For A Glass of Fine Wine

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The sequel to Drunken Revenge. Enjoy round two between Sabrina and Carly!

For A Glass of Fine Wine

Written by: Sparrow9642

I’m done with today. My last nerve has been reached, and I am just ready to go home and drink myself silly to sleep. Today was nothing but a straight trip to Hell and back, every single event of it being nothing but the equivalent of the sting of a bitchslap, and I’m not talking about just your average petty bitchslap; I’m talking about the ones that are powerful enough to turn the victim’s head and leave a welted impression that would most likely be bruised the following day.

Yeah. It was that bad.

Let me start from the beginning. The morning was what started this whole culmination of bullshit, my alarm not going off until thirty minutes later, causing me to have to rush through my usual morning rituals. My shower wasn’t long enough for me to even open my eyes fully and receive a proper greeting from the comfort of the steam and warm water, but more a race against time to see if I could even get every inch of my body cleaned fully.

To put it short and subtle, five minutes wasn’t even long enough to get every bit of the shampoo out of my hair. My hair is long and thick, so it needs lots of maintenance to look like I haven’t just woken up and walked through the door of my workplace looking like an absolute mess who has a massive hangover.

Upon walking into my workplace, all the eyes of my coworkers were on me like a broadway star in the spotlight of some fancy and well-written play. I had paid them no attention and had just worked my way to the coffee machine in the break room. Coffee always helped me to escape the suffocation of a bad mood or morning, so, despite my short shower and alarm clock malfunction, maybe this could make the day bearable after all.

Then I saw the empty pot. It had been stained with the coffee stains it had earned over its time of not being cleaned out, but none of that bitter morning juice rested in its glass body.

I had already been ready to kill whoever had lacked the responsibility of making a new serving, having turned away from the pot with a sharp death glare that I’m absolutely sure made my fellow coworkers jump and sweat in absolute terror.

They know that when I am pissed, it is best to come forward, otherwise things will get ugly very fast.

Then along came my boss, Chuck Sherman. The best way to describe him is a doppelganger of Clark Kent without the glasses, along with the fact that he has looks that women kill for. To me, he’s nothing special to look at, seeming less like a prince charming and more of a sugar daddy that would sleep with any woman willing to suck his dick.

It’s no secret he’s slept with almost every female in the building, seeing I’ve heard the sounds of fucking many times in wannabe-Superman’s office, just outside of the locked door while passing by. Plus, the blinds are always shut and someone is always missing from their station, mainly Christina, the biggest slut in the entire building.

She has the description of a Barbie doll, but with bigger breasts and a dirty personality. It’s clear that she and Chuck are in some secret relationship and have been since day one of Christina’s arrival in the building.

While the majority of the workers respectfully wear attire that shows only little skin, Christina purposely wears shit that exposes about seventy percent of her body; shirts that unbutton to where her rack nearly falls out and skirts that cut off just inches from her crotch, and if you are standing too close and looking down, her G-string is literally right in your face.

Personally, I try to avoid her as much as I can, seeing I once stood too close and could smell what she and Chuck had just done clear as day. Her attempt at cloaking it with her suffocating perfume wasn’t enough to spare me of something I’d rather not have even inhaled and nearly gagged at, and I honestly think she had done it on purpose.

Luckily, the smell of Christina’s pussy hadn’t lingered upon Chuck’s approach, my face still holding the same glare.

“Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” he had attempted to joke.

My face didn’t change, but Chuck apparently had missed the clear message stained on my face.

“You know, I can help you if you need something to better your mood.”

I grunted at that, his intent being nothing of interest to me.

“Do me a favor Chuck and keep your shit in your pants where it belongs,” I had answered, then turned away and began to prepare another serving of coffee. However, that didn’t happen, because the coffee machine had turned out to be busted from lack of maintenance.

Chuck had been lucky that I had enough sense to not kill someone over a machine malfunction, otherwise, heads would’ve been rolling this morning.

That’s not the first time Chuck has tried something like that either. He’s wanted in my pants ever since the day I walked through the door of that place, and I’ve refused every single time. escort For one thing, I’m a lesbian and have been ever since the night I had gotten so drunk that I’d fucked my worst enemy as a way of getting revenge.

