Flight to Submission Ch. 04

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Kim watched as the doors to the Penthouse elevator opened and the elegant man and woman stepped out. They made a handsome couple. His beautifully tailored grey silk shirt and charcoal slacks were a perfect foil for the woman’s deep magenta, figure hugging dress. Kim’s mouth dropped open in envy as she saw how it clung to the woman’s body, accentuating every curve, cut low enough to reveal a tantalising glimpse of her breasts and yet never dipping low enough to detract from the sophistication of the look. There was a slight sheen to the woman’s legs, indicating she was wearing sheer stockings. Kim was so jealous! Her parents had emigrated to America for a better life but could only find minimum wage jobs. She had wanted to go to college, her teachers had all told her how bright she was, but there was no chance of doing so. The money simply wasn’t there.

She watched as the couple made their way through the hotel lobby and out into the restaurant. She waited until she saw the man seat the woman at a table then made her move!

She had been listening to the stories that circulated through the hotel’s staff about the enigmatic man who inhabited the penthouse from time to time. She had heard about the lavish tips, the insistence on absolute privacy when he was in residence and only last night she had heard about the unmarked box that had been delivered to the suite. By now her curiosity was driving her wild.

As she had only been at the hotel for a couple of months, there was no way she would be allowed access to that penthouse. Only one or two members of the housekeeping staff, the most senior and those of longest service, were even allowed inside to clean the suite when he was absent. Then just an hour ago, the Housekeeper had called her into her office to inform her about a change to her rostered hours. Whilst there, an emergency had arisen that the Housekeeper had to deal with in person, leaving Kim alone in her office. She couldn’t believe it when she noticed the key card to the penthouse suite peeking out from underneath a pile of documents on the desk. Glancing around to make sure she was unobserved, she quickly grabbed the card and slipped it into her pocket. Heart pounding, she waited quietly for the Housekeeper to return. After about five minutes, one of the senior maids popped her head around the door.

“Mrs Macaday say’s the situation’s going to take longer to sort out than she thought,” the maid said. “She said to tell you to finish your shift and report back to her in the morning.”

Kim couldn’t believe her luck! She had been worried that the Housekeeper would return and notice the missing key, but now she could leave without its absence being linked to her! She finished out her shift and had been walking through the lobby when she had spotted the indicator on the penthouse elevator showing that it was descending. In a flash, she made up her mind. She was never going to get another chance like this.

Trying to move nonchalantly, she made her way to the elevator and pressed the call button. The doors slid smoothly open and Kim ducked inside. She entered the key card into the slot and stood to the side as the doors closed and the lift rose smoothly to the penthouse.

When the doors opened, she stepped out and sighed at the sheer luxury of the suite. The décor was elegant and understated, done in muted tones of brown and gold. She could tell there were a total of 4 rooms and started to explore. The main room was furnished with a dining suite plus a comfortable looking sofa suite. A polished rosewood cabinet opened to reveal an expensive audio visual unit. Kim went over the room thoroughly, trying to find out where the box that had been delivered to the room had been put, but saw no sign of it. Sighing in frustration, she moved on into the main bedroom. She could see a luxurious bathroom leading off on the right hand side of the room and to the left a 2nd, smaller bedroom was accessed by a doo.

Kim took a peek inside the smaller bedroom, but apart from being tastefully furnished, there was really nothing to see apart from the brass framed single bed and bedside tables. She came back into the main bedroom and couldn’t resist going to check out the bathroom.

She took her time exploring. Clearly, there had been no expense spared here. The spacious room contained both a double shower and a deep sided bath along with the toilet and wash basin. A mirrored bathroom cabinet revealed a selection of luxury toiletries the total cost of which was more than Kim made in a week!

Having saved the best until last, Kim moved back into the main bedroom. She ran a hand over the bed’s silk coverlet, relishing the feel of it sliding under her fingers. She could see that the sheets and pillows were made of the finest Egyptian cotton. She had heard the laundry staff talking about the fact that the sheets had a thread count of 1,500!

