Four Play Pt. 03

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The man was bent over the end of the king-size bed, his forearms bound together behind him and a bar spreading his ankles. A thick pillow was beneath his chest, so that he could watch as my Bull manhandled his wife. I had agreed to leave the gag out of his mouth, as long as he didn’t make too much noise or protest anything done to her. I was sure that he would be making an excessive amount of noise, but knew that the two of them would find a creative way to silence him.

I slowly lifted the red satin from his pale ass cheeks, exposed nicely by the crotchless hose. His scrotum hung between his spread thighs, his cock nestled against the velvet comforter. I let my fingers trace lightly across his exposed flesh, over the twin curves of his ass and down to his inner thighs. Back up to cup his wrinkled sack before wrapping my hand around his cock. It began to grow firm in my palm. I laughed and smacked one ass cheek, pulling a little whimper from him.

“I want you to watch carefully as my Bull plows your wifey’s cunt,” I told him. “You might learn something.”

I could feel him trembling slightly beneath my touch as I continued to tease him. He tensed when my fingers brushed his puckered hole. A nice, tight virgin ass, ready to be stretched and abused. I was wet with anticipation. I used a generous squirt of lube and pushed the small plug through the little ring with very little effort. He moaned softly as an object entered his ass for the first time.

The heavy leather belt would be too much for him at this point, so I chose a narrow leather paddle known as a ‘pig slapper’. How appropriate I thought as I pulled the smooth surface across his ass, letting him feel what was about to be used on him. I planned to make him squeal like a little piggy this night. I like the slapper because the sound is more intense than the actual blow. Fear and pain is an aphrodisiac to me. The more they feel, the more turned on I am.

I began slowly, striking the tender area between ass cheek and thigh, loving the way he flinched with each loud crack of leather. My Bull had the man’s wife on her back with her knees near her ears, her cunt spread wide so that he could watch the big cock penetrating her wet slit. She was loving it and let her hubby know with her loud moans. I struck him a bit harder, directly on one rounded cheek, pulling a little whimper from bomonti escort him. I alternated between cheeks, hips and thighs, increasing the intensity as his flesh began to get pink and warm.

As his wife began to buck and convulse through another orgasm, I made him cry out louder with each fall of the paddle. Occasionally I would pause to run my hand over his skin, feeling the growing heat and checking for any swelling. Good so far, so I hit him harder. He was wriggling and near tears as my Bull filled his wife’s hole with hot cream. Now we would have a proper gag for his noisy mouth. Her cunt was red and puffy from the pounding He had given her, the gaping hole dripping thick strands of pale goo between the cheeks of her perky little ass.

When she turned to position her freshly fucked cunt in his face, he turned away. A good smack with the paddle brought him back into place. She loved making him eat another man’s cum out of her dripping pussy. He screwed up his face, eyes closed and stuck out his tongue for his first taste. I smacked him hard across both cheeks.

“Look at that pussy when you lick it,” I demanded. “See how His big cock stretched her hole? You could never hope to do that.”

With encouragement from the blows falling on his ever-reddening flesh, he took a creamy blob onto his tongue and into his mouth. He seemed pleasantly surprised by the taste and began to lap her more enthusiastically. I reached down between his legs to feel his cock throbbing hard. The leather struck his thigh inches from his balls, and the little sack drew up as if running from the potential blow. I gave him one on the other thigh and saw a clear drop forming on the tip of his cock.

“Don’t you dare cum without permission,” I told him, increasing the strength of each swing until he began to whimper and moan loudly. I made eye contact with her, and she knew exactly what to do. With both hands on the blond wig, she pressed his face firmly to her cunt.

I beat him until he was squirming and squealing, his ass and thighs striped with red marks that I knew he would feel for a few days at least. When she had ridden his face through a third hip-bucking orgasm, I stopped to admire the heated flesh and caress him gently.

“Good girl,” I praised as she rolled away.

