First Couple Play

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Everyone is over 18. In out mid to late thirties actually.

Stephen and I are not “official”, but have been “hanging out” a lot. He introduced me to his close friends Devon and his girlfriend Tanisha.

The first time meeting Devon and Tanisha I was floored by their beauty. Tanisha’s being of Jamaican descent, has the most chill island vibe. Tall, slim, dark skin with gorgeous black to dark red dreadlocks, flowing down to her mid back. When she smiles, the whole room lights up. Devon, was sculpted by the gods themselves. Light skinned black, 6’2 and fit. While he doesn’t run track anymore, he defiantly kept up with his workout routine. He turns heads overtime he walks into a room. I was defiantly enamored by their beauty and charms.

Our first double date was at a Korean BBQ place. I’m almost positive it was not the first time Stephen and Devon took their dates to that place. They had the routine down. knowing when to fill our drinks, and showing off their skills preparing the meats on the grill, all of it was a sight to behold. It was one of the best double dates I went on.

All four of us has gone escort videoları out multiple times and really gotten to know with each other. Tanisha being queer, loves the fact; Devons best friend is gay. She is always encouraging everyone to be open and comfortable with themselves. When Stephen told them of the time my college friend visited, Tanisha’s eye light up and got giddy with joy. She wanted to know everything, how did it start, who did what. Stephen, not wanting to miss a chance to brag, went into detail about the night we had.

I’m sitting on Tanisha’s left with Devon on her right. Her eyes locked on Stephens’. Hanging on to his every word. I’m sitting on her left, Devon on her right. Tanisha’s hands running up and down both my and Devon’s legs. I could only imagine her as a powerful Queen with her servants happily pleasing her on both sides.

Stephen comes to sit next to me, while Tanisha’s left had becomes locked with my right hand. I look over and see Devon kissing his way up to her neck. She takes her right and and guides Devons head closer to hers. gaziantep escort bayan videoları After their embrace, she pushes him back and tells him to sit.

Stephen behind me caressing me and taking off my clothes, stops when Tanisha turns her attention to me. She grabs me and pulls me in close for a kiss. We end up kneeling infront of Devon. Tanisha looks at Stephen for approval before wrapping her left arm around my neck and kiss me. My hands caress her body. We break our kiss and I see in her right hand the biggest cock ever.

Devon’s manhood looks massive in her hand. it’s 11 inches and as thick as a can of soda. Tanisha looks at Devon and ask’s if he is ready for this. Its his first time having a man touch him in a sexual way. I reach out to touch his thighs. My hands getting closer and closer to his Big Black Cock. I grab the base of his dick and with an open mouth, my tongue starts at the underside of his shaft and slowly lick it until i get to the top.

HIs dick stretches my mouth as big as it can be. fully engulfed with him. I gaziantep escort videoları get lost in working his shaft with my hands and trying to let more and more saliva lubricate the biggest dick i’ve ever had in my mouth. After what seems like hours, but was only a few minutes, Tanisha already undressed, takes places hands on my face and pulls me up to her. she wipes the tears and spit from my face that came from me trying to get as much of that cock down my throat. She says “its my turn”, then pushed my head down to her warm pussy. Its been a while since I went down on a women. My lips lock with her lips down there. My tongue finding its way inside her and exploring a strange but familiar place. Her smell, her taste, the heat from her body, everything about her made me excited. I climb up from between her legs to see Devon sitting up on her right side with his cock rhythmically going in and out of her beautiful mouth.

I look for Stephen at the other side of the couch. He is slowly stocking the cock I know and love. I jump right to him and make sure he isn’t feeling left out. As we break to our respective partners, Tanisha and I try to make sure our men feels the love they have.

Tanisha, after taking Devon’s load in her mouth, grabs the back of my head locks her red lips with mine and with her tongue, pushes his load inside my mouth. She then say’s, doing that was a fantasy of hers. she hands me a glass to spit it out. she then kissed me on my forehead like the good boy i am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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