First Taste Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

The last few months of my senior year were a blur! With exams and all the extras like prom, track, and graduation, it flew by in a blink. During those last months, I also had a full plate of sucking cock with Jeff and his step dad which kept me pretty busy. On several occasions, I would suck both of them in the same day. I would stop by Jeff’s after school and drain him and then on my way home, would stop by his step dads work and drain him! I would blow Jeff 2-3 times a week and his step dad 4-5 times a week. Needless to say, I was getting my fill of cum and couldn’t have been happier. One day in particular has always stuck with me and I still think about it to this day!

It was mid May and studying for exams had taken up almost all of my time. I was in the library trying to study and Jeff came over to my table and asked if I wanted to swing by and “Study” which always meant he wanted a blowjob. I said I could swing by around 4:00 and help him out. He then said, “Good, I haven’t studied in about 4 days.” which meant he was sitting on a 4 day load which excited me. I knew I would be getting a mouthful around 4:15! I looked up at the clock to see it was 1:30 so still had to wait a bit before getting his throbbing cock in my mouth. I went back to studying and tried to stay focused.

After school, I ran home to get cleaned up and visit with my mom for a bit before heading over to Jeff’s. When we were talking, I heard my phone ring in my room which made me jump up and run up the stairs as I was waiting for a call from a girl I wanted to take to prom. When I picked up the phone with a degree of excitement, I was greeted with a gruff hello! Realizing it was Jeff’s step dad, I said, “Oh, hey, what’s up?”

He answered, “Hey, was hoping you were free today to suck my cock, been a few days and I want to feed you.”

Being a little bummed it wasn’t my crush, I still was always willing to suck a hard cock so I Bakırköy travesti said, “Would love to, what time you thinking?”

He said, “Lets make it 4:30 at my house, I’ll send Jeff on a errand so we are alone.”

I quickly replied, “I’m meeting Jeff at 4:00 at your house so not sure how it will work!”

His step dad, laughing, said, “Well, you better suck him off quick so I can get some before his mother comes home.”

I said, “I’ll do my best, usually doesn’t take that long.”

He said he’d see my around 4:30 and we hung up. I went back down to continue talking with mom. Around 3:45, I headed to Jeff’s house. This having been like my 20th time going down on Jeff, wasn’t nervous and found myself excited and sexually charged. Giving head had become a full time hobby and I looked forward to everytime I was able do it. I pulled in Jeff’s driveway a few minutes after 4:00 and headed inside without knocking. I went straight to his room, knowing I was on a tight schedule so I could suck his step dad at 4:30. When I walked in to his room, he was already naked and watching porn. His cock was rock hard and lightly bouncing with his heart beat. As I made my way to the bed, he stopped me and said, “Why don’t you take off your clothes too!”

Without hesitation, I quickly removed my clothes exposing my own hard cock. While I was taking my shirt off over my head, I felt Jeff’s hand grab my cock! I paused for a second to enjoy the feeling and the next sensation I felt was not one I was expecting. I felt a warm mouth engulf my swollen cock. I pulled my shirt off and looked down to see Jeff’s mouth wrapped around my cock. Jeff had never put it in his mouth before so I was kind of shocked to see his lips about half way down on my cock. I moaned and said, “Wow, wasn’t expecting that!”

He pulled away and looked up and said, “Figured I’d try it since you like doing it so much.”

I Beylikdüzü travesti smiled and said, “Feels cool having one in your mouth, doesn’t it?”

He moaned yes and put me back in his mouth. I put my hand on the back of his head and watched as he worked his mouth up and down on my cock. It felt amazing and was surprised at how good he was. After a few seconds I told him to lay back on the bed. My cock popped out of his mouth as he laid down, once again exposing his huge hard cock still standing straight up. I crawled on the bed and went straight to his cock. I grabbed it and stroked a few times before lowering my mouth down on it. I heard a pleased moan come from Jeff as his cock slide across my tongue and found the back of throat. Holding him in my mouth, I felt his hand reach around again and firmly grab my cock. He then said, “I want this in my mouth too!”

I took his cock out of mouth and suggested we could lay on our sides and suck each other at the same time. He quickly said yes and I was moving so my cock was by his face while I was stareing directly at his. I leaned in and wrapped my lips around his cock and felt his mouth find my cock again. The sensation was amazing, sucking cock while getting sucked. Shortly after starting, I already had the sensation to cum but held back as long as I could not wanting it to end. I focused more on his cock, sucking it, licking it, stroking it, all the while, feeling him working my cock! Starting to taste precum on his tip, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would feel his cum explode in my mouth. He briefly took my cock out of his mouth and said he was getting close, making me moan and causing my own cock to harden in his mouth with a closing orgasm. He let out a muffled grunt and bucked his hips as the first ribbon of cum shot out of his cock and landed on the back of my tongue! Tasting his cum made me moan louder as I felt my own cock start to Bomonti travesti expel its load in his moaning mouth. We both stopped sucking and just kept the heads in our mouths as both of us pulsated in the others mouth. Each pulse and moan sending another rocket of cum down our throats. Once his cock was drained and my mouth full of his cum, I let it pop from my mouth and swallowed his load. As I lay there and savor the taste still lingering in my mouth, I looked down and saw Jeff with my cock still in his mouth. He pulled off and swallowed all the cum I unloaded in his virgin mouth. As he rolled over on his back, he said, “That was an intense, sorry if I came a lot but I was really into that.”

I smiled and said, “That was awesome, no need to apologize, I loved it.”

I followed with, “Sorry I came in your mouth, couldn’t help it when I tasted yours!”

Jeff said, “It wasn’t that bad, I kind of enjoyed it.”

As we laid there naked and our cocks lay limp from being completely drained, we heard a noise that made us both freeze with fear! We both hear a “Ahem” from the door. We look up and see Jeff’s step dad standing in the doorway, clearly aroused from what he just witnessed as his cock was visibly hard in his dress pants. Jeff jumped up and grabbed a towel to cover himself up and said, “Oh my god Steve, how long have you been standing there?”

Steve said, “Long enough to see you guys finish each other off!”

Jeff now bright red said, “I’m sorry Steve, you weren’t supposed to be home for awhile, can you please not tell my mom.”

Steve said, “I think we need to talk about all this, both of you get dressed and come to the family room!”

As Jeff and I got up, we got dressed and headed to the family room. In my mind I was kind of laughing cause I knew Steve had known that I was blowing Jeff for months. Jeff was clearly upset and nervous about what Steve was going to say. Nervously, we went into the family room and sat on the couch. His step dad was sitting in his recliner and had spun it around to face us. What he said next is something that I never would have never expected to happen but is hands down one of the hottest things I’ve ever done in my 42 years!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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