First Snow of the Season

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Thanks go to my editor Althefish. You’re the best.


It is Wednesday night, well actually it’s Thursday morning. The weather channel said tonight we would have snow. This will be the first snow of winter. I always loved when it was snowing, it always seems magical somehow. So quiet and peaceful.

It’s about 2 in the morning when I wake up. I take a quick peek out the window, and sure enough, it’s snowing. It’s the big fluffy snow that drifts down from the night sky. It is going to be perfect. I grab a pair of shorts and a tank top and quietly head for the kitchen. At 31, the tank top hugs my perky C-cup breasts. The shorts emphasize my long, strong legs. My short red hair is probably all messy, but I don’t care at 2 AM. I’m trying not to wake Mike up. I head into the kitchen, the night light is on, but I need a bit more light and turn on the stove light to see what I’m doing.

I had my birthday last month, and someone got me some chocolate from Europe for making hot cocoa. They gave me a container of dark chocolate and a container of milk chocolate with mint. I decide on the mint hot cocoa tonight. I quietly get out a saucepan, place it on the stovetop and turn on the heat. I grab a big mug from the shelves, and the milk from the fridge. I fill the mug with milk, minus some space for the chocolate, and pour it into the saucepan.

I return the milk to the fridge and peek down the hall to see if I might have woken up Mike, but the lights are still out in his bedroom. (Yeah, we have separate bedrooms, but that’s a long story.) I grab a spoon and pry the top off the chocolate and then stir the milk a little. It’s not hot yet, but it’s always good to stir anyway. I go to my bedroom and grab the big ugly blanket. It’s purple on one side, and red on the other, but it’s soft and warm, so I can overlook the glaring colors of it. I realize I might be cold after this adventure, so I pull the blankets up on my bed and turn the electric blanket on. I turn on the light on the nightstand and head back to the kitchen with my blankie.

I stir the milk; it’s getting warmer, but not quite ready yet. I fill the mug with water and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes to warm the mug itself up. I don’t want to put my hot cocoa in a cold mug! I check down the hall again, but no signs of life from Mike’s room. I can’t resist and I start picking out some of the chocolate morsels from the container. They look like itty bitty chocolate chips. I see the first bubbles forming in the milk, so I turn the heat down and add three heaping spoonfuls of the European chocolate morsels.

The instructions say I have to stir continuously until the chocolate is melted. This actually took a few minutes the last time I made it. So I stand there in the kitchen, in my shorts, slowly stirring the pot of milk. The microwave dings, I had hoped to stop it before it finished, but I was focusing on the saucepan and forgot.

The chocolate is somewhat melting, it’s a big, sludge-like blob on the bottom of the saucepan. The smell is wonderful. I keep stirring when I see Mike walking into the kitchen. He is wearing only his pajama bottoms, his eyes are half closed and his hair is sticking up in different directions. You would think with hair that short that he wouldn’t have ‘bed head’, but he does.

“What are you doing?” He asks, somewhat groggily.

“I’m making hot cocoa. I was trying to be quiet so you wouldn’t wake up.”

“I don’t think I heard you, but the smell is wonderful. I think that woke me up.”

He walks behind me and leans against my back, his hands snake around my waist and rest against my stomach. He leans in and inhales deeply. He asks if that’s the mint one, and I tell him it is.

We stand together until the hot cocoa takes on a smooth, creamy, rich texture. I ask Mike to pour out the hot water from the mug. When he’s done I pour the hot cocoa into the nice pendik escort warm mug. It fits perfectly, no measuring cups needed. Holding the mug in front of his face, I ask he wants to share. His eyes light up and he eagerly nods a yes. For being a 53 year old guy, he has these moments where he acts so childlike, and I just have to laugh.

I nod to the big ugly blankie and ask him to grab it and follow me. He looks a bit confused, but he’ll follow the hot cocoa anywhere. I lead him to the door by the deck in the back of the house. I unlock the door, and step out into a winter wonderland. Mike takes a tentative step outside; he doesn’t look very excited about this part.

“Put the blanket on the bench.” I direct him. He opens the blanket and drapes it over the bench. He has most of it on the ground and I have him pull it up higher. I sit down on the bench and pull my legs up to the seat. I pat the seat next to me and Mike sits down. He has his feet on the deck and I tell him he should bring his feet up like mine. He says he’s fine and we wrap ourselves in the blanket. There is a light covering of snow in the backyard. We share the hot cocoa in silence for a few minutes, before Mike says his feet are cold.

