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I always looked forward to seeing her, she has a way about her, she could remove all the dark clouds in the sky with a smile.

You notice her presence immediately when she walks into a room. She has the body of a Goddess, the soul of an angel, and a mind you could get lost in for days. All eyes were upon her, body temperatures increasing as she moved with sensual agility and grace.

My mouth opened and curled at the corners as her long legs neared me. Sultry smiles matched mine as she reached her hand forward touching my fingers lightly, she winked and in soft angelic tones she asked me.

“Care to dance?” I took her hand, laced my fingers into hers and rose from the light pink winged back chair I was sitting in. I knew from the look in her eyes she had more than dancing on her mind. I was pleased. I followed her to the dance floor, walking slowly behind her taking in the sexy way she wiggled her derriere.

I blushed, allowing my mind to wander, imagining my face buried deep in the crevice of her sweet ass.

She stopped near the far left corner of the dance floor and raised her arms up lightly in the air.

I walked into her embrace. Her hands wrapped softly around my neck, she pressed her body against mine. I rested my hands on her hips, pulling her closer to me and we began to move sensuously to the beat of the music. Our bodies molded into each others curves as we continued to dance.

Some men were watching our every move, we enjoyed knowing that we were teasing them. I lowered my head to nestle in her neck, taking in the sweet aroma of her. My mouth opened and I tasted her, the scent and silkiness of her skin sending messages of arousal to my brain.

My body was responding to the feel of her in my arms. We continued to dance. She whispered in my ear as she pressed her body firmly into mine.

“Would you like to follow me to the ladies room??”

I could feel her erect nipples through the silk blouse she was wearing, her legs spread straddling my thigh, the heat of her excitement evident as it left a hot spot on my bare leg.

I squeezed her body tightly in response, whispering back into her ear, letting my hot breath tease her neck, the tip of my tongue flicking at her earlobe.

“Lead the way.” Once again she took her hand into mine, intertwining her long fingers, and I followed obediently. We passed several onlookers, some of which had a look of disdain on their faces. bursa otele gelen escort

Two attractive men leaning up against the bar near the corridor to the bathrooms just stared at us with their eyes wide openly lusting for us.

We exchanged knowing looks at each other then winked at them as we walked by and headed towards the ladies room. She opened the door and I followed closely behind her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my body into her back as the door closed behind us.

She turned around to face me, her mouth opening to speak to me and I silenced her with a passionate kiss, my nimble fingers reaching to unbutton her silk blouse.

She walked backwards towards the counter of the sink as I pulled the sheer white blouse down around her shoulders.

My head lowered to kiss the soft mounds of her breasts, my tongue licking between her cleavage, my hands at her thighs raising the hem of her black skirt over the sweet curves of her ass. I cupped and squeezed her honey dew melon size cheeks, pulling them towards me urgently. The soft moans of her passion thick as she ran her fingers through my long hair. My lips continued to kiss up her neck, licking under her jaw line, to the left and nibbling on her ear

“Oh I want to taste you my peach.”

She let the blouse slide down her arms and fall off onto the counter as I helped raise her ass up, pulling her skirt to her hips as I sat her gingerly on the cold surface.

She leaned her head against the mirror and spread her legs wide for me. Her eyes filled with lust and total abandonment of the public setting. She reached back and unhooked her bra exposing her firm round breasts.

My soft lips kissed a path down her throat to her taut nipples, taking the tip of my tongue and making circles around the areola, swirling in to flutter it across her raised nipple.

I suckled then nibbled, then suckled some more the sweet sounds of her moans music to my ears.

My fingers danced up her thighs as my mouth sucked hungrily on her tits, to the soft bare skin of her pussy lips.

Index finger lightly grazed her slit feeling the wetness of her against the soft bare skin of her pussy lips.

Running it up and down applying more pressure lubricating my finger with her juices as I continued to suckle and bite her nipples.

Making sure I spent the same amount of attention on each escort bayan one, loving the feel of her hard nipples in my mouth. Feeling the flames of passion igniting in my stomach as lifted my head up and lowered my knees to the hard tiled floor.

