Free Birds Ch. 05

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EMILY’S STORY – part 3

Okay, it’s me, Emily Sterling, and my story has gotten out of hand here. This is part 3, and you still don’t know why I’m miserable. So, I’m going to wrap this up, and the ‘Free Birds’ story can move on.

In the first two parts, you know I talked about my ‘initiation’ into my high school basketball team, AND I discovered a world of sex besides that I was having with my twin sister Kira – more on her later in this story.

About one month or so after the team initiated me, after the season was underway, and I’d even gotten into two games (yay! – although they were blowout wins for me to get put in the game by Coach Maria), Coach called me into her office after practice. She said that there were a couple of things that she wanted to go over with me, kind of a mid-season evaluation.

Coach Maria was about 30 years old, cute, with medium length brown hair, brown eyes, a cute ass and 34A breasts, and about 5′ 9″ tall. I didn’t know much about her personal life, but I thought that she was a great coach, and she was respected by everybody. Anyway, she had me sit by her desk in a chair next to hers. She had an evaluation sheet, and she went over the areas that she thought I was strong in and where I could improve. But I really appreciated that she told me HOW I could improve in those areas. That’s one of the things that made her such a great coach.

There was a knock at her office door, which surprised me because I thought that all the other players had left. Coach Maria got up and opened the door, and there was a young woman of about 25 there, really cute, and very, very pregnant. She was pretty short, maybe 5′ even, blonde hair, long and down on her shoulders, and enormous breasts, but I guess that’s not surprising considering she was pregnant. They hugged, and then, surprisingly, they kissed. Not a peck on the cheek type kiss, I mean a full bore, tongue in her mouth, ‘Emily and Kira alone in bed together at 2 AM’ type kissing. I felt a tingle in my little pussy at seeing this, and wondered what was going on.

Coach ushered the woman in, and had her sit down in a chair with arms on it. She was wearing a maternity skirt and blouse, nothing too colorful, kind of beige all over. She plopped down with a sigh, looked at me, and smiled a friendly smile. “Hi, I’m Nicole,” she said, extending her hand to me, and so I shook it.

“Nicole’s my wife,” Coach Maria said, and my jaw DROPPED! Before I could say anything (which I guarantee would have ended up embarrassing me), Coach said, “Yeah, Emily, I’m a lesbian, and I’m married to another woman, which is what pretty much all lesbian women would do if they had someone they loved very much, and if they were allowed to get married to that person.”

Of course, I rushed in to say something dumb. “Are you allowed to marry another woman?”

“Well, no, under the law we can’t right now, but the pastor of our church is open-minded and realistic, and he married us ‘under God,’ so as far as we’re concerned, we’re married. In order to have something like marriage in the eyes of the law, we’ve had to legally put everything in both names, like our mortgage, and cars, and all that. Frankly, it’s a pain in the ass, but it’s the only option available to us, at least until the law changes. And Emily, I’m trusting you to keep this to yourself, the school doesn’t know, and might fire me if they found out for sure.”

I said, “It’s my secret Coach. I’ll never tell.” Coach and Nicole smiled at me.

“And as you can see, Nicole is pregnant. She was impregnated by a male donor friend of ours, and we’re so excited about starting this part of our family.” I thought about asking about that, but fortunately I recognized that there was no way I could venture into the impregnation thing without REALLY looking like an idiot. But, I thought about what a wonderful idea it was, for two women who loved each other to get married, and live happily together. A thought began percolating in the back of my head, and it would ultimately lead to my own misery.

“If you don’t mind, Emily, Nicole came to see me, we’re going out to dinner after I finish up here,” Coach said.

“No, it’s fine,” I said, looking Nicole up and down. She was very lovely, and probably the pregnancy was a big part of that. She had a lovely glow all in her face, and I thought that her pregnant body was just about the most attractive thing I’d ever seen in a woman. Of course, I’d seen other pregnant women before, but never a pregnant lesbian, and I thought it was charming, and kind of exciting to me.

Nicole looked back at me just as intently, her dark eyes pulling me in. In a soft voice she said, “You’re quite attractive Emily. You must have tons of boys after you….”

“Um, no, I’m not really interested in them,” I said.

“Emily was initiated by the other girls on the team a month ago,” Coach Maria told Nicole. “From what they’ve told me, she was very happy to be initiated.” She looked at me frankly, and I blushed. I had bursa yabancı escort never been sure what Coach knew of my initiation, and I figured it was a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ kind of situation.

