Fourplay Plus One Ch. 01

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3D Porn

Triggers in this and upcoming chapters- MMF and yes, the men interact with each other as bisexual. It’s a threesome. Triangle. Whatever you want to call it. Dad gets his virgin daughter. A MILF enters the story to spice things up into a foursome… And then could it be fivesome with her daughter? And this is just to start. So, if you are offended by any of this, move on to one of the many great stories in this category. The rest of you stay for some ups and downs, twists and turns. I promise you won’t be bored. XO DG

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Fourplay Plus One

Chapter 01

“You’re sure you let your dad know you were coming?” mom asked worriedly. They divorced ten years ago and not only did she not talk about my father, but she also hasn’t talked to him since the day he left.

“Yes, we’ve been talking,” I said with dramatic patience. “Unlike you and him.” I flipped my long brunette hair back in dismissal and continued to pack, hoping she would drop it.

“You just graduated, Adele. I didn’t think you would leave so soon,” she said softly, near crying.

I closed the suitcase and zipped it shut. “It’s not like I’m leaving you. I’m just going to visit dad.”

“And you’re absolutely sure Alex is okay with you being there?” she asked anxiously.

“Yes!” I said, exasperated with her.

I rolled the bag to the front door. Washed jeans, a white button-up shirt, and boots, and I was ready to fly. My plane left in three hours, but I wanted to get to the airport, get checked in, and through security. Then I could relax and grab a bite to eat. A quick hug with my mom and I was out the door where my girlfriend was waiting to take me to the airport.


The plane began to change altitude indicating we were nearing the Tampa airport. A stunning blue sky and wisps of white clouds greeted me. I freshened my lipstick and checked my hair. I hadn’t seen my dad since the day he left. I was eight and had such a vivid memory of how darkly handsome he was, I couldn’t wait to see him now.

I never really discovered why they divorced. Mom wouldn’t talk about it, and I didn’t want to bring it up to dad on the phone. I didn’t care why. He made sure I had everything I needed while I grew up and we kept in contact. Often.

A surf shop caught my eye before I even made it to the main terminal, and I ran in to grab a few Florida-style things to wear. I jammed all my brightly colored finds in my carry-on and made my way to the main terminal. I grabbed a coffee and stopped to take pictures of an impressive gigantic flamingo that went ceiling to floor. Found the overhead signs for baggage claim and juggled my coffee and bag while texting dad who waited in the cell phone lot. I stood at the carousel that was still empty of any suitcases.

This was the first time that I flew alone and was proud of myself that I looked so much more casual than most of the other passengers. And Mom thought I was too much of an airhead to travel alone, I thought, laughing to myself.

Finally wrestled my wheeled bag, carry-on, and coffee out the door. The Florida humidity slapped me in the face, and I tried to take a deep breath. I could feel my hair curling into a frizzy mess as I waited. My skin was clammy, and I was sorry I wore jeans because they felt like they were plastered to my legs.

A flashy fire engine red vintage Mustang convertible slammed to a stop in front of me and dad jumped out.

“Adele!!! Oh my god, Adele. It’s so good to see you, baby,” he exclaimed, giving me a quick hug. He tossed my bags in the back seat and we sped off before security busted us for curb lingering.

“How was your trip?” he asked, expertly weaving through the lanes following the signs to interstate 275 towards St. Petersburg.

“Perfect! That airport is beautiful! So much art.” I had stopped painting last summer and hoped I could get some of this beautiful area captured on canvas.

My hair flew all over the place in the wind and I dug a barrette out of my bag. The sky was the most beautiful blue. We drove over bridges, and I could see the sailboats off in the distance. Closer were small boats of fishermen. The water was the same shimmering azure blue.

I looked over to see dad glancing at me and grinning. “I take it you like what you’ve seen of Florida eh?”

I nodded enthusiastically. “I do! It’s so… So… Blue!” He laughed.

“That it is, baby. It’s going to be fun showing you around.” He reached over and squeezed my hand. “I can’t believe how much you’ve changed… I mean you sent me pictures, but seeing you…” He choked up for a moment. “We have to get you home so you can change into something cooler. You must be sweltering in those jeans and a long-sleeved shirt,” he said, taking it to a less emotional topic.


I knew he lived downtown St. Petersburg, but I found he was only a few blocks away from Tampa Bay. I knew he restored a Florida-style bungalow in a historic neighborhood Kıbrıs Escort because he sent me pictures. Pictures didn’t do the quaint neighborhood justice.

