repeated. “You’re getting shipped out to be trained. Who knows where you’ll end up after that?”

“But Tianna never said anything about me going to no farm.”

In a hushed voice she answered. “That’s because we didn’t want you to know before you got here. None of the boys are ever told ahead of time.”

“What boys?”

“I don’t know their names. There were lots of them.”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me anything about this before? He asked suddenly feeling creeped out. He didn’t want to go to no farm and didn’t like the fact that Tianna had not been honest with her intentions. No one had said anything about him not being released to continue his hike.

“Let’s just say it’s not the most fun place in the world. At least for boys, it’s not. Not for awhile anyway. I guess boys feel differently by the time they are ready to leave. You know, after they brainwash you so all you can think about is how wonderful your slavery to some woman chic will be.”

“What do they do?” He asked hoping to learn more.

“I already told you. It’s a place where they train boys so they can become a slave to some hot babe like me.”

“But I’m already a slave. I don’t need any training.”

“Ha, is that what you call yourself?”

He paused and stared back. “Yea, I do.”

“So, smart guy, what is a slave anyway?”

Travis thought before answering. “A slave is someone that does what someone else wants.”

“And you think you’re a slave? You think you’ll do whatever I tell you to do?”

“Yea. I already told you I would.”

“OK, we’ll see about that. “She stood and dragged him by his limp penis into the powder room and pointed to the toilet. “Clean it.”

“OK,” he said agreeably. “Let me go get the stuff I used to clean the kitchen?”

Chevonne shook her head. “Not a chance. You have everything you need right here.”

Travis rolled his eyes. “You want me to use that?” He pointed to the hand soap on the counter. “OK.”

Chevonne shook her head. “No shithead. You’re going to use your tongue. Now clean it. We’ll see just how good of a slave you really are!”

He stared back. The thought of licking that thing was revolting. “No. There’s no way I’m going to do that.”

“I thought you were a slave?”

“But that’s disgusting! I’m not licking that!”

“I didn’t give you a choice – SLAVE! You said you are a slave, so be a slave. Lick the damn toilet! Lick it, slave!” She replied emphasizing the last word and pushed his head down. Chevonne forced him to kneel and then with both hands forced his face against the porcelain seat. “Start there. Lick it. All of it!”

Reluctantly Travis brought his tongue to the plastic seat and stroked it. He heard Chevonne laugh. He licked again and then again. Finally she let go.

“Come on. Clean it up.” She could hardly believe he was and smiled watching the boy lapping like a hungry kitten as he made his way around the circular seat. “That’s good enough.” Chevonne lifted the seat. “This is the part I really need cleaned. Now get at it.”

Once more she pushed down against the back of his head. This time he resisted. “I said lick slave!”

Travis pushed back. “No!” he grunted. “That thing is gross!” He pulled his head violently to one side.

Not anticipating his action Chevonne almost lost her balance. Her body lurched forward. When she regained her stance she stood and kicked the boy in the side of the ribs using the toe of her foot and then stamped on his exposed ribs with her heel. He let out a painful “Ugh!”

“You bastard!” She screamed.

Chevonne stormed out of the small half-bath and slammed the door. Travis heard the lock on the door turn and smiled. He waited a minute for the outside hallway to quiet and turned the knob but to his surprise it wouldn’t move. The lock was reversed and he couldn’t get out!

“That’s right slave! You’re not going anywhere. That is,” she added, “until they come and pick you up and haul your ass off to The Farm!”

“Chevonne,” he pleaded.

“You want out? Then clean the toilet the way I told you,” she yelled. “You have five minutes and now I want the inside of the bowl cleaned too!”

Just then the doorbell rang. Tianna stood waiting impatiently. Yesterday had been a busy day. After locking Travis in the basement closet she spent the remainder of the morning and early afternoon with her mom at work. She battled the traffic on highway 28 for nearly ninety minutes on her way to Dulles International. Her roommate and best friend Katie Martin was due in at 6:22 that evening. Barely making it in time, she met Katie at the Delta arrival terminal. It was so good to see her. Even though it hadn’t been more than a couple of months since graduating it seemed like forever since they were last together. They had so much to talk about.

“We’re going out on the town,” Tianna said when they got to her car. Katie’s long flowing blonde hair blew gently across her shoulders. Tianna took her to one of her favorite restaurants and after meeting up with her mother, they headed to one of Tianna’s favorite night clubs. They danced and drank until almost 1 AM.

Figuring it was best to let Travis stay where he was, it wasn’t until late morning when Tianna went to retrieve him and found him missing. When her mother shrugged her shoulders as to Travis’ whereabouts Tianna knew immediately where he was.

“Chevonne!” Banging on the door she yelled. “Open the door Chevonne! I know you have him!”

“Hey little sis. What’s up?” She said greeting her with her near-perfect smile.

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