Five Dates Ch. 04

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Part 4

It had been two days since I had the really hard discussion with Trish, after my dinner with Donna and her friend, but it had to be done. I wasn’t being fair to either Trish or myself. I couldn’t keep living and sleeping with her without considering what that did to both of us. I knew exactly why she was doing it. She wanted me. She’d wanted me for years and now it was her chance. But it also wasn’t fair. She was so much like Nancy that I wasn’t sure if what I felt for her was her or was my memory of Nancy. The only way to know was to put her in the same place as Donna. I had to date them both. I couldn’t be living with one and dating another. It was just confusing my emotions.

She agreed, tearfully, but agreed nonetheless to move out. We’d still talk every day. We had to, and I had to keep her informed on the dates. But I didn’t want her there as a backup. If I was going to sort out my feelings for her, I needed to be able to invite her over when I felt it, not just have her there as a fallback. I knew she hoped she knew the eventual outcome, but at that point, I didn’t. Hell, right then I was more confused about my feelings than ever in my life. I had very strong feelings for Donna, but had serious problems with how I could integrate into her life, or if that kind of life was even something I wanted. I felt like I had serious feelings for Trish, but did I? She looked and smelled and felt so much like my wife that I wasn’t sure I wasn’t just transferring what I lost to Trish.

Then there was Elizabeth. I’d gone and seen her Tuesday night and she’d thrown herself at me, literally. She related her story about her extremely difficult marriage, and how her husband had controlled her and used her as a sex toy, not only for himself, but his friends, nearly her whole marriage. The most difficult part though was hearing how he had been having sex with his own daughter for years, long before she was legal age, and how she defended dad when Elizabeth threatened to go to the police. I could see how hard it had been. I could also see how, being her friend, she’d felt like I was the one person she could confide in, seeing how I’d accidently stumbled onto her having sex with several of Donna’s friends. It had been a shock to see her there, naked, having a climax at the hands and mouth of another woman. I had no clue that she and Donna even knew each other. What a small world, right?

Now that she and I had shared that little stunning revelation, and her story, it seemed that Lizzy, as she now wanted me to call her, had opened herself up to me in ways I didn’t ever expect. In some ways it was anything but professional at work, but despite the under table foot touches and extremely sexy little office visits, we were still managing to maintain some professional decorum, at least in appearance to the others in the office. Or so I thought.

“Michael!” Julia said as she stepped into my office and closed the door behind herself. I looked up at the middle-aged HR specialist that I’d worked with several times over the last few years when filling positions on my engineering staff. The fact she came to see me was unusual, since I didn’t have any open positions. The fact she closed the door behind herself made the visit doubly unusual. “Can I sit?” she asked politely.

“Sure,” I said with a shrug. “What can I do for you? Do I have a personnel problem?”

“Actually, you do. You have an employee that has been noted as having some kind of personal relationship with another staff member here at the company. While it’s not forbidden, since they aren’t in the same chain of command, their displays of affection have raised some eyebrows and made a number of other staff uncomfortable.”

“I see. Is HR going to take some action? Or am I supposed to sit down with this staff member?”

“Micheal. We know that it has been tough for you the last six months, losing your wife that way. We’ve given you all the room we can to allow you to heal. It would be enough to shake up any man’s life. But two of the ladies in accounting, your secretary and one of the female electrical engineers have complained about the situation. Miss Esper and you are completely welcome to begin a personal relationship, but we would prefer it the two of you would be a little more discrete at work.”

“I don’t understand,” I answered with complete confusion. It had only been a few days and I had done everything I could think of to discourage any displays of affection in any public setting, though I had been completely unable to curb Lizzy’s extremely intimate comments and actions when we were in either one’s offices.

“I’d hoped I didn’t need to be this blunt. Miss Esper has been somewhat vocal about her descriptions of you in various states of undress, as well as discussions about how she, um, how she, uh, what she does when she comes into your office. In addition, on at least three occasions she has been noticed intentionally moving your hand into private places when she thinks no one can see.”

“So I’m being reprimanded bursa eskort because she’s-“

“She’s clearly trying to get you to make sexual advances while at work, drawing your hand under her dress, flashing you her breasts, wearing clothing that can inadvertently flash her private parts at more people than just you.”

