Finishing Ch. 03

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The next morning Sue woke up late. When she finally made it to the kitchen for coffee she looked pretty rough. I noticed the dried flaky streaks on her face as she sat nursing her coffee, and guessed that she didn’t know they were there. So she had no idea that I’d shot a load of cum on her face after she’d fallen asleep while I ate my cum from her pussy. I didn’t speak up right away.

Eventually she rubbed a hand across her face, trying to remove what she felt. I grinned at her confused expression when the flakes rubbed off her cheeks. Some fell in her coffee cup, and I snickered.

“What the – what the hell is this?” she asked herself, out loud. When she saw me grinning she asked me, “What is this. Do you know-” and then her face registered that that I knew something, and it was funny, at least to me. She managed a weak grin. “Is this from you?”

“Yeah, actually,” I confessed. “How much do you remember from when you came home?”

“Did we have sex?” she mumbled. “I remember being really horny.”

“We did,” I joked. “At least I did. You were there for part of it. You got home around two, and insisted I fuck you, and you pulled your pants down.”

“I think I remember that part. You licked me.”

“Yep. I was waiting for it all night, knowing you’d be drunk and horny when you got home. I licked your pussy, and then fucked you like a wild man.” I told her the rest, skipping the part where I licked my cum from her fucked pussy, ended with blasting her sleeping face. “That’s what you’re rubbing off into your coffee.”

“Nice. You blasted your sleeping wife’s face, and then left it there.” She rolled her eyes. “You could have cleaned me up,” she said.

“Then you’d never know how much fun you had.”

“Thanks.” She rubbed her face vigorously, and flakes of dried cum shook off. She shook her head, but smiled. “So what got you so excited that you came twice?”

“I ate your creampie.”

“My what?”

I told her about licking her after I fucked her; about sucking my cum from her pussy, how hot and nasty and debauched and irresistible it was.

She stared at me, still a little bleary, but coming awake, a little interested. “Really,” she said.

“I swear. It got me so hot I was like a rock, and jerked off on your face.”

She smirked a little. “You liked it?”

“Liked? I couldn’t resist, I dove in. Swallowed. Fucking incredible.”


“Really. Ever since the party it’s been on my mind. And you were out, drinking, and I thought about it all night.” I paused. “By the way, are you sore?”

“A little.”

“I really pounded you. Sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s a good sore.” She finished her coffee. “I’m going to shower. Did you shower already?”

“Yeah, I’ve been up for a while.”

She went to shower, and I cleaned up breakfast. I was in the den when she came downstairs, wrapped in a robe. I was going to turn on the TV as she sat next to me, and draped an arm around my shoulder. She felt warm through the terrycloth, still humid from the hot shower. Her hair was wrapped in a towel.

“So, do you have plans?”


“Now, actually.”

“Nothing concrete,” I smiled. “What’s on your mind?” I kissed her forehead, picking Kartal Escort up her signals, hoping what she might say.

“A repeat of last night, but while I’m sober,” she whispered hoarsely. Whenever she’s out drinking late her voice suffers, but it sounds sexy and seductive. It was working for me. I slipped my arm around her, pulled her closer. “I’d like to be able to experience your new habit it and remember it.” We kissed, slowly and lovingly, and I felt my cock stir to life. I imagined her, seeing me, watching me, enjoying me eating her fucked cum filled hole.

“Okay,” I told her, gazing into her eyes. “But shave first.”

She rubbed my face with her hand. “Feels smooth already.”

“Not me,” I told her, “you.” I pulled back, and reached for her robe, and she let me open it, exposing her naked body for my eyes. My cock reacted as her breasts were bared to my view. One leg was crossed over the other, and I separated them, exposing her beautiful, trimmed pussy. “I want you to shave. Your pussy.”


“Like a Barbie doll.”


“You want me” I whispered, “to lick my cum from your fucked cunt?” She nodded. “Good, because I want to. But I want your cunt hairless and smooth.” I kissed her again, and she moaned a little as our tongues entwined. My dick was fully hard now, and I moved her hand to it. “See how much I want it?”