Nicole said, “Really…do you have any special….friends?” I knew what she meant. I didn’t have any girlfriends, other than my sister Kira. We were fucking like mad, every chance we got, which was pretty much every night, but there was no way I could tell my Coach or Coach’s, uh, wife, that I was enthusiastically fucking my own sister.

“Uh, no,” I said, looking down. Nicole leaned forward, and took my hands in hers. Her hands were warm and strong.

“Would you mind helping me out, Emily?” she said, in an even softer voice.

“What can I do?” I asked.

“We’re in the last month of the pregnancy, Emily, and that time puts a lot of stress on the mother-to-be. Our obstetrician tells us there’s a couple of things we should do, to relieve discomfort, but I always need a partner. Maria usually takes care of it, but some variation would help, and frankly, make it a little more exciting for us both. And you, if you’re interested.”

“I’ll do anything to help,” I said.

“Well, it involves you jilling Nicole, to tell the truth,” Maria said.

“‘Jilling?'” I said.

“Um, playing with her, to help her have an orgasm. It relieves the pressure on her uterus, and also stimulates her breasts. Would you be interested?”

“It sounds very exciting,” I said. “If it would help, yes, I would!”

“Good,” Maria said. She had me move my chair next to Nicole’s, so that we were sitting side by side. Nicole looked at me lovingly, and gently took my hand, bringing it between her legs, under her skirt and the bulge of her stomach. It was warm and damp there, and I loved the feel of her pussy through the thin fabric of her cotton panties.

“Do you know how….” Maria began, and Nicole interjected, “Oh yeah, she knows!” as my fingers, long used to the touch of a wet pussy under them, whether mine or Kira’s, had automatically begun tracing the outline of Nicole’s swollen labia, and her already prominent clit. She was quite wet, as the soaked condition of her panties already testified.

“Oh, that’s SO good, Emily,” Nicole sighed as I stroked and caressed her. She slouched down a little in the chair, bringing her pussy to the edge of the seat. I slipped my fingers through the leg hole of her panties , and quickly found her slippery slit. “Oh, God!” Nicole exclaimed, as I slipped my finger inside her. I’m afraid at that point, we all kinda lost control.

I got out of the chair, and knelt in front of Nicole, lifting up her skirt so that I could look at her panties, with the big wet spot, and her swollen pussy lips very pronounced through the fabric, showing a ‘cameltoe.’ Nicole held her skirt up so that I had my hands free, as she was very excited now, and open to what I might want to do. I put my fingers on the over-stressed waist band of her panties, and slipped them off her, Nicole lifting up her remarkably big bottom as best she could to allow me to strip her.

Her pussy was absolutely beautiful. It was an angry purple, all her parts swollen, I guess from the pregnancy and also from her excitement. I love a young girl’s delicate pink pussy and clit, but a real woman’s pussy is very thrilling and beautiful in its own way. I brought my face close to her, and I could smell Nicole’s sexual musk wafting up straight to my nose. Maria, behind me, lifted up my practice shirt, and pulled it over my head, off me, then she unhooked my bra, and I shrugged it off, so that I was topless in front of these two women. I looked up at Nicole, and she glanced at Maria, and she nodded imperceptibly, as I brought my mouth to her hot, wet, swollen, mother-to-be cunt, and began lapping her for all I was worth.

Her pussy was very tasty, different from a girl’s, I guess due to the pregnancy, but just as delicious. She was producing creamy clear liquid, almost faster than I could lick it up, but I loved the taste, and especially the thought that I had my tongue inside a pregnant woman’s vagina. My hands were on her hips, but Nicole took one of my hands, and placed it on her swollen belly, and the other hand on her enormous breasts. What a difference from a girl she was!

I felt something moving under my hand, and Nicole said, “Do you feel that, Emily? That’s the baby kicking!” I was thrilled to feel and be a part of such a primal component of womanhood, and I fell in love with that wonderful baby, and knew that I would want to be a mother some day, perhaps the way that Nicole and Maria had achieved it.

My other hand was on one of Nicole’s breasts, and her front was all wet. I stopped and glanced up – there were two big wet circles in her blouse where her nipples were. “Emily, Nicole is releasing milk, due to your stimulation of her,” Maria said. Wow!