“This is so cute!” I squealed when we pulled into the driveway. It was pale blue with crisp white trim. Large leafed exotic plants created that tropical look in the small front yard.

“Whoa, nice,” I said when we walked into a kitchen worthy of a magazine.

“I like to cook and put everything into the kitchen design.” He put my bags aside and pulled a couple of ice-cold waters out of the refrigerator. “I’ll show you your room so you can change into something cooler. I have a pool and you’re welcome to use it whenever you want. Think I’m going to head out there in a bit myself.

I pulled the bikini I grabbed from the surf shop at the airport and held it up. It was a bit briefer than usual, but I planned on a new me during the trip and time with my dad.

I adjusted the small black triangles over my thirty-eight D breasts to try to cover my nipples and tied the matching triangle bottoms at my hips. I looked in the mirror. Most definitely more revealing than my normal but I loved it. This is my new normal, I thought to myself.

I stopped at the door out to really look at my dad. My memory snapshot had him young of course, but even now, he seemed youthful. Both my parents were nineteen when they had me, so they were younger than most parents.

His skin was deeply bronzed showing off the glints of silver in his chocolate brown hair. His chest and arms were lightly furred, with the thickest creating an arrow into his low-cut swim shorts. Most men couldn’t carry off a tight black bikini suit, but his body didn’t carry an extra ounce of fat. Just then he dove into the pool and began to swim laps, which showed me how he kept in shape.

I walked out to the pool when he came up along the edge. He palmed the water off his face, and I saw his eyes quickly glance over me. I understood since I’d just done it to him.

“Coming in?” I went down the steps and cautiously eased into the water and he laughed. “Pool water isn’t as cold here as up north.”

“Phew, I noticed that!” I said, cleaning slicing into the perfect temperature water. “This is wonderful,” I murmured, turning to float on my back. “The sky here is so much bluer. A bright royal blue. Those clouds are so white they almost hurt your eyes,” I mused. “Not like any sky I’ve seen up north.”

“Do you still paint?”

“I do sometimes. I sort of got away from it this last year of school.”

“I don’t know how long you plan to stay, but we can get some art supplies in for you while you’re here. There’s so much to paint around here. En Plein Air.” I raised my eyebrows and smiled at his knowledge of art.

He wasn’t looking at me and I splashed him. He turned, cupped his hands, and got me good. I yelped and went under, between his legs, and up in front of him. He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me out of the water acting as though he was going to throw me. We were both laughing too hard to continue.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. “I’m so glad to be here with you, daddy.”

My body bumped into his with the buoyancy of the water and he held my waist. But not before I felt his hardness.

“I’m glad you’re here too, baby. I wish I could have seen you through the years, but your mom…” he said, trailing off.

“I know. I understand it wasn’t your fault.”

I looked into eyes the same indigo blue as mine. His wet hair plastered to his forehead was the same chocolate brown as mine. He was my dad, but also seemed like a stranger to me. I knew him from talking on the phone and from vague memories. But actually, seeing him. Touching him. He was my dad, but he wasn’t. It was such a strange feeling.

I trailed my fingers over his face and touched his mouth, the same shape as mine. His fingers tightened on my waist and my body bumped into his. My nipples barely touched his chest through the bikini, but they hardened and poked through the thin material.

“We should talk about what you want to do,” he said, his voice graveled and cracked. He cleared his throat. He still held me, and my arms were around his shoulders.

“I’m not sure. I hadn’t thought about it. I just wanted to spend time with you, dad.”

My nipples ached from the abrasion on his chest, but I didn’t’ want to move away. His hand slid to the small of my back which allowed me to float into his hard cock.

“You’re so beautiful, Adele. I never thought you’d grow up to be this gorgeous,” he said, his eyes scanning my face.

My lips parted and my tongue flicked across them. He moaned softly and his hands moved down to cup my ass, mostly bare from the brief bikini.

Suddenly we heard the shout, “Hey! How did I know I’d find you out here?” A big splash and wave slammed my body into dad. He automatically pulled me against him.

“Damn Jeff, you trying to drown us or what?” my dad growled, setting me Lefkoşa Escort away from him.

The stranger was about the same age as my dad but with raven black hair and silver temples. He had a strong square jaw, perfect white teeth, and hazel eyes. He must have spent time here because he was as coppered as my dad.

