Forgiveness Is the Sweetest Revenge

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My wife is a Captain in the Marine Corps, stationed at Parris Island, S.C. I’m a sales rep for Hallmark Greeting Cards. My job entails a lot of travel throughout the Southeastern states. Recently, I finished early with my accounts in Savannah, GA, so I thought I’d stop at Hilton Head Island for a day of golf since my wife was on weekend duty. I got a room at the Red Roof Inn and joined a threesome for 18 holes. I had a nice dinner and a few drinks, and then turned in early. I was tired from the busy week and wanted to get an early start home so I could do some chores before my wife got home.

My night’s sleep was interrupted at 5 a.m. by the couple next door. Their bed’s headboard was banging against my wall; the mattress was squeaking rapidly, and the woman was screaming, “Oh, yes, fuck me!! Fuck me harder! Oh!!! Oh, my God!!! Don’t stop!!!” This went on for half an hour. It got me so damn horny, I felt like beating off; but I decided to save it for my wife when she got home. I waited for them to finish because I was enjoying the thought of her getting a royal fucking, whoever she was. I stepped in the shower and then got my things together so I could leave after breakfast.

I went to a Dunkin Donuts near the motel. I grabbed a paper and was drinking coffee and eating a donut when a tall, good-looking black man walked in. He sat at a table facing me and started reading his own paper. He was wearing Bermuda shorts and flip-flops. With his legs stretched out, I could see he had no shorts on; the outline of his huge tool was clearly visible. To my shock, my wife walked in and stood in line waiting to order. She was wearing a short mini-skirt, and a halter-top with no bra. Her hair was wet from a recent shower. What the fuck, I thought! My heart was pounding so hard I worried people could hear it.

As she stood in line, I noticed a drop fall from between her legs. She took her order and Damn if she didn’t sit at the table with the black guy. I didn’t know what to do. Their conversation, their body language, and the way my wife touched his outstretched leg revealed they were close to each other. She was seated with her back to me and was obviously intent on the guy she was with so I got up to leave. I dropped my napkin near the spot on the floor and surreptitiously wiped it up. When I got outside, I smelled it and, sure enough, it was cum. I sucked the napkin to taste it and could tell it was very fresh. By now, I was totally turned on. I decided I would move my car into position so I could monitor their movements when they left. It wasn’t long before they started toward the hotel. To my amazement, they went into the room next to mine. It was they who had been fucking that morning. I went back to my room and grabbed a drinking glass that I put against the wall. I could hear them talking, then I heard the bed squeak as they got back in it. I heard my wife moan like she does when she’s horny and I kiss her.

Shortly after, I heard the springs start squeaking again and my wife was screaming so loudly, I thought management would be calling for them to hold it down. They had tried every position known to man, and it was obvious by his moans that my wife had finished him off with a Anadolu Yakası escort blowjob–something she hates to do for me. The thought of my lovely wife getting hammered by that big black dick was so exciting. I listened until they finally finished. When I heard their car start up, I went looking for a maid. I told her I had left something in my room along with the key and wondered if she would let me back in.

She went with me to their room and let me in. I turned on the lights and looked at the sheets. My wife is a squirter so the sheets were soaked from her juices, and there were his pecker tracks all over the sheet. I moved my mouth to the sheets and licked her juice and sucked several spots of his cum into my mouth—I wanted to taste the product of their lovemaking. I went to the bathroom to piss and found one used condom in the bathroom trashcan, but they apparently had given up on that idea.

I was so confused and undecided about what to do, I decided I would just go home and wait. That afternoon at 5:30 p.m., her car pulled into our driveway on schedule. She came in dressed in her uniform as if she had spent the weekend on duty. “This is going to be good,” I thought. I asked her about her weekend, and she droned on about this and that. Meanwhile, I had the biggest hard on. I kissed her; she grabbed a hold of my dick and said she needed to throw in a load of laundry first. She got undressed and went to the laundry room wearing her sheer negligee top. I noticed her panties were on top of the laundry basket contents. When she bent over to pick it up, I got a shot of her pussy. Her labia was all puffed up and red looking. I could see a slight bit of seepage.

When we got into bed, I passionately kissed her. She responded as though she had missed me, too. I crawled between her legs and started pumping. I’ve never fucked a woman with such a loose pussy. Cum was literally dripping down my balls. She put on a good show of being turned on. But it wasn’t half the response I had heard through the walls that morning. I had to have me some of that juice so I kissed down her stomach to her gaping hole and stuck my face in and started sucking. I nearly choked there was so much cum. When I finished, she said she had to get some sleep because the weekend duty shift had worn her out. I smiled inside and wondered how many other weekends and nights she had been with her lover.

That Christmas, we attended a Christmas party on the base and learned that her lover was a Colonel and was her immediate boss. His wife was a very beautiful black woman who also modeled lingerie for Victoria Secrets, among other clients. I excused myself to take a smoke on the patio. She asked if she could join me, that there was something she wanted to discuss with me.

When we moved to the patio, the Colonel’s wife, LaTisha, and I made small talk about the recent weather, how beautiful the moon was, etc. She then said she had hoped my wife and I would be at the Christmas party. I said, “Well, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to meet you both. My wife speaks so highly of you all.”

“I’m not surprised,” she said, as she handed me a small note. I recognized my wife’s handwriting Anadolu Yakası escort bayan immediately. I looked up into LaTisha’s eyes questioningly. “I found this in my husband’s uniform jacket. Read it,” she urged. I glanced down and started reading the brief note:

“Darnell, I have just come from a civilian doctor’s office. I’m pregnant. I don’t know who the father is, but I suspect it is you. What should I do? Susan.”