Oh? Is this sounding familiar?

That’s right, I’m the very same woman, Sabrina Williams. It’s been a year and a half since that little incident, and it honestly seems like nothing more than a speck in the back of my mind. It may seem strange that I’ve buried that memory as a night of letting my demons loose, but there’s good reason behind it.

You see, not long after the incident, Carly had confronted me about that night. Where? Not important; let’s just say it was somewhere private and not around anybody else except us.

Surprisingly, she hadn’t seemed angry or upset, but more calm and natural. She had been having one of her usual cigarettes, and it all had gone something like this.

I had heard a voice shouting out my name, so I had turned to the direction of it and, low and behold, there was Carly Simpson, standing about fifteen feet from me with a lit cigarette resting between her right index and middle fingers.

She had been dressed casually, which had absolutely surprised me. A regular pink t-shirt, blue jeans that covered every inch of her skinny legs, and black high heels.

She looked far from the Carly Simpson I had once known. No fancy or revealing clothes, just casual clothing that a regular early-twenties girl would wear on a regular day.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Carly?” I had questioned, still unsure if I had really been looking at Carly Simpson in the flesh.

She had simply smiled at the comment, being less of a greeting one and more of an unsettling one.

She had taken a drag of her cylindrical friend and exhaled all of the fumes in a slow progression before her response.

“It’s been a long time,” she had started, smoke still slinking out of her mouth. “A little too long, considering what happened the last time we saw each other.”

I’d decided to humor her with a response, not having felt intimidated by her at all. I had meant what I’d said and done that night, and I had refused to let this bitch walk all over me anymore.

“You got what you deserved, Carly,” I had stated directly. “After all the things you’ve put me through, I was done being a welcome mat for you to step on. So, unless you’ve got something to say that’s worth my time, go home.”

Carly had taken another long drag and had continued to hold her gaze with mine.

“You misunderstand me, Sabrina,” she had said calmly. “I’m not here to do anything except thank you.”

I had jumped at that, never thinking that those kinds of words would’ve ever come out of her mouth.

“I know, you must be shocked, considering our past encounters, but I’m being completely honest.”

She had paused for a brief moment, her smile having shifted to a look of sadness. I hadn’t bought the act, but I had decided to hear her out just for the hell of it.

“You’re right, I did get what I deserved, and while at first I considered either finding and killing you or committing suicide, your act of revenge really led me in a direction that I needed to take.

It was hard at first, everyone harassing and publicly humiliating me to the point of where I had attempted to drink myself to death, but I eventually found a way to recover for the better. You see, I’d succeeded in drinking myself to death, but survived it by only a 2% chance of living.

When I had awoken in the hospital, my family was there, and upon seeing their faces of the sadness that I’d most likely never wake up, I knew I couldn’t bear to see those faces ever again. That began my journey of recovery.”

For some reason, in that very moment, I had felt sick to my stomach and had been happy to know that she had been alive in front of me. Her tale couldn’t have just been a made-up story, otherwise Carly had a very potent talent of being able to tell stories with real emotion.

I had just continued to listen.

“I threw out all of my usual clothes and even burned them as a way of solidifying that I was determined to change, then went out and purchased a whole new wardrobe of clothes like the ones I’m wearing now.

As those clothes burned and turned to ash, it felt like some sort of burden had finally let go of me, and I felt like I finally had a chance to cleanse myself of all the bad things I’d done to others and myself.

I even went to therapy and still am going to it weekly, and it’s helping me to find a better me that was buried in the persona you mainly knew me as.”

She had paused briefly once again, taking the last drag of her cigarette and simmering it into the ground with the tip of her right high heel. She had released the excrement to the air and had turned to face me yet again.

“I guess what I’m trying to say, Sabrina, is that I’m sorry for all that I have done to you and accept whether or not you choose to believe and accept my apology. I just wanted to bursa eve gelen escort tell you these things to hopefully cleanse the bad blood between us.”

