Fire in the Night Ch. 05

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When the song on the radio switched to ‘Angel of the Morning,’ an image of Caitlin flashed into Jack’s head. He envisioned her with a mischievous smile, her naked body wrapped in his light blue sheets, tousled red curls spilling over her bare shoulders and illuminated into fire by the sunlight that peeked through the small window of the RV’s bedroom — the angel of his morning. This vision was so vivid that he could see the way the golden sunlight would draw out the gold flecks in her brilliant green eyes, and he could almost feel her soft, warm body pressing up against his side.

“Jack?” Though she spoke quietly, he was jerked out of his fantasy bed and back into reality — sitting in the kitchen booth next to her, the dim overhead light of the RV chasing away the dark, rainy night outside. He suddenly realized that his erection was straining against his jeans almost painfully, forcing him to be aware of the power and depth of his desire for this beautiful young woman.

“Yes,” he answered hoarsely, his voice thick with the passion that was quickly consuming him, bringing him to the point of no return. The point where he must surely take her into his arms or perish. He studied her face intently — her soft, pink lips slightly parted with anticipation, the spattering of freckles across her nose, her bright emerald eyes wide with innocence. When she shifted forward slightly, his arm that was draped across the top of the seat brushed her shoulder, and it was as if he could no longer breathe. He was frozen in place by the feel of her body, the perfection of her skin, the connection of their two bodies.

“Jack.” Spoken as a statement, it broke the spell her touch had cast upon him. The point of no return had been reached. He brought her to him as if there was no other place she belonged, kissing her with all of the explosive passion that had been building in him ever since he spotted her coppery curls through the RV’s windshield in the rain-soaked night. There was no holding back, no point in resisting or restraining any longer, and he claimed her mouth with his own, his tongue exploring her lips, her mouth, caressing her own tongue. He stroked her fiery red curls with his hand, burying his hand in her hair as he cupped her neck to devour her mouth more fully. When it seemed her shock wore off, and she moved her tongue back against him, he couldn’t resist gently sucking it into his mouth. He felt a guttural moan in the back of her throat, and he knew that he needed to have her, all of her, immediately.

Breaking the kiss, he pulled back slightly as both of them gasped for breath. Her wide green eyes were staring at him with shock, wonder, and desire mixed together. His arm still around her shoulders, he felt her tremble slightly. He was shaken as well, barely able to think, certainly unable to form sentences, so he said the only two words that were currently echoing in his head.

“Bedroom. Now.”

Caitlin’s eyes widened. Jack stood up, took her hand in his, and led her back through the kitchen of the RV to the bedroom. Closing the door behind her, he stood next to the bed in the small bedroom, staring at her with anticipation. He reached forward, stroked her soft cheek gently, tenderly, and brushed her curls away from her face. Her green eyes were still wide, locked on his as her lips parted slightly. Letting out a soft groan at this irresistible temptation, he pulled her to him, kissing her deeply as he wrapped his arms around her, running his hands up her slender back. Her hands timidly crept around his waist, clinging to him as she drowned in his kiss.

Pulling back slightly, he studied her face as he commanded, “Tell me what you want.” He wanted to hear from her own lips that she was as passionate about him as he was about her, and he didn’t want to coerce her into anything she didn’t want to do.

She lowered her eyes shyly, blushing slightly as she said in a soft voice, “I want you.”

Intuitively sensing that the young woman wanted him to take charge, he took one of her hands and placed it on the crotch of his jeans so that she could feel his throbbing erection. “Tell me what you want,” he repeated.

She gasped softly, her cheeks flushed, and her emerald eyes darkened with desire. “I want you inside of me,” she said, a little louder.

He groaned again at this admission, dropping her hand and reaching for the bottom of her shirt so that he could pull it over her ataköy escort head. She raised her hands obediently, and he yanked off her top impatiently, tossing it behind her. Her breasts were concealed by a royal blue bra that matched her shirt, the rich color beautifully contrasting with her pale skin. Light freckles were spattered along her collarbone, enhancing her beauty even more. He stared at her openly, admiringly, entranced by her youthful beauty. She started to raise her arms to cover her chest shyly, and he stopped her.

“Let me see how beautiful you are,” he said softly. She nodded slightly, holding her breath. With painstaking care, he reached down and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her khaki pants. He could see a hint of the royal blue panties that matched her bra and he groaned with desire. She kicked off her shoes and socks as he slid her pants down her slender hips, and she stepped out of the khakis carefully. The soft, creamy skin of her legs mesmerized him, and he bent down to run his hands slowly up the outside of her legs, feeling her smoothness. When his hands reached her hips, he ran them up her back to her bra clasp and undid it without hesitation. Gently pulling off her bra, his breath caught at the sight of her beautiful breasts. Perfect for her petite frame, they were full, perky, topped with soft pink nipples that matched her lips. He leaned forward to lay a gentle kiss on her right nipple, and she moaned quietly.