Once she had taken in the luxury surroundings, Kim started a determined search for the box she had heard about the day before. She opened up each of the cupboards in turn, then the bedside cabinets. No joy. Finally she ankarakazan.com had an idea and knelt down beside the bed and lifted the side of the coverlet. Bingo! There, lying directly under the bed, was the box!

Kim edged under the bed until she could reach it, then wriggled backwards, drawing the box back with her. Once out from under the bed, Kim rose to a kneeling position and opened the flaps. What she saw revealed startled a gasp out of her.

She started taking items out of the box, one by one. A pair of leather cuffs, a blindfold, various vibrators and dildos, plus other items that she did not recognise. She felt her pussy twitch in response to the sight. She glanced around, making sure that she was alone then couldn’t resist placing the cuffs around her wrists, just to see what they felt like. The soft padded leather felt like butter against her skin and Kim loved it! Feeling daring, she decided to lock them and then clipped them together. She started to breath a little heavier, the aspect of the forbidden, the sinful was turning her on! She could feel her nipples start to harden, pushing against her cheap cotton bra. Kim glanced at her watch. She had only been in the suite for fifteen minutes. She was sure that she had at least another thirty to forty five minutes before she needed to leave.

Her eyes fell on some of the vibrators she had taken out of the box. She could feel a damp patch forming on her cotton panties. Surely it wouldn’t matter if she just played for a while, would it? She could clean everything up and slip away before anyone knew she had been here. Fingers trembling in reaction to what she was about to do, Kim slid her fingers into the waistband of her panties and drew them down her legs, before slipping them off.

She reached down with her cuffed wrists and picked up one of the vibrators, a strange, double-pronged one. She shifted it one way and other until the reason for the prongs became clear. She caught her breath as she realised that the second, shorter prong was for the clit! She had never been able to afford any toys. The few times she had masturbated, she had only used her fingers. They were all she had available to her. Her hands trembled as she moved the vibrator towards her pussy. Her thumb flipped the switch and her body flinched as the vibrator whirred into life. Slowly, tentatively, she brought the vibrator closer and closer to her pussy. Her body bucked slightly as the vibrator touched the entrance to her sex, unprepared for the sensations it created. She gasped and pulled her hands back slightly but after that first reaction, her pussy had started to throb! She brought the vibrator back into contact with her pussy lips, this time holding it more firmly and closer to her. She couldn’t hold back a moan as her body started to react!

Suddenly, a shadow fell over her.

“And just what, exactly, do you think you’re doing?” a voice said.

Kim gasped and her eyes flew up to see the hotel guest standing in the doorway to the bedroom, his arms folded across his chest, frowning down at her.

Her body froze rigid as she realised that she had been discovered and more to the point, what she was doing upon that discovery! The blood drained from her face and her now nerveless fingers dropped the vibrator to the floor.

“I-I…” she stammered, her mind skittering in fright.

“This apartment, as I am sure you have been informed, is off limits to all staff but a chosen few” the man said. “So tell me, what did you think gave you the right not only to enter without permission but to open private items and use the contents?” he demanded.

Kim’s head dropped, her eyes seeking the floor.

“I-I’m sorry,” she stammered. “I-I didn’t mean any harm!”

“That is not the point,” the guest said. “You have invaded my privacy and helped yourself to items that weren’t yours. You are little more than a thief!”

Kim flushed with shame. She had been brought up to be an honest, law abiding citizen and yet here she was, caught out in a room where she had no right to be, in the most compromising position she could think of!

“Stand up!” the guest demanded.

Kim hurried to obey, eager to put some distance between herself and the vibrator that was still merrily whirring away!

“So… I assume you like being cuffed,” the guest said when she reached her feet.

Kim blushed. How could she admit to this debonair man, just how the cuffs around her wrists made her feel.

“Nothing to say for yourself?” the man asked. “Very well. You are a thief, and thieves must be punished!”

Moving swiftly, he grabbed Kim’s wrists, pressing a button concealed in the bed post as he did so. A hook descended from the cross post and he quickly secured the linked cuffs to it. Before Kim could cry out, he took up a ball gag and thrust it into her mouth, securing it tightly behind her head. Now Kim was scared. She had no idea what was going to happen but it couldn’t be good!