She scooted her ass to the edge of the counter as I spread her sweet cunt lips apart and opened my mouth letting my tongue glide up her slit.

“You taste like a peach my love.” Husky whispers of lust and more moans as my fingers opened her lips and my mouth found her clit.

I didn’t hesitate with teasing. I began to hungrily suckle on her small bud, wanting to taste her ecstasy.

My left index fingers glided easily into her hot cunt twisting and turning pushing forward to the end of her love canal. Hot pink hard protruding tongue flicked back and forth across her clit as my finger moved out, only to add another one and re-insert into her hot slippery pussy with more thrust this time.

I reached up towards her clit with my fingers, wiggling them as I once again suckled hungrily at her now swollen magic button. She hung her legs over my shoulders moaning out

“Yes Oh yes, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

I continued to finger fuck her hot cunt thrusting and twisting three fingers into her, her smooth velvety walls squeezing my fingers tightly.

Her juices flowing, my tongue lapping at her like a dog that hasn’t eaten in days. Her moans getting louder more intense.

My lips moved up to her swollen love bud and I suckled hard starting to ram my fingers into her harder and faster, wanting to make her cum and scream my name out in pleasure.

“Oh, yes, yes, make me cum my loveslut, make me cum now!”

Eager to please her, I obeyed and drove two fingers in and out of her pussy as my thumb made firm circular movements around her throbbing clit.

My tongue followed the path to her tight puckered rose colored asshole.

I licked her iris flicking my tongue back and forth, taking in her scent, my own passions intensifying. I started to probe her ass with my tongue.

“Oh yes my sweet little whore that is so good, you please me so well my hungry little cunt slut.”

My tongue licked and fucked her ass for a few moments until I heard her beg me.

“Suck my nipples while I cum, suck them hard, bite them, fuck me harder and faster with your fingers.” I did as I was told, ramming my fingers deep mudanya escort inside her, picking up my pace as I switched my mouth to her other hard nipple, looking up with my bedroom blue eyes, seeing her eyes dilating, giving me fuck me harder eyes back wanting to give her the most intense orgasm I can. I stop suckling for a moment to tell her in my most sexy voice

“Cum for me my Goddess, cum hard for me Mistress. Let me feel your release on my fingers, I want to taste your heavenly nectar, bless me with you’re cum My Goddess please. I want all of your cum.”

I hear her moaning out “Oh yes I am going to cum.” I quickly bit and tugged at her nipple pulling it up as I let it go, and open my mouth and dive my tongue into her hot box.

Finding her very hard and swollen clit sucking it and pumping my fingers into her furiously, in and out, driving my fingers deep into her cunt.

Feeling the juices flowing freely around them, the spasms starts. I could hear her moans of passion taking her high on the waves of ecstasy, as she began her climax. “Oh Yes, yes don’t stop, Oh gawd don’t stop, more please, fuck me harder, suck me harder, make me cum. Oh You are such a good little pussy eating slave. ”

Sucking harder and fucking her faster as she came all over my fingers, my tongue tasting her sweet ecstasy, humming into her pussy until she completed her orgasm. When I knew she was finished I licked her clean and heard her deep pleasurable tones

“Yes that’s it, lick up all the love that I have blessed you with”

I stand up between her legs and my she pulled my face into her hands and kissed me deeply, passionately sharing her sweet nectar with me. We both smiled into each others eyes.

“I love to make you cum like that” I told her sweetly. She got up off the counter pulled her skirt down and put her blouse back on. We both laughed at our reflexion in the mirror as we realize that lip stick was smeared over both of our faces.

“Should we walk out like this?”

“I bet the guys would flip if they saw what we just did!”

We both laughed and washed our faces. She re-applied her lipstick. I opened the door for her, and followed her out smacking her butt and giggling softly, still tasting her essence. We walked up to the two handsome men standing at the bar and smiled promises of passion in our eyes. They each wrapped their arms around our waists and led us to the door.

“Are you ladies ready to leave now?”

My husband asked me winking at me knowing the he will see the video of my bathroom escapades as soon as we get home.

She smiled at me and winked, knowing that she too will soon get a copy to show her husband.

We all walk out the door with nasty naughty thoughts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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