I leaned back in my chair, stunned. “Have you talked with her about this?”

“That can be my next visit, unless you’d like to handle it yourself. I was somewhat concerned that she may not take it well, given that the direction of the, um, the, uh, um, given that she seems to be putting the moves on you, more than the other way around,” she finally said, blushing. “Given the chance, I suspect this could easily escalate to where she was removing clothing or even having sex in one of your two offices.”

“Oh lord.”


“And someone complained?”

“I shouldn’t say this, but yes, one of her engineers, two ladies from Accounting and finance, and, um, your secretary.”

To say I was taken aback would be an understatement. These kinds of things at work could be career ending. I looked at her, trying to gauge what kind of trouble I was already in. I finally asked her quietly, “And they’re uncomfortable with what has transpired and have filed a harassment complaint?”

“Actually, quite the opposite. I doubt they know that I am here because they have not made a formal complaint.”

Now I was confused. If they hadn’t complained, what was she doing here? “I definitely don’t understand. Am I in some kind of trouble? Or Elizabeth?” I finally managed to ask.

“I’m here trying to head off an uncomfortable situation,” she said, blushing again. “All four of these women have been overheard making comments, very suggestive comments, about trying to get their turn. Several gentleman employees have been overheard discussing various body parts that have been inadvertently flashed by Miss Esper. I’m afraid that the situation is going to get out of hand and become very unprofessional.”

I looked at Julia for long seconds as she sat in the chair across my desk from me, her hands fidgeting in her lap as she looked down at them. I could still see the pink of her cheeks as she continued to blush in embarrassment at the discussion. “Does your boss know you’re here?” I finally asked very quietly.

“Mrs. Wilson? No. I was trying to head this off before it got to her.”

I nodded. Beginning to understand a little, or at least I thought I did. “Julia, are you embarrassed for me?”

“What? No.”

“Are you embarrassed for Elizabeth?”

“Um, maybe a little.”

“Are you embarrassed talking about this?”

“A little.”

“Your cheeks are still beet red. Clearly you’re very embarrassed about this in some way. Could it be that you’re embarrassed about how it makes you feel?” Her hands clenched together and she looked up quickly, her eyes flashing, what? Fear? Certainly not anger. It was just there for a moment before her face drained of color and she sat staring at me like a small rodent in front of a hungry lion. She almost looked like she was about to bolt from the room at any second. “Julia,” I said softly, leaning toward my desk, and her. “Does it make you uncomfortable to think about what these women are talking about?”

“They keep talking about coming into your office and getting undressed and fucking you!” she blurted before quickly raising her hand to her own mouth. “I’m sorry. That was, it was, um, completely unprofessional.”

I put my elbows on my desk and rubbed my hands in my hair as I looked down at my desktop, trying to figure out how to approach this. “Julia,” I said, looking up at her. “I’m trying to get to an understanding about what I’m being told and why. So forgive me if my statements or questions seem off color. Are you here to tell me that because several women are having fantasies about coming in here and having sex with me, that I am going to be in trouble with the HR department, or are you here telling me as a friend that this is happening?”

“I’m. Um. Yes, the second.”

I nodded. “And as this friend. You seem to be awfully embarrassed to talk about the specifics. Are you suggesting that maybe some of the conversations have started, um, feelings inside you that you are embarrassed about?”

“Maybe?” she said, more of a question than a statement.

“Oh lord,” I muttered under my breath. “Julia, are you one of the women that are having these fantasies about coming into my office to have sex with me?”


“Julia, you’re single, aren’t you?”


“So you’re married?”

“I am,” she admitted.

“Julia, I’m not going to get involved with a married woman, no matter how sexy and playful she might be,” I said, leaning back in my chair. I shook my head. “Julia, you’re a sweet woman. It’s just a fantasy. Enjoy the thoughts but let it go. Don’t worry about what other fantasies other women have. Clearly none of them have done it, so it’s all girl talk. Elizabeth and bursa escort bayan I are friends. I think she wants to be more than friends, and I’m willing to entertain that possibility. I’ll talk to her about this and see if I can get her to cool her jets a little. How’s that?”

