For The Love Of…..

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My name’s Sarah. I am nineteen years old, have long black hair flowing down to my ass, blue eyes, I am five foot five inches tall and as I stand behind the counter of my workplace for the very last time. I am wearing my favorite sheer white dress; my undergarments consist of a black lacy bra and purple thong. The eyes of many customers have been popping out all day and they’ve been making me bend down to reach certain items from the bottom shelf.

I’m dressed like this for a reason and it isn’t just for the customers that’s been purchasing from this store but for the last customer that strolls through the entrance of the business. Luckily for me, I know who that will be.

It’ll be Des as it always has been whilst I’ve been working here and even though he doesn’t know it yet; he’s going to be getting served more than cigarettes by me. I have wanted him for so long and tonight he will give in to my every desire.

I’ve had many blokes in the past and most have ended the relationship as they haven’t been able to handle my dominating ways. Tonight Des is going to be mine with no questions asked.

I clapped eyes on him at the end of my first working day here at Godfrey’s and have been in love with him ever since. His forceful way of stopping the wooden door from being shut caused my heart to stop for a solitary moment, it was then I knew he was to become my ideal partner.

Since that evening, one year Antep Escort Bayan ago, my long black dildo has been my only pleasure and I’m aching for his cock which is going to service me, but now I’m going all out for what I want as I won’t get any other chances after today.

When all is locked up I’m going to strip down to my reveal my 34DD breasts and neatly trimmed black cunt. I’ll then kneel down in front of him unzip his fly and play with his balls until his cock is erect and then take out his girth and tease his bell end until his every inch is down my throat, I’ll then lick and suck slowly until he explodes.

We shall then go back to my luxurious apartment and finish off what the both of us have started. Most partners from my past have gone back to their wives, claimed I was too young for them; well they shouldn’t have gone out with me in the first place should they? But then maybe I am to blame as I can be very seductive as Des is going to find out if I have my way and I usually do!

I shall handcuff him to the bed-stead to make sure he doesn’t get away from me. I will then change into my black leather one piece outfit and knee length high heeled boots. He’ll be under my beck and call just how I like my men.

My thong is soaking from where it’s been having a party just thinking of the events and I don’t care if he’s married, she’ll have to learn to live without him as he’s going to be mine and I’m certainly not prepared to share him.

Des, although I only see him for a matter of minutes everyday looks fed up, tired and like he needs excitement in his life and that is something I can provide in and out of the bedroom. I love to shock and it’s going to be known to him shortly.

“Hiya Des.” I said provocatively as he entered the building. A moment earlier and he’d caught me taking off my wet thong.

The way, his eyes wandered up and down my fit body fixating on my neat pussy was enough to know that he wanted me, as much as I have wanted his cock.

Letting my dress slip to the floor and slowly moving closer towards him until my naked pussy was pressed against the grey bulging material of his trousers, I slid my hands down his legs helping me onto my knees until I was facing his zip.

“Go on gal. You know you want it?” He said excitedly.

My desperation vanished the minute I unzipped his trousers and reached inside his grey boxer shorts grabbing his girth. Hungrily I began teasing his bell end flicking the eye of his massive tool. Inch by inch his hard thick cock filled my desperate mouth. I wanted to gag on his huge prick so I shoved my head forwards quickly.

I wanted him squirming and begging so I pulled him closer into my face until he shot his wad. Using my hands to raise myself up I sat on the counter spreading my legs so he could see my hungry cunt. He gave me direct eye contact as if he was asking silent permission.

Grabbing my tits and tweaking my erect nipples. He slithered his slim body in a downwards motion until his face was in my cunt. He then began licking my slit. I slid myself forward gripping the edge of the worktop for support whilst his tongue slid all the way inside my wet gash.

“I’m coming, you bastard.” I cried pushing him away from me as I grabbed the handcuffs from under the counter. I slipped my skimpy dress over my head.

“I haven’t finished yet.” He said getting up.

“Believe me, you haven’t even started.” I smiled raising my eyebrows and rattling the business keys.

“I must go.” He said.

“You’re going nowhere unless I’m with you?

I grabbed hold of his wrist placing the handcuff shut. I don’t usually make a habit of carrying them around but my determination for him was to play it safe.

Cuffing my own wrist, there was nowhere he could go without me. My plan seemed to be falling into place perfectly. He withered about trying to escape but with no luck. I made sure the premises were secure. We then strolled back to my abode.

On returning back to my sixth floor abode I marched him into my bedroom and unlocking the metal cuff around my wrist I clasped it shut around the head stead. He’s been what I’ve wanted for so long and people have always informed me to go, get what my heart craves and that is exactly what I have done! There is nothing more I want or could ask for. I now have my perfect man!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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