He shuddered as I withdrew cihangir escort the plug from his ass. But it wasn’t over for him yet. I lubed the small glass dildo and pressed it to the tight ring. When he opened his mouth to protest, my bull was there to give him his first taste of cock. He submitted easily, betraying his desire for all that was happening. His wife lay beside them, coaching and encouraging him as my Bull’s cock grew hard between his lips. I could tell that he wasn’t doing a great job, but his enthusiasm soon took over and he was sucking and slurping like he had always been sucking cock.

I worked the glass dildo slowly in and out of his ass, letting him grow accustomed to the feeling of being stretched until I felt his body relax. I checked and sure enough, his cock was so hard that I thought the soft skin would surely burst from the pressure. I left the dildo in his ass as I stepped into the harness. Not the dildo that I had used to make her cunt gape. Not yet anyway.

He struggled just a little when he felt the pressure of the cock between his cheeks, but the bigger cock filling his mouth pushed just enough to gag him. When his sphincter flexed, I slipped through the tight ring of muscle and filled his tight ass. I paused with the cock buried deep inside of him, not for his benefit but because I was shuddering with my own pleasure. I love busting a virgin ass and getting it stretched and ready for my Bull’s big cock.

I wanted him to enjoy his first cock, but also knew that he wanted to be used hard. Each thrust of my hips sent the big cock into his throat, and the lovely choking noises he made only caused little pearls of moisture to wet my inner thighs.

“You are such a good sissy bitch,” I moaned as I fucked him harder and faster. When I slid my hand beneath him, I lubricated his shaft with the clear liquid dripping from his cock.

“I think this bitch needs to be on her back,” I told no one in particular. Both of them helped me roll him over, the latex cock filling his ass the entire time.

He was eager to have the big cock filling his mouth again, and my Bull was happy to oblige. His muscled body lay on the smaller one, allowing Him to fuck the mouth beneath. I took the smaller cock in my hand and began to pump with fast, hard strokes, bringing him to near-climax kurtuluş escort in minutes. As before, I stopped his ejaculation with a hard pinch just beneath the swollen head. He yelped softly and wriggled his hips, but I held tight until his cock ceased it’s throbbing. I saw that my Bull was ready, and withdrew from the puckered hole.

I kept one hand on the smaller cock as I gripped the larger and guided it between cheeks spread by powerful hands. I saw the panic rising in his eyes as the pressure against his little hole increased. With a nod to his wife, she obediently covered his mouth with her hand to stifle his cries of protest. The weight of her pinned him when he began to struggle. Once the swollen head had passed through the tight ring, the big cock quickly filled him. His muffled screams only made me more wet, and I could read the excitement in his wife’s eyes as she watched him violated by a real cock for the first time.

My body rubbed against them like a cat in heat as I pumped his cock faster and faster, matching the rhythm of the big cock pounding his ass. I whispered loving words to my Bull, letting him know how turned on I was with the entire scene.

“I can’t wait until we can both fuck this little bitch together,” I moaned against His ear. “That will be so very hot.”

His wife watched in rapt fascination as the big cock slid in and out of her husband’s ass. Once his cries had morphed into moans of pleasure, she removed the hand covering his mouth and leaned down to kiss him passionately. Although she did not speak, it was clear to all how excited she was watching him get fucked by the same cock which had earlier fucked her cunt.

“Please,” he begged. “I’m going to cum!”

I felt Him tense and knew that He was about to fill the tight ass with a hot load. Both of them exploded at nearly the same moment. I was sure that the stimulation of my hand combined with hot squirts inside of him made his own orgasm burst forth in long streams that coated his chest and belly. Later she told me that she had never seen him cum so hard. I was shuddering through my own wave of pleasure, and sure that she was as well. His loud cry of surprise drowned out any sounds the rest of us were making.

When the big cock slid out of his ass, the now-gaping hole released a thick glob to land on the floor below him. Very carefully we turned him and released his bonds. His weakened muscles trembled as we pulled him fully onto the wide mattress. I reflected that having such a large bed was nice. It gave all of us plenty of room to snuggle together. Showers and conversation would come later. After all, we had the entire weekend ahead of us…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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