Following Desires Ch. 05

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Saturday, 28th July 2018, 20:23

Chris picked up the package that had been sitting on his kitchen counter for the past 3 days and took it into his bedroom. Mandy had been very clear with her instructions; Chris was not to open the package until they were on their scheduled video call.

A couple of weeks ago, Mandy had excitedly called Chris, telling him that she’d had a fun idea planned for some evening entertainment. They hadn’t seen each other since Chris had trekked up to Edinburgh. Chris thought back to the trip and how he had been left frustrated with the ruined orgasm that Mandy had permitted him. He touched the panties that Mandy had left in his backpack, now sitting on his desk. He had felt and sniffed them religiously every night, enraging his caged dick and causing himself needless extra frustration.

Chris quickly placed the panties back onto his desk, before getting comfy on his bed. He opened his laptop and loaded up Zoom before searching his emails for the login details for his call. He quickly typed in the login details and moments later, he was in the waiting room. A couple of minutes passed and then he was let in to the room. He could see Mandy on his screen, looking as gorgeous as ever. She was wearing a bath robe, tied tightly around her waist and she didn’t have any makeup on. She sat up on the edge of her bed when she saw Chris join.

“Hello Chris! How are you?” She asked.

“Hello mistress, good thanks and you?” Chris replied, adjusting the volume level on his laptop.

“Good… I’ve had some issues that we’ll be talking about later, but the internship has been so busy but I’m really enjoying it!” She replied.

“That’s good” Chris replied, smiling back at Mandy.

“Now… you’re probably wondering about this fun little game that I’ve planned aren’t you Chris?” Mandy asked.

“Yes mistress, I’m quite excited to be honest!” Chris chimed.

“Well I won’t keep you guessing any longer. To start with, please send me 1 pound Chris” she asked.

Chris’ confusion was clearly visible on his face at this small amount compared to the hundreds that he was used to spending on Mandy. She picked up on this.

“Just do it Chris, I want you to pay close attention to what happens.” She reassured him.

Chris quickly loaded up his banking app and whizzed her over £1. Moments later, Mandy’s phone buzzed in her hand and Chris could see the screen light up as she held the phone close to the camera.

“Did you see and hear that Chris?” Mandy asked.

“Umm… well the phone buzzed and you got a pound?” Chris asked back, confused.

“Exactly Chris, the phone buzzed. Now imagine for a moment if I was to place my phone in a stimulating area… could you imagine the pleasure I could achieve?” She asked.

The penny struck in Chris’ mind and he realised that Mandy was suggesting.

“I understand now miss.” he replied simply.

“Good boy. And you understand why… why you could never make me achieve the same pleasure that my phone can right?” She asked.

Chris’ face flushed in embarrassment and he nodded meekly into the camera.

“I want to hear you say it Chris… tell me why.” Mandy moaned huskily down the video call.

“Umm… well… I couldn’t bring you the same pleasure because I have a small dick… and I cum too quickly miss…” Chris tailed off, humiliated.

“Exactly, well said. Your dick is pathetic… in fact, it shouldn’t even be called a dick. From now on Chris, you will refer to it as either your dicklette or your micro penis. Is that understood?” Mandy asked, giggling at her brilliant idea.

“Yes mistress.” Chris replied, completely humiliated.

“Good. Now back to the game… You’re going to make me cum by sending me money Chris. Each time you send me a pound, my phone will buzz. I’m going to slide my phone into my panties and then you’ll start sending. You will keep sending until I cum, is that understood?” She asked.

“Yes miss!” Chris chimed, eager to please.

With that, Mandy untied her dressing gown and opened it, revealing içel seks hikayeleri her stunning body. She was only wearing a pair of lacy red lingerie and Chris’ cock shot straight to the end of his chastity cage. He groaned in frustration as Mandy positioned her laptop between her calves so that Chris had a direct view of her face and her red underwear. He saw her take her phone and slide it into her panties.

“Ok, start sending paypig!” She commanded.

Chris began typing away at his phone, repeating the process of typing in £1 and hitting send. Pound after pound flew out of his account and soon he could hear Mandy start to moan.

“Good boy Chris, my pussy is so wet!” She cooed.

His cock was straining in its cage and despite the pain coming from his thumb he tried to type even faster. He could see his mistress touching her breasts through the lingerie and he longed to be there, touching her perky breasts. Mandy occasionally gave Chris words of encouragement and soon enough she was close.

“Make me cum Chris, use your money to make me cum!” She squealed.

Moments later, Chris could see her legs trembling as she began to climax. He sent a few more pounds before she sat up.

“Holy fuck that was good… how much did you send?” She asked.

Chris quickly looked down and saw that in the 12 minutes that it had taken her to cum, he had sent a total of £362. He relayed this information to Mandy.