I unwrap both of us from the warm blanket, and I have him put his feet up on the bench. I was all warm and snuggly, and now I have his cold feet to deal with. Then we cocoon ourselves back in the blanket. It’s much warmer like this. We pass the hot cocoa between us, just watching the snow float down.

We spend about 30 to 45 minutes out there, wrapped snuggly in the blanket. Sometimes we sit in silence, sometimes we reminisce about our childhood. Apparently, Mike was a bit of a daredevil when he was a kid. That’s hard to believe, because he’s kind of a fuddy duddy now. We laugh and chat and watch the world turn white. I love this kind of night.

Mike gets intrigued when I talk about the naked snow angels, and he wants to see one. I haven’t done one of those since I was a teenager, and I am not real enthused about doing one tonight. Mike keeps asking, and I say I’ll do it if he does it with me. That’s a big ‘No’. Did I mention Mike is a fuddy duddy? He keeps asking, and I finally relent. I know I have a nice warm bed waiting for me.

I put the empty mug on the table, and extricate myself from the blanket. Mike instantly wraps himself back up. My feet get cold as soon as they hit the deck. I look around, but the back yard is pretty secluded and it’s almost 3AM. I don’t see any lights anywhere. I slowly start stripping off my shirt and dropping it on the table next to the mug. My nipples are getting harder by the second. Next I hook my thumbs under the waistband of my shorts and panties and start pulling them down. I step out of them both and put them by my shirt.

The light from above the oven is the only light reaching us out here. I hop up and down a few times, building my courage. Mike’s eyes get a bit bigger as he watches me bounce around.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join me?” I ask one last time. Mike just shakes his head ‘No’ and continues to stare at me.

I feel like a teenager again. The cold air is invigorating; my nipples are rock hard now. My feet are freezing, but otherwise, I’m OK. I turn and head down the steps to the back yard. I find a nice patch of clear, flat ground. The snow is so pristine, so white; I almost don’t want to disturb it.

I turn around, and see Mike watching me intently. I smile up at him before carefully lowering myself, ass first, into the snow. The coldness takes my breath away for a second. I slowly lie back in the snow, and start moving my arms and legs, making a snow angel. After 10-15 seconds of this, it’s time to get up. Now this is the tricky part. You have to get up without disturbing the angel too much. I put my thumbs and first fingers next to my hips, and use them pendik escort to lift myself. Then you twist and with one hand, shift your weight to your feet so you can stand up. If done correctly, the angle should be fairly unblemished.

I have had much practice with snow angels, so my angel is perfect. I hop up and down, and try wipe away some of the snow from my back. My feet are freezing, even more than before. I glance up at Mike, all snug in my blanket. He’s grinning down at me. I quickly make two snowballs. I lean carefully over my angel, and drop them where the breasts would be. My placement is a bit high, but it is kind of hard to do while standing at the foot of the angel. Again, I don’t want to walk around her and disturb the snow. With that final touch done, I head back up the stairs, I’m freezing.

Mike is standing now, with the blanket wrapped around his shoulders. His eyes have gone from playful to serious. I tell him I’m cold, and he removes the blanket ‘Zorro’ style and drapes it over my shoulder. He then steps toward me, pressing me back against the railing of the deck. His mouth meets mine as he starts kissing me. His hands instantly find my hard nipples and start rubbing and squeezing them. Moaning into his kiss, I feel him lifting me up on to the railing.

His hands abandon my tits as he starts lowering his pajama bottoms. My hands are wrapped around his shoulders, so I don’t fall off the railing. Mike presses himself between my thighs. Being as cold as I am, the heat from his cock is almost too hot. I am shivering and cold, my legs dangling from the railing.

His hands grab my ass to hold me in place as he slides his cock along my slit. I lift my legs a bit and rest them against his hips. He finds what he’s after and starts pressing inside of me.

“Ah, fuck.” I whisper into his ear as he starts fucking me.

His thrusts are steady and quick. I can feel his warm fingers digging into the cold skin against my ass. I bury my face into his shoulder, feeling the heat coming off him. It’s almost surreal to be outside at night, watching the snow drift down, and being well fucked, all at the same time. His pace is picking up, but I’m too cold to get turned on right now. His breathing is coming harder and faster. I can hear the low growl starting deep in his chest; I can feel it rumble through me. He slams into me a few more times, before he erupts.

“Fuck!” He continues to pound me as his cock is bursting inside me. Eventually he starts to slow down, and slips himself out of my warm pussy. He asks if I’m close, and I tell him I’m too cold. He reaches down and pulls his pajamas up again, and starts leading me back into the house. When he gets to the table he grabs my clothes and the mug.

