Fond Memories

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The weekend had finally arrived. It was a beautiful sunny day. Liane had decided to sit quietly by the pool with a great book she has been trying to finish. She was all set for a quiet relaxing day. As she was laying out in the sun only after five minutes did she remember what the sun and heat does to her.

She had just started to read her book when she started to breath a little harder and feel her nipples get hard. Oh the sun beaming on her soft skin always made her horny, or actually more than usual. She tried to concentrate on her book, but it was getting harder to do so as she felt her body starting to long for the touch of a man. The caressing touch and the passionate hot kisses of a man she knows.

As she realized it was hard to concentrate on her book she decided to put it down and just relax and soak up some of the warm sun rays. She started to masturbate.

Then the memories started to come to her. Those fond memories of a day a while back that she keeps all to herself. Memories that kept her feeling alive and wild.

That day was last summer at her cousins wedding. It was a starry hot night. All day she had been feeling very horny, for it had been a long time since she had sex.

After a long day,the weeding reception was a welcome. She decided to enjoy a few drinks and let loose, but after a while she had become tired of the noise and stepped out to the patio which connected to a beautiful quiet park that belonged to the reception center. She needed to distance herself from everyone. She continued to stroll out to the gazebo and sit quietly and sip her cosmopolitan, her favorite drink, but little did she know that someone was following her.

As she sat there quietly lost in thought, he sneaked up on her, it izmir escort was him, that guy from the other side of the wedding party that somehow caught her eye. There seemed to be a instant mutual attraction. They had both had a few too many drinks they talked, laughed, flirted, and just enjoyed each others company.

They both were starting to feel the intense heat in their bodies as they both made sudden moves towards each other and started to kiss. They tasted each other with their lips and tounges. He, Vinny, realizing what he was doing started to pull from her, but she didn’t let him go. She asked him what was wrong and he just stared at her. She became a bit aggressive having had a few drinks that stirred her blood and made her hotter and hornier.

As she pulled him back to her she began to passionatelly kiss him again, lustfully, wantingly.

He slowly carressed her. Vinny started to put his hand up her dress carressing every inch of her soft thigh, he paussed waiting for her to protest, but she didn’t, she only let out a soft moan into his mouth as she kissed him. Vinny then reached up between her legs feeling her soft wet pussy.

At his touch she sighed at the feeling of his fingers touching her caressing her lips. She threw her head back at the intense pleasure his touch caused her. She reached down with her hand and touched his croch, feeling how hard his dick was.

They started kissing again playing with each other, caressing, and tasteting each other.

She couldn’t stand it anynore she needed to feel him inside of her. She needed to feel how hard he is, she needed a hard dick inside her hot, wet pussy.

She started groaning as his fingers played first with her swollen lips, alsancak escort then her clit, without warning he put one finger in her, she moaned with pleasure. With his other hand he grasped the back of her head and gently pulled on her long soft hair causing her to moan even harder.

He then reached up her dress with both hands and ripped off her white lace g-string, the barrier stopping them both from really feeling pleasure and happy release.

She pushed him down to sit on a nearby chair. He slowly lifted her dress to take a look at her pussy, he pulled her close to touch her. She reached over to him and unbuttoned his pants pulling out his dick so she can see him, his hard swollen dick. She knealt infront of him and grabbed him, placing soft kisses on the tip, tasting him arousing him further.

She made him moan as her soft wet tounge licked and played with him. She then stood up, still holding on to his dick, handling him wanting to feel him more and more, needingly she straddled him and eased down on his dick, slowly at first just feeling the head inserted in her feeling his heat.

Vinny couldn’t wait any longer, he grabbed her ass checks letting her control all the movements. Leane slammed it all in, sitting and absorbing all of his fat hard dick. She straddle him wrapping her legs around him tightly. They looked at each other in the eyes just enjoying the sweeet hot feel of each other.

Leane started to move slowly at first enjoying the feel of having a hot, swollen, fat dick inside of her.

Vinny just held on to her cheecks, squeezing her ass, slapping them making her even hotter wanting more. She girated on his dick, then pumped him, moving around so he could feel all of her on buca escort the inside. He then started to kiss her nipples which were poking waiting for his mouth to come upon them. They moved in rhythm as the intensity of their sexual encounter grew stronger and stronger harder and harder.

She controled all the movements and he didn’t care. They were all alone in their own world, as they fucked each other. He couldn’t beleive how wet her pussy was, how hot, and the fact that she could take it all in. Leane was enjoying the slight pain it was causing her, she was tight from the lack of sex.

They panted and groaned with pleasure. She started to feel herself being elevated to another level, starting to feel herself come. Vinny pulled her hair she loved the roughness of his hands and his mouth playing with her. She held on to him rubbing her tits on his chest. Just as she was about to come she said to him, “Fuck me, si, yes like that, fuck me!” He bit her nipples, as he felt her cumm, she let out a groan of pleasure loosing her stregnth as she came all over his dick.

Vinny enjoyed the wetness of her, he was ready to come. He pulled her off of him and turned her around, bending her over the table.

He spread her cheecks and thrust his dick into her,doggie style, he fucked her hard just like she wanted. He couldn’t hold it any more her tight wet pussy, was hard to resist.

He asked her, “Do you want it, is this what you want?”, She answered in a sexy voice, “Give it to me, I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy.” At those words he couldn’t hold on he released himself in her, he kept cumming as he released his load in her pussy. Feeling his hot cum she moaned coming again, enjoying the second orgasm he had helped her reach.

They were both satisfied at each others intense passion and love making. They were made for each other.

It was that night that made her feel like a woman. That night gave her those fond memories which she now masturbated to, wishing she could feel him just one more time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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