David stood before her, his cool, silver eyes boring into hers. She stared up at him, mesmerised. He reached out and slowly started to unbutton the front of her uniform. The dress unbuttoned all the way down and soon it hung on either side of her, framing her breasts and belly. Her white cotton bra contrasted strongly with her dusky skin, barely concealing her breasts. David could see the shadow of her aureoles through the thin fabric. Leaving her helpless, he moved into the bathroom and retrieved a pair of scissors from his washbag. Returning to stand in front of her, he slid them between her breasts and swiftly cut through the fabric, pulling at the cups so that they fell away, revealing the full, heavy orbs. Kim’s nipples started to harden as they were exposed to the cool air in the room. David reached out and took each nipple between his fingers, rubbing, pulling and twisting them until they stood hard and erect. Reaching into the box, he pulled out a pair of nipple clamps. Kim’s eyes widened as she saw what he had in his hands and shook her head from side to side, trying to beg him not to do what she was sure he was about to. Ignoring her, he attached a clamp to each nipple and tightened them until each nub formed a shallow hourglass, and Kim cried out against the gag as pain shot through her. Her pussy, however, had other ideas. Heat flared through it and she could feel herself getting wet!

“Now it is time for you to receive your punishment,” David told Kim coolly. “Stay there whilst I decide what will be suitable for you.”

Kim watched as the guest started to lay out various items on the bed. Her body started to tremble and her anxiety rose as he laid out a riding crop, a long thin whip, a cane, 2 multi-stranded whips (one of which looked to be made of harder material than the other), then 2 items with handles that flattened out into broad bases, one of which was smooth, the other appeared to have metal studs embedded into it!

She held her breath, her body shaking as David’s hand hovered over each item in turn and she moaned as he reached out towards the cane! He did not, however, pick it up. Instead he selected the smooth, broad, leather paddle and returned to stand in front of her.

“As you have shown that you have no more understanding of right and wrong than a child, you will be treated like a child,” David said. “You will be spanked until you are unable to ignore the fact that you have committed a serious transgression!”

With those words, David took hold of Kim and turned her until she was facing away from him. He took hold of the hem of her uniform and raised it until her ass was clearly exposed.

Taking careful aim, he brought the paddle down hard against her ass. Her body rocked forwards in reaction to the blow and Kim cried out against the gag. He drew back the paddle and once more brought it down smartly against her ass. Again Kim cried out but to her dismay, she could feel wetness trickling down her legs from her pussy. David continued to punish her, varying the rhythm and force of his strokes so she was unable to anticipate when the next blow would land. By the time he had reached the count of ten, her skin was glistening with sweat, her breathing was coming hard and fast, and her pussy was sopping wet, juices running down her legs. David paused, looking at the maid consideringly. He had seen this reaction before in other subs he had been asked to train. This one was getting off on the pain. He made a note to tell Myles about this development. He resumed the punishment but this time with an aim in sight. After the twelfth stroke, he could tell that the maid was very close to orgasm. He increased the force of his next two blows and could hear her moan, muffled by the gag. He reached around to her breasts and on the fifteenth and final blow he yanked first one, then the other clamps off her nipples. Kim’s body bucked violently as she exploded into an earth shattering orgasm. She was vaguely aware of a clicking sound as her body shuddered and juices gushed from her pussy but she was too overwhelmed with sensations to pay much attention.

David left her hanging from her cuffs as he carefully cleaned and then packed away all the items that both he and she had removed from the box. By the time he had finished, her knees were buckling and the only reason she was still standing was because of the cuffs holding her up. David moved towards her and turned her around, detaching her cuffs from the hook. He sat her down on the bed and she winced as her burning ass made contact with the mattress.

“I am going to remove the gag now,” David told her. “Your punishment is over.”

He reached behind her head and undid the leather strap, easing the gag from her mouth. Kim opened her mouth to speak but David held up his hand for silence. There was such an air of command about him that Kim instinctively obeyed.

“I know you think I was hard on you, that I had no right to do what I just did, but think about it,” he said. “I come into my suite, where I should reasonably be able to expect privacy to find you here and not only have you gone through my private things but you were actually masturbating in my bedroom!”

Kim hung her head in shame.