“Haha wow!” She laughed over the video.

She quickly sat up against the bed’s headrest, pulled her phone out from her panties and tied up her bathroom robe again. She held the phone to the camera and Chris could see that it was glistening in cum.

“Look how hard you made me cum Chris!” She chirped.

“I’m glad I was able to mistress!” He replied excitedly.

Chris was beaming and Mandy excused herself to go and clean her phone. He couldn’t believe that he had just made her cum using her own phone. He was left feeling a mix of emotions, both embarrassment at his penis size humiliation and yet pride at his ability to please Mandy and make her cum. Moments later her face popped back up on the screen, as she took her seat on the bed.

“Thank you Chris, that was truly wonderful. Your pindick could never have made me cum like that could it?” She asked.

“No miss, my micro penis would have spurted so quickly that you would have just laughed and been left disappointed…” Chris replied.

Mandy let out a laugh.

“Yes Chris, you’re right. Now, seeing as you’ve made me cum, I’m going to give you the opportunity to cum.” She said.

Chris sat up at this, excited to hear Mandy’s proposition.

“Firstly Chris, you know that my orgasm is superior to yours, it’s far more important right?” She asked.

“Yes mistress.” He replied.

“And you know, deep down, that you don’t deserve to cum… that I am only giving you the opportunity to cum because you’ve been a good boy who’s paying me right?” She asked.

“Yes mistress, it is completely up to you if I decide to cum or not.” Chris replied.

“Good. Now, if you were to be stimulated right now, how quickly do you think it would take you to cum?” Mandy asked.

Chris’ heartbeat speed up, the thought of gripping his dick and tugging furiously away seemed so exciting, he was so excited.

“I think I would cum in 30 seconds mistress!” He replied excitedly, eager to get the cage off.

“Oh wow that’s very quick… well I’ll be charging you £10 per second then. Now remember Chris, this is for the chance to cum, there’s no guarantee that you will. Is that understood?” She asked.

“Yes, yes mistress!” Chris replied.

“Ok, then send me the money and I will give you that chance.” She commanded.

Chris’ tired fingers had never worked faster, as he quickly typed out and sent £300 to Mandy. Her phone buzzed moments later and she checked her phone. Happy that she had received her money, she turned her attention back to Chris.

“Thank you Chris. Now, take off your clothes please.” She commanded.

Chris couldn’t help but notice a cruel smirk appear on Mandy’s face and he began to get worried. He quickly pushed this to the back of his mind as he tore his t-shirt off, before taking off his shorts and underwear. Moments later he was naked, apart from his chastity cage and he turned back to Mandy.

“Ok Chris, now you can open the box that I sent you!” She said, the devilish grin on her face widening.

Chris turned to the side and peeled off the security tabs before lifting the lid of the box. Where he thought would be his chastity cage, lay a bottle of lube and a butt plug. Visibly confused and now starting to get angry, Chris turned back to Mandy.

“Mistress, where is my key?” He asked her, perhaps a little too angrily.

“Drop that tone with me or you’ll be punished badly fuckwit! I said you’d get the chance to cum and I’m giving you that chance. What you have is a butt plug that vibrates. I have full control to the app that controls it!” She answered.

“But… but you said I would be able to… to jerk off mistress?” Chris asked, frustrated.

“No I didn’t. I asked how quickly you would cum if stimulated. A vibrating butt plug is quite an intense stimulation Chris.” She replied, grinning.

Chris felt defeated and he slumped backwards. He’d just spent £300 on what he thought was the key to his cage only to be embarrassed by his own eagerness and lack of listening ability!

“Now you’re gonna lube up lots and then insert the plug in. Once it’s in, I’ll set it to vibrate for 30 seconds!” Mandy chimed.

Chris couldn’t believe it. He looked back down at the box and took in what he saw. The butt plug wasn’t very long, maybe 4 inches in length, but it was extremely girthy. Chris guessed that its circumference was at least 5 inches and he took in a deep breath. He pulled out the lube and unwrapped it from its packaging. He pumped out a handful and began stroking the butt plug.

“Apply some more, you’ll need it!” Mandy laughed.

Chris pumped out a few more squirts and liberally coated the butt plug with more lube.

“Ok… now turn around and put it in!” Mandy laughed again.

Chris turned around on his bed with his head facing the wall. On his hands and knees, his laptop was placed behind his ass and Mandy was getting a clear display of him inserting this plug into himself. He took a little more lube and rubber the area around his ass. He then slowly grabbed his left asscheek with his hand, spreading it wide, before placing the butt plug near his hole. Taking a deep breath, he slowly inserted first inch or so of the plug.

“Oh fuck!” He groaned out loud, shocked at the size of the plug.

He could hear Mandy giggling away as he eased the rest of the butt plug in. Slowly, inch by inch, it snuggled into his hole. He turned back to Mandy who was grinning in delight.