Wrapping his arms around her, he picked her up and lay her down tenderly on the bed. He found himself being gentler with her than he had ever been with a woman. ‘I’m starting to really care about her,’ he thought, with some kind of wonder. He unhurriedly kicked off his shoes, peeled off his clothes, and joined her on the bed in his boxers. Her eyes were wide as they drank in his body, muscled and hard from years of training in the police force. Her gaze lingered on the tent that had formed in his boxers. He boldly took her hand again and put it on his erection, causing her to gasp softly.

“Is this what you want?” he asked hoarsely. Her eyelids fluttered closed with desire as her small fingers wrapped around his cock through his boxers. He moaned, feeling her grip him tightly, her lust evident.

“Yes,” she breathed. He stroked her cheek again, softly, burying his hand in her fiery red hair as he pulled her forward to kiss her deeply. His tongue slowly, gently explored her mouth, teasing her tenderly as he felt her hand hesitantly stroke his cock through his boxers. She moaned into his mouth, responding eagerly to his kiss as she sucked his tongue gently. His passion overcoming him, he broke the kiss to trail his lips down her neck, softly kissing and licking her creamy skin. She tilted her head back, breathing hard as she felt him tasting her skin.

He moved on top of her, his hands gripping her hips as he dropped soft, wet kisses over her chest, everywhere on her breasts except her nipples. Moving his gaze up to her face to watch her expression, he lightly flicked his tongue over her nipple. She gasped, her eyes closing, a look of ecstasy coming over her face. He sucked her nipple gently, tenderly, and she moaned loudly. Moving his lips over to her other nipple, he alternated slowly, leisurely, sucking and licking her nipples until she was gasping for breath, tossing her head back and forth.

“Please,” she moaned.

He smiled slightly, watching her face as she opened her eyes and looked at him earnestly. “Tell me,” he instructed.

She hesitated slightly, shyly, lowering her eyes from his gaze. “Please…I need you,” she said softly.

He lowered his lips to her nipple again, sucking a bit harder and nipping his teeth on her lightly. She moaned louder, her body writhing beneath him. He then pulled back, watching her face again. “Tell me,” he commanded in a stronger voice.

“Please, Jack! I want you to…taste me,” she gasped, her face flushed with shyness. Without hesitation, his hands moved from her hips to the top of her panties, pulling them swiftly down her soft, creamy legs. He was delighted to see that she was shaven, her pussy bare for him to feast upon. She started to cross her legs slightly, then restrained herself and lay still beneath him. He began kissing and licking down her stomach, nibbling lightly at her hip bones, then moving to her upper thighs. She whimpered softly as he gently avcılar escort spread her legs, raising her knees so that he could settle between them. Kissing her upper thighs softly, teasingly, he watched her face. Her curls were spread wildly across the pillow, her eyes closed, her face flushed, and she bit her lower lip in anticipation. He slowly ran his tongue up her slit, tasting the desire that moistened her pussy.

“Caitlin, you’re so wet for me,” he said, his voice thick with desire. “Do you want me to taste you now?”

Her hips undulating slightly, she trembled with desire as she whimpered, “Yes, please Jack, now please…”

Satisfied, he ran his tongue inside of her again, exploring her soft folds with tenderness. She was moaning and writhing beneath him, making his dick grow painfully hard. Years of experience with women guided his movements. He found her clit and gently flicked it, hearing her gasp loudly. He began to suck on it lightly, slowly, moving one of his hands to her pussy to slowly slip one of his fingers inside of her, finding her amazingly tight. She cried out loudly, her hands fisting the sheets tightly as she arched her back, throwing her red curls back on the pillow as she squeezed her eyes shut. Moving his finger in and out of her with hard strokes, he began sucking and licking at her clit more firmly, hearing her gasp louder. “Jack! Oh god, please!” Her voice was high-pitched, pleading, begging him for release.

He felt her hips begin to buck against him, and he sucked on her clit just a little harder, shoving his finger inside of her strongly as he curled it slightly and stroked quickly inside of her. She cried out loudly, her body tensing and tightening beneath him, and he moved his gaze up her body to watch her hands clench into tight fists, her eyes tightly shut, shuddering and shaking as she gasped for breath, riding out the wave of her orgasm. He gave her pussy lips a soft kiss as he withdrew his finger gently, moving up to lie next to her, watching her recover from her climax.

Her breath eventually slowed enough for her to stop gasping, and she opened her eyes and looked at him timidly, shyly, her face now flushing with embarrassment rather than pleasure. Intending to give her time to recuperate, he waited for her to speak first.

“Jack…please…I want you inside of me now,” she said softly.

Raising his eyebrows, he said, “Baby, you can take a minute to –“

She reached between them and touched his hard cock hesitantly. “Please…” she begged.

What 40-year-old man is going to argue when a young woman half his age begs him to take her? Kissing her gently, he reached down and pulled off his boxers, exposing his hard-on to her curious eyes. Wrapping her small fingers around his cock, she began to stroke him slowly, hesitantly. Closing his eyes lightly, he enjoyed the feeling of her warm, soft hand around him for a few minutes. He felt her breath on his neck, soft but quick as her arousal grew. His dick grew almost painfully hard, and he pictured how she would look beneath him, when he was inside of her, her tight pussy gripping him instead of her soft fingers. When he opened his eyes, her expression was silently begging him to take her.

