Flintstone wilma goes wild

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Wilma Flintstone was home alone; she had the Flintstone family home to herself. Fred was away bowling with their neighbor Barney Rubble for the week in Rock Vegas, and Pebbles was out with her friends and planning to stay over for the weekend at a slumber party.

Wilma had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing a short, sheer robe that barely covered her body and left absolutely nothing to the imagination, her 38C breasts and red haired pussy were very, very visible. This was one of the best parts of having the place to herself; she could indulge her nudist tendencies.

Wilma Flintstone loved sex. She was a very sexual creature and having Fred away for the past week had left her horny. Whenever Fred would go away on a bowling trip with Barney Wilma always found that she’d get VERY aroused and horny from the lack of her nightly fuck sessions with Fred! Thankfully she had her handy orgasm-inducing Dino-Bone-Dildo. It wasn’t quite as good as the pounding Fred gave her with his big cock, but it did the trick when he wasn’t available.

Now Wilma felt that deep horny itch deep in her wet pussy so she went into the master bedroom and got down on her hands and knees to retrieve her toy box from beneath the bed. As she reached under the bed for the box her ass was thrust into the air causing her robe to ride up above her perfectly heart shaped ass exposing her horny, wet, red haired pussy. Suddenly she felt something flicking along the folds of her horny cunt! Jane quickly looked back to see that it was Dino licking her pussy!

Dino had wandered into the bedroom having followed the scent of her arousal, and instantly got horny, immediately the pet dinosaur began looking for the source. Dino found that the source of the arousing sweet aroma was coming from Wilma. He walked up to her from behind, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her wet, pouting pussy, then he began licking it.

“NO, DINO, GO AWAY!!!!” she yelled at him in a panic. This is so wrong she thought to herself.

But he didn’t go. Instead, he began licking her pussy going deeper and deeper into it with his long dinosaur tongue.


Wilma had been ready to go over the edge from being horny before but now having her pussy assaulted by Dino’s long, wide tongue was really having an effect on her. Dino’s tongue felt so good and knowing that what was happening was so wrong was making her love it so much more. She thought that she really should get up, put a stop to this but it really did feel good and she was REALLY so horny! Dino was merciless. His nose and tongue were all over her tiny wet cunt, licking furiously. Wilma’s attempts to push him off were soon forsaken as pleasure over swept her. Finally she gave in to her wanton lust.

“Okay Dino. I guess that letting you lick my pussy won’t be all that bad. Go ahead boy, eat my pussy!!”

Soon Wilma began pushing her horny wet cunt back onto Dino’s long, thick, lapping tongue. She gasped in delight and spread her legs a little wider as his tongue slid up and down her cunt slit, licking inside her pussy lips now and then. Dino’s Sex hikayeleri tongue kept sliding in and out of her energetically licking up her cunt cream. His tongue went deep inside of Wilma’s buttery fuck hole, his nose rubbing against her clit continuously.

“GOD YESSSSS, OH GOD YESSSSS!!!” Wilma hissed.

Wilma sighed as his pleasing dinosaur tongue slid into her horny hole and began probing around for more cunt cream. Her body began writhing around on the floor beside the bed as Dino drove Wilma toward a shattering climax with his licking. The horny cave wife began humping up against his snout as her orgasm built. Her head shook back and forth and she began pulling and squeezing at her big hanging tits.

“YESSSSSSSS! GOD YESSSS, LICK MY HOT CUNT!” Wilma yelled as Dino’s tongue assaulted her pussy. She couldn’t ignore the exquisite feeling of his tongue exploring every bit of her horny wet pussy. Dino licked every fold of her flesh as he continually tongued her, eagerly lapping up all the fuck oils that were flooding from her cunt. “Oh God!! This is so dirty!! Lick me Dino!! Lick my hot cunt!!!”

Wilma was really thrusting her hips at Dino’s snout, moaning and panting. His huge tongue swept her pussy over and over, the tip touching her clit each time. Her body was jerking uncontrollably around Dino’s tongue as she let out a long scream of pleasure as his tongue flicked across her clit and she exploded in orgasm flooding his tongue with her buttery fuck oils.

Wilma was still catching her breath and when she tried to get up Dino pushed her forward and down again leaping onto her back placing his paws on each side of her and he began humping away, his HUGE dinosaur cock sawing back and forth along her well lubricated, aroused pussy lips.

Oh my God! He wants to fuck me! She thought to herself in a panic.

“HEY! DINO!!! NO!!! BAD DINO!!!! GO!!!! GET OFF ME DINO!!!” she yelled at him. But he didn’t go. Instead, he continued pushing her down a bit forcing her ass higher into the air, which only exposed her wet fuck hole all the more. He continued to hump at her, aiming his long, thick, meaty, angry red dinosaur spear at her well-lubricated pink pussy.

“Dino, get off, NOW!!!” Wilma begged. He paid no attention to her. This scared the hell out of Wilma and Dino kept humping away. Wilma could feel the tip of his dick hitting the right cheek of her ass. She tried again to get away by crawling but he was so strong she couldn’t get away.

Wilma could not believe the power in the thrusts from the family pet. She kept trying to move to get away, struggling and squirming and then all of a sudden she felt the tip of his dick nestled right between her pussy lips. Her pussy lips were spreading, opening up, almost as if it was inviting Dino’s cock inside her and it seemed as if her pussy muscles were trying to suck the pussy pleaser in. The tip of the monster cock continuously rubbed against Wilma’s sweet pussy until her petals were fully parted and ready for entry. She felt her lips stretch out wide as they began to close over the head of his cock. When Wilma felt his cock head slide in she just froze.

