First Time Anal

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First time writing, so decided on a real story:

I’m a 35yo divorced guy, and have known I was bi-sexual for some time. I am 6’3″200lbs and well built. I am fairly smooth, attractive, with a nice cut 8″ cock. As a former college lacrosse player, I’ve been around the typical jock-world for a long time. My friends are straight, and I am very discreet about my occasional “appetites”. I had only hooked up with a handful of guys, usually after a few drinks and cruising grindr. My experience had mostly been mutual oral – and always played safely. I had traded phone numbers with one guy I had a particularly hot time with on a previous occasion; we had gotten into a hot 69 and had exploded in hot streams of cum onto each others’ necks. His name was Steve.

One night I was driving back from Philly to my house in Baltimore. I was surprised when I received a text from Steve; it had been a few months and I didn’t think I’d hear from him again. He said that he had broken up with his girlfriend and had been thinking about the last time we hooked up. I instantly started to get hard, thinking about the feel of his hard 7.5″ cock sliding saltily into my mouth. Silky smooth, with a big head, images started to flood my memory. Steve told me he was working late at his office, and everyone was gone. He wanted to know if I could stop by.

I hadn’t been with a guy in a couple months , having just started dating a hot girl who wanted sex almost every day. But I had started to become curious about ass play. I had a small dildo I would sometimes play with, sliding it into bursa eskort bayan my ass when masterbating – resulting in unbelievable climaxes. Though I didn’t refer to myself as a “bottom” (who likes labels?), I was starting to consider how it would feel to have a hard cock penetrate me.

As I drove, Steve started to sell me on the idea of stopping by his deserted office. He was an attorney for a non-profit in the city, and had the only keys to the office. He guaranteed we wouldn’t be disturbed. His texts continued to turn me on; and the thought of seeing his beautiful cock again was tempting. I pictured him in his suit, and the thought of taking it off of him on his desk became too much to resist.

I pulled into a parking spot across the street, and walked hesitantly to the door. As I stepped across the threshold, I noticed the lights were low in the reception area, and a greenish light emminating from the office down the hall. He was leaning against his desk as I walked in.

I don’t know what came over me, other than an undeniable lust and desire. Steve had a slight scruff on his handsome face, tie askew, sleeves rolled-up. I walked to him and we started making out passionately, tongues eagerly searching for more, hands groping at our hard muscles.

I am not typically into a lot of kissing, usually just getting right into standard mutual cock sucking. But this was so different. I NEEDED him in every way and soon understood what had to happen. As a masculine guy, I never considered myself very submissive. But suddenly bursa merkez escort I knew I would do anything to have him. We anxiously tore at our shirts, popping a few buttons, breathing in the smell of our manly needs. Finally naked, our cocks grinding together, as we continued to explore.

I felt Steve’s warm hands on my ass, and I moaned in further need. As he spread my ass, I knew there was nothing to keep me from becoming his whore. He started to probe and I responded, playing with my tight pink ass-clit. An uncontrollable reflex forced me to push back against him; then he turned me around, kissing my neck and causing me to tremble throughout. He knew what I wanted, what I needed.

As a complete ass-virgin, I was nervous. There was no lube, no condoms. I turned around, mad him wait to have me. I slid down and took his silky, ridged cock in my mouth. Eagerly looking up into his eyes, i sucked him eagerly until it was time. Depositing my hot saliva, mixed with Steve’s pre-cum in a large wad on his throbbing cock-head, I stood up and turned around, bending over his desk.

Steve leaned over my back, pressing against me. I could feel his heat, and rock hard cock looking for an opening. He leaned back and spread my ass, as i waited for his penetration. I felt the head, and it seemed enormous. Much bigger than my dildo, the paid was sharp and intense as he crossed my tight puckered ass. I quickly lost my erection. I bit down, wondering if i should go through with this. Maybe this wasn’t what I wanted? bursa sınırsız escort bayan Regardless of my second thoughts, he started to push in slowly. He was calm, told me to relax, which helped immensely. He spit down to lube his cock and my ass, the thought of which started to make me hard again. I feel him enter and the pain subsided. Finally he was all the way in; Steve bent over and whispered “that’s it, I’m all the way in and your ass is so tight”. He left it there for a bit as i reached back to grab his neck. I felt his fullness press into me, becoming a part of me, and it drove me crazy. I suddenly knew and understood – why I had needed this. He slowly puled his cock out of my ass, leaving a completely empty void that I simply could not stand. I wimpered as he withdrew, leaving only his gorgeous head within. Steve applied more spit as he pushed back in, this time with less pain, and filling me completely. He continued this slow withdrawal and insertion a few times, then pulled completely out. I was so shocked, empty. He asked, what I wanted – Steve I need you, please fuck me, Don’t stop..please! I was his.

He then fucked me harder, spun me around so my legs were over his shoulders. I loved it and yelled and pleaded for him to keep going..please dont stop, your fucking good, ohhh..fucckkk…I was his cock whore and lved it. My tight ass cling to every stroke, milking his ridged unit, clasping…finally my tight needy ass was to much for Steve and he exploded into me, filling me with hot cum that i was all too eager to accept. this put me over the edge and i unloaded as ropes of hot cum exploded from me all over Steve’s chest and onto my face.

We could only lay there together, his cock softening inside me as he gently licked the cum from my cheek.

This truly was my first experience of another man taking me, and I will remember it always.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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