She looked flustered, but nodded. She stood up and walked toward the door. Instead of walking out she turned around to face me, pulled the front of her dress up and quickly pushed her underwear down her legs, giving me the briefest glimpse of her completely hairless pussy. She stepped out of her panties, carried them to the desk and set them on it before turning her back to me, walking to the door and then out of it, leaving it open behind her, and leaving me completely stunned.

I reached for the underwear and took them off my desk. I opened my desk drawer to drop them in and then, on impulse, held them to my nose. I sniffed her excitement and felt the wetness on the crotch of the panties. Yeah, she had definitely been turned on.

“I never took you for a panty man,” Darlene, my secretary, said as she stood just inside the still open door.

I looked up startled at her and then shook my head as she leaned back against the doorframe “Given what Julia just told me, I wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to add yours to my collection.”

“You have a collection? Let’s see, Julia, and Elizabeth. Who else?”

“You should know. You’re one of the ladies that has been talking about dropping her dress and having sex with me in my office, or was she mistaken?”

“Just goes to show that you have to be careful what you say in a ladies room,” Darlene said with a grin.

“So, you’re not denying it?”

“Nope,” she said with a crooked grin. “In fact, maybe I should do it right now? Just drop my dress right here and let you take me. I’m definitely sure it’d be worth it, based on how big the bulge in your pants was after that last meeting with EE.” I looked at her as she grinned at me. “Oh yeah, it was noticeable. That’s what happens when you put a man’s hand between your legs: he gets a major hardon. I bet you have one right now. Should I come over there and check, see just how hard this conversation is making you? I bet it’s getting rock-hard by now. Only way I know to make it harder would be to do something like this.” She looked over her shoulder and then pulled on the front of her dress, pulling it down enough to slip one of her large breasts out of her dress.

Darlene was young, twenty-four or five, if I remember right. Heavy set but not fat, with a pair of very big soft tits. Until then I didn’t realize just how big. Her big, soft tit hung over the front of her dress, the entire front of it covered with her large pinkish areola, an inverted nipple centered in the large circle of clearly puckering skin.

“You know we can’t do this.”

“I know. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to,” she said with a grin before tucking her breast back into her dress before someone came by. “By the way, I can’t add to your panty collection.”

“No? Why not?”

She pulled the front of he skirt up to her waist, exposing her mound and the juncture of her legs to me. Her pussy and mound were completely exposed, covered in little brown ringlets of hair disappearing down between her legs. “I’m not wearing any. No bra, no panties. Just shoes and my dress. See how easy it would be for me to get naked for you? I will, you know. All you have to do is say you want me to. Say you want me to come suck your dick or ride you and I will. Tell me to bend over your desk and you can have me that way too. All you have to do is ask.”

I stared at her for long seconds. “Darleen. Have I done anything to indicate that I’m looking for any of that? Have I done anything to try and seduce you or even turn you on?”

She pushed off the door frame and walked to my desk. She put her hands on it, leaning over toward me. She used her arms to squeeze her tits together, creating a huge cleft of cleavage at my face level. “Honey, you’ve been teasing and turning me on for the last two years. Not by what you’ve done but by what you haven’t. Some girls are turned on by a man playing hard to get. And you have. I’ve teased you all kinds of ways and you’ve pretended to ignore them. Sometimes that’s more of an enticement than if you’d have dropped your pants and let me have it right in my pussy. Now I find out that Elizabeth has found the trick. Pulling your hand under her dress, giving you her panties, right here in the office. Flashing you her tits. Now I know, I need to be more direct. Well, I can be as direct as the next girl, so don’t be surprised if I walk in one day and just drop my dress and ride you like an old horse.”

“Oh shit,” I groaned softly, putting my face in my hands and rubbing it.

“Uh huh. That’s right, stud. I know she threw herself at you. Stripped naked for you one night. She’s just waiting for you to say yes, and I don’t think she’s about to stop until you do. And maybe not even then görükle escort if she likes it enough.”

“It’s not what you think-” I started to object.