“Be grateful that I did no more than give you a spanking,” he paused looking pointed down at her drenched legs, “which I’m sure you actually enjoyed!”

Kim blushed bright red. Her face felt as hot as her ass!

“Now I am going to give you two options,” David said.

Kim looked up at him, wondering what he was going to say.

“Your first option is that I inform the management of this hotel that I have found you in my rooms, using my personal items. I am sure you will realise that they will take a very dim view of this behaviour. My belief is that you would be fired on the spot and turned away without references. Without those references, you would be unable to find a decent job anywhere in the city!” David said.

Kim nodded. She knew all to well how hard it had been for her to get this job. If prospective employers knew she had been fired, it would be next to impossible to find another position!

“However, you are lucky that there is a second option open to you,” David continued. “The owner of this hotel is a very good friend of mine and he has noticed you. He has been watching you and your behaviour and asked me to confirm his suspicions, if I could. Your being here in my suite and your actions have enabled me to do so,” he continued. “In fact, your reactions have confirmed to me two things. One, you have the traits of a submissive. If you did not, you would never have tried on the cuffs, let alone lock them on and clip them together. Two, you appear to be what we call a painslut.”

Kim looked at him questioningly, mesmerised but a little appalled by what he was saying.

“A painslut is someone who gets off on pain. Who can orgasm just from being punished.”

Kim closed her eyes. Surely he couldn’t be serious! However, she could not deny the wetness running down her legs or the strength of the orgasm she had just experienced!

“The second option, therefore, is to agree to become Myles’ submissive for a period of three months and undertake the training he gives you. If, after that period is over, you decide that the life of a submissive is not for you, you will be released and may continue to work in the hotel.” David watched Kim’s face carefully as she considered her options.

“So what is it to be?” David’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“P-please Sir, don’t make me do this!” she begged.

David folded his arms across his chest and he stared down at her.

Kim swallowed hard.

“I can’t afford to lose my job, Sir!” she said quietly. “My parents need the money I make to keep a roof over their heads!”

David just nodded and waited for her to continue.

“I-I guess I’ll take the second option,” Kim said in an even quieter voice.

“Very well, I’ll inform Myles of my findings,” David told her.

Then he drew out his smartphone and opened up an image file, which he then showed to Kim. Her mouth dropped open as she saw picture after picture of herself, bound and gagged, her ass glowing red, her eyes glazed in lust and her juices running down her legs.

“If you even think about talking to anyone about what happened here today, these will be circulated to every hotel in the district,” David told her. “It would be futile to claim you had been forced to do this as it is vividly apparent that you enjoyed what happened.”

He bent forward and unlocked the cuffs from around Kim’s wrists.

“Go into the bathroom and clean yourself up,” he said, firmly but kindly, turning to pick up the phone.

As Kim walked shakily into the bathroom she heard him talking to someone.

“Myles? David here. Your instincts were right … she’s a sub. She’s also more than that, I’ll tell you later. But most importantly, she’s agreed to become your sub for the 3 month term.”

As David replaced the receiver, he turned to see Kim standing in the doorway.

“It’s all been arranged,” he told her. “You will present yourself to Myles in the General Manager’s office in 30 minutes,” he said. “He will take things from there. Now if you don’t mind, I would be grateful if you could leave my suite. Oh and by the way,” he held her panties out to her, “I believe these are yours!”

Kim’s face flamed as she bent and hurriedly drew her panties up her legs. She had re-buttoned her dress whilst in the bathroom but there was nothing she could do about the bra and the outline of her nipples could clearly be seen through the fabric!

She almost ran to the lift and was inside as soon as the doors opened. She rode down in a daze, overwhelmed by what had happened to her. Had she really done all those things? She couldn’t believe she had cum just by being spanked with a leather paddle and tried to deny that she was, what was it he had called her? A painslut? Shaking her head in denial, she exited the lift. Panic took hold of her. She knew she had promised to become the submissive for the owner of the hotel, but she couldn’t! She wasn’t that kind of a person! She was a good girl, raised to be proper and correct. All her life she’d had examples of “bad girls” thrown at her and they usually came to a bad end, or at least that’s what her parents had told her! She couldn’t be so depraved, could she?

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