I could only get Nicole to lift her legs a little so that I could bursa sınırsız escort suck on her clit, but fastened my lips on it and gently sucked her large pebble, causing Nicole to moan with pleasure. “Oh, that’s so nice, Emily, suck my clit, yeah! Put your finger inside me, fuck my little twat with your finger!” I jilled her with my fingers while I licked her, and groped around her boobs with my free hand.

Meanwhile, I felt Maria (I guess) pull down my gym shorts and panties, cool air hitting my naked, teen-aged girl’s ass. Her hands were all over my bottom, caressing my round, full butt, and my pussy tingled at the stimulation. Next I felt Maria caressing my clit, and I could already feel my lubrication running down the insides of my thighs.

Nicole soon came, and came, and came, tremors running through her thighs as jolts of pleasure arced from her clit to her brain, and back again. Her juices increased, and she actually gushed out some liquid onto my face, and into my mouth, some of which I drank, and some of which I wore. I looked up, and Nicole was unbuttoning her blouse, and unsnapping the cups of her bra, I guess it was made that way, and later they told me it was a nursing bra. Then she decided to just take it all off, the bra and her blouse. That was when I saw that she didn’t shave under her arms, and she had pretty big blonde bushes under each arm.

I could smell the odor of her perspiration and sex from under her arms, and I went wild with desire for her, and any other female who happened along while I was under the spell of her body perfume. I also decided that I would go without shaving that part of my body, something that my lovers ever since have said is their number one turn-on.

Her breasts spilled out, and they were really big (but I already said that, didn’t I), and her nipples were giant, too, kind of long and thick. There were little tiny white spots, each about the size of a pinhead, maybe twenty or so, on the tip of each nipple, and I learned that that’s how milk comes out.

“Would you like to taste my milk?” Nicole asked, smiling at me. Would I?

I nearly yelled, “Yes!” Meanwhile, I felt Maria pulling my shorts all the way off my legs, so that I was completely bare now, except for a pair of white gym socks. Maria spread my legs, and I raised myself up to bring my mouth to one of Nicole’s breasts, her nipple slipping into my mouth, warm and wet on my tongue. I felt Maria’s bush behind me, on my ass, and from my initiation, I knew that meant she was naked and rubbing her pussy against me. Well, her pussy, and a cock like Cindy had used, big and long, but instead of slipping it into my ass (thank God!), she slipped it inside my dripping pussy from behind.

I’d never been fucked in my pussy from behind, but it felt really great, especially when Maria brought her hand around front, between my legs, and started lightly pinching my clit. God, she was slamming that hard rubber thing deep inside my pussy, and her hot body pressing into my ass, then following it up with her fingers on my clit, and I came about a thousand times, the rubber dick pulling out gallons of my cream every time Maria pulled nearly out of me, teasing me before slamming back hard inside me.

Meanwhile, Nicole was helping teach me how to drink her milk, telling me to suck gently and for a long time, then kind of milking her breast with her hand and fingers, and I’d get a small gush of sweet tasting mother’s milk, right from the mother! Then she’d have me switch to the other breast, and I’d suck that. I fell in love with the whole idea of being a mother, then, how fulfilling it really is to do something that no man could ever really manage, and to care for another person when they couldn’t care for themself, and watch them grow, and develop feelings, and everything.

We were happy like that for a while, Maria fucking me ‘doggy-style’ (she called it), and me sucking on Nicole’s boobs. But eventually, we all had to slow down, and I knew I was going to miss the feel of Nicole’s nipples in my mouth, her milk gushing, and the feel of Maria’s big dick inside me. We kind of just wound down, and rested a while. Nicole put her hand under my chin, gently lifted my face up, and looking me in the eyes, said, “Was that good for you, honey? Is there anything you want?”

I nodded, stars in my eyes – Nicole was my new hero! “Yeah, I’d like to smell under your arms…” Nicole smiled, and said, “Yeah, Maria likes that too.” I got up and sniffed in her hot, wet, hairy armpits and the odor drove me crazy, so that I was licking her pits, and it was almost as good as licking a hairy cunt, which is pretty cool, too.

Then Nicole said, “I have to go pee, Emily. Would you help me get there?” I shook my head up and down. “Sure,” I said. I got out of Nicole’s way, and put on my gym shorts and jersey. Nicole kind of swayed her way up to a standing position, rocking from one side to the other, then headed for the private bathroom görükle escort right off Maria’s office.