Suddenly Sikiş hikayeleri Dino really started pushing hard and before she could take another breath he struck gold and several inches of dinosaur cock were inside her and Dino was pumping away like crazy trying to work his 15-inches inside her grasping, wet fuck tunnel.

Wilma’s pussy felt stuffed and stretched to the limit, but he wasn’t done. Dino kept thrusting hard, slamming his entire fat, fifteen inches into her pussy. A scream of pain welled up in her as he rammed all 15 inches completely into her pussy. Wilma found Dino’s cock to be downright painful when he thrust it fully home as it hit the entrance to her womb.

Wilma was terrified. Here she was being fucked by a pet dinosaur! By the family pet! She regained her senses at least 10 to 20 seconds later. Wilma tried to elbow him off and get up, his cock was really hurting her, she had to get away but he just held her down and was hammering away at her pussy. She was afraid he would rip her pussy in two!

Wilma was in a panic. She bucked and writhed, squirming to dislodge from the painful impalement, but the pet dinosaur was much too strong for her, and she could only cry out in pain as he continued his assault on her tight pink cunt. Never had she felt such pain as when Dino had finally lunged into her, his prick completely buried in her dripping fuck hole.

Wilma’s pussy was stretched and sore, yet it seemed as if it was shaping itself around the huge, thick invader and her juices were flowing liberally over her pets cock, lubricating every inch. Slowly Wilma was getting used to the cock as Dino continued to saw it in and out of her cunt. It was incredible how fast his dick was slamming in and out of her, his thrusts were increasing to an unbelievable pace. Wilma could feel the heat from his cock; it was so much warmer then Fred’s felt.

The giant prick began flexing inside her, making her moan from the ache. But after a minute, Wilma began to detect sparks of pleasure leaping through her cuntal area. She tentatively moved her hips, and was rewarded with a stab of pleasure.

Dino felt her begin to stir, and he really began to fuck her wet pussy, buffeting into her, fucking into her and then he’d withdraw. Wilma began unconsciously helping him, pushing her hips back to take Dino’s prick deep inside her pussy and then back to impale her hotly throbbing cunt onto the suddenly satisfying dinosaur prick.

Wilma began to moan and groan, to cry and sob. She no longer felt any pain, just an incredible filling sensation. And then as she realized that Dino was just using her body, and fucking her, the masochistic joys enveloped her mind. It was the most degrading thing that she had ever had happen to her. This dinosaur was fucking her horny hole, intent upon spewing his white hot sperm into her body. And she loved it! She loved the attention, the touching, the naked desire of his huge pistoning cock. No matter that he was only intent on emptying his large load of liquid inside her womb. She had aroused him to this uncontrollable pitch! A feeling of pride washed over her as she pinched, Erotik hikaye and pulled on her nipples and continued to be penetrated by the family pet.

She long ago gave up struggling and now was just enjoying herself. Soon Dino slammed up into Wilma and just held on and Wilma thought that it felt like his dick was getting bigger. All of a sudden it hit her that his knot was swelling up! My God could it swell enough to lock itself inside of her!! She was about to find out. It kept swelling and swelling and began to get uncomfortable. Wilma had never felt anything so long or large in her before and began to panic again. Try as she might to get him off of her she couldn’t budge Dino. All of a sudden he started cuming and when those gobs of hot fluid hit her insides suddenly Wilma realized just how good it felt! His seed streamed straight into her womb coating the walls as the knot grew to about the size of an orange. Wilma knew fucking Dino was wrong, but she also knew she was suddenly as horny as she’d ever been in her life and right now that feeling drove all moral things out of her head as Dino was again humping her pussy with all his might.

Wilma decided that seeing as she wasn’t going to be able to get him out or off of her that she should just enjoy it and she began humping back on Dino’s cock.

She began to moan and as she thrust back against Dino’s cock. “Oh God Oh God Oh God,” she chanted as Dino’s big dinosaur cock brushed her g spot and his scaly balls slapped her clit.

It really felt great, like nothing she ever had ever experienced before. His cock had her so full that as he came it put even more pressure on her and all of a sudden she started cuming and she came like never before in her life, Wilma was screaming at the top of her lungs as she experienced the most intense feeling of pleasure she had ever felt in her life. She kept coming and the orgasm just kept going, renewing itself with every thrust, she was a bitch in heat for his cock.

Wilma started to come down from her orgasm when Dino started pumping more of his seed into her womb and set off another orgasm. As Wilma was screaming and shoving back into him lust took over and now she really pushed back into him over and over and came again.

Dino lay over her panting, and his weight caused her to collapse onto the floor. He landed on top of her and his knot drove in another inch. Suddenly Wilma was coming again, spasming against the floor and moaning loudly.

When coherent thought entered her mind again, she realized that the knot had shrunk and Dino had pulled out of her aching pussy.

Wilma just lay there and looked back at him and saw what had been in her cunt and could not believe her eyes, it was huge from the back of his knot to the tip was an easy 10 inches and his knot was the size of an orange and behind the not there was easily another 5 inches of dinosaur cock. Wilma was too weak to move and could feel his cum leaking out of her as she lay there, she put her hand down to her abused but very pleased pussy and found that she was gaping wide open. Dino had stretched her farther then she would have believed possible! Jane thought she must be the dirtiest, sluttiest woman in the world, and the idea filled her with an unbridled horny lust. She couldn’t wait to find out what the remainder of her weekend home alone held for her!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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