First Time with Ian Ch. 01

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Big Tits

*** The following account is a true story ***

My name is Mark, I’m 24 years old and from the UK. I’m 6′ tall and thick set mainly due to my love of playing rugby, rowing and coming from a farming background. I have always been straight as far as I have always been attracted to women but never really given men a second thought. However since an experience in a shower room, a bi-sexual urge has been awoken and I have since developed a strong attraction to both men and women. My shower room experience was the first of three encounters with a delightful guy called Ian.

Just over a year ago, I was working in southern England on a construction project and the company had put me into lodgings for about eight weeks. Having recently split with a girlfriend, I was glad to be away from home, but having been away for a week, I was finding time in the evenings very slow and boring, so found a leisure centre about two miles away from my hotel which opened early and closed late at 1am. After signing up, I started going every other night from a bit of gym work and a few lengths of the pool.

After going for about two weeks, I started to pass time with a 25 year guy called Ian in the changing rooms after late evening workout sessions. Ian was a about 5’6″ tall and slim with a toned figure. Ian competed as a swimmer and trained four times a week with his trainer Josh, who was in fact, I later discovered, was his boyfriend of three years. Ian and I had developed a competitive streak as after finishing my training session in the gym, I’d often ended up have a race in the pool against him to finish the night off.

One night after a workout, I went into the pool area and seen Ian doing a few steady lengths but no Josh. I dived into the pool and did my couple of lengths before climbing out to be greeted by Ian standing at the head of my lane watching me. Ian greeted me and complemented me on my swimming as he reached out a hand to help me out of the water. We had a brief chat about general stuff before I mentioned something about his trainer having the night off. Ian’s mood immediately changed and told me that he and Josh had in fact split the night before so Ian was at the pool simply to relax and take his mind off things.

We both grabbed our towels and strolled back into the changing rooms whilst continuing our chat. Once in the changing room, I sat down and got my stuff out to change into, then stripped out my shorts and wrapped my towel around myself and headed off to the showers. The shower was divided down the middle by a walkway and then had waist high walls from which frosted glass went to the ceiling that split the showers into five cubicles each side of the walkway.

Ian soon appeared with his towel over his shoulder and strolled in naked and went into the cubical next to me. We shared a bit of banter after I told him no peaking, to which Ian made a joke about not knocking it until you have tried it. He appeared around the corner of the dividing wall and slapped his ass and winked at me. We both laughed and went back to showering.

Ian asked if I had any shower gel he could borrow and I handed mine around the corner, soon enough he came around and gave it back with his thanks. As I reached to take the gel off him, I caught his eyes glace down my body and hesitate on my limp cock as it emerged from the shower gel suds before they darted back up to face. Ian went red with embarrassment as he knew I saw him, he then began stuttering a bit before going back toward his cubicle but stopped and turned.

“Are you into…you know…new things? Like trying stuff…out?” Ian asked me rather sheepishly. The fact Ian asked caught me off guard and I opened my mouth but struggled to say anything. Ian smiled and stepped closer and took the shower gel out of my hand.

“Tell me to stop at any point….OK?” Ian whispered as his reached out and ran his finger down my chest and over my stomach, his eyes smoothly following his finger down my body. Ankara escort His touch was soft and gently going down my body it felt so strange for me but there was something sexy at the same time. I looked down as he circled his finger around my belly button. My gaze moved past his hand and beyond toward his groan. He was completely shaven and his cock hung limp down between his legs, looking smooth and soft, then as I watched, it seem to become more rigid. I tried to pull my eyes away but could only managed to look as far as mine own cock which was like wise starting to stir to my amazement and somewhat embarrassment. Ian coughed and I looked back to his face, he had a cheeky smile on his lips as he ran his hand up my side and over off my chest. My eyes seemed to have a mind of their own and went straight back to his cock which was now fully erect. His cock can’t have been much over 5″ but looked long and thick because there was no pubic hair and his silky smooth looking balls hung nicely behind. As I looked, Ian wrapped his fingers around his cock, moved in close and started slowly wanking himself. My eyes were suddenly pulled away when I felt the finger tips that where going back down my stomach continued on downward. Although I’m not completely shaven, I do trim my pubic hair down to resemble something of a crew cut and as Ian ran his fingers through the short hair and eventually over my raging shaft, there was a tingling sensation flooding of me and I staggered backward against the wall with a gasp and smile.