I truthfully was not surprised. She asked me if there were any way I could be the father, and not her husband. “It’s doubtful,” I said. “I just had my vasectomy reversed two months ago and it wasn’t until 12 days ago that I had a sperm count. She would have been pregnant by then.”

“That bastard,” she exploded, “here I’ve been wanting a baby ever since we’ve been married, but he always said he didn’t want to ruin my girlish figure. Damn it!!”

She asked me how I felt knowing the truth. I told her, frankly, that it wasn’t news to me and I explained how I had first discovered their affair. I said, “I think we both need to think it over. I’d suggest not letting your husband know what you’ve found out until we have time to think it over. Why don’t you call me on my cell phone any time you want?”

I then gave her my business card. I had a plot to use the situation to get very close to LaTisha. I wanted in the worst way to fuck her, but I had to move carefully so I didn’t turn her off. She was the most beautiful and sensuous woman I’d seen in a long time. Although my wife is lovely and has a beautiful body, the Marine Corps training had made her very muscular. LaTisha, on the other hand, was soft and feminine. I began to fantasize about undressing her in the moonlight revealing a pair of leopard print thong panties and bra against her brown skin. I started to get hard.

I was on the road all the next week. I often thought of LaTisha and wondered if she would call. On Friday, as I was heading home, the cell phone rang. “Hello, Jim. This is LaTisha.”

“Well, hello,” I said. There was a brief pause before she spoke again. “Hi. I’ve been thinking,” she replied. “Darnell is going to be gone on maneuvers this weekend. I understand your wife will be with him.” I indicated that this was news to me. “Maybe she was going to leave you a note. Anyway, I am kind of lonely. I don’t want to be alone again this weekend. I was wondering if perhaps we could go out.” Mentally, I began to high five myself. “That’s great,” I said. “Did you have something in mind?”

“Well,” she responded, ” I was thinking a nice dinner and some wine. I haven’t been dancing in a long while. How would you feel about getting down and dirty after our dinner? We could go to this black blues club I’m familiar with. We could dance and whoop it up. Would you feel uncomfortable? Not many whites will be there.” I told her as long as she thought I’d be safe I thought that it’d be great. She said not to worry, so we made our plans for that night.

It was a great night. The blues club was so much fun. And the people were very friendly. LaTisha and I did some heavy drinking and dancing. The last dance was a slow one. I held her close in my arms. escort bayan She snuggled in close and fit me like a glove. She ground her pelvis into my hard cock. I grabbed her hand and led her to the car where we began some serious petting and kissing. She asked me if I’d like to stay the night. I said I thought we should get a motel room instead of going to one of our houses. “I have an idea,” I said. We aren’t far from Hilton Head Island. Would you like to go there? We could make a weekend of it.” She wondered if I meant the same motel where my wife and her husband had stayed. I said, “Yes.” She thought a second, and said, “Sounds good. That motherfucker. Maybe we could get the same room.”

“Great idea!” I said. I didn’t tell her I had already paid for and reserved the room for the two nights.

Well, the evening was everything I had hoped for. Although she didn’t wear leopard-patterned underwear, her body shined in the moonlight when she walked to the drapes to close them. I had never before made love to a woman of color. It was everything it’s cracked up to be. What a ride. She had a trimmed pussy, which I liked but it wasn’t shaved. Her labia were puffy and, as you’d expect being married to a hung dude like her husband, they hung down an inch. I loved sucking them into my mouth. I found out later that she hadn’t been fucked in over two weeks. He couldn’t get hard, she told me.

I said, “I wonder why”? She laughed at that which I thought was a good sign. I thought of the sheets I’d seen after my wife and her husband had finished. I vowed to double the amount of cum on them by morning. When I finally put my dick in her, she moaned “Oh, that feels so good. My husband is just too big for me. He hurts me. Oh, God, you’re just perfect.” Her pussy gripped my cock and seemed to massage it. She started moving her hips and told me not to come yet. God, it was the most incredible feeling. Finally, she said, “Come inside me. Give me your hot sperm. I want your cum.” I started pumping hard. I grabbed the headboard to gain leverage. She started screaming and pushing back, in and out, in and out. Finally, I slammed it deep and held it in. I hadn’t made love for a week so the cum just kept pouring out of me.

We screwed all night and the next day. My dick was so raw, but it felt so good at the same time. She had the most contented look on her face. She let me know she thought she was falling in love with me. I had to admit I had feelings for her, too. We see each other frequently whenever our spouses are off together. They still don’t suspect that we know. Had it not been for the chance meeting, we would never have known.

My wife is beginning to show. I guess she’s gambling that she won’t have to say “Surprise!” when the baby is born. LaTisha is expecting also. I’m pretty sure that this child is mine because she only makes love if he wears a condom. One time, to cover herself after she thought she was pregnant, she flushed the condom down the toilet, and then told him that it had a big tear in it. We all don’t know what we are going to do yet. LaTisha and I are in love, but worry about being an interracial married couple in the south. I guess we’ll wait and see how it all turns out. Right now, we are very happy. LaTisha is thrilled that she is pregnant, which is what she always wanted. I still have two hot women to fuck. Isaac Friedman once said, “Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge.”

So, I sometimes wonder if the Colonel is happy—aw, on second thought, fuck the son of a bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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