When we get inside, I ask if he can wash the mug out, as I have to use the bathroom. Cold weather and my bladder do not get along very well. He says he will, and I head to the bathroom. I take care of my bladder, and start cleaning myself up a bit. I am standing in front of the sink, brushing my teeth, when Mike walks in. His pajama bottoms are gone, and he just has his grey underwear on. He says the snow got the bottoms wet, as he stands in front of the toilet.

OK, so watching a guy pee is not one of my turn-ons. Mike usually doesn’t pee in front of me, but I’m guessing his bladder is as cold as mine. I finish brushing my teeth as Mike finishes up.

“Crap, now I gotta go warm my bed back up again.” Mike is grumbling now.

I smile at him and take him by the hand. “Follow me.”

I notice the lights are off in the kitchen, as I lead him to my bedroom. I pull back the blankets of my bed and gesture him to get in. He puts one knee and both hands on the pre-warmed bed, and lets out a low moan. He then slides face first into the middle of the bed. One leg is under the covers, one leg is hanging over the edge and both pendik escort hands are spread out to the side. I slap him on the ass and tell him to roll over.

He rolls over, but he is still in the middle of my bed. Only now, both legs are under the covers and he is still spread eagle. (Did I mention we had separate beds?) I laugh at him and call him a dork. I pull the covers up to his neck and climb onto the bed. My knees are just under his arms, my feet below his waist. I tuck him in so he can’t move, and lean over him.

I can feel the warmth from the electric blanket on my knees and inner thighs, and stomach and chest. It feels so good. I start kissing him, slow and easy. I can taste the mint and chocolate from his mouth. We continue like this for a few minutes, before Mike starts struggling to get out of the covers.

It’s always fun wrestling with Mike. If he can pin my arms, I’m stuck, but if I can get my legs wrapped around him, he’s done. Mike spins onto his side, and lifts his torso up and off the bed, causing me to fall backwards. I’m flopped back near the foot of the bed, and he pounces on me. I think the cold is slowing my reflexes.

Before I know it, Mike is on top of me and I am lying on a wonderfully warm bed. Which is where I wanted to be in the first place. No time is wasted, as Mike starts sucking and pinching my nipples. As my back arches slightly off the bed, he takes one of my legs and pulls it up. I can feel his warm hand between my legs. I hear myself begging him for more as his finger slides inside me.

“Mmmmm aahhh!” My hips are lifting, trying to get more. Mike, being the wonderful, caring, spectacular man that he is (he is standing behind me and made me type that), is happy to comply.

Still working my nipples to hard little nubs, he slips a second finger inside me. He picks up the pace, slamming his fingers deep inside me. My whole body is tingling, as I start cumming. Mike clamps his mouth down on one of my nipples and bites. Crying out, my body arches up off the bed, my pussy clenching down on Mike’s fingers. “Oh Fuck!”

I feel Mike stroking me, his hands running along my chest and stomach, calming me, relaxing me. He smiles down at me and kisses me on the forehead and tells me he loves watching me cum. He sits up and starts climbing back into bed, into the middle of my bed. Brat.

“Don’t you just love when it snows?” I ask off-handedly.

“What?” he asks as his face screws up in fake disgust.

“Winter. Snow. It’s just a beautiful time of year.”

“Aach, you ruined it. It was a great night, and you had to bring up the “W” word! What a horrible thing to do. Shoveling, ice, slush, my truck gets filthy, it’s always cold. What a horrible thing to say!” He’s fake ranting now, so I start tickling him to shut him up.

“Scoot your butt over.” I tell him as I climb off the bed. He moves over to the side and opens the covers for me. I climb in to the wonderfully warm, cozy bed. Mike drapes the covers over me and snuggles against my body. I can feel the warmth of his chest against my back. The hairs from his legs are tickling the backs of my thighs. His arm slides over my waist and his hand rests on my thigh. I reach up and turn off the light and then the electric blanket. I don’t like to leave it on all night.

I love the warm feeling, but I still start shivering, my feet are like ice. Mike asks if I’m OK. I tell him I’m just cold. He reaches up and turns the electric blanket back on. His hand snakes back under the covers, but this time his hand is resting against my stomach. He pulls me closer against him; his face snuggles against my neck.

It only takes a few minutes for Mike’s breathing to become slow and shallow. It takes me a while longer. I have to get my feet warm before I can fall asleep. Even with the cold, I had a great time tonight. I loved the white fluffy snow. I loved the hot cocoa on the deck. I loved the childhood stories. Sex in the backyard is always fun. I even loved making the naked snow angel.

The first snowfall of winter is more than special, it’s magical. My last thoughts as I drift off to sleep are: I like winter. I like snow.

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