I had been speechless. Carly Simpson had held her hand out to me in hopes of forgiveness and purity of all impurity of our past encounters without any hesitation or fear of staining her ego, and had been willing to accept my choice no matter what.

It had been truly bizarre and unbelievable to say the least, but deep down, in that moment, I had known that she hadn’t been trying to trick me. This hadn’t been the same as the other times that she had manipulated me; there had been something in her offer that had felt realistic.


I instantly had lost my voice, and Carly had understood why I had been so lost for words.

“Take your time, Sabrina,” she had stated kindly. “I understand how you must feel, but I swear that this time there’s no tricks or games. I promise you that I’m being sincere.”

I had trailed, looking for the right words, but everytime I had tried to speak, the words had only stopped in my throat. However, Carly had honored her promise, having stood in wait for my answer with nothing but a smile on her face.

It had taken awhile, but eventually I had found the words to say. They just hadn’t been the words Carly had been expecting.

“I-I’m sorry, Carly…

Nothing but a gasp had escaped Carly’s mouth

“What do you mean, Sabrina?” she questioned.

“I-I never meant to lead you to… suicide. I-I never stopped to think about the consequences, and only thought about myself… C-can you really forgive me for nearly ending your life?”

Carly had continued to hold that same contagious smile, having answered me rather quickly.

“I can. I don’t want to leave this world with regrets and bad blood stained on the people I’ve hurt. If it weren’t for my near-death experience, I never would’ve realized the damage I had caused you and everyone else through my selfishness. It needed to happen for me to get here, Sabrina. Without your act that night, I wouldn’t be here as a whole new person trying to make up for my actions.”

“S-Still, I-I can’t help but feel guilty for nearly putting you in the ground six feet deep. It just doesn’t feel right for you to just forgive me so easily…

Carly had nodded as a response, then had followed by walking up to me and handing me something from her left jean pocket; a coupon.

“I understand, so let me make it up to you to show that I truly do forgive you and hold no grudges. There’s a small coffee shop downtown called “the Sweet Corner,” and I go there every Saturday morning for their special. I lost all of my friends after that night who, rather than stick by my side and support me, ended up being a bunch of snakes, so I figured maybe this could be a good opportunity for us to put all of our past strife behind us and start over.

It opens at 8:00 am, and I’m usually there around 8:45. You’re welcome to join me there. In fact, it’ll be my treat as a way of us getting off to a good start.”

I had very hesitantly taken the coupon from her, looking over the coupon with only an illustration of a steaming coffee cup and the shop name on it. It had been a coupon for a free first purchase for new customers; an offer that I had seen as a great one.

“If you don’t want to come, I’ll understand, and I can at least say I tried to make amends with you, but please consider it, Sabrina, and give me a chance to really show you that I’ve changed.”

I had said nothing as she had started to walk away, leaving me a baffled, sorrow, and confused mess. She had only stated one last thing before disappearing completely.

“I hope to see you there!”

I had thought hard about her offer over those next three days, up until Saturday had arrived and I had opened my eyes to the sight of the beige coupon on my nightstand. It hadn’t been that I wasn’t able to forgive her or give her a second chance, it had been more over the fact that the scars of the past had still remained visible in my mind.

Not to mention, I had fucked her out of absolute revenge a year prior. How could I sit and have a cup of coffee with a person whose crotch I’d ravaged while as drunk as a sailor?

I had decided to take a shower to think it over, and as I had washed my body, memories of my night of revenge had flashed back. It had been so surreal that I had forgotten to rinse my hair of the shampoo and had to do a second run of rinsing after realizing the error upon wiping away the steam cloud on the bathroom mirror.

I had only made my decision when I had mindlessly gotten into the car, the coupon having been in my purse upon leaving the driveway.

I hadn’t known why I had chosen to go to the coffee shop and meet Carly, but I had accepted it upon hearing the greeting bell chime of the door opening. I hadn’t bothered to check the time, but seeing I had managed to enter the building without any quarrels, it görükle escort had been sometime past 8 am.