She tugged at me, and then stood, not bothering to close her robe. “You got it,” she grinned. “It’s the least I can do.”

“Need a hand?” I offered.

“I think I can manage,” she said, and as she headed upstairs, added, “You’ll be ready for me when I’m done?”

“I’ll try not to start without you,” I called.

I watched her head out of the room, and sat, reflecting on my desire, and how lucky I was to have a woman who would meet my debauchery and revel in it with me. My cock was throbbing, but I resisted stroking myself. Fuck, this was hot!

I went to the computer, pulled up a porn vid site, and watched a couple of quick creampie eating videos, some woman eating other women, some men eating, and then one where a guy eats another guys cum from his wife. One where a guy eats cum from his wife’s ass. I got hotter, wondering if some of these might be in my future. After about ten minutes I pulled away, and went upstairs, stripped and lay on the bed, my dick begging for attention. Twice last night, and here it was, before noon, ready to go again. Amazing what new experiences will do for the libido!

I was indulging my imagination when she came in, only a few minutes later, wrapped again in her robe. She walked to the bed, near my head, and opened the robe, letting it slip from her shoulders. And there it was, hairless and beautiful, her puffy lips swollen and waiting, smooth and beautiful. She stepped her legs apart as little, and I reached for her, slipping my hand between her thighs, cupping her, feeling the smooth, warm flesh, already slick with her wetness. She sighed as I caressed her.

“Nice,” I said. “Beautiful to see, nicer to touch. So sexy.”

“M-mm, that feels so good,” she sighed. “I can’t believe how hot it made me,” she said. “Why didn’t you ask for this before?”

“I never Tuzla Escort thought of it before.” I slipped a finger between her lips, and inside her. “Fuck, you’re so wet.”

“Lick my cunt, baby, lick my shaved cunt.”

I pulled my finger out as she climbed onto the bed and swung a leg over me, her ass sitting on my chest, legs apart. Her open pussy faced me, looking hotter and sexier and dirtier than ever before, and I groaned at the sight.

“You like that, baby? You like seeing my sweet shaved pussy for you?” She reached between her legs, spread her lips with her fingers. “O-ooh, it’s so nice and smooth and wet for you, baby, you want to put your tongue in there?”

“Give it to me, sweetie, put that hot pussy on my mouth so I can taste you.”

She pushed her hips to me, and then her pussy was at my mouth, and I felt her juices pour out onto my tongue, tasted her tangy sweetness, and felt, for the first time, her smooth hairless lips, pressing onto my face, and oh! It was incredible! I ran my tongue up and down her lips, licked all around it, inside it, sucked her smooth skin, up, down, as she pushed against me. I sucked her clit, licked her hole, and when she moved, found her ass hairless as well, and shoved my tongue up her tight back hole, making her groan and talk dirty, like when she was drunk.

“Oh, yeah you dirty boy, lick my ass, all smooth for you, get your tongue inside my butt, lick me out!” I fucked her ass with my tongue while she held it there, and then she moved, and I was back at her pussy, my nose pressed against her shaved mound, pressing into her clit while my tongue dug inside her for her juices.

“Oh, you like that, right? Lick my cunt baby, think about how it will taste with your cum, all slippery and wet and smooth. Do you want that? You want to lick your cum from my sexy shaved cunt, baby?”

I murmured into her, and she pulled back, and slid down my body, slipping me easily inside her. “Fuck me now, fuck my shaved cunt, shove that fucking cock in me and fill me with hot cum!”

I pushed my hips up, burying my hard cock inside her, feeling her shaved lips at the base of my dick. Fucking shaved pussy! My wife, my sweet, hot, dirty girl was stone cold sober, talking like when she was drunk, as she bounced her freshly shaved cunt on my cock, meeting my thrusts, slamming herself down on me.

“Oh, baby, your cunt is so fucking hot, it feels so nice, all shaved and smooth on my dick!”