“Good boy! Now kneel in front of the camera and sniff those panties I gave you.” She commanded.

Chris grabbed the panties from his desk before kneeling on the bed in front of Mandy. He closed his eyes and held the panties to his nose, sniffing in deeply. Moments later the plug came to life, vibrating intensely. Chris sniffed harder on the panties.

“Oh yeah, sniff those panties you filthy slut… that plug that’s in your ass is bigger than your tiny pindick… such a loser!” Mandy said, laughing at Chris.

Chris began grunting and could feel the pleasure emerging deep inside of him.

“Oh fuck yeah, this is good!” He moaned.

The vibration became intense for a moment and then stopped completely. Chris’ eyes opened and he looked at the screen. Mandy smiled at him while holding up her phone to show that 30 seconds had passed.

“Time’s up, take it out.” She commanded.

Chris was sweating with pent up frustration and he took a moment to compose himself. He slowly grabbed the base of the plug and removed it slowly from his ass. He could still feel the remnants of pleasure deep in his ass. Mandy instructed him to wash the plug and himself. He quickly moved into his ensuite, cleaning the butt plug in the sink before stepping into the shower and washing himself. He returned to the bedroom fifteen minutes later and Mandy was still on the screen; sat on her bed watch looking at her phone. She looked up when she saw that he had returned and quickly set her phone aside. Chris placed the butt plug back into the box and closed it shut before turning his attention to Mandy.

“That was fun wasn’t it cucky?” Mandy asked.

“Yes mistress, thank you.” Chris replied, dejectedly.

“Aww is my pindick upset? Don’t worry Chris, you must remember, you’re being denied because it brings me pleasure… just remember that anytime I deny you ok?” She asked sympathetically.

“Yes miss…” Chris replied.

“Chris, I get so wet knowing that you’re all locked up whilst I’m out here getting fucked by whoever, whenever. Sometimes, when I’m having sex, I’ll think about you at home trying to get an erection and being denies. It truly makes me happy knowing how frustrated you are and it brings me true pleasure. I think we both know that you have loved every moment of denial that I’ve inflicted onto you… right?” She asked warmly.

Chris paused and thought for a moment before speaking.

“You are right miss. In truth, before I met you I’d jerk off every day, watching femdom porn but that would be that. Now that I’ve met you, I actually get to live this fantasy and I do enjoy it… It makes me want to be better for you. To serve you better!” Chis replied honestly.

“Wow… thank you Chris. It’s funny that you say that actually…” she replied.

“Why’s that miss?” Chris asked.

“Well, you know how I said that I’d had some issues?” She asked.

“Yes mistress, is it… is it something I can help with?” Chris asked.

“Well, the long story short is that you know my university provided accommodation? They accidentally rented my room to another student and I can’t get it back… at the moment I’ll have nowhere to live when I come back for my final year…” She tailed off.

“Please mistress, you can come and live with me, it would be my pleasure!” Chris chirped without hesitation.

“Chris you’re too kind… but you only have a 1 bedroom flat… I couldn’t possibly impose on you.” She said shyly.

Chris paused for a moment to think. He tried to work out the logistics before speaking.

“Miss, my building has 2 bedroom flats as well and I know there’s a few available… they have a large double bedroom and a small single room… I could take the single room?” He asked.

“How much more expensive is it Chris?” Mandy asked, a little more interested now.

“Well I pay £1400 a month on rent now… I think a 2 bedroom flat would be closer to £1800… I could afford that miss, I’d love for you to live with me!” Chris chirped.

Mandy paused for a moment, taking all of this in.

“Chris this is honestly so generous of you, are you sure?” She asked.

“Yes miss, let’s do this!” Chris replied excitedly.

“Ok! Thank you so much Chris. It would be great if you could sort it out this week? My stuff is still in my uni flat and I’d need you to go and move it out by next weekend. Could you do that for me?” She asked.

Chris thought for a moment. He knew that his week was going to be busy and he tried to think of a time where he could go and collect her stuff and sort out a new flat.

“Yes miss, I can do that, I promise. If I don’t, I’ll pay the fine myself!” He said eagerly.

“Oh that’s great because the fine would be £1,000! You’re the best Chris!” She chirped.

Chris gulped at the thought of a £1,000 fine.

“You’re welcome Mandy. I’ll get that sorted out this week.” He said.

“Thank you! Now I’m quite tired to be honest… I think we should call it a night?” She asked.

“Yes of course miss, goodnight!” He replied.

Moments later the call had been ended and Chris was left on his bed, naked, frustrated and hornier than ever. He made a mental note to go straight to the building manager on Monday morning to sort out a new flat. In spite of the costs involved, Chris knew that this was what he wanted, his dick aching in its cage telling him so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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