“Jeff, this is my daughter, Adele. “Dad introduced us. “This is my friend, Jeff.”

He took my hand and kissed the back. “So glad to meet you, Adele. You’re quite beautiful. Alex didn’t warn me about that.”

Dad grumbled something and went up the steps out of the pool and grabbed a towel. He quickly dried and wrapped it around his waist before turning towards the pool.

He looked at Jeff who gave him a smirky grin and said, “Me too ol’ boy!”

I waded to the steps and reached for a towel. I felt all eyes on me and I discovered I enjoyed it. I took my time reaching up and twisting my long hair on top of my head. I twisted and turned and bent at the waist to slide my flip-flops on.

Spreading my towel on the lounger, I leaned over to straighten it. My tits swayed beneath me barely contained in the tiny triangles. I straddled the lounger and sat down, my feet on either side.

I put my sunglasses on, looked at Jeff and my dad, and smiled. Both stared with their mouths open.

Jeff came up the step, water sluicing off his spectacular body. His form was from workouts and weightlifting. I hadn’t noticed when he arrived what he was wearing, but I was surprised to see it was also a low-cut bikini out of a knit that allowed it to fit him like a skin.

His chest was smooth right down the upper edge of the suit. His hard cock was horizontal and barely contained in his suit. The head threatened to push out the leg elastic. He dried off and plopped in the lounger between us.

“Was going to start dinner,” dad said. “Do you want to stay, Jeff?”

“I would, thanks. I never pass up your good food. You know how I love to eat…”

“Yes, you do love to eat,” dad replied with a grin, pushed up, and went inside.

“Your dad has been looking forward to you being here,” Jeff said to me.

“The same for me. We never got to see each other after he left mom.”

“Yeah, that whole scene was bad,” Jeff murmured. “But it means a lot to him that you wanted to spend time with him.”

“You’ve been friends for a long time I guess,” I asked Jeff.

“Almost ten years now yeah. We met through mutual friends, hit it off and the rest is history.” He looked back at the house. “Hey, I’m going to go in and see if Alex needs any help.”

“Sure! I’m going to try to get some sun.”

“Watch you don’t burn.” He tossed a bottle of sunblock. “Florida sun is a sizzler!”

I dozed and woke to find my skin pink. I grabbed my towel and headed in. I heard them in the kitchen, which had a direct sight from the back door. Jeff was standing behind dad, and it looked like he was whispering in his ear. Dad laughed and I saw Jeff’s arm around his waist.

I clicked the door louder and Jeff backed away and they continued to talk.

“I’ll shower and be right back!”

When he remodeled the house, he fit a small bathroom into the guest bedroom. Which was nice because it was a small bungalow and limited in space.

I rinsed my suit and stepped into the shower thinking about what I saw between dad and Jeff. It was probably nothing, but I admit my imagination went wild with sexual images I’d never considered. It was a lifestyle I always accepted and never thought much about. Certainly, never considered I’d be turned on by it.

I teased my clit with my finger while I ran my hands over my wet tits and pinched my nipples. Moments later I was moaning out a shuddering orgasm.

Anxious to spend more time with them, I dressed and hurried to the kitchen. Jeff leaned against the island with his back to me. Dad faced me standing close to him. I could tell by the movement of his shoulder his arm was moving in front of Jeff. My pussy dampened my panties just imagining what he was doing.

While we ate, I picked up on the nuances between the two and was convinced they were lovers. I also thought back to the hard-on dad got for me, so I had to think he wasn’t gay. Maybe Jeff was, but dad wasn’t.

“You’re awfully dreamy tonight,” dad said later while we watched a movie. Jeff helped clean up and left, but not without dad walking him out to his car. There was no window on that side to peek out, but my imagination again went wild.

I smiled at him and moved to snuggle next to him on the sofa. “Just love being here with you, daddy” I whispered. I lay my hand flat on his chest and he wrapped his arm around me, his hand just beneath my breast. I felt his thumb just brushing the sensitive underside.

“I’m glad baby. I love having you here too.” He kissed me on the head. “And I want you to stay as long as you want.”

I hugged him. “Thanks,” my voice muffled against his neck. He sighed heavily and pulled Girne Escort me tighter against him.

I was listening to the movie more than watching, at least until the heavy breathing came on. I looked to find a full-blown sex scene that wasn’t sanitized for regular television.

“Umm, my streaming television includes these kinds of movies. Hope it’s okay,” he said softly.