“Yeah, fuck my shaved pussy baby, fuck me good, make me cum, fill my cunt with your hot load!”

I pumped her good and hard, feeling her slick sheath sliding on me, feeling tight and hot, clenching herself on me as we fucked, blind with passion, grunting at each other like the animals in heat we were. I heard her breathing increase, and knew she was close, so fast.

“Cum on my dick baby, let me feel your hot shaved cunt cumming on my cock, come on, baby, cum for me,” I urged, pumping harder up into her, and then she pulled her face to mine, eyes bulging and she gasped, and froze as her body was clutched by a massive orgasm. I felt her juices pour out of her, soaking my balls, and I fucked her through it, egging her on.

“Yeah, that’s it baby, Anadolu Yakası Escort cum on my dick, fuck, you’re so hot when you cum, fuck yeah, baby!” She started to relax as the wave receded, and begged for me.

“Come on, sweetie, give it to me now, give me that hot cum in my juicy cunt. I want you to lick it out of me, I want to see you suck your cum from my hot fucked cunt!” Inspired by her filthy mouth, I felt my balls react, felt my juices building up for the launch. My legs tightened, and my stomach clenched, and I felt myself grimace even as I imagined her pussy, filled and dripping, above my face. I bellowed as I came, my cock exploding into her, coating her insides with blast after blast of my creamy hot semen. I felt her pussy heat up and loosen, feeling slick, and hot and juicy as I finished, buried to the hilt inside her.

She stayed on me, holding me inside her, holding my cum inside. “You want it baby? You want to eat my cum-filled pussy? I’m going to watch it drip on you, I want to see you, watch you eat your nasty cum from my fuck hole.”

“I want you to see me, to make me. I want your messy fucked cunt on my mouth, I want to suck you out, feel that hot mess on my lips. Give it to me, baby. Make me eat that cunt!”

She braced herself, and in one motion she was up, and squatting over my face, her cunt red and swollen, and open, and I watched a fat drop of cum emerge, and hang for a second. I opened my mouth and laid my tongue out flat as it fell, and it landed on my tongue, and then it poured out as she spoke.

“Oh, fuck, that’s nasty, eat it you dirty boy, eat that cum, fuck, it’s a big load, I can see it dripping into your mouth, you nasty pig, fucking eat that cum!”

My mouth was full, and I swallowed, and then she lowered herself to my mouth, and pressed my lips to her open hole, and I sucked and licked as my slimy, salty cum filled my mouth, hot from her cunt, her sweet shaved fucked cunt. I was dizzy with delight as my mouth filled again, a huge load, tasting it on my tongue, coating my lips, my gums, my teeth. The passion took me, and I was driving my tongue up inside her, searching for more, and she pressed herself onto my face, and then was cumming again, her juices flooding my mouth, mixing with my own, and I drank and inhaled and groaned as she screamed her orgasm. I felt her legs shudder, and she stopped breathing, and then exhaled loudly as her cum waned, and she relaxed, and rested, her pussy still at my face. She pulled back slightly, allowing me to breath. My face was drenched, and she rubbed her smooth lips on my chin, coating my cheeks, dripping down my neck.

She pulled back then, and suddenly we were kissing, and her tongue was licking my face as she spoke in panting whispers. “You dirty dog,” she kissed, flicking her tongue across his lips, “you filthy, sexy man. Look at you, cum on your face,” she licked his cheek, “you taste like cum and cunt. What a sexy, dirty mind you have, to want to do these things.”

“I liked it.” I admitted. ” You seemed to enjoy it.”

“When you first talked about it, I was afraid of it, of how much it aroused me, how nasty I thought it was. But I couldn’t resist.” She kissed me again, her tongue tasting of both of us. “It was so fucking hot, baby,” she cooed sweetly. “We are going to do this again. A lot, I think.”

She nestled her head on my shoulder, and I drifted to sleep, the smell of our sex in my nostrils, the taste in my mouth. Where would this lead, I wondered as I sank into oblivion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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