I had just taken a seat next to the front window of the store, the smell of brewing coffee embracing my nostrils as I had pulled out my phone. Only then had I seen the time, the time being 8:36 am, meaning Carly had been due to arrive within the next ten minutes or so.

While I had waited to be served, the morning hours always being busy, I had decided to just check my phone for anything important.

No text messages.

No app notifications of importance.

No new calls, unless you count spam calls as “important.”

A waitress had accompanied my table, to which I had presented the small beige coupon to her. She had been a scrawny young girl, her brown hair in a ponytail, and chest being average size.

Not gonna lie, she had been cute enough to impress me, but upon seeing a golden ring with three diamonds in it, I had completely dropped any thoughts of any romantic conversation with the girl.

She had taken the coupon and asked me for my order, to which I had questioned her on what the best serving was that the shop could offer.

I had thought about maybe waiting for Carly out of respect, but my morning mood and lack of any morning Joe said otherwise.

I had decided on a simple cappuccino by the time Carly had finally walked through the door, the bell chime being the sign of her arrival. Looking at my phone screen, it had been 8:45 am.

Dead on arrival. I had been impressed.

However, I had been even more impressed at the sight of her, not even seeming like Carly Simpson at all. Her hair had been straightened with the back pulled up into a bun, the only makeup visible on her face had been her mascara, and, once again, she had worn attire very similar to casual humans that were barely able to pay monthly bills.

She had worn a plain black t-shirt and regular blue jeans with a pink belt that slithered through its belt loops like a feminine serpent. Her appearance had caused me to gasp, both out of impression and something else I couldn’t explain at that time.

Little had I known that the inevitable had begun, and that I could not have escaped it no matter how hard I tried.

“I’m so glad you decided to come,” Carly had chimed joyfully as she had proceeded to take her seat across from me.

I hadn’t said anything, only smiled at her greeting. I had kinda felt bad being silent, but in her presence, the mood had shifted to the point of where I had started to feel uneasy.

Not to mention that I had been completely oblivious to the moist spot growing in my lower drawers.

Carly had started to notice as well as she had begun to make conversation.

“Are you okay, Sabrina? You seem kinda off.”

“Yeah, I just didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m kinda sleepy this morning.”

It hadn’t been a total lie, but the majority of it had been an attempt to hopefully get past my sudden uneasiness. I had been praying for my cappuccino to just arrive quickly so I could change the subject, but even I had known that my order had been far from the top ten orders in the lineup of the many others, so I had to manage myself until the coffee would be able to naturally calm my nerves.

“I see,” Carly started, then her voice shifted in tone. “It’s probably due to the fact that you were going to meet me here today; your once worst enemy in life.”

I had just decided to play along, finding it to be distracting from whatever had hit me upon her entering the shop. I had nodded as an answer, to which she had sighed.

“I get it. It must be pretty unsettling to be sitting less than two feet across from me, seeing in the past I only treated you like dirt or tricked you to hurt you. While it’s unsettling now, I do hope that we can work past that and can no longer look at each other as enemies.”

Our little heart-to-heart had been interrupted by the same waitress I’d gained the hots for, taking Carly’s order. I had assured Carly that I’d already ordered using the coupon, and I had been surprised that she had just accepted it as nothing disrespectful.

If this had been the old Carly, she would’ve been cussing me out in a form of public humiliation, but she hadn’t even flinched at the fact I hadn’t waited for her. I had begun to calm down in Carly’s company, and for the rest of that morning, I had really begun to look at Carly completely differently.

She had truly changed, and after meeting up a couple more times I had decided to, despite our past, give her a second chance.

To save time, after getting to know her more deeply, it had turned out that Carly and I really had a lot in common. We became really close, practically like sisters, and then it happened.

Out of nowhere, one night when we had decided to just go out and have a girls night together, she had asked me if I was ready to become more than just friends.

To say the least, it had completely caught me off guard. She hadn’t been drunk or high either and had been completely sober, unless you count cigarettes as some form of drug or whatever. I had responded in shock, seeing, while she’d had sex with me, she had been as drunk as a sailor and as high as a kite that night. I’d never really expected Carly to be sexually attracted to the same sex.

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