Ian jumped a little and started to apologise. But I stopped him saying that it was just because of an ‘overwhelm feeling’. Ian smiled again and came closer.

“Well! There is only one way that I know of to deal with that feeling!” Ian whispered, followed by a cheeky little wink. He placed his hands on my waist and lowered himself to kneel before me, then looked up at me directly into my eyes as he slowly neared my cock. He just touched the head with the tip of his tongue at first, without my control, my cock jumped. Ian let out a chuckle and in one smooth movement, ran his tongue over the head of my cock and took me into his mouth. He slowly circled his tongue around my cock head and starting going about half way down my shaft whilst making a humming sound that sounded like satisfaction to me. All I could do was lean back against the wall and close my eyes with the water falling on my face and running down my body. Soon, my eyes open suddenly as I felt Ian’s hands move from my waist and to my ass cheeks, he gripped them firmly before looking up at me with my cock in my mouth and then went down the full length of my cock. My legs felt suddenly weak as I could feel his mouth that was warm and wet running over my cock head, his tongue pressed against my shaft and he started to pull back and his lips dragging along my shaft, then once his lips passed over my throbbing cock head, before going down again with smooth and expert skill.

I was trying my best not the blow my load there and then, so I had to roll my head back with my eyes closed again, as Ian continued working my cock while his fingers massaging my balls. He would only stop treating my shaft and head to suck and lick my balls before take me back in his mouth and continue working his magic.

Time seemed to race past as my cock was in his hot mouth and soon enough I could feel my balls about to burst, I couldn’t help but started to moan and breath heavy. Ian most of hear this and knew I was near, then reached between my legs and passed his finger over my virgin hole just before easing it inside. My concentration broke with the surprise of his finger and with a deep grunt, I blow my load into his mouth. My legs sudden felt like jelly and I reached out for the hand rail on the wall as Ian milked my throbbing cock with his finger still up my ass, his hand grasping my ass cheek hard and pulling my groin forward and in turn taking my squirting cock deep into his eager mouth.

Ian eventually Ankara escort bayan release my now softening cock from his mouth and stuck his tongue out to show the load of white creamy cum there, then simply smiled and swallowed it with a grin and look of contentment. He stood up and asked if I enjoyed it and I couldn’t answer, just nod. My legs felt weak and I just had to sit down, but once I sat down on the floor and looked up, Ian was above me washing his hair and his smooth cock was bobbing only a short distance away. I had an urge to taste it and I didn’t resist it!

I got onto my knees and moved forward, placing my hands on his legs and turning him so his hips faced me straight on. Ian’s cock looked prefect this close up, it stood out from his body with water running over it. I looked up at Ian, who had his eyes closed whilst massaging his hair with shampoo, I swallowed my fear and reached out, wrapping my fingers around his cock and gently moved my hand back and for. It most of surprised Ian by the sound of the gasp he made. I moved forward and opened my mouth and took the head at first before moving down his shaft and removed my hand. I could hear Ian sign as he pushed his hips forward. His cock had a salty yet sweet taste but his skin was unbelievably silky smooth and soft, my hand reached around and cupped his ass cheeks as I began to pull back over his head with some more pace. As my jaw began to ache, I working down the outside of his shaft and took his equally smooth and soft balls into my mouth and roll them around with my tongue as he had done to me, soon enough I returned to his head and slide back down again and started to bob up and down as his hand on the back of my head adjusting the pace to suit him.

Unlike my time receiving the blowjob earlier, Ian seemed to last forever! I came off his cock and continuing the pace of my mouth with my hand, asking if he was near. Ian was breathing heavy and simply nodded so I continued wanking his solid cock while looking his face. Ian suddenly groaned and I wrapped my mouth around his cock again, in the moment of putting him back into my mouth, I went all the way down his cock. His cock just erupted with this, hot fluid squirted down my throat and as I pulled back off his cock, I continued squirting thick cum from his cock and the final squirt landed on my top lip and chin.

Ian looked down as I wiped his cum from my lip and chin, he was smiling from cheek to cheek. He came to crouch beside me, still smiling as he asked if I liked it. I looked to him and said it was an ‘experience’ with a cheeky grin.

Well then, don’t go anywhere!” Ian said as he grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his waist and strolled out of the shower and before I knew it, he was back with a black packet which I seen enough realised was a condom.

Ian threw his towel onto the wall shelf and leaned against the wall with a slutty look.