Reaching over to his nightstand, he pulled out a condom from the drawer and quickly slipped it on. He moved on top of her again, spreading her creamy thighs gently as he moved his hips between them. His gaze locked on her emerald green eyes, which were wide with anticipation. Leaning down, he kissed her again tenderly, softly, as he slowly began to slide his cock into her wet warmth. She moaned in a low voice, her hands reaching up to his shoulders and gripping them tightly.

She whispered urgently, “Please…do it quickly.” Uncertain as to the reason for her request, he nevertheless obeyed and thrust into her in one quick motion…that was only slightly slowed by the sensation of something inside of her tearing and breaking. Her hands tightened painfully on his shoulders. Confused, he looked down at her nervously. She opened her eyes, wincing with pain, and moved forward to kiss him gently. “Make love to me, Jack,” she said quietly.

She was a virgin…had been a virgin. He controlled his movements carefully, slowly stroking in and out of her tight warmth, kissing her softly to ease her pain. His mind was racing at this new development — beylikdüzü escort a virgin. It certainly explained how tight she was. But why hadn’t she told him, warned him? For several minutes he controlled his pace, easing her into the world of lovemaking with gentle tenderness. When he finally felt her hips begin to move against him, urging him onward, he began to quicken his strokes. She gasped softly, moaning as his hard cock reached into her depths. He moved one of his hands up to lightly pinch her nipple, rolling it between his fingers. Clinging to his shoulders, she tilted her head back, closing her eyes as she gave herself to the feelings flooding through her. Cautiously, he increased the strength of his strokes, studying her face carefully for any signs of pain. Her expression was of sheer ecstasy as she urged him on. “Yes…yes, Jack…oh god please…” she moaned.

Reaching one hand down to her hip, he held her down as he began to push into her more firmly, using long strokes to thrust deeply into her wet warmth, groaning as he felt her tightness around his aching cock. She whimpered, her nails digging into his shoulders as she succumbed to his control. He felt her muscles tighten beneath him, as she squeezed her eyes shut and began to gasp louder. Recognizing her impending orgasm, he struggled to control himself enough to continue thrusting into her. She was so unbelievably tight that he was finding it difficult to hold back, to wait for her pleasure before his own. He moved his hand from her hip down between their joined bodies, flicking her clit gently. She cried out loudly, her hips bucking wildly against him, her body shuddering with pleasure as her orgasm consumed her. The sight of her climax was a thing of beauty, her green eyes squeezing shut and then opening wide, sightless as she surrendered to pleasure. Her fiery red curls bounced wildly against the pillow as she tossed her head from side to side, squealing his name. “Oh god, oh yes, Jack yes, oh god ohhhhh!” she shrieked.

Unable to control himself any longer within her tight, trembling warmth, the flood of wetness from her orgasm triggered his own release. Feeling his own body tense, he came more strongly than he ever had before. Letting out a loud groan, he felt his body shudder as he thrust into her hard one final time, his orgasm washing over him. Three or four times he felt an eruption of cum from his hard cock, and he let out a shaky groan with each surge. Gasping softly, he opened his eyes enough to watch her come down from her high. She gradually relaxed beneath him as he gently slowed his strokes within her.

He finally pulled out of her, hearing her moan softly as he withdrew, and he reached over to his nightstand for a tissue to wrap the condom in. He took her into his arms and held her gently, kissing her forehead softly as he stroked her stomach. Their hot, flushed bodies glistened with sweat from the exertion. Her wild curls were a tangled mess, her face pink with pleasure, and her soft lips were gently parted as she gasped for breath. He thought she had never looked more beautiful. He waited for her breathing to slow enough for her to speak.

“That was…indescribable,” she said softly. He pulled back from her slightly and lay on his side next to her so that he could see her expression.

“Yes, it certainly was,” he chuckled.

She lowered her eyes from his gaze. “Are…are you mad?” she whispered.

He kissed her gently, tenderly, tasting her lips just lightly with his tongue. “I’m not mad, baby. I’m wondering why you didn’t let me know before. And I’m curious as to how you’re in your twenties and still a virgin, and then decide to give me the honor of being your first. But you only have to tell me as much as you’re comfortable with, if anything.”

Biting her lip softly, she looked up at him. Her forehead wrinkled slightly with worry. “I know that I don’t know you very well, Jack. But I trust you. I don’t really know why, maybe it’s just an instinctive thing. But you’re the first man I’ve ever trusted like this. I don’t want you to…think less of me.”

He shook his head, kissing each of her cheeks and then her lips sweetly. “I would never think less of you, baby. I just want to know you.” He may have used something like this as a line in the past, but as he spoke the words, they rang true to him. ‘I care about her so much,’ he thought with some surprise. ‘I really do want to know everything about her; I want to understand her. I’ve never felt like this about a woman before. Of course, I’ve never met a woman like her before…’

She studied his face carefully for a few moments, and he could sense her weighing her decision. Finally, she opened her mouth and began to speak.

To be continued…

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