“Ohyeah,” I murmured, my eyes not leaving the couple fucking doggie style on their bed. Suddenly he flipped her over and buried his face between her legs. I didn’t realize I moaned until I felt his arm tighten around me. His chest heaved with deeper breaths.

His hand was now under my tit, nearly supporting it on his hand. I placed my arm over his and slightly pushed up. I heard a low moan and felt the vibration in his chest.

They shifted on the bed, and he was still eating her, but now she was sucking his formidable cock. I was mesmerized by her tongue action on his fat meat and picked up every nuance. My panties were soaked.

“This is so hot,” I whispered, looking up. He looked down, our faces close. We were both breathing hard. I moved his hand over my breast, and he moaned.

“Baby, we shouldn’t,” he said, while he kneaded my tit. “This is so wrong,” he groaned.

“Just a little,” I begged softly.

We kissed. Tentatively at first, then I pushed my tongue in to taste him. He growled in my mouth and swept his tongue through. I arched into his hand.

“More,” I whined, needy.

He slipped his hand under my shirt and pushed my bra aside. My tit fell into his hand, and he moaned. I arched and pushed as he twisted and pinched my nipple.

Our kiss turned deeper and messier. He grabbed my waist and set me on his lap, so I straddled him. I pulled my shirt over my head, and he unhooked my bra.

“Oh baby, these tits have been driving me wild since I picked you up at the airport. Your shirt was gaping and teasing me. And that bikini top. If Jeff hadn’t shown up, I’d have had your top off in the pool.

He leaned and sucked a nipple into his mouth. I arched and held his head to my tit. I rocked and felt his hard cock trapped between our bodies, our shorts separating us. I wanted to rip our shorts off and slide down his cock. Fuck him right here. Riding him just like this while he sucked my nipples and squeezed my tits.

He pushed my tits together and rubbed his mouth over both my nipples. They were so hard and aching. Back and forth, his lips and stubble around his mouth abraded and sensitized.

My head fell back. “Oh my god, daddy,” I moaned. His cock throbbed between my pussy lips.

He pulled me against him, and we began eating at each other’s mouths again. I tugged his shirt over his head, so my tits rubbed his bare chest. I rubbed my bullet-hard nipples on his chest while we wildly kissed.

“Baby, baby, baby, stop… We have to stop…” he said, breaking away. “We can’t do this. I know it hardly feels like we are father and daughter because we don’t know each other, but it stands that we are. You are my daughter.”

He held me against him until our breathing returned to normal. I sat up and looked at him, his cock still trapped and throbbing between us. He glanced down at my bare tits.

“Okay for now,” said, trailing my hands over his face and down his chest. “I’m not done with you yet,” I stated flatly. I brushed my lips over his. “Are you and Jeff lovers?”

He stiffened and was quiet for a moment. “Yes, we are. I’m bisexual. Does that bother you?”

I kissed my way to his ear and whispered, “No it doesn’t. In fact, it gets me hot. I’ve never seen two men together, but the thought of it drives me wild. I want to play too.”

“Oh my god, baby,” he moaned, his hands going to my tits again. “You can’t believe how that makes me feel.”

“Is Jeff gay or bisexual?”

He smiled. “Oh, he would be thrilled to have you in our bed, trust me.” He sucked on a nipple for a moment. “But I’m not sure I’m ready to share.”

“Then it will be our secret until you’re ready to tell him or include him.”

He nodded. “Did you and your mom ever talk about this?”

“What? You liking men?” He nodded. “No, she never mentioned anything… Oh, wait a minute… That’s why she kicked you out isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is. She discovered it and although I tried to talk to her about it. Explain it didn’t affect my love for her and you, but she still threw me out. She threatened to get a restraining order if I tried to see you.”

“Oh daddy,” I said, leaning into him again. “I’m so sorry.” He ran his hands up and down my bare back. My tits pushed into his chest. “So how did she discover it?”

“Hmmm,” he said dreamily. His hands were on my ass pulling me into him, which rubbed my pussy against his cock.

“Did she catch you with another guy?” I said, getting annoyed because I wanted to hear the whole story.

He stretched his legs straight out in front of him which put his cock more in line with my cunt. I knew that one day I would be riding him, but for now, this would do.

“She did, yes. It was my fault.”

I slowly rocked. “Tell me about it.”

“I do have a naughty daughter, don’t I?” I gave him a sexy smile, leaned forward, and kissed him. The contact with his cock made him moan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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