“So, you fancy it or is it a step too far?” Ian asked whilst rolling the condom jacket through his fingers. I stood up and stuttered a few words but nothing of a meaning.

“It’s ok, I understand.” Ian said softly and kindly as he put the condom on the shelf. “Just got carried away there a bit, sorry.”

“That was my first time sucking a cock that, taking it up the ass….that would be a big step.” I laughed.

“Oh no, sorry.” Ian interrupted, “I am a bottom man, I do all the taking. I love it!”

I walked off to the wall with the shelf and took the condom packet and thought about it. Eventually looking at Ian.

“You up for it?” He asked

“Ok, it’s a night for first after all.” I said with a smile.

Ian clapped his hands together and giggled like the kid as he led me back under the shower head. I opened the packet as Ian wanked my cock to a harder state and helped apply the condom.

“So then, let’s do this!” Ian said with some excitement before spitting onto his fingers and bent over, his cheeks spread to expose a smooth hole. Escort Ankara I moved in closer, he reach between his legs and rubbed the spit against his hole and slide his fingers in.

“Ready?” I asked, Ian didn’t answer, just reached back and lined up the condom clad head of my dick as I eased forward. His hole simply opened apart and accepted me, and then I suddenly felt the warm and soft feel inside his ass.

“Wow, that was easy” I said with some surprise. Ian

“That is a well used hole!” Ian chucked whilst looking over his shoulder. “The ex would fuck me most days. So… going to sit there or going to make use of it?”

I slowly pulled back and pushed in again, eventually found a pace that I was happy with, I grabbed his hips and started going for it. Ian was soon moaning and throwing his head back, breath hard and pushing his ass against my thrusts. I could feel him contracting his ass muscles and applying some pressure before releasing.

Ian reached back and touched my stomach stopping me whilst deep in his ass, he stood up and pushed me back with a smile.

“Lay down stud.” Ian ordered. I laughed at him calling me a stud as I lay down on my back on the wet floor and Ian moved above me and lowered himself on my stomach, he slowly wanked my cock a bit before moving back against it and slipped it back into his ass. He started slow and steady and then picked up the pace. All I could hear was the shower water on the stone floor and his wet ass cheeks slapping against my thighs. With a moan, Ian stopped, he leaning back and putting his hands on my thighs and started fucking me again. His limp cock was slapping against his leg as he rode me hard and deep, I reached out and took it in my hand to which Ian moaned and as I held it cock, it grow hard and quick. His riding angle allowed me to wank his cock without moving my arm and soon enough I felt this cock throb and a small amount but thick squirt of cum blast out and land on my chest. Seeing this made me suddenly feel the urge to cum too. I mumbled this to Ian and suddenly stopped riding my raging cock and rolled off to the side.

My immediate thought was he was going to suck me off but no! He rolled onto his back and told me to go on my knees, I did as he told and he moved in front of me. Next thing he lifted his legs onto my shoulders and I could feel my cock sat in the cleft of his ass cheeks and then I felt his hand reach around my cock before guiding it back into his warm ass. Once it was deep inside him and we both adjusted to the position, he started rocking his hips again and thrust deep and hard against his ass cheeks. I grabbed his legs as my thrusts become irregular and with a deep groan I climaxed with a deep, hard thrust. Ian moaned and gasped for air as my cock pumped and pumped.

Feeling spent, I fell backward onto the floor, breathing heavy and smiling. After a little bit, I opened my eyes and looked down to see Ian crawling up between my legs and reach out for my cock slightly limb member, he rolled off the condom off and licked the tip of my cock playfully before taking me into his mouth again. All I could do was lay there while the hot water showered down on my chest and my cock twitched in Ian’s expert mouth as licking off any evidence of cum .

Ian helped me up and both stood under the shower head, let the water run over our bodies. Ian grabbed his towel and left the shower with a stiff looking walk, I switched the water off and walked out into the changing rooms with my towel over my shoulders looking at the tight wet ass that I had just been in with a nice warm feeling.

Ian got dressed opposite me as we shared a casual chat, wiggling his ass at me as he pulled his boxer shorts up while looking over his shoulder. I grabbed my stuff and packed them into my bag. Ian handed me my jacket and opened the changing room door with a nice warm smile and a cheeky wink said, “See you around hopefully”. We both walked out of the leisure centre and into the cold car pack outside, Ian said goodbye and started off into the darkness as I opened my car and crushed into the seat. My mind was racing but I felt in a great place and part of me was really looking forward to my next gym session.

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