I led her in, then positioned her over the seat, and guided her in for a landing. I giggled, it was kind of like the space shuttle joining with a space station, her giant ass docking with the tiny toilet seat. Then Nicole said, “Because of my pregnancy, my pee sometimes shoots out between the seat and the toilet. Would you mind putting your hand there to keep it from spilling out?” Well, I had been thinking about how much fun pee was since the initiation the month before, and nodded happily.

I slipped my hand inside the toilet, right below seat level, between her legs, and Nicole let her hot pee jet out. I was fascinated watching the sparkling golden liquid that her body had produced, and the salty smell, like the ocean near our home, but somehow ‘hot’ smelling, the comforting feel of her hot liquid running over my hand and fingers, and finally, the hissing sound her peeing made, coming out of her body, and hitting my hand and water. I found the whole thing highly erotic, and I actually came once or twice from it, without even trying.

After she was done, I pulled my hand out from between her warm legs, my fingers dripping golden dew, and brought it to my nose, then mouth, tasting it tentatively. “It’s nice, isn’t it?” Nicole spoke up, stirring my reverie. “Maria and I like to play with each other’s pee sometimes, too.”

I felt a tingle in my clit at the thought of Nicole and Maria doing pee play with each other, maybe even drinking each other’s hot pee! The things I was learning! I hoped that maybe Kira and I could do it, too. We finished cleaning up, then I went and showered (by myself, unfortunately), and went home, after saying goodbye to Maria and Nicole, and telling them how much I’d enjoyed our time together. They promised to invite me to the baby’s christening, and I hoped that maybe we could play again sometime, too.

I hurried home, with lots to think about. Kira noticed my mood as soon as I stepped inside. She is so perceptive, and so perfect. I really love Kira. I grinned at her, and promised I’d tell her all about it when we were in bed. Kira knew what that meant, as we always saved our sex talk for bed, when we could be naked and alone together.

So, later that night, there we were in bed together. We like to start out slow and easy, both of us wearing nightgowns. We moved closer together, feeling each other’s body heat, until we were just an inch or two apart, our faces so close. We looked in each other’s eyes, by the moonlight streaming in through the window – it was so romantic! I started telling Kira about the events of the day, just as I had told her about my initiation.

And just as had happened with her that time, Kira started kissing my face while I talked, then kissed her way down my body, me talking all the while, getting her, and me, hot. We started side by side, then I lay flat on my back while Kira kissed her way down my body, through my nightgown, the story getting hotter and hotter, just like the two of us.

Kira went all the way down to my feet, then she started kissing ME, meaning my skin, not the dumb ol’ gown, first taking each of my toes in her mouth and sucking on them like they were each little cocks. She does that only sometimes, but she already had me cumming by then. Then she moved aside the front-opening gown just a little, and kissed up my legs, each side of my calves, and my shins. The most exciting thing is that, while she’s kissing me, she’s stripping me naked in slow motion, from a completely night gowned teenage girl, to a completely naked dripping slut, by the time she finishes.

Anyway, she slipped my nightgown off my thighs, and my little pussy was now exposed, but Kira took her time, kissing my lightly tanned thighs, both on the outside, then the fronts of my thighs, lots of little kisses, with a little tongue here and there. Then, pushing the nightgown to either side of my hips, kissing along my hipbone on both sides, teasing my pussy and clit, that she knew damn well were begging to be kissed and licked. But Kira’s a lot more patient than I am. She moved the nightgown off from over my navel, and at least she fucked my inny navel with her tongue, which felt good, but didn’t make me cum. I was getting more tightly wound with the teasing.

Just when I got to the breast sucking part of the story (remember, I’m telling the story with Nicole and Maria that I just told you), Kira moved the night gown off my breasts, my nipples standing erect, of course, begging to be sucked. So, Kira did, but gently, softly, not hard and hurty like I wanted her to, which just made me that much wetter and excited. God, she’s such a bitch when she plays with me!

By this time, at least my whole front is naked and ready to rocket off at the slightest touch. So Kira gets off the bed, takes off her night gown, and I could see that she was naked. She is the most beautiful girl in the world, and in the moonlight, she looked like a black and white photograph of the greatest model or actress or whatever you can think of that you think is most beautiful, and my heart ached at the sheer magnificence of my sister. She pirouetted for me, knowing my eyes were riveted to her fantastic, feminine body, and her wanting to please me, too.

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