“Uh huh. I’m sure. Trust me, it’s exactly as I think. You just want her to come crawling, come begging you to fuck her. You’ll wait until she’ll do anything anywhere, just to get that cock into her pussy. Well, I’m already there sweetie. Just give me the word. I’ll let you fuck me right here on this desk with the door open. Hell, if you want I’ll strip and let you fuck me right on my desk, right out there, if that’s what you want. I want it. I want it bad. I’ve wanted it for a long time. When you were still married I wanted it. I knew that you had to be careful. You wouldn’t want her to find out, but I would have been discrete. Now, it doesn’t matter. I know that you’re playful now, so I can be as direct as I want.”

“Darleen. We can’t. Trust me. It would be bad for both of us.”

“Only if people knew,” she said with a grin. “By the way, I came in to tell you that you’re late for the production meeting.”

“Oh shit!” I groaned, grabbing my laptop and heading toward the door. She patted my ass on the way by as I headed out the door.

It was after lunch before I got back to my office. I grabbed a sandwich from the machine in the break room and sat down to eat. I was looking at my computer when Darleen walked in with a folder filled with papers. “These got dropped off from accounting for you,” she said sweetly as she walked toward my desk. She set the folder on the desk and then stepped around the side so she was right by me. “I think I’ll wear a shorter dress tomorrow, maybe a shorter one after that. I’ll just keep making them shorter until my pussy is showing for you every time I walk in,” she said as she stepped so close to me that her body was nearly touching my arm. She took my hand and pulled it toward her, lifting the hem of her dress to expose her pussy as she pushed my hand between her thighs. “Feel how wet I am for you? I’m always wet for you. You can only resist it for so long. I can see how hard you are in your pants. You want me and I want you. One of these days you’ll just tell me to strip and I know that I’ll be all yours.” She let go of my hand and reached to my crotch, pressing her hand on my bent hardon in my pants. “God it feels huge. I want to see it and lick it and suck it and put it between my tits and then stuff it in my hot, wet pussy. I want to feel you fucking me with it and I want to feel you pumping your load deep in my hot cunt. Just say the word honey, and I’m all yours.”

She moved her hand to start to undo my belt. I quickly pulled my hand from between her thighs and grabbed her hand. “Uh uh. Not here, not now.”

“Just tell me when and where,” she whispered. “There’s a storeroom down the hall we could sneak off to. Or I know where there’s an empty office. Back seat of a car is a little tight, but I’m game if you wanna sneak off to the parking lot. Just tell me when and where!”

“I’ll, um, have to let you know,” I answered, trying to be as firm as I could be. I pulled her hand from my pants and she stood up, giving me a fake pout.

“You know, this will only make me want you more,” she whispered before walking away. She paused at the door, looked out and then bent over, pulling her skirt up over her bare butt. Her pussy pushed out between her thighs at me, wet and clearly ready to be fucked. She stayed bent over for a good ten seconds before she pulled her skirt down and straightened up. She looked back at me and then with a grin disappeared out the door toward her desk.

“Shit,” I groaned as I rubbed my face and tried to get my hardon to go down. I finally felt like it had subsided enough and decided I had better go talk to Lizzy. I headed out of my office, making sure to walk quickly past Darleen so she didn’t have time to make any comments.

“Hey, Lizzy, got a second?” I asked as I knocked on her door frame.

“Hell, for you I got more than a second. Come on in.”

“Mind?” I asked, pushing the door closed behind me.

“Honey I’ve been waiting all week for you to come; close my door,” she said with a grin, standing up and stepping around her desk. She moved toward me, wrapped her arms loosely around my neck and pressed her pelvis against my partly-hard dick.

“I’m not here for that,” I whispered, trying to gently disengage her from around my neck.

She gave me the same kind of fake pout that Darleen had given me. “Poo. I was hoping!”

“Not that I don’t want to, but we have a problem.”

“Oh? Besides we’re still dressed, what kind of a problem?”

“Someone has been talking about my dick in the ladies room, and I have half a dozen women, including one from HR trying to get into my pants.”

“And that’s a problem? The only problem I see is that I get you first,” she said with a giggle. “You know, I’m still not wearing any underwear. All you gotta do is undo that little zipper down my back and I’ll be completely naked for you.”

“Lizzy, this isn’t funny,” I whispered. “I just had a young lady from HR pay me a visit, concerned that there are at least two of your engineers, my secretary, a couple ladies from accounting, and of course, her, talking about trying to have sex with me